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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Are There No Aspens in Iran?

The Iranian president's letter to President George Bush (which you can download at the Wall Street Journal site) is pretty dull stuff. Are there no aspens turning in Iran? Has Ahmadinejad no sense of romance?
The only fun part of the missive is the clear moment of projection, when the Persian nutjob calls the American government "repressive and cruel." Further, he writes that, "History tells us that repressive and cruel governments do not survive." Let's hope he's right.

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Well first he anounced a holocoust cartoon contest. This had to be seen as a positive step since he had previously denied that it even existed, and now we learn he, or at least one of his advisors can write, maybe even read.

Theres hope yet!

Posted by: WinnipegLibertarian | 2006-05-10 11:29:08 AM

Is there something about being an egomaniacal, warmonger that takes away your sense of irony?

Posted by: Gerry Nicholls | 2006-05-10 11:48:22 AM

Our Iranian friend is way behind the curve on the holocaust cartoon contest.

A kid in Israel actually announced one a couple of months back. Haven't heard about or seen the results.

Perhaps a project for Ezra's minions.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-05-10 12:49:38 PM

Indeed, I hope he is right and the entire Islamic republic goes down the trash bin of the history ASAP

Posted by: Winston | 2006-05-10 8:07:23 PM

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