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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Women rights activists' beaten by Iranian police

I have been following the recent civil uprisings against the terror sponsoring regime of Iran since they began a few weeks ago, and I have posted pictures of yesterday female rights activists' protest in downtown Tehran on "The Spirit of Man" as well. Various confirmed reports tell us about a gathering of almost 5000 people (male & female) in 7th Tir Square in capital city of Tehran on Monday to protest against the islamic Sharia laws imposed on women after the Islamic revolution of 1979 which toppled the pro-western government of Iran.

It is important to remember that we can't have a safer and peaceful world unless the Islamic regime of Iran is removed. The removal of the Iranian regime is the only way to have a better and more peaceful world. I have always stated that a removal of the murderous regime of Iran means that our number one enemy in the War on Terror is defeated and the prospects of a long lasting peace can be insight. The Iranian people are our best natural allies in any move against the Iranian theocratic regime and we should not abandon them as they are pro-western, pro-freedom and will definitely help us win the rest of the battle against terrorism easier than we may imagine.

The Iranian people, today, need our moral support badly and without support from western nations they can't really do much and bring changes necessary to have a safer world.

Please help them have a free and democratic country!

Oh, by the way, where were the Psycho-Pinko-Feminist-Liberals supporting their Iranian sisters today? Why didn't we see them being outraged by brutal actions of the Mullahs' police? Do they support any thing like this or they just support anti-Bush/anti-freedom clowns?

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where is the outrage of the feminists of canada, filled with muslims?

Posted by: woodbridge | 2006-06-13 3:43:39 AM

They only support clowns Winston!!!!!!!!! I hope for nothing but the best for Iranians in their struggle against the current airheads in their country.

Posted by: themaj | 2006-06-13 7:32:00 AM

A woman at work (who calls herself a feminist) said of this issues, "It's a cultural thing and who are we to judge their culture?" Although she did admit to being bothered by it.

Posted by: soup | 2006-06-13 8:52:53 AM

AS soon as you think you understand which way politics go, things turn inside out and upside down. Liberal became so loosey-goosey that they made connections amongst the terrorists. There motto became as 'terrorists are people too'. They found new maximum freedom in embraceing the causes of terrorists, because their cause has to always be on the fringe. As maninstream society moved to absorb more and more of the fringe causes, the fringe movement had to move farther and farther away for better things to wave the banner 'radical' on. In the end, the only thing left are the terrorist causes. Thus, their movement for freedom is not true, but a shackling to that which is akin to dangerous ideology.


There is no more meaning in the word 'feminist'. In yesteryears, it meant of woman who wanted equality in the eyes of the law. That has been attained, although the economic reality has not actually surfaced to the extent the reckoning with legal equality was intended to reach. With the bottom fallen out of the floor of the movement within the transformation of Canada, it became apparent that what many had sought was not to be woman and equal but to stomp out what it is to be a woman. Thus, the english language has also been modified thus that anything to do with feminine has been dropped. An example is where Actresses no longer exist. All female actresses are actors.

But giving women men's haircuts, and men's suites did nothing to bring about what was originally sought. All it did was modify a language and an image of woman as such that the female woman was even more powerless than she was before. The movement needed some kind of boost. Objectivism was dropped, for the more easily accessible subjectivism. Propaganda-spin-monkies (hate to give them credibility by calling the Drs)realized that if they could not go in the front door, they could go out the back.

And waiting there, without a mission, were literally thousands of hungry leftists, including some feminists, waiting for an injection. Something they could associate with, that annoyed the heck out of mainstream. It did not matter whether it was true to their cause at all, as it gave them that much needed boost to their egos.

So, hungry and horny, they lay down in excitement with their new lover, in the horizontal lobby.

Thus folks like Svend the grand-thief-master, jumped on the terrorist bandwagon, following all the others, who lunged forward, for just one minute in the presence of a terrorist socialist engineer.

Oooh, what excitement!

The terrorists were rejected by mainstream, so theirs was worthy as a cause. And it did not matter that the people were 180 degrees oppossed to the Svends and social extremists. No, not one bit. These socialists provided the terrorists with the back door to purse strings, so that monies could be shifted from a defunct cause, to their purses.

Where the money went, so did the magnetism, as nothing mesmorizes people more, than unrestricted dollars. US dollars at that.

The more they kvetched against the west, the more dollars they got!

