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Thursday, April 20, 2006

vancouver needs a giuliani

Soon taxpayers in my fair city of Vancouver are going to ask the question — Why us? Why should it be us who has to have blocks and blocks of government ghettoes? Who gives up entire sections of their city to criminals? Why should it be us who has to use our property taxes to pay for facilities for safe injections, new treatment facilities, etc, etc? Why should it be us who has to put up with the one of the worst property crime rates in Canada?

Who made this drug problem Vancouver’s alone to bear? The answer is that we did. We elect politicians and we continue to elect politicians who care too little about home owners, small business people, and their tax dollars. We continue to elect politicians who use property tax payer money to fund their half-baked (literally) ideas. We continue to elect politicians who have decided that next door to Chinatown should be Canada’s biggest open-drug market (yes, I’ll call it racism).

The drug problem in Vancouver is solveable. Go to Manhattan and walk around the whole island. Do that at night, too. You won’t see anything like Oppenheimer Park, Main and Hastings, or heck, even Granville Mall (try spending time in that urinal after 10 PM). The reason why you don’t see stuff like that in Manhattan is that they cleared it all out. And they did that because Giuliani said “no more”. He called a moratorium on social housing. Much whining and screaming ensued. The “activists” (who typically work in the poverty industry) went nuts, of course.

And you know what happened? Left to its devices, the market pushed the drug-dealers and criminals out of the city. It’s tough to live in Manhattan and pay the $400 grand for the 500 ft appartment on selling crack (while smoking up your profits). The only way you can do that is by living in a government house — well, no more.

Vancouver is not much different. We just need city politicians to stop being bleeding hearts and do the right thing for their constituents. Enabling these drug users and drug dealers is not helping anybody. It’s time to close the needle exchange. We need to put a moratorium on public housing. We should let the market do its work. The Downtown Eastside would be valuable land if it wasn’t full of feces, garbage, needles, used condoms, drug dealers, and prostitutes. If the city rezoned much of the area and let developers have at it, it would be turned around in no time at all. And the drug dealers would be gone.

I can hear the whining now. But where will they go, Peter Jay? Well, maybe back home, for one. Many people out there are from all across Canada. They are here for the high-quality, relatively cheap drugs, the blocks of cheap housing, the free meals from every society you can name, the good climate, etc. The fact is that if somewhere else had cheaper, easier to obtain drugs, they would go there. We don’t owe or own them. Vancouver doesn’t have to be the rest of Canada’s dumping ground for addicts. Other communities will deal with them. And you know what? They will probably do a better job. It’s pretty hard to clean up your life when you live in the Downtown Eastside with temptation everywhere.

In 10 years, Vancouver’s drug problems would be mostly a thing of the past. Just like Manhattan’s. All we need is our own Giuliani.

From boonbloggle.com.

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Toronto needs him too!

A few nights ago, Mayor Miller of Toronto said that it is okay for people to clean the roads and streets if they see it necessary. it is like this liberal city doesn;t have a mayor to take care of it.

Posted by: Winston | 2006-04-20 3:54:20 AM

Naw...we need somewhere to send people away on the bus...

But yeah, one reason I haven't moved back to Vancouver is the sad state of affairs it has become.

Posted by: tomax7 | 2006-04-20 5:05:47 AM

What is the penchant Canadians have for wanting..needing to believe there is more personal integrity in politocos south of the border?

American politicians are as stilted as the Canadian ones except they have more pressure from real money to stray the course....what we ( just folks who pay too damn much tax on both sides of the 49th) need are statesmen not politicians.

We need people who have OUR agenda...not their own.

Posted by: Wlyonmackenzie | 2006-04-20 7:26:30 AM

BTW wasn't it Giuli that contracted all the WTC rubble removal to NY mob companies?

Posted by: Wlyonmackenzie | 2006-04-20 7:28:43 AM

Toronto is ready and willing to accept all of Vancouver's problems, Toronto actually needs more street people to justify the $200,000,000+ being spent to promote homelessness - especially since there are only about 1,000 homeless in Toronto. That works out to $200,000 per homeless person annually.

Of course it doesn't cost $200,000 each year to cater meals, deliver a sleeping bag etc. for each homeless person - that could be done for much less money.

