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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Are Liberals Exploiting People's Needs?

Since I have come to Canada, and even before that due to vast contacts with people from both sides of the western political spectrum, I managed to learn more about the structures and principles of both Right (Conservative) and Left (Liberal) ideas.

Time and time again, it was proven to me, that what each party or political affiliations wants for people or what values each does stand for.

Obviously we have two major ruling parties in most western societies, like Democrats and Republicans in the States, Liberals and Conservatives in Australia, UK and Canada....etc.

The fact that Conservative style of ruling the country, the very first idea North America (i.e New Nations/Lands) was founded upon, wants people to work and that the Liberals want people to be dependent on them through welfare money and social assistance cash money is obvious.

A country like Canada or the US could not stand where it does today if the founding men of these nations were not hard working men and women.

One of the things that made me seriously think about the above statement, was the Hurricane Katrina disaster in September 05, where thousands of African-Americans were left homeless, the incompetent democratic governor couldn't come up with any emergency plans and the party loving mayor of the city didn't have any plans in the first place either. The state of Louisiana was run, at the time of the disaster and long before that, by people claiming to be Liberal Democrats (read leftist) and actually come from that party, the party of Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy that would be.

For Canadians, we better take a look at the disasterous condition of our poor in Ontario and the fact that it is a Liberal powerhouse and has always been a place for Liberals to collect votes.

It raises the question as: why do Liberals want people NOT to work and get the government's money and raise the ordinary working citizens' taxes?

Is it not all about votes? If not, then what is it?

Is it not true that this sort of mindset is going to destroy the foundations of the societies they were once built upon? As I know, and correct me if I am wrong, the western societies are built upon very conservatives values. And it is likely that the hatred the left carries for these values may put an end to the style of life as we know it today in North America.

Maybe it sounds harsh, but Leftists and Liberals alike are definitely inflicting awful damages to the Western societies by their incoherent social policies.

The Democrats/Liberals both have always shown that they want people to be poor so they can hand them "social assistance money" (read welfare) and make them loyal to the party that is giving them this sort of aid and look good in the eyes of the poor part of the society.

The fact that most poor parts of our societies have either a Liberal Governor, mayor or premier is tale telling.

The essence of western (i.e North American) style of life is based on "working" to build a prosperous and advanced society, that is what I have come to know in the past few years by traveling, reading and living in the western societies.

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Interesting and True

Posted by: C.H. | 2006-05-16 10:04:07 PM

Well said.In thier zeal to be everything to everyone,the left has forgotten how they got here in the first place.We have to be strong and call bullshit when we hear it,not only in politics,but also in everyday life. Sometimes a hug may work but most of the time a hard kick in the ass works better.Remember your childhood,what was more effective,the finger-wagging or the belt. It's high time people with sense stopped wagging thier fingers and booted these immoral hypocrites to the communist utopia they hold so dear.

Posted by: wallyj | 2006-05-16 10:10:14 PM

Speaking of leftist assholes, William BJ Clinton is quoted in the Canadian MSM as warning Canadians against American-style (Private) Health care. Maybe Michael Moore can use him in his next crocumentary in between his Canadian political campaign speeches. Combining their talents it could be a porno-socialist-crocumentary.

Posted by: John Chittick | 2006-05-16 11:00:44 PM

off-topic,but on CTV I just heard Fife say that this crap about Gwynn Moran is an example of american style confrontational politics,holy shit,is there anyway that Harper cannot be linked to Bush.I bet Harper wakes up in the morning and starts his day off by breathing,just like neo-extreme-nazi-fascist-right wing Bush. Time for a majority.

Posted by: wallyj | 2006-05-16 11:25:53 PM

Wow. Factual myopia. And a grammatical disaster.

"The fact that most poor parts of our societies have either a Liberal Governor, mayor or premier is tale telling. "

Do back up this claim with some facts.

"The fact that Conservative style of ruling the country, the very first idea North America (i.e New Nations/Lands) was founded upon,"

A delightful fact-free view of history.

Posted by: David | 2006-05-17 6:45:48 AM

Leftist policies are not incoherent. They simply are difficult for honest people to understand.

The goal of western Leftist policy is to implement the communist revolution through small progressive increments.