And then the movements that the leftists were associated with, gained momentum and power. For one, Iran's movement gained government. For the first time, they saw an in to mainstream. In fact, in their minds, no matter how much the laws of the terrorists made them nothing, they assumed they stood for a real cause.

And on the other side, on the fringes, stand those men and women, with whom they would have otherwise stood next to, only a couple decades ago. But now, that cause is passe. It is seen as just another part of mainstream west.

So, you won't find the liberals there. You won't find the socialists there. These folks are not willing to open their eyes and see just how stupid they really are. And what a blessing denial is for these folks. Apparently it has been working for hundreds of thousands of years, so why stop now?

Posted by: Lady | 2006-06-13 9:16:39 AM

Incredibly heart-wrenching pictures.

Posted by: Joel | 2006-06-13 9:31:24 AM


What has been working for hundreds of thousands of years?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-06-13 9:43:49 AM


It was a common cultural practice in Canada that women did not work outside of the home, did not vote, married who their father agreed to and this did not change until people demanded that change. In Iran, people are demanding it. Canada's pampered lefty "feminists" should put their values to some use - although that assumes they have any values left.

It was common cultural practice in Georgia for white people to own black people. This too was changed. Women in Iran no longer want to be slaves. We should all support their goals.

"It's their culture so who are we to judge" is a mental pathology of the left. I judge based on my understanding of right and wrong. I judge the Mad Mullahs of Iran to be wrong. I don't frankly care about their culture. I judge it to be wrong. I don't respect what is wrong nor will I tolerate it just because they aren't us.

Posted by: Warwick | 2006-06-13 9:52:24 AM

Set you free,


Posted by: Lady | 2006-06-13 10:15:33 AM

In the past there were some awkward moves by western countries inside Iran.

Moving with care, we should find an efficient way to support democracy in Iran.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-06-13 10:23:11 AM

To soup....tell the so-called feminist where you work, that she should pick up "Reading Lolita in Tehran"....she just might learn something.

When women are forced to wear burkas, reprimanded for running up the stairs, wearing nail-polish, being seen in public with any man other than her husband.....that's not culture....it's hatred for women under the guise of fanatical religion.

"Reading Lolita in Tehran" is well worth anyone's time.

Posted by: anonymous | 2006-06-13 10:46:53 AM


How much to you weight?

Posted by: Duke | 2006-06-13 10:46:59 AM

For those who would think the anti-Communists would have nothing to say about this, you're wrong (http://china-e-lobby.blogspot.com/2006/01/iran-must-be-liberated.html).

Posted by: D.J. McGuire | 2006-06-13 11:13:09 AM

Winston said: "The Iranian people, today, need our moral support badly and without support from western nations they can't really do much and bring changes necessary to have a safer world." HUH - you mean traditional western support like putting the Shah on the Peacock throne and then propping up his corrupt, corrupt government no matter what ... that kind of western support? For gawds sake man, western 'help' contributed to the bloody Islamic revolution that is causing so much trouble today! What other western support are you referring to? Maybe how the USA armed Iraq with massive amounts of armaments to attack Iran? When we get our minds out of 'helping' these nations, we will all make the world a safer place. Stop 'helping' - let these people do whatever they have to do to work out their problems. The West should stop 'helping'... sheeeeesh!!

Posted by: leftdog | 2006-06-13 1:51:02 PM


For the West to stop helping would require that the democratic government of the West stop helping eveyone such as the citizenry who are often too stupid and lazy to help themeselves.

It is the culture of enabling promoted by the Left that provides license to help the rest of the world.

What do you think dog. .. Stop helping the Indians .. the druggies .. Quebec losers ... Immigrunts ... the obese ... alcoholics ... etc etc.

Helping is another word for enabling. We are born with all the equipment we need to survive and prosper ... we we get up of our lard buts, turn off the TV/computer and get to work.

we are free and prosperous because our forefathers helped themselves .. not because there was a government program stuffed with other people's money to get us along.

We also once actually had to learn stuff in school so that we could enhance our survival tool box.

and so on.

We agree on letting other peoples take care of their own business until their business threatens our business.

Posted by: John | 2006-06-13 2:33:08 PM


Under the Shah, Iran had modern universities, a growing economy, improving standard of living for the entire country, way better human rights than they have now (although less than adequate political rights) and much more liberal social climate.

