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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Caledonia, Caledonia

You know that it would make me more than sad, Caledonia your everythin I've ever had:

Non-Aboriginal Canadians are thankfully not as gutless as their law enforcement officials and politicians. Someone has to stand up against the Mohawk criminals, and it’s obviously not going to be the local rent-a-cops or pussy-ass politicians

Sing along with Raskolnikov's Caledonia open thread

Posted by Darcey on April 25, 2006 in Aboriginal Issues | Permalink


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The natives are beating the same old song. It happens in every dispute,and it usually leads to positive results in thier pockets.I have real trouble in understanding how a deal that was made about 160 years ago can now be declared invalid.If the land was truly leased as the Mohawks claim,then they should prove it.If not, piss off. I sold a 68 Chev Impala 25 years ago for $400,it is now probably worth $10,000.It would be foolish for me to track down the OWNER and demand another $9,600.Once he stopped laughing,I would be shown the door.

Posted by: wallyj | 2006-04-25 4:03:31 PM

The rent-a-cops are all expert at giving out speeding tickets. And if you, a regular ham & egger citizen, should fail to pay up, or fail to appear in court, well, you are how do you say? f**ked. All you have to do to have impunity is be a 'first nation person'and you can blockade roads, disrupt rail lines, and cost society many many dollars, but that is OK. You were hard done by, poor baby.


Posted by: DCM | 2006-04-25 5:22:08 PM

Cartoon in the National Post was brilliant.

There they were, using the traditional lighter, setting fire to the traditional tires on the traditional roadblock.

Hey. Whatever happened to hunting, fishing and trapping?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-04-25 5:57:33 PM

I just seen a pic of them turning over a mini-van - geezus - bunch of thugs

Posted by: Darcey | 2006-04-25 7:17:16 PM

I know plenty of cops especially RCMP. In these "enlightened" days their hands are virtually tied. For instance, there is one case of a constable being sued for using a choke hold. Called to a domestic disturbance he was assaulted verbally and struck several times and due to the struggle and body positions employed a choke hold. Ta Da! Law suit! Pepper spray, tasers or anything else was not an option. Of course the cost of the complaint is covered by the tax payer. So I don't expect to see the Police kicking ass and taking names any time soon. None of this may be necessary anyway. I am not trying to make an excuse for police inaction but I cannot blame them entirely. They have ways to work through the BS anyway. Also, I don't know enough about the situation with the Native road block to say if they are "legally" criminals or not. Have they been charged with anything yet? If someone can fill me in it would be appreciated.

Posted by: Bob | 2006-04-25 9:39:06 PM

The natives should have been arrested day one of the 'protest'. They're simply trying to steal land from the housing developers.

Posted by: infidel | 2006-04-25 9:51:09 PM

Legally criminals??? When was the last time you were allowed to blockade a road?

Posted by: wallyj | 2006-04-25 10:52:15 PM

The Indians should have shot columbus the moment he stepped on North American soil.

Posted by: Chazz | 2006-04-26 8:24:01 AM

Too late.

Eric the Red beat Coumbus by about four centuries.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-04-26 8:29:18 AM

Anyone remember the SACRED PINES of Oka back in 1990. One young Sureté officer lost his life in the stand-off.....designed to protect those SACRED PINES.

Well, last Jan. (2005) there was a revolt against the duly elected chief. Protesters burned down down his house, shot the family dog (in front of the kids) and then chased 'em right off the reserve.

Knowing the QPP would soon be on the scene, these same protesters then decided on some defensive action.

So the warriors got out their flags, fired up their chainsaws, and in just a few minutes mowed down the SACRED PINES so as to block the entrance road.

"Mother Earth Spirit" was on vacation that week, I guess.

One other thing; are cannabis and tobacco members of the "pine" family?

Or is nothing "sacred"?

Posted by: John Palubiski | 2006-04-26 9:22:30 AM

Your right. Bad choice of terminology on my part. Its like saying legally pregnant. What I ment to say is that it is a criminal act to block a public road so therefore they must be criminals. If that's the case than why are they not all being arrested and the road block torn down? I think its because the Natives consider the land to be Native land and possibly the Police is waiting for some kind of decision on that from the Government. That and the bad press of showing the poor Natives being roughed up by the big bad Policeman. Just a thought. I could be mistaken.

Posted by: Bob | 2006-04-26 9:48:01 AM

There are 2 kinds of "Aboriginals". The first is the type that moves off the reserve, gets a job, has a nice family, pays his taxes, and generally contributes postively to society. I have never heard of anyone harbouring any ill feelings towards a native who does that.

Then there is the other type. They sit on those reserves, waiting for handouts like a bunch of orphan lepers (except they have no disease or excuse to do so), and when they get our money, they blow it on booze and drugs. Now (as many times before) they bite the hand that feeds them. So if they want to act like mad dogs, then maybe we should do what you normally do to a mad dog...

I think the reserves should be banished and the "Aboriginals" forced to assimilate, because the idea of reserves is disgraceful. Racist politicians and corrupt Indian Chiefs force the idea into these peoples heads that they belong in these reserves/preserves like some kind of endangered species of wallabe. Chretien's one good idea was to do this very thing: allow Canada's natives to become Canadians.

