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Monday, May 29, 2006

Iran's protests updated

Persian language blogs owned by Iranian students inform us that many student leaders are detained and taken to undisclosed locations by the Iranian regime's security forces.

Rooz Online has the latest on the third day of student unrest at Tehran University. 18 students have been temporarily “fired”; 5 faculty [profs] permanently “fired.” “One student who had climbed the fence of the campus told Rooz Online that there were clashes all over the campus and that students lived in fear.” Rooz also reports that the mullahs have stepped up their Internet filtering.

Anti-regime protests have also been increased in NW of Iran, at least 6 people killed and many more injured in clashes with regime's forces.

These can be initial signs of a bigger revolt against the Mullahs. These can be signs of freedom for the tired and oppressed people of an ancient land.

However I still wonder why the mainstream media have been silent on the struggle of the Iranian people for freedom and democracy?

Read the rest/See the images of protests at The Spirit of Man

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