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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Conservative musical interlude

It's a real toe-tapper!

Posted by Ezra Levant on April 2, 2006 | Permalink


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Funny song. I'll send that to a friend of mine.

In other news: 1 dead in Toronto Tim Horton's bombing. The National Post reports (no one else) that the dead man had explosives strapped to his body. Could this have been a failed homicide bombing?

This is one that Toronto's idiot mayor can't blame on "the evil Americans."

But I don't know which is sweeter:

a) that is happened in the heart of Toronto, the racist city of death. If this bomber turns out to be of Arab ancesty (preferably Canadian-born) then Toronto's Muslim population will be targetted for retaliation.

or b) that it happened at the very symbol of Toronto's corporate rule.

Either way, it means stay the hell away from Tronna and from Tronna people. They might blow up on you - I mean literally.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-02 3:50:17 PM

The song blows. The verses are a rip-off of the worst rap song in the world, Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire" (although, given the lyrical content of that song, TRB might thin they were doing an homage to BJ) and the chorus uses the childish "nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah" melody.

If you want REALLY good songs with conservative lyrics, you need look no further that Oingo Boingo. Danny Elfman now writes mostly banal movie music, but once upon a time, he wrote these:

Capitalism lyrics

There's nothing wrong with Capitalism
There's nothing wrong with free enterprise
Don't try to make me feel guilty
I'm so tired of hearing you cry

There's nothing wrong with making some profit
If you ask me I'll say it's just fine
There's nothing wrong with wanting to live nice
I'm so tired of hearing you whine
About the revolution
Bringin' down the rich
When was the last time you dug a ditch, baby!

If it ain't one thing
Then it's the other
Any cause that crosses your path
Your heart bleeds for anyone's brother
I've got to tell you you're a pain in the ass

You criticize with plenty of vigor
You rationalize everything that you do
With catchy phrases and heavy quotations
And everybody is crazy but you

You're just a middle class, socialist brat
From a suburban family and you never really had to work
And you tell me that we've got to get back
To the struggling masses (whoever they are)
You talk, talk, talk about suffering and pain
Your mouth is bigger than your entire brain
What the hell do you know about suffering and pain . . .

There's nothing wrong with Capitalism
There's nothing wrong with Capitalism
There's nothing wrong with Capitalism
There's nothing wrong with Capitalism


Only A Lad

Johnny was bad, even as a child everybody could tell
Everyone said if you don’t get straight
You’ll surely go to hell

But johnny didn’t care
He was an outlaw by the time that he was
Ten years old
He didn’t wanna do what he was told
Just a prankster, juvenile gangster

His teachers didn’t understand
They kicked him out of school
At a tender early age
Just because he didn’t want to learn things
(had other interests)
He liked to burn things

The lady down the block
She had a radio that johnny wanted oh so bad
So he took it the first chance he had
Then he shot her in the leg
And this is what she said
Only a lad
You really can’t blame him
Only a lad
Society made him
Only a lad
He’s our responsibility
Only a lad
He really couldn’t help it
Only a lad
He didn’t want to do it
Only a lad
He’s underprivileged and abused
Perhaps a little bit confused

His parents gave up they couldn’t influence his attitude
Nobody could help
The little man had no gratitude

And when he stole the care
Nobody dreamed that he would
Try to take it so far
He didn’t mean to hit the poor man
Who had to go and die
It made the judge cry

Only a lad
He really couldn’t help it
Only a lad
He didn’t want to do it
Only a lad
He’s underprivileged and abused
Perhaps a little bit confused

It’s not his fault that he can’t believe
It’s not his fault that he can’t behave
Society made him go astray
Perhaps if we’re nice he’ll go away
Perhaps he’ll go away
He’ll go away

Hey there johnny you really don’t fool me
You get away with murder
And you think it’s funny
You don’t give a damn if we live or if we die
Hey there johnny boy
I hope you fry!