In other words, the country was progressing towards being a modern industrial state with a high standard of living. Much comparable to at least Singapore if not sabotaged by the savages. It wasn't all the way to the modern democracy we would prefer but it wasn't the backward, 7th century savage state it is now (politically that is. As for the citizens, a lot of the population is doing ok and are well educated and pining for democracy and freedom.)

The problem wasn't that the Yanks propped up the Shah. The problem was the Shah was modernizing the country which upset those that didn't want the country modernized. Those backward savages were supported by the USSR.

But don't let the facts stand in the way.

Posted by: Warwick | 2006-06-13 2:50:02 PM


I heard that one back when you were in elementary school. Too bad you failed to graduate to the next level!

What was it? Grade five? Or was it four?

Posted by: Lady | 2006-06-13 3:52:47 PM


Actually, it was France who provided a safe place for the Khomeini until the revolution. The revolution was organized and orchestrated by the women's movement, the gay movement, the communists/socailaists and also the B'hai, and not necessarily in that order. After all, Iranians are indo-Europeans, so it is not totally outside the interest of the west to be involved, but their revolution was orchestrated by them.

Thing is, the groups that were the power behind the revolution, failed to get a grip onto the power base. The fundamentalists, with their methodology of slice and dice, got in and established power, and the rest is history. Had the fundamentalists not been permitted to steal the show, there would have been a Republic of the State of Iran there to this day.

And so France got rid of what they did not want to keep, and literally thousands of people have died in Iran as a result. And now, as a result of their short-sightedness, we of the west are being made to put up with this looney-bin-of-a-nutcake.

You say it was Western intervention? I say it was the sheer lack of western intervention that resulted in what is happenning today.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-06-13 4:01:18 PM

Many of our contacts and associates in the famed Northrop Corporation worked in pre Aatollah IRAN
and often spoke of the high regard they had for many, many Iranians. Iran in Farsi (the traditional Persian language) means Aryan. There is a direct link in today's Iran with Nazism. The
Mullahs are quite capable of ordering demonstrators to be beaten to death. One of the great tragedies of our times is the transformation of Iran into a ruthless facist state.

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2006-06-14 5:15:52 AM


The Aryan people have its roots in India and the Sanskrit language a few thousand years ago. Even the Swastika is an Indian (Hindu) symbol. They do not denote "white Europeans," racial bigotry or superiority in any way shape or form. This was Hitler's deluded fantasy.

There is no link between Nazis and Persians prior to WWII when Iran (and most of the Arab countries) sided with the Hitler against the Allies.

Posted by: Warwick | 2006-06-14 9:08:26 AM

And, the National Socialists were a left-of-centre philosophy despite the Marxist attempt to paint them as right-wingers.

Marxist favoured centralized control over both the economy and social development.

It's quite obvious from the way their cousins in the NDP speak today that Nazis were unworthy of their respect because they only went half-way in the totalitarian agenda.

Yes, even though Nazis were into social engineering, they were a failure because they did not take control of the means of production.

A western-style democracy is right off the Marxist radar screen. What, allow people to make their own decisions about how to conduct themselves and how to spend their money? Can't let that happen. We know best and will do their thinking for them and spend their money for them.

This stuff is so elementary, I'm amazed it's still being debated.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-06-14 9:27:40 AM

And no where is the nationalist socialist agenda more apparent in the NDP than in their total lack of positive position on the terrorists, the brutal crimes they have committed, in the murder of men women and children, over and over again in relation to their actions in Israel and the disputed territories.

Ask any NDPer, and more often than not, they will tell you that they feel that the armed resistence in the occupied territories is legitimate freedom fighting. The truth is that the Palestinian behaviour is terrorism, the lands are disputed lands (never has the lands ever been accepted in any negotiations between either party as belonging to the Arabs)and their illegitimate behaviour has been barbaric!

And the Nazis were deeply into social engineering, AND they controlled the means of production. They orchestrated social engineering through laws, behaviour and media control and manipulation.

For example:

You know why participation in the Nazis youth was 100%?

Because it was law that all youth were required to participate.

And another:

You know why Hitler used film in the theatres to get his message across?

Because everyone went, and it made a huge impact on social attitudes towards the Nazis.

And another:

You know why Hitler used religion?

Because it has been proven to be a successful aspect of social engineering.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-06-14 10:44:38 AM

Soup -
That line from your liberal co-worker is priceless! Lol.

Warwick -
You're so right about the Shah.

Posted by: C.H. | 2006-06-15 6:19:08 AM

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