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Friday, June 02, 2006

Iran protests - UPDATED

I have been busy with coverage of latest anti-Islamic regime protests in Iran over the past few days and I would like to remind the Western Standard readers that the latest news on the protests can be found at The Spirit of Man weblog and all we can do to help these kids who risk their daily lives for freedoms we take for granted, is to spread the word and raise awareness of the public.

The war on terror and radical Islam does not have to be done solely through military operations and our best bet, as President Bush has said over and over again, is to spread hope and freedom among those people who do need and deserve it.

Let's remember that a free, democratic and peaceful Iran is in the best interest of the entire civilized world while a nuclear armed theocracy is the most dangerous threat to our very existence.

Freedom for Iran means a free Middle East and, of course, a safer world!

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Surprise, surprise! Terrorist Training Camps in Ontario - one just an hour from Toronto.

While it is obvious to go abroad to fight terrorists, it must be remembered that they're here too. Shame on the people of Ontario for supporting them and leaving it to the Federals to stop them.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-06-03 7:27:42 AM

What blockheads Canadians are--those, anyway (and there are a whole lotta them) who never thought that the "poor" Muslims (afterall, immigrants and a visible minority) would turn on US, peace loving, multicultural, open, and tolerant as we are.

The appease-the-enemy dunderheads are finding out that this is a tactic that doesn't work. They don't seem to understand that our very existance is an affront to fanatic Islamist terrorists and that it's their mission in life to wipe us out.

When you don't understand human nature, when you think that deep down people are pretty kind and incapable of violence against such peace-loving and "nice" people as we are in Canada, then you're a sitting duck.

Our lax immigration policies and laws, that allow criminals and less-than-desirable aliens into Canada with no way, it seems, to deport them once the system has identified that they're here illegally or that they've accumulated a criminal record since arriving in Canada, ensure that there's going to be trouble--and probably sooner rather than later.

These 10 terrorists who have just been arrested in the GTA are just the tip of the iceburg. One hopes that their incarceration and ongoing interrogations lead to more intelligence and more arrests.

And we won't have to wait long for the bleeding heart left-liberal/Liberals/Dippers to start bleating about these poor Islamofascist "freedom fighters," how they're being hard done by, and how their rights and freedoms under the Charter are being violated. (Where are these people when the rights and freedoms of minorities in Muslim countries are being denied? Even their own people are denied rights and freedoms. What do they think of that?)

Just remember, bleaters: We're at war with these guys and the usual "prisoner of war" regulations do not apply because they are not a recognizable enemy; they camafloge themselves to look like everyone else, they carry hidden weapons, and they fight this war by deception and stealth. Someone once said that "All's fair in love and war.," It seems to me that these recent arrests are a case in point.

Posted by: new kid on the block | 2006-06-03 8:28:26 AM

"Freedom for Iran means a safer world"


Posted by: C.H. | 2006-06-03 7:00:29 PM

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