Posted by: Mark Logan | 2006-04-02 3:52:19 PM

This Elfman's got it right.
Good comment here Mark.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-04-02 3:58:19 PM

I think your joy and glee at what is happening in Toronto is disgusting, Scott. You remind me of the various Muslims who danced in joy at the destruction of the 9-11 towers. You have the same perverted mentality. Disgusting.

Posted by: ET | 2006-04-02 4:04:10 PM

I saw the "joy and glee" in Toronto on 9/11. The people there supported the attacks. Now it's your turn. Have fun.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-02 4:06:38 PM

That changes nothing, Scott. The fact that YOU, YOU, experience joy and glee at someone else's being harmed, is the sign of a sick and completely pathological person.

The fact that you try to validate your pathology, by saying that - You did it first - is invalid. You aren't experiencing glee, just because some Torontonians ??? showed glee at 9/11. That would make you a robotic mechanism, just reacting to other actions. No - You are experiencing glee because you are sick, in yourself.

You are utterly disgusting.

Posted by: ET | 2006-04-02 4:13:52 PM

My attitude is this: "Serves You Right."

Wouldn't it be great if the bomber turned out to be Arar or even one of the Khadr family?

Betcha the guy had a suicide note demanding the removal of Canadian soldiers from Afghanistan, with a nice anti-Bush statement to boot.

Or maybe the guy was a disgruntled investor unhappy with the recent IPO.

A little joke:

"How did they know the bomber was male?" "They found his donuts by the toilet!"

Another little joke: Tim Hortons is a central part of Canadian culture.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-02 4:23:46 PM

As of right now, this story is headlines on every Canadian news website.

But on CNN, FOX News, BBC, and MSNBC = NADA. Why? Because your "country" isn't important enough.

Not only was your greatest city and core of your national identity attacked, but your biggest rival doesn't care. This just keeps getting better.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-02 4:29:55 PM

Toronto has a very large poplulation of enemies of freedom. We don't yet know what the bomb perp or victim is. My guess it's a perp who got Krispy Kremed while planning to do harm to others.

It may be a bit premature to start the glee, but if it happens to have been an Islamic Jihadist, let the part beging.

Toronto desperately needs a good Muslim bombing to shake it out of it's appeasement stupor.

I don't that it is disgusting to be happy when your enemies die.

Perhaps your compassion is misplaced. You talk a good talk about the evils of the Jihad, but it appears your heart isn't in it.

It takes passion to defeat your mortal enemies. Perhaps your humongous intellect has clouded the kind of feelings that are needed to remain vigilant.

If you mourn the downing of each terrorist bomber (if that's what it turns out to be) then whose side are you on?

Posted by: Duke | 2006-04-02 4:33:16 PM

Duke - my comments against Scott, are that he rejoiced because and only because, 'it happened in Toronto'. His pathological hatred of ALL people in Ontario, and ALL Torontonians - is sick.

Scott wasn't talking about terrorists; he didn't know who/what had happened. His rejoicing was because 'it', a violent death', had happened in Toronto. That's sick.

And kindly don't start with the 'If you aren't passionate about X, then, you have no capacity (or right) to analyze or deal with X'.

Remember Martin thundering at Harper - Do you LOVE Canada? And ranting away on the debates, about how much he, Martin, Loves, Canada..while Harper...
Did Martin analyze, think, and assist Canada? Nope.

So, your attempt to say that one can only 'do good' IF one is 'passionate' about something - is nonsense. Rather like the food stores that inform everyone 'We are passionate about freshness'.

Scott remains, as always, pathologically sick, sick, sick.
He's rejoicing because it happened in Toronto.

Posted by: ET | 2006-04-02 4:42:16 PM


I am not defending Scott at all. I have read some of his inanities as well.

I am defending a point that unlike the advise given to some of the first Canadian troops leaving for Afghanistan by our then GG (another woman of color who worked for CBC) .. which was "you must not hate, we must not hate" (the enemy) ... We DO need to hate our enemies and we do need to be happy when they are killed or when they kill themselves. You can't win a war against those whom you like.