Posted by: Big Makk | 2006-04-26 1:21:59 PM

Just a thought.The socio-economic cheques(welfare)come out today.I wonder if that will fuel any trouble on the barricades.

Posted by: wallyj | 2006-04-26 1:44:43 PM

It's part of their traditional culture of entitlement.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-04-26 2:02:31 PM

Most of you people don't interact or even know any aboriginal Canadians. It's amazing how shallow-minded many of you are. You generalize or stereotype aboriginals and usually in a negative way. It is fair to do the same for caucasians?? Do they all drive cars, believe in Jesus, love money and believe in individualism?? Some yes and some no in reality. It is clearly racism when the people standing up for what they believe are referred to as "natives" or "indians." Just calling aboriginal people indians is enormously cruel. It is the equivalent to nigger. Maybe there are those on the Six Nations Territory who do not share exactly the same views. Aboriginal Canadians are the fastest growing ethnic group in Canada. Most of them believe in resolving matters peacefully. They have numbers large enough to create riots in city streets and neighbourhoods but are very respectful of other cultures and most Canadians only hear about a few isolated incidents. Remember that aboriginals are multicultural themselves...many nations, bands, etc. They are a different culture and have a different history and often different outlooks on life.

Show some respect!

Posted by: Scott Roulx | 2006-04-26 11:27:16 PM

Scott, wake up.

Posted by: wallyj | 2006-04-26 11:51:30 PM

Stop with the racism thing already ; you sound like Al Sharpton. It made me sick yesterday when the mayor started blubbering out an apology for saying ' monthly cheques ' . Gee , the truth must hurt. Not only is welfare a fact , but other factoids would be , special status , casino revenues and monopolies , no border worries , probably free college tuition ; all this whining is simply to divert attention from the freebies and hold the line ; if we can win a few more goodies and get a few agreements for a few more years , then well and good , we don`t have a lot else to do and this is our real job, don`t you know , whining and moaning about how bad things are . If the white man is too stupid to act and is intimidated by our phony tough guy act , if local mayors are so afraid of losing their job, if local home- owners are going to line up to support us, because we might torch their homes , if the local police are going to stand back and watch us burn the road and loot houses , if politicians are going to cave in to the media and refuse to enforce laws , then so be it ; it`s time well spent and hey we get a nice tan too and have a few drinks and get on the news , not such a bad gig. As re the multicultural BS , you can be as cultural as you want , just realize that every dime you are receiving comes from the taxpayer . At some point , if you want to live in your subsidized house and watch your colour TV with cable , use running water and sanitation , drive around on roads and not freeze in the dark in the winter, then realize how all these freebies materialize; and it isn`t from you , oh righteous one .

Posted by: daveh | 2006-04-27 5:15:27 AM

Oh , I forgot about smuggling cigarettes and selling them tax free along with gas and trinkets.

Posted by: daveh | 2006-04-27 5:18:50 AM

Wow, the last few comments focus only on what we see in the media. I work at a low-paying job at a call centre and could make about the same amount of money on social assistance. Many of the top employees where I work are aboriginal and they make up only about 5-10% of the employees. In fact, two of the five top employees statistically were aboriginal last month. They could just live off welfare and 'the system' but they choose not to. They face racism everywhere they go because of people like the ones who posted on this board. Have you ever visited a first nation or native friendship centre??? Do you realize that aboriginals fear non-aboriginals more than vice-versa??

Note to "wallyj": I AM AWAKE (and aware)....are you?

Note to "daveh": You're arguement was extremely poor and full of stereotypes. That kind of talk is doing nothing to help many native people who need help and are striving to improve their social situations.

Posted by: Scott Roulx | 2006-04-27 12:59:46 PM


Chill now, man.

If you'd like to see a (description that meets Scott Roulx's approval), hop in the car and head for Regina.

I understand the (politically correct description) population of Saskatchewan will be more than half (of these human beings) by the year 2010.

My question. Once the province chases off all its young, who's going to cheer for the Roughriders?

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-04-27 1:12:16 PM

Why are you calling me "pepsi boy"???
What is that all about??? Oh and btw, an Indian is a citizen of India.

Posted by: Scott Roulx | 2006-04-28 12:32:03 AM

Why are you referring to me as "pepsi boy"?????

Posted by: Scott Roulx | 2006-04-28 12:33:34 AM


I think the problem is that (some of) THESE PEOPLE think of Indians in the abstract. A category of gov't expenditure. A hole in their personal pocketbooks. I don't think they necessarily translate their disdain in this blog into actual personal hatred. (I hope not).
Its not personal. They seem to feel the same way about every gov't expenditure - or potential person requiring (deserving or not) compassion or ACTUAL HELP. Its one thing to talk about a problem in society, its another thing to treat an individual as sub-human because they are perceived as part of that problem.
Compassion shown on this blog , or even reluctance to categorize an entire group of people as (this or that), is interpreted as 'bleeding -heart liberalism.'
Tough. I'll go for the original Bleeding Heart every time as my guide for personal behavior. It doesn't mean I'm a liberal, stupid or deluded. It means that I hope and believe.
How I treat other people does not reflect my idea of how a gov't should be run, or diminish my resentment of anti-family taxation or gov't sanctioned eugenics (etc).

Posted by: lwestin | 2006-04-28 1:13:07 AM

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