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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

From "Never again" to "Never mind"?

This is the second item in today's News of the Day.  I place it here without comment, on the assumption it would be superfluous:

Camp 22 is Stalinist North Korea's camp for chemical tests - on political prisoners: According to the British MI-6, the Stalinists are running a prison camp "larger than Auschwitz or Dachau" (World Net Daily) where "Hundreds of prisoners die there each week, the victims of biological or chemical experiments to test out [chemical and biological] weapons for North Korea's CBW arsenal."

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To see the camps using Google Earth...

* Camp 15 (Yodok): 39d36'42"N, 126d50'56"E
* Camp 16 (Hwasong): 41d15'19"N, 129d29'33"E
* Camp 22 (Hoeryong): 42d26'49"N, 129d44'09"E

Also, this BBC documentary examines the issues raised in this post...

Posted by: Knight of Good Mr. Iron Man | 2006-05-30 5:54:58 PM

I posted an image of Camp 22 here...

Posted by: Knight of Good Mr. Iron Man | 2006-05-30 6:31:22 PM

Not to worry. As soon as the left hears about this they'll be protesting the hell out of this issue.

It'll be on the front pages of tomorrow's NYT and WP to be followed by a month of editorials. Perhaps even as many as on Augusta. Shit, this is almost as horrifying as putting people in a nude pyramid or taking a photo of someone nude, with a dog collar and leash yet. A Muslim extremist forced to pose nude by a female. Oh the horror.

Leave it to the left. This will soon be solved . Stay tuned for AMT on the Current(ly obsolete and ridiculous)

Posted by: Terry Gain | 2006-05-30 7:24:05 PM

One day the whole world will see what evil unspeakable things have been done in the name of Marx and Co. and Noam Chomsky, Micheal Moore George Galloway and many many others will either deny it or blame the right for having let it happen.

Posted by: Gord Tulk | 2006-05-30 7:34:23 PM

Well it is the Americans fault for not intervening , wait...no they get shit for that, oh I know, they must have supported that little commie's rise to power...no, that wasn't it. Well, it is the Americans fault anyway, just because...

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-05-30 10:54:16 PM

Iraq, Iran, North Korea.

The Axis of Evil.

This BS should come as no surprise to anybody.

I am currently researching the history of separation of church and state. Quite interesting so far and full of amazing insights about the state religion we need to break free from.

Look around. Most humans are now owned (as in slaves) to those who can convince them of their inferiority, giving up the fight on the intellectual and compassionate planes.

We have willingly given up our freedoms.

And, if PM Harper seems somewhat to be portrayed as somewhat autocratic, you know that may not be a totally bad thing ... I trust what's in his heart more than the previous actors, who only pretended to act in a compassionate way ... Marx, Chomsky, Moore and Galloway.

The more I read, the more clear it becomes that this battle against tyranny is winnable and that the secular humanists who caused endless misery and took tens of millions of innocent lives in the 20th century will become an example of where humanity went wrong.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-05-31 12:06:06 AM

Did they send their ambassador to meet with the former Liberal PM?

Posted by: Canuck | 2006-05-31 2:09:49 AM

The Canadian Wheat Board and other farmers across the country send food to North Korea.

Posted by: Angela | 2006-05-31 9:12:31 AM

Right , Angela, and the Canadian Wheat Board also sent wheat to U.S.S.R. The Soviets didn't want their people to eat though (they liked to keep the population thinking about food not liberation) so they left the ships in the dock with the cargo rotting. The rotted wheat was eventually dumped in the ocean.
The North Korean government is of the same ilk as the U.S.S.R. Why do the people allow such thugs to rule them? Why did the people of Canada allow the Liberanos to rule us? We were headed down the slippery slope....'but for the Grace of God there go us'. God Bless Stephen Harper and the people who voted Conservative. Saved by a ray of sanity.

Posted by: jema54j | 2006-05-31 11:17:41 AM

It's a slim minority government, jema54j.

A temporary reprieve. Time to build that firewall.

NEP? Never again.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-05-31 11:52:40 AM

I agree Speller, right now is the time to build that firewall. If the liberano/Dipper outfit get back into power in Ottawa, we must be ready to get out of Canada.

Posted by: jema54j | 2006-05-31 2:41:53 PM

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