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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It's not just about kids and money, but about drugs and principles

I don't like to do this, but the twisted story is too long to summarize properly here, so I'm going to post a teaser and direct you to my blog if you want the full details.  Liberal leadership candidate Joe Volpe is under fire for accepting multiple cheques from three families for $5,400 each, the limit allowed.  Among the family members signing cheques are minors, and a lot is being said about how appropriate it is to accept a cheque from a minor.

What is lost in the clamour about Volpe playing fast and loose with the rules is that the families involved are headed by Bernard "Barry" Sherman of Apotex, a generic drug manufacturer.  Sherman and his brother-in-law (the patriarch of one of the other families cutting those cheques) have been partners in business and partners in crime.  Moreover, the Liberal Party has for over a decade played nice with the name-brand manufacturers (even though it required a huge flip-flop), Sherman's arch enemies.  Remember David Dingwall's lobbying fee scandal last year?  It's related.  And now Volpe is working for the other side?

The story is long and detailed, so if you want to know the story behind the story, check it out at Angry in the Great White North (sorry Ezra, I know you hate these teasers, but it's just too involved to summarize).  If nothing else, it confirms that when it comes to principles, or the lack of them, the Liberals haven't changed all that much.

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