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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

From standing up for human rights to . . . standing up for human rights!

Those of us on the right side of the political spectrum (especially south of the 49th) are still a little skittish when we see or hear "human-rights activist."  It's not really fair, but the institutional memory of the conservative movement (as we call it) has too many instances of good-meaning folks who - having gotten the cold shoulder from Moscow, Beijing, Kandahar, Baghdad, Tehran, etc. - decide to aim exclusively at problems in the democratic world and its less than seemly allies.  The ensuing slide into moral equivalence is sad to see.

This is why the career of Taiwan's best-known (living) human-rights campaigner is so refreshing:

Chen Shui-bian rips Yahoo and Google: The U.S. tech companies who made the wrong headlines by working with the Communists rather than against them (fourteenth, fifth, lead, third, eighth, seventh, third, fifth, eighth, last, third, fourth, fourth, third, eighth, and eighth items) take it on the rhetorical chin from Taiwan's elected President - who was a human-rights lawyer before entering politics (Worldwide Standard).

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