Obviously they cannot come out and tell the masses about what it is they are progressing toward.

David, even Albertan's know that Mr. Klein was a Liberal. Following the 2000 election, Jean Chretien called Mr. Klein, "My man" as in, yes Ralph Klein is a Liberal , but if one wants to be elected in Alberta one must run as a PROGRESSIVE conservative.

Both the NDP and Liberals have electoral machines at the provincial and civil levels. These machines are tied in to their Federal counterparts. Conservatives have no political machine at the civil level and, compared to the two aformentioned parties, provincial conservative machines are not linked to the CPC.

Did you think the CPC had provincial or civic counterparts, David?

Posted by: Speller | 2006-05-17 6:59:48 AM

And here I am in Halifax, an NDP mecca. What does that say? :-D

Posted by: markpeters.ca | 2006-05-17 8:13:20 AM

How did I miss this thread?

You guys are right on the mark! Even - David - prods "us" for more (facts).

I got a fact for you all.

The Hurricane Katrina disaster, which Winston touched ever so lightly with absolute laser accuracy, was entirely a stupid brainless Democrat Party controlled State of Louisianna, local pathetically permanently corrupt government debacle.

America has LAWS. Our fifty States are SOVEREIGN.

In my odd ball checkered past and dance around through my life, I actually worked for the head of FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) for the Pacific Area.

Do you know how many "legions" he had working for him? Me, one guy, one part time guy, a liaison type guy.

FEMA is a checking account.

NOT a check book. A checking account. Not like with a check book, where one would have to actually "write the checks". FEMA does not write checks. FEMA does not do anything. FEMA is a BIG checking account on which the States write checks.

FEMA doesn't even get a checking account statement or bother to "reconcile" the account.

It is a "blank check" signed by America.

Got a disaster? Write (hot) checks on FEMA for EVERYTHING. Keep em coming, we will pay for it.

This complete horseshit about "FEMA failed" to "DO this" or to "DO that."

Oh, those "crack" "investigative reporters" of the "main stream press".

Please find me my pad of Pulitzer Prize awards!

FEMA doesn't DO anything. It FUNDS ops.

There are laws in America which anticipate that things can go wrong, i.e. natural disasters, man made disasters, etc. etc.

If you are even remotely competent (THAT WOULD LEAVE DEMOCRATS WAY OUT OF THE PROCESS) then you PLAN for what you would do WHEN one hits (the fan).

Each State has an Office of Emergency Services, which reports to the GOVERNOR of the SOVEREIGN State.

The laws require that the Sovereign State takes care of itself. BUT everybody knows that almost by definition, a "disaster" is something that exceeds all of your resources and capabilities.

So we (America and any other place where people actually act like grown ups rather than as hopeless sad poor unhappy not feeling good and wish you well DEMOCRATS and LIBERALS) plan on what we will do and where we will go and how we will handle all/any type of disaster - before it happens.

Then we practice (exercise) our plans. That would be called "War Games" in movies, etc.

BUT, some States and Cities (and Provinces?) are "governed" by incompentents whose only capability is to cry tears on TV for all of the sad shit which is happening to HER (that would be the "Governor" of Louisianna, for example), rather than have ever had a clue about what your damned JOB is lady (should I even bother with talking about the baffoon "Mayor"?).

In order for the FEMA checking account to be "opened" (it's always open) the stupid incompetent (in the case of LIBERAL-Democrat run localities) local elected official MUST officially "declair" a "disaster" and must "request" assistance (e.g. MONEY to pay for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from everywhere in the world), all of which assistance is spelled out in the Governor's and the Mayor's "Emergency Plan".

And then what happens? Does the SPACE CADET team drop down from the moon? Hell NO! Your own people run and manage the disaster and call on all the prepositioned and mutually agreed upon resources, etc. from all the automatically manned and staffed and pre-positioned emergency command centers, with back up thises and back up thats, etc. etc.

A whole lot of this "doctrine" was developed or derived from the thinking of a guy in Los Angeles.

I consider this stuff "brilliant" just because it is all so far outside of my own thought processes and area of expertise, and that I actually got a chance to learn about and to understand it.

But the people who are suffering in the midst of a disaster, never even think about all of the years of planning and training and exercising and debugging and follow up which goes into making it so that they survive and recover.

