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Monday, March 27, 2006

The Left's big counter-offensive

The radical left-wing Canadian Website rabble.ca is encouraging readers to help get rid of Stephen Harper, at least metaphorically. The site's home page features a large photograph of the prime minister. But Canadians wanting to express their opposition to the Tories can, for as little as $10, puchase a "pixel ad" to cover up a small portion of Harper's face.

"In his place will be a graphic and a link to a progressive website of your choice that is working hard to get rid of him in the political world," rabble explains. "Of course, the more money you spend, the more of Stephen Harper