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Friday, June 30, 2006

Hot Damn!

Football3_8 This is Francesco Totti, one of Team Italia's World Cup stars.
People: He's one of the ugly ones. This is why we must hope and pray Italy will kick the Ukraine's backside today, and then whoever they meet after that...until they make it to the final. Looking at Totti is one of those rare moments when I think there might be a God. What is truly tragic, though, is that apparently the Italian team, um, abstain from certain activities during training and competition. That is just wrong.

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Forza Italia!

Posted by: Scott | 2006-06-30 12:03:58 PM

Why do women from Northern climes turn in the direction of the equator -- as if towards Mecca -- whenever they feel the urge to mate? It's amazing there's any blonde babies left in the world. :>)

Posted by: EBD | 2006-06-30 1:11:54 PM

Girls Gone Wild in Italy?

Show us your ... oh, never mind.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-06-30 1:17:09 PM

Cougars on the prowl. Growl ! Wonkitties, I'll send over a copy of the Cougar Cuts CD - you'll enjoy the classic tunes by Bon Jovi and Prince.

BTW, UKRAINA all the way baby. All the way.

Posted by: Howard Roark | 2006-06-30 1:34:52 PM

If, on the other hand, you prefer beautiful football to beautiful footballers, there are only two words, and they're both the same...


Posted by: Jim Whyte | 2006-06-30 1:35:48 PM

Italy beats Ukraine 3-0!

Posted by: Scott | 2006-06-30 2:53:39 PM

Indeed. Now it's up to Germany.

Posted by: Roark | 2006-06-30 3:04:23 PM

Does a pretty and intelligent newspaper writer set the tone or follow the example of a crowd?

Who says the West doesn't have a "Street?" It seems that is what you reach when you climb way up from the gutter.

I tend to mix Canada and England together in my mind-memory, and when I think of a Canadian or English woman, I visualize Lady Thatcher in that bright vivid royal blue suit and big hat, probably at Reagan's funeral, I don't really remember exactly the circumstances, but the picture is crystal clear.

I'm sorry to be so blunt, but Miss, you young ladies just don't understand what in Hell you are doing to yourselves.

Were your mothers all mutes, or brainless, or were you all abandoned as babies and raised like Romulus and Remus?

Posted by: Conrad-USA | 2006-06-30 3:05:35 PM

What is surprising is that anyone cares what happens in that World Cup. Can't they learn how to play a real game like baseball or hockey ?

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-06-30 3:25:13 PM

Hmmmm.....why are Italian women so beautiful while our women are so ugly? I mean, if you go onto most of our university campuses, white females tend to both smell bad and look bad (why is that)? Anyway, just a thought.....

Posted by: bk | 2006-06-30 3:31:53 PM

At least our women don't have hairy armpits...how's that for intelligent discourse.

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-06-30 3:34:20 PM

Relax Wonkitties, they are all gay anyway, only fags would play a girly sport like soccer !

Posted by: ProudtobeaRedneck | 2006-06-30 6:30:24 PM

Beauty is in the aye of the beholder.

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2006-07-01 6:32:48 PM

MarkAlta: "Can't they learn how to play a real game like baseball or hockey ?"

Baseball? You can't be serious. And BTW, a country who's 2nd most popular sport is shuffle board on ice should hold it's critisisms of other games.


Posted by: Stopthetrain | 2006-07-01 8:01:52 PM

Curling drew five million viewers in Italy during the Turin Olympics.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-07-01 8:17:28 PM

Stop: let me guess...you probably like tennis too. Nice shorts, and stuff, eh ?

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-07-01 8:40:48 PM

I like Cribbage and Snooker.

And you can tell, from my shtick, can't you?

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2006-07-01 8:49:15 PM

Mark: Women's tennis. And I prefer skirts in that case. I'd rather look at some 18 year old Russian's legs then some guy swinging a broom. I must be crazy ... eh?

Posted by: Stopthetrain | 2006-07-02 7:06:45 PM

Stop: Now I would have to agree with you on the preference of watching women's tennis to men curling, but I think that just muddles the whole topic. Originally we were talking about men's sports, were we not ?

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-07-02 9:52:44 PM

Actually you were talking about men's cute shorts or something, so I thought I might as well steer the ship right.
Anyway, my only point is that it's cool not to like soccer, but shit, you can't be a curling or baseball fan and call soccer boring. It's like Layton calling Sven a big pantywaist

Posted by: Stopthetrain | 2006-07-02 11:44:40 PM

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