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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Guilty for the aboriginalization

I came across this statement from Fortunat Guiboche (the co-founder of the Manitoba Metis Federation):

The Manitoba Metis Federation and the Metis National Council are guilty for the aboriginalization of the Metis

I don’t know about anyone else, but I find it deeply profound and straightout honest. This hit me and I gotta go think about this before I give my thoughts. I can say one thing, Louis Riel and Gabriel Dumont probably could never have imagined us being beggers. H/t Claire. [c/p]

Posted by Darcey on May 4, 2006 in Aboriginal Issues | Permalink


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Yeah, and the Maritimes have been aboriginalized, along with most of Quebec, many farmers, manufacturers and other businesses, certain ethnic groups, and God knows how many other Canadians. The campaign to aboriginalize the entire country is well under way, and short of a breakup or some kind of fiscal crisis which halts the growth of government, it's probably unstoppable.

Shall we all meet down at the dump tonight for a party? You bring the Lysol, I'll bring the Aqua Velva.

Posted by: Justzumgai | 2006-05-04 9:16:55 PM

And thank you Pierre E Trudeau ... destroyer of human spririt and economy.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-05-04 11:03:05 PM

Darcey, from what I've read about Louis Riel, he had quite the imagination.

Any group of people who are defined by the fact they are half-breeds and call themselves a Nation while never having been one have quite the collective imagination as well.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-05-05 7:56:30 AM


Guess they'd better not think of moving to pure laine land, Quebec.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-05-05 8:24:02 AM


Flanagan's "Prophet of the new world" provided some fascinating insight. Most metis would trash Flanagan's views without reading his books and seeing that he had much respect for the guy.

And your right - the nation if it ever existed died a hundred years ago. What exists today is collective lobbying which in the end does far more harm then good. Just my 02

Posted by: Darcey | 2006-05-05 12:19:57 PM

I can't believe the racist comments I see on this board. Some of you have good points but some just generalize too much.

Posted by: Scott Roulx | 2006-05-06 12:50:34 AM

Of course SR , the truth is always conveniently ' rascist' to the liberal ; if one can paint ones ` adversary with these throwaway titles , then any debate can be won by simply walking away from facts . Of course the media and their masters know how to manipulate these arguments so as to appear to take the ' high ' road . I am constantly amazed how such folk can be deceived ; they must love the pain . BTW I know of an aboriginal receiving thousands a week from casino revenue ; I don`t see him spreading it around

Posted by: daveh | 2006-05-06 8:34:24 AM

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