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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I don't mean to brag (Oh yes I do)

The BBC "broke" a story on the latest example of corruption in Communist China (last item); what makes this more surprising is that it's in the computer sector (where one would expect the cadres would make sure such things did not happen).

So why did I put "broke" in quotes?  Because the BBC was almost two months behind the Epoch Times - and (ahem!) yours truly (last item).

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Posted by: Kevin Steel | 2006-05-16 1:19:18 PM

"So why did I put 'broke' in quotes?"

My question is why did you use the word "broke" at all? Did the BBC claim that they were breaking the story? Did someone else claim that they were? If not, then all the BBC is doing is reporting on the story, and so to say "the BBC 'broke' a story..." is just silly. You could put 'broke' in quotation marks when talking about most news organizations' reports on most stories, since only one outlet can ever "break" a given story.

So it seems that your complaint is that the BBC did not cover the story two months ago. Ok. So what? On March 21st, BBC did report on China signing a gas deal with Russia, China sentencing an oil exec to jail, the controversy over the value of the Yuan, and China's views on Iran's nuclear ambitions. You only reported on the last of those items, ignoring the others. Why? Because news sources make choices. A domestic story about a chip "thought to be a fake" even though Chinese authorities "haven't announced the results of the investigation". But now, with specific charges being laid, they did report it. I don't know about anyone else, but I don't feel an ounce of outrage at the BBC making me wait two months for the story to develop before telling me about it. It's not like the BBC ignores China, as the list of stories I cited proves.

Maybe it makes you feel superior to sneer at the BBC, but in the end it is not like you did anything more than read the Epoch Times and post a link to it. If you want a pat on the head for that, ok. Good boy (pat pat). Happy?

Posted by: Mark Logan | 2006-05-16 4:28:06 PM

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