Can you not differenciate between a grocery store ad and a world wide Jihid that has already caused uncalculable damage to our economies, our society and our future well-being as free people?

If not, then you do not understand what's going on and even less about how we should "feel" and react regarding it.

It doesn't take passion to do good. That sort of thing is done daily by the altruistic egoists on the left. It does take passion to point a gun at someone and pull the trigger. Unless of course, you are a psychopath.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-04-02 5:06:57 PM

The great Mark Steyn puts a point on my last comment.

From today's rant by the man.

"My worry is that the official platitudes in this new war are the equivalent of the Cold War chit-chat in its 1970s detente phase --when Willy Brandt and Pierre Trudeau and Jimmy Carter pretended the enemy was not what it was. Then came Ronald Reagan: It wasn't just the evil-empire stuff, his jokes were on the money, too. In their own depraved way, the Islamists are a lot goofier than the commies and a few gags wouldn't come amiss. If this is a "long war," it needs a rhetoric that can go the distance. And the present line fails that test."

Posted by: Duke | 2006-04-02 5:13:09 PM

Duke - I don't think that I need any lectures about political correctness. And I don't need any lectures on jihad. What do you think I've been talking about for those many posts?

I can't stand Clarkson -- and her inane remarks to the troops, which echo the trivia of her sophist husband, are hardly shared by me.

Scott was NOT reacting to any notion that the explosion was due to terrorism; or that the individual killed was a terrorist. Scott was reacting within his pathological hatred of ALL things Ontarian and ALL people who are from Toronto. That's what I am objecting to - his irrational and pathological hatred of Ontario/Toronto. It's disgusting.

I've argued in long, long posts, against Jihad, against extremist Islam, against political correctness, against our sophistry of 'accepting the religion' and instead, have insisted that the West HAS to confront this movement, and that the moderate Muslims HAVE to confront this movement.

So, kindly don't lecture me about it - as if I've never heard of 'jihad' or what's going on around the world. That's a bit much - I've probably read more on the situation than you have; I've suggested books, articles, etc about it; you don't read my posts; they are, as you said, too long.

Don't try to cover up Scott's pathology. He wasn't interested in whether or not the individual was a Muslim terrorist. His joy was based around one thing only - that a bomb had exploded in Toronto. And that is what I was reacting to; I'm tired of his pathological hatred of any and all Ontarians.

Posted by: ET | 2006-04-02 5:24:58 PM

"So, kindly don't lecture me about it - as if I've never heard of 'jihad' or what's going on around the world. That's a bit much - I've probably read more on the situation than you have; I've suggested books, articles, etc about it; you don't read my posts; they are, as you said, too long"

And repetetive!

You love lecturing others and do it daily, but your stomach hurts when someone calls you on your lecture to others.

I did say I am aware of Scott's mental problem, but even an idiot can sometimes come down on the right side of an event even it's for different reasons.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-04-02 5:32:49 PM

Well it looks like the bomber was not really a bomber. But it doesn't matter. This still demonstrates what a bizarre and dangerous place Toronto is. I advise people to steer clear of the racist city of death. The only thing certain is that if anything happened to you in Toronto, no one will care or do anything about it.

If this was a terrorist act, the old saying goes: "If at first you don't succeed, try try again."

Posted by: Scott | 2006-04-03 7:50:50 AM

"I did say I am aware of Scott's mental problem, but even an idiot can sometimes come down on the right side of an event even it's for different reasons."


You said it Duke. Better than I've EVER said it.

You anti-Canadians are a joke.

Posted by: Justin Fossey | 2006-04-03 11:34:31 AM

Actually Justin, that pretty much describes you, particularly the anti-Canadian part.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-04-03 12:27:13 PM

Much as I disagree with dippers, I have to admit that they make better music.

Posted by: dr_dog | 2006-04-03 2:44:04 PM

Well considering I've got the majority of the voters in the last election on my side deepblue (and considering most don't share your nazi-like gay-hatred) I'd say go choke on the Charter, bitch.

Posted by: Justin Fossey | 2006-04-03 5:29:25 PM

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