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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Native accountability set aside

A great column today from the Hamilton Spectator which asks the question, if we live in a world that demands equal rights for all Canadians, why do we entrench separate rights for natives:

For its part, the federal government, not wanting to be seen as paternalistic, appeases the Assembly of First Nations by refusing to implement legislation that would make bands accountable to their own people for the spending of the $10 billion transferred each year to bands to spend on fewer than 300,000 people.

So do natives living in poverty take joy at the victory of the Assembly in not letting Ottawa demand accountability because of native independence?

The article was a little bit of a harbringer as we find that the latest version of the Accountability Act now excludes native bands from being audited by the Auditor General. The Canadian Taxpayers Federation notes that roughly 80 percent of the Department of Indian Affairs budget is transferred directory to native bands. This has all been done in part, to keep the rest of the act alive. (c/p)

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Are not conservatives, who seek to hold all citizens to the same standards, the true egalitarians?

Posted by: Richard Ball | 2006-06-20 6:01:07 PM

Thats what you would hope for. I see though that Pat Martin NDP is taking credit. He was on the team and that was one of the things he wanted left out to be able to gather the votes to pass it.

Posted by: Darcey | 2006-06-20 6:15:04 PM

Surely there exists, somewhere, a political party with the balls to stand up and say "Enough of this entrenched racism! No more are there separate classes of Canadians. From here on, every Canadian, without exception, is exactly and precisely equal before the law: equally entitled to protection, and equally subject to it." The Indian Act is one of the most revolting pieces of legislation ever to disgrace a country, and the industry of entitlement which has grown up underneath it is no more savoury.

Posted by: John Zebedee | 2006-06-20 6:34:10 PM

Political correctness so vile and pervasive that every political party seems to eventually succumb. Policies so utterly bankrupt to the naked eye but reinforced and accelerated by the top Judiciary of the land. Playbook Stockholm syndrome tactics for maximum pimping power. A national experiment in building wholly dependent homelands in a post apartheid world. This is by far Canada's worst and most disgraceful policy failure.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2006-06-20 10:53:27 PM

Saving the Indians from the nanny state would deal a devastating blow to the whole nanny state justification. If Indians could be shown to be better off without welfare, why not non Indians?

In the distant future, it could be a shining example when somebody suggests unaccountable welfare is for somebody's own good. "Rememmber what happened to the Indians when we tried that?"

Posted by: johnmac | 2006-06-21 4:27:42 AM

If this is so - then rack up another huge victory for the four major social lobby groups in this country that are intent on demolishing the social fabric in this county. Exempt one, you exempt them all sooner rather than later. If not on this precise issue, then on those of particular interest to each of them. They will continue by using the same vehicle (ethnic politics) and those in power refuse to call.

Until the silent majority is willing to speak (by protesting & by voting) it is going to get worse rather than better. The higher the level of political correctness - the less inclined the silent majority are to speak openly or protest for fear of unknown consequences. It is nothing more than the school yard bully/battered wife syndrome at work. Neither of these problems are solved by pandering nor will Canada's problems be solved this way.

By the time this Accountability Act is passed - it will become another piece of political fluff - much like the abolition of the gun registry is turning into.

By the time the Supreme Court is done with Security Certificates, we will probably be in even bigger trouble.

Perhaps it is even to late to think about the one thing that Trudeau et al were forced into leaving for posterity - the Notwithstanding Clause. It was left in the Charter for good reason - now we have to find some people with the guts to implement it and return power to the majority rather than keep running from the minorities.

Posted by: calgary clipper | 2006-06-21 5:49:52 AM

Time for a voucher system for natives. I believe there is an established means for determining who is a status Indian, so a lot of the work has been done already.

If they want to hand all or part of their voucher over to a chief or band, then they will be free to do that, but no one can force them to.

Posted by: Joan Tintor | 2006-06-21 10:01:54 AM


Your recommendation requires a change in the Indian Act.

Any change in the Indian Act requires the signing off of the Aboriginal authorities that be as well as government.

All past consultations have failed, as any suggestion to change the band system, has been met with support and opposition from within the Aboriginal side.

No one agrees, so nothing changes.

And yet that was with the Liberals. Now we have a Conservative Government, there is hope for improvements.

And let us not forget that not all reserves are as the worst are portrayed in the media.

It would be refreshing to see more portrayal of successful bands, operating with full accountability, and equity within their borders. They do exist, and are the role models for the others who have failed.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-06-21 2:36:28 PM

The Canadian Indian people are the 'whipping boys' of the Liberano/Dipper type people - always have been. The last thing the left wing nuts want is for the Canadian Indian people to be successful as individuals; that would destroy the whole concept of Paternal oversight. If the Commis can prove that some people cannot live on their own then they can extend that 'tradition ' to extend to more and more people. That is what feminism and multiculturalism is all about - The POWER to control the economic engines is the KEY to absolute power. Ask any dictator. If the Dippers/Liberanos can keep the huge 'Indian Business' off the books they can continue to control a lot of cash. Dippers/Bloc/Liberanos defeated 'accountability' for the Indian people. The Indian people will continue to live in a top down feudal/Marxist regime. The very template for what M. Strong has in mind for all people except for the 'elitists' like himself, paule M., the cretin, castro, hitler, stalin, etc. PMSH will not be able to help the Canadian Indian people until he gets a majority. The leftest have too much to lose to allow the GG to uncover all the corruption in the Indian Affairs Dept. Some of them and their ilk would land in the jailhouse - broke and broken. What a beautiful sight for all the rest of us who want all people to NOT have to exist at the 'pleasure' of some stinking big shot with absolute power on his/her mind.

Posted by: jema54j | 2006-06-21 5:41:04 PM

Perhaps the best shot at being able to reverse much of the last 25 years is beginning to unfold.

It seems the Dippers may actually be feeling their oats in that they can make some huge gains at the expense of the Liberals.

The Liberal party may well end up totally self- destructing as even the grass roots within the Liberals seem to be bubbling under the surface. It happened in England - it can happen here. The legacy of the Liberals has become pretty much rotten to the core - philosophically, financially, policy-wise, and with a track record that one has to wonder who in this world (at least in Canada) can really support.

The left/far left leaning liberals could easily find a home with the NDP. The so called blue liberals could probably find a home in the Conservatives (just as about a dozen MP's are doing right now and probably a whole lot of liberal supporters we don't know about.

So an election is perpetuated - and it sure seems like the test balloons are up - people in Canada must make a decision: Are we going to allow this country to be run from the left/far left or are we going to vote for a strong Canada where the majority rule counts for a whole lot (note, not everything) and where minority rule is taken in many motches.

The contest becomes either you support the NDP or you support the Conservatives and see the Conservatives come back with a majority. The Liberal Party simply disappears from the scene.

The MP's (particularly liberals) are crying no, no the country will not support another election blah, blah, blah. As their delegation form of leadership contest unfolds, the more likely they will be unable to fight any kind of a federal election.

Well - the cost/inconvenience of an election in the grand scheme of things is pretty minimal if it means the Liberals disappearing and the Conservatives coming in with a majority. If it means the lefter/far left are no longer in control of this country, I'm ready for an election any time now. If the silent majority picks up the bat, getting a majority of thinking people running this country once again should be a home run.

Dreaming - perhaps. Hoping, by all means

Posted by: calgary clipper | 2006-06-22 7:10:52 AM

If the Liberals 'self destruct' can we get the old Red Ensign back? Then we can forget about them completely.

Maybe we could color the white part of the 'Liberal Party' flag blue?

Posted by: Speller | 2006-06-22 7:17:18 AM

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