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Monday, May 29, 2006


Oh look, the TTC isn't running today! And that's the end of any sympathy that particular transit commission is going to get from Torontonians in its various frivolous labour disputes for... well, l don't want to get all hyperbolic here, so let's just say a quarter century. Doesn't matter if it's a strike or a lockout. It's breathtakingly idiotic.

UPDATE. The Ontario Labour Relations Board, which in a stunning display of the system working properly managed to convene and make a decision by 7:10am on a Monday, has issued a cease and desist order.

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Fire all of them now!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Jimmy | 2006-05-29 7:54:48 AM

Wonder how Toronto's lib-left weenie of a Mayor feels now, backstabbed by his union bodies? Couldn't happen to a bigger dork!

Posted by: ProudtobeaRedneck | 2006-05-29 8:36:47 PM

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