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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Caledonia protesters launch archaeological dig

I don’t believe it is a bunker either, although I’m sure that Six Nations spokeswoman Kahentinetha Horn would maybe like us to think otherwise:

Caledonia, Ont. — Six Nations protesters are denying claims they are building a bunker on the site of an aboriginal occupation in southwestern Ontario.

Residents near the occupied tract of land expressed concerns last week when workers began excavating on the site of the half-completed subdivision.

But the protesters said Monday they’re only conducting an archeological survey for thousands of bodies believed to be on the site.

“We’re doing an archeological assessment of the whole area,” said Buddy Martin, who identified himself as assistant co-ordinator of the project.

Mr. Martin declined to provide any details about the excavation, but he insisted the project is not being done for militant purposes.

“It’s not a bunker,” he said. “There’s a lot of misinformation getting out. We wouldn’t do that sort of thing.” (Globe and Mail)

Buddy Martin is no stranger to the scene. A few short weeks ago he was just one of the guys rebel yelling and now he is an assistant co-ordinator of an archeological dig…

It can be seen as a stall tactic but it does fit into the negotiations that were agreed upon:

(a) to review the archaeological report prepared for the developers; (b) to review provincial laws, regulations and processes related to the archaeological report; (c) “to pursue additional archaeological work to confirm the status of any burial sites.”

The big question - who is the archaeologist? (c/p)

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After Dolton folding to this foolishness, the first nations bluff is becomming transparent ...they no longer care if it's obvious they are winning to a weak player and that's all that counts to them....realities, historic and archelogical record is irrelevent to the politics at play.

Personally I think the poker money money in this high stakes game of bluff poker should come from Dolton's own pocket...he's the A-hole who wanted to play this game with a dirty dealer.

Posted by: Wlyonmackenzie | 2006-06-20 11:39:46 AM

Diggin' Up Bones! (H/T Randy Travis)

Bodies on the site? "Thousands of Bodies Believed To Be On The Site"(sic). Massacre at Cayuga? By Saddam? (MSM/CFRA.com is so STUPID).

Remember that "Oka"'s bone of contention was that Whitey was building a golf course on an Indian burial ground.

Where's Lasagna*? ...-

Archeological Dig in Caledonia
Josh Pringle
Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Six Nations protesters are conducting an archeological survey at the site of a housing development in Caledonia.

The protectors say they are looking for thousands of bodies believed to be on the site.

They are disputing claims that the protesters are digging a bunker.

A spokeswoman for Ontario's Aboriginal Affairs minister says a second archeological survey was agreed upon during negotiations with Six Nations representatives last month.

A survey done for the developers found fragments of aboriginal artifacts, but no evidence of a burial ground. ...- cfra.com


Oka stare-off - "On This Day" - CBC Archives
The Oka Crisis is sparked by something as innocuous as golf. ... Mohawk warrior Ronald Cross, better known as Lasagna, got his nickname from his mother's ...
archives.cbc.ca/IDC-1-71-150-780-10/on_this_day/conflict_war/oka_stare - 89k -

Posted by: maz2 | 2006-06-20 3:41:50 PM

Thanks Mazz, I'm now hearing there were two prior digs that found nada...

Posted by: Darcey | 2006-06-20 4:03:14 PM

Artifacts have been shipped in so they can be 'found'.

Posted by: philanthropist | 2006-06-21 12:51:43 AM

A real dig could be tested to show soil samples. There is no way a relic can sit in the ground, even for a few months, without keeping the traces of minerals from the location they were harvested, if in fact, in the first place they came from somewhere else.

And minds that don't know that, would be dumb enough to plant them in the first place.

Posted by: Lady | 2006-06-21 10:11:36 AM

I cannot help from wondering if the people from Six Nations actually chose K. Horn (nee Audry Horn) to speak for them, as she is not from there. She does have the knack to gravitate to any kind of unrest involving Natives, and was involved in the Oka standoff without being from there either. It probably is only a matter of time before the people from Six Nations run her off the reserve and it wouldn't be a first.

The worst however is that our politicians, police and courts refuse the hold law-breakers accountable if they come from a 'designated group'. Unless that changes, we shall continue to see more of the same.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-06-21 7:05:36 PM

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