UNLESS their incompetent Governor REFUSES to follow the LAWS which mandate and PROTECT the sovereign people from a State, and SHE, the stupid incompetent Governor, DECIDES that it would give a POLITICAL BENEFIT to a President, who happens to be from another political Party, if SHE would appear to be "asking" for "assistance" from "HIM."

Oh, how VERY "feminist" of her?

Don't ya think?

But you have to add into this mix of completely incomeptent Governor, the ignorant useless Mayor and the totally corrupt local law enforcement folks of the local kleptocracy of the disaster central known as the Democrat haven of New Orleans.


Get your LIBERALS to Hell and gone OUT of your government. Completely! Government up to your eyeballs, taxes through the roof, crippling burden of government waste and the dumb bastards couldn't find their asses with both hands!

Sorry to be so late joining the party.

Oh yeah, David, please correct my spelling and syntax, maybe you can be a "Governor."

Posted by: Conrad-USA | 2006-05-17 8:47:49 AM

Let's pose this question in a different way.

Liberals (that includes our commie friends in the NDP) exploit people's anxieties.

After, trust me, many years of observing the technique, I am now in a position to share it with you.

Step 1: The government should do something about .....

Music to the ears of those who would run our lives for us if we just let them.

This is problem recognition and when an opportunity presents itself, the opportunists jump in.

Yet, that's not enough. There are no shortage of examples of ‘people, even though you aren't aware of it, you're being exploited by the vast conspiracy. We, and only we, are the ones who are your champions. No need to worry. We'll take care of it.''

My mothe did not emigrate to Canada until her mid-30's from the Soviet Union via Germany and then England had this pearl she gave us.

During the Great Depression, the implementation of Roosevelt's New Deal provided employment for agents of the government. One of these agents arrived at a farmer's house where he proceeded to explain to the bewildered farmer that he was poor.

Now, I've never been able to track down whether this was a true story or just a story told in anectodal form, but it's just as viable as any other conspiracy theory.

The antenna are always out by these wannabe Nannies to find a problem only they can solve and only through monetary means.

That is how compassion became an opportunity to earn a living on the backs of other's suffering.

It's sick, but then what do I know?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-05-17 9:02:44 AM

To answer the original question posed in he headline:

You figure?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-05-17 9:06:15 AM

Conrad, you left out the part about all the buses underwater because their UNION drivers left the Big Easy instead off filling them with people and driving them out of harms way. That was Mayor Nagin's fault for not ordering them fill and drive those buses.


Then there is the issue of the Left's aversion to spending money on infrastructure and doing the job they were actually mandated to do. The Levee Board misspent the money which was supposed to keep New Orleans from flooding in the first place.


Posted by: Speller | 2006-05-17 9:21:09 AM

Cut and Paste, ad nauseum. Is that all you can do?
Do us all a favour and piss off.
(PS - this time, I most certainly DO mean to be rude!)

Posted by: Stevie Eye | 2006-05-17 10:19:49 AM

Stevie- censor your own private e-mails or blog.

Posted by: lwestin | 2006-05-17 10:38:38 AM

Conrad - I agree with most of what you say, however I will quote Cathy Siepp who said:

"Just because everything wasn't GWB's fault, doesn't mean some things weren't."

There were some tremendous stories that described the 20K+ rescue sorties carried out by both State and Federal Fisheries Personnel, Parish Law Enforcement Agencies, State Troopers; not to mention Coast Guard, Navy and Marines from Helicopter Carriers as well as National Gaurd troops. It is impossible to imagine any other country in the world could muster that level of trained and qualified personnel using the kind of equipment necessary to work in the deplorable conditions that followed Katrina.

Posted by: Mike Saunders | 2006-05-17 1:44:27 PM


Bravo, You did a good job! Your writing is getting better and I am glad you can understand how our society works.

I appreciate the fact that immigrants like you ACKNOWLEDGE the culture of their hosting country.

Posted by: Self | 2006-05-17 2:01:11 PM

Self: I wish there was a Winstonian culture to acknowledge, but there isn't; I think it's more a case that he recognizes that there are two conflicted forces, and he is doing his part to steer things the right way. Like you, I agree with his analysis.

Karol's comment is interesting. When you read the five criteria Sam Vaknin uses to indicate group narcissism you are reading an apt description of the Liberal Party of Canada (and it's press agent, the CBC?) in it's final disfunctional years in power: Grandiosity and self-importance; members being convinced that the group is special and unique; feeling entitled, by virtue of association and affiliation with the group; not accepting responsibility for actions; using others to achieve their own ends; arrogance and haughtiness coupled with anger when limited or confronted.

The Lib/Dem M.O. of buying votes, and therefore power with other people's money, which Winston noted, is like a feeding tube which enables such group disfunctions to thrive on a vast institutional scale.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-05-17 2:54:07 PM


Won't it be fun to watch as feeding tube after feeding tube will be pulled out of the insatiable parasites in Ottawa?

Gee, before long, they might have to think about getting a real job.

We're doing all this theorizing for free.

Other than the hot air in both spheres, the difference is the Lib/Dem proponents are actually getting paid money do bluster all day.

The fact that a small part of it is my money is beside the point.

I'm kinda tired of supporting the non-productive, theoretical end of it.

I'm all for helping the poor – since I managed to grow into semi-adulthood thanks in part to to the welfare system in Alberta.

I say pull the plugs as fast as we can, before anybody notices these people were not living anyway.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-05-17 3:32:53 PM

Our society, Western civilization, was built on liberal principles. Gradually throughout this century, the term liberal has been hijacked, misused, and abused to the point that rather than invoking thoughts of liberty, the rule of law and personal freedom, it now means socialism, Cindy Sheehan and Hedy Fry.

For a real definition read The Road to Serfdom by Hayek.

Posted by: angela | 2006-05-17 5:19:56 PM


I totally agree with you!

Posted by: Winston | 2006-05-17 10:01:16 PM

I guess what eveybody gleans from this thread is one simple truth; Liberals are full of the bullshit that a Conservative can spot 10 miles away.

Posted by: Matt | 2006-05-17 11:05:10 PM


May I be so bold as to thank you on behalf of the rest of our readers on your latest post.

I admit I did enjoy your recent Animal Farm analogy applied to our current condition. Yes, some are more equal than others and without getting into details, much of the same has happened in relgious administrative history.

I appreciate how short your latest post was, yet would be curious about specific examples you could share with us.

That would allow us the intellectual weaponry to fight these windbags we have surrendered our freedoms to.

By your name, I assume you have a Polish ancestry.

I'm sure when you moved here for more freedom, you were shocked by the intellectual shallowness of the populace.

I'm with you on that one, O Polish Prince.

Now, can we please get some details to chew on?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-05-18 10:23:30 AM


So that's what happened to the aliens portrayed on Invasion!

Apparently, the invaders of Canada did not wait for a hurricane to take over the bodies of decent human beings. It must have been done a long time ago and we're finally awakening to the sings.

One of my favourite TV shows, BTW, on Wednesday night. Right after Lost, I believe.

We will turn back the invasion, once PM Harper empties out the bureaucracy of Everything that Makes You Feel Good and the Department of Shaming the Critical Thinkers.

Only then, through starvation of the aliens, can we possibly be saved. I mean, once they're laid off from their cushy government jobs, who else in their right minds would hire them?

This is why I'm convinced the aliens will launch a counterattack through the purchase of private corporations, through which they can continue their mind-controlling activities without public scrutiny.

Seriously, though, anything off the philosophical plane we can chew on?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-05-18 1:00:35 PM

Karol Karolak -

Re: 5/18/06 @ 12:14PM

Can these people be helped, or is their situation irreversible? If they can be helped (i.e. by me), then how?

Posted by: Conrad-USA | 2006-05-20 12:04:34 PM

Warriors for the truth, set your lasers on stun.

Hold up, the aliens described by karol are already stunned.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-05-20 1:21:44 PM


What is your opinion of Effexor?

I understand its manufactured in Montreal.

It was a great help during my Great Depression and I have weaned myself off it in the last three weeks.

Hey, I'm not perfect. Too many things happened in my life in the last year and I did not have the neccessary inner strength to deal with them.

Now, I've bounced back to become an even bigger pain in the a** that I'd ever been, thanks to effexor.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-05-20 1:52:37 PM

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