The over 200 million dollars being spent actually goes toward re-electing the left-wing mayor and the other lefties on city council - poverty activist groups that cash in on these funds are all big supporters of lefties that dump millions of dollars into their laps, of course.

Posted by: infidel | 2006-04-20 8:11:57 AM

RG's p.r. people will tell you " problem solved" but what do the people who actually fight drug crime say -

"Despite law enforcement's tremendous accomplishments, communities in the New York metropolitan area are still plagued by illegal drugs and related crime." ( 2004 : President's Office of National Drug Control Policy Annual Report )

btw: More than half of all crime done by substance abusers are done by those who have abused the perfectly legal drug ETOH

Posted by: Nbob | 2006-04-20 8:38:04 AM

The problem is that we conservatives spend our time and resources at the provincial and federal level and completely ignore the local levels of government. The socialist rabble have a virtual monopoly on local politics in most major cities.

It's the local level that spends a whole lot of money from all 3 levels of government. The local level is just as important.

Remember that come the next municipal election.

Posted by: Warwick | 2006-04-20 9:15:22 AM

If Vancouver or Toronto needs a Giuliani, then those cities must be willing to pay his costs. I don't mean money. I mean to have the political will to support him as he makes the necessary changes to improve law enforcement and lower crime, move the homeless, clean up the streets, improve city works, and improve the economy. I lived in NYC during Giuliani's administration and I can tell you that he only turned NYC around because he was willing to take risks with established interests like unions, and stand firm on racial issues. He was frequently accused of racism when his cops became more aggressive. Although his accomplishments were real, by September 10, 2001 he was not a popular man. His current reputation from 9/11 placed all of his accomplishments in an entirely new light. Now he is seen as the city's greatest mayor.

My point is that liberal cities like Vancouver and Toronto may not be ready to take on the demands of a Giuliani-like administration. He was an elitist, aggressive and ambitious man who stepped on a lot of toes. I'm not sure how well that might go down in those cities. It's all in the cost-benefit analysis: how much is too much when trying to improve your city? For New Yorkers, they were willing to go the extra mile and it paid off (even if Giuliani was not popular because of it). Toronto people have repeatedly shown their incompetence at civic government, and their current mayor is perhaps their worst ever. My opinion is that the city is beyond repair. I only visited Vancouver once as a kid, so I can't say what it's like there. For your own sakes, I hope that you find the courage and strength to make the tough decisions.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-20 9:16:26 AM

BTW wasn't it Giuli that contracted all the WTC rubble removal to NY mob companies?

Well... that's who is in that business and pretty well no one else at least in the New York area.

Wasn't it the Pauly and Jean who contracted their kick-back fundraising contracts to Mob companies in Quebec?

Posted by: Duke | 2006-04-20 9:59:45 AM

Re the main post here.

I have been observing Leftist thinking for most of my life. I have concluded, (and this shouldn't be revelation for most), that the illogical planning from them in most social matters is based on the fact that Leftist ignore logic. They think with their soft hearts and soft heads.

Unable to organize a thought stream that arrives at logical a conclusion that will allow better decisions, they jerk and twitch their way into a feel-good oh-so charitable announcement. This usually involves piles of your money and mine being flushed down yet another social toilet.

Same thinking in our judicial industry.

These folks are all process oriented, not bottom line thinkers. The denial of a bottom line doesn't make it go away. The chickens will come home to roost as they have in Vancouver's East side.

Rather than look for the bottom line and re chart the course, they simply expand the process with sans rudder.

I don't blame them personally, but do not excuse them. They are simply mentally and emotionally handi-capped. They should not be in charge of anything. It's up to use to toss them. If not, they shut up and pay.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-04-20 10:10:35 AM

Giuliani, before entering politics, was a prosecutor who passionately fought organized crime, in fact he delayed his entry into politics to follow through on RICO prosecutions of large numbers of mobsters. He made a major contribution to devastating blows to all five families the New York Cosa Nostra. So, it's kind of dumb to state that he consciously and deliberately "contracted...to NY mob companies". I guess that's why I don't have a link to your blog...

Posted by: anonymous | 2006-04-20 10:15:26 AM

All -- please don't take my message as saying Vancouver is a lousy city. Yeah, we've got a major problem with drugs but it's generally localized. My beef is that we've decided it's OK in certain areas of the city. We've also decided that Vancouver It's still the best place to live in Canada. It's personal preference, of course, and I love the ROC, too. Tomax7, you would not regret moving here.

Scott -- great to get your perspective from living in NYC at the time.

Mackenzie -- is this a reverse seance? Always knew you were into that sort of thing. I hear your point -- I would have picked a Canadian mayor who demonstrated these qualities if I could think of one. Please let me know of one.

Posted by: Peter Jay | 2006-04-20 10:25:48 AM

good post and thanks for the good wishes to Toronto, we’ll need it.

I’ve lived in NYC as well. The Racketeering Influence had been gaining control for decades. Also it’s a fact that the MSM, particularly the New York Times, lashed out at Giuliani daily when he enforced the RICO Act.

Toronto is headed in the same direction as NYC was and for the same reasons; bad, left-wing, crime-appeasing City management. Mayor Miller is a disaster. Hopefully Jane Pitfield can be elected to replace him. City Councillors are mostly Dippers, but we are seeing some retired business people running for election. It's not too late to bring in the "Broken Windows Theory".

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-04-20 10:46:31 AM


You don't have to be liberal, or defective to have a heart. This should be evidenced by the number of Christians that are supporters of this gov't (and this blog). The default is not having a heart, its intellectual dishonesty which allows them to rationalize every action they desire as being good.
Therefore, the mere fact that someone has and shows compassion is not a credibility killer. Although the liberals like to claim rights to compassion, their actions speak volumes .

Posted by: lwestin | 2006-04-20 11:29:18 AM

Well I was born and raised in Vancouver and I think Vancouver is beyond hope.

Vancouver has become the worlds capitol for left wing do gooders. We have taken political correctness to an absurd level here that we do nothing but sympathize with our criminal element here.

We have no hope of ever finding a Guiliani in this city, because the second anyone mentions taking a tough stance they are called Nazis. We fear monger anyone who speaks with a common sense message as fascists and dangerous thinkers. The irony of how often leftists toss around the word Nazi in this town never ceases to amaze me. I thought the Nazis were a left wing labour party, but that also goes to show the level of education in this country is on a steady downward spiral.

Anyhow I met a couple in Vancouver 2 years ago that moved to Vancouver from LA. They subsequently moved back to LA as they felt safer there than they did in Vancouver. Everyone I have told this to at work thinks I am lying. That is because of an arrogance we have in Vancouver, that none of us are willing to look inward and really see that our beliefs may be nothing but self perpetuated lies.

This is the only place I have ever witnessed when bad guys are being questioned or arrested, people who have nothing to do with the incident will yell at Police Officers to let the guy go; or go up and try to question the Officer on what grounds they have to arrest or detain this person. This is the mentality of many in Vancouver, and it's this mentality that needs to be dealt with before any changes are possible.

The bottom line is Vancouver is done, it belongs to anyone who doesn't respect the laws of the land, and their allies live amongst them.

I've been arguing with my wife for years to leave so we can raise our family in a better place. Unfortunately my wife is intimidated by change and this arguement still happens regularly.

Seriously hoping for big change,


Posted by: niv | 2006-04-20 11:34:46 AM


The best and bravest hearts would employ some tough love to the 'less-motivated' (I prefer that term to the term 'less-fortunate' since we are for the most part, we are the authors of our own horrors).

Leftist thinking trys to micro-manage a society and this is simply impossible to do.

We need to get tough with the underbelly so that they will know that there are no other options than to clean up and rejoin the human race ... or die.

That is reality and that is what is possible.

Only when you take down the 'free beer' sign with the free-loaders be forced to buy their own beer or stop drinking it.

People gravitate to the best neighborhoods they can afford to live in. I see no reason why people shouldn't gravitate to the best cities THEY CAN AFFORD TO LIVE IN.

If you try to manipulate that, you destroy the neighborhood and the city.

I live in a small community because I can't really afford to live as I would like to in a city like Vancouver. I would not live there at this point anyway, because it's such a mess. It is a mess because the socialists have pretty much ruined it with their policies of allowing the lowest common denominator to rule the streets.

I think about what I want, what I can afford and what would work best for me and my family. I don't ask anyone to help me go where it is not logical for me to be ... whether economically or for any other reason.

It's just logic. I know that can be scary for the 'less-motivated'.

The leftist see the so-called down-trodden as a constituency that may help deliver them to office.

This is the same thinking where a guy picks up homely chick because he sees her as his best chance to get laid.

Posted by: Duke McGoo | 2006-04-20 11:57:50 AM

lwestin > "You don't have to be liberal, or defective to have a heart."

No, but most liberals are defective in the way that Duke describes them.

What's that saying? 'If you've never been a liberal you have no heart. If you remain a liberal you have no brain.'

Posted by: JR | 2006-04-20 12:40:01 PM

If I have learned anything about politics, it is that one cannot please everyone all the time, or even some of the time. No matter what happens, someone will not be happy. The true test of a leader is to keep pressing on regardless of criticism. If one worried about retaining as many votes as possible, then you have already lost.

If, as Niv says, anyone in Vcr takes a firm stand, they are accused of being a Nazi, then weak leadership is the result. Giuliani was regularly called "Adolf Giuliani" for his heavy handed ways. Yet in the 1997 election, he won with a landslide because he attracted the disaffected voters more than he dissuaded them. He did this by setting goals and doing what it took to accomplish them, if not exceed. Crime went down in NYC by 67% - an absolutely astonishing figure.

Unfortunately, Giulianis are hard to find. I think Chicago has someone similar in Richard M. Daley, but otherwise they are in short supply. Fortunately, Giuliani now runs a consulting business where he, Bernard Kerik (NYPD commissioner on 9/11) and Thomas Van Essen (FDNY commissioner on 9/11) offer their services to companies and governments on management. Perhaps the next best thing to a Giuliani as mayor is some advice from the man himself. But even then, implementing his ideas would be a difficult task for most politicians.

Another great Giuliani accomplishment: he made NYC livable for people. Beforehand, people had been leaving the city for the suburbs in record numbers. While that trend does continue, more people are staying. He turned a city once considered unlivable into THE city people most wanted to live in. Trust me and nomdenet, it was a privilege to spend time there.

Things like crime fighting and clean streets have nothing to do with ideology. It is emotion and attitude that makes or breaks political leaders. If they are weak and timid, it will show in those areas, as Toronto is facing under that idiot mayor of theirs. NYC found a leader who fought back and won. Vancouver should do what it can. It is better to be accused of being a Nazi than being a weakling.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-20 1:01:02 PM

In re-reading my post, I see that inserting a word might clarify my meaning. It should be..."The default is not IN having a heart, its IN intellectual dishonesty."

I totally agree that liberals are short on reason and honest debate.

I apologize for blogging as if I were speaking.

Posted by: lwestin | 2006-04-20 2:15:36 PM

Hey Scott, you're absolutely right that it is better to be a nazi than a weakling, but unless you've lived here, you really have no idea what it's like.

Look at the David Emerson fiasco, everyone in Canada was over it an hour after it happened, why because it has happened many many times in parliamentary history. Belinda Stronach was a hero 4 months earlier for crossing the floor, but wow in Vancouver, if you're a leftist and hurt, the world has to know about it.

No one in this town has let this thing go, but I can assure you if it was reversed it would be celebrated here. Broke back mountain rules here and if you have any opinion that's different to that, keep your head up, you don't stand a chance.

I really wish and hope I'm wrong, but what I see everyday tells me I'm right.


Posted by: niv | 2006-04-20 3:05:21 PM

Niv: your pessimism is both understandable and lamentable. The irony is that the same people who criticize the government for not doing anything are the same ones who say they're going too far or doing the wrong thing. I've seen enough of that in Toronto, and even here in Alberta. I too suspect that you are right.

As in the case of NYC, they eventually found a breaking point where drastic action had to be taken. Vancouver will find it eventually. Toronto won't because its people will not admit that they have problems. It will go down the path of Detroit, where endless racial problems and crime will force those who can out of the city and into the suburbs. So be it for the issues of pride.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-20 3:30:05 PM

Solutions to Vancouver's problems with the mentally ill, the addicted, and the snakes who feed on them are constantly blocked by those who stand atop the suffering of our collective corporeal form, wherever they find it, and make a case for their own righteousness -- on behalf of others, of course. They always make the case, indirectly but persistently, that the corner of Main and Hasings -- the geographic center of one of the most prohibitively expensive cities in the world -- is the ancestral homeland of suffering addicts. They point to the disparity between the ravaged bodies and tormented eyes of addicts and the value of the real estate around them which they have no access to as irrefutable evidence of a lack of socialism.

Of course, telling the truth -- that funding exacerbates the problem, and that every single one of the down-and-outers, without exception, would be better off if they were living somewhere else with no drug dealers around -- is treated as evidence of heartless, capitalist cruelty.

It's going to be a long time before people realize that (often) well-intentioned leftist activists and politicians have been sustaining and contributing to the horrifying conditions there. The problems in the downtown east side are the end results of mental health/family-abuse problems that are kept in motion by misguided compassion. Insisting that what's happening there is just a government/social policy issue just keeps everyone looking in exactly the wrong direction.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-04-20 3:45:55 PM

Scott says that Toronto's mayor is the worst ever.

Does that mean worse than Mel Lastman??? I recall him going downtown to shake hands with bikers for a photo op as they were in town for a convention or something.

I've moved from Toronto, but if what Scott says is true...that David Miller is worse than Mel Lastman, then all I can say is that I'm really really!! glad I moved.


Posted by: RZ | 2006-04-20 4:27:52 PM

Mel was fine for North York, the amalgamated GTA was too much for him and his health was failing.

But even in the end, Mel understood that the taxes came from the taxpayer: that it was OUR money, not his.
David Miller will never understand that basic premise. He has no shame about deficits, nor City Hall waste and he'll tax us for whatever he wants.

Moreover, Mel understood crime and respected the role and needs of cops. Miller is almost anti-cop. I saw him debating John Tory and Miller almost sneered at the mention of the word ‘cop’ . The man is deluded.

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-04-20 5:37:12 PM

Miller went around blaming "American guns and gun laws" for Toronto's gun violence problem. He's really asking people not to blame him for it, but rather to blame the "evil" Americans for it. Finding scapegoats for things is a sign of weakness. Giuliani, for all his successes and faults, took the ultimate responsibility for what went on in NYC.

If the people of Tronna re-elect Miller, they truly deserve what they are going to get.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-20 5:54:28 PM

I have always found it astonishing that the lefties who dominate the social programs and are largely responsible for their creation are completely tolerant of hoards of street scum who are ruining the downtown.

They are more than willing to have them puking, deficating, pissing, panhandling, doing B&Es and taking drugs all over the streets ... endangering the public with their horrid deseases .. Hep C and AIDs to name two and damaging countles vehicle and breaking into homes.

Not only do they readily tolerate this crap, but they pay for it. They have built an industry around it. They also may not connnect this dot, but go along way to subsidising the drug dealers by organizing a very large centrally located clientel for them.

Yet if you disagree with this insanity and open your mouth about it ... you are a bigoted, hearless Nazi. Nazi seems to have become the accepted term for anyone who is right leaning and believing in self-reliance ... sort of like a conservative.

The so called war on drugs continually attacks the supply side. However, the supply side is driven by the demand side. Just like any other business. If demand wanes, supply dries up.

We are goring the wrong ox.

Attack the demand side ... that WILL WORK.

We have already proven that attacking the supply side DOES NOT WORK

Posted by: Duke McGoo | 2006-04-20 5:55:18 PM

If someone uses the epithet "Nazi" all it proves is that they have run out of names to call. It is a sign of extreme desperation and lack of creativity.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-20 7:23:41 PM


Speaking of "Nazis" - look at what Missisucka's racist Nazi mayor is doing now - an all-Canadian (read: all white) policy for political activity. As if they didn't already know, immigrants are not welcome in white Ontario. This just reinforces it. Mayor Moron of Tronna is inept, but Mayor Nazi is a pure racist. So is her gau - she's the gauleiter of that western suburb of Hell.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-20 10:30:21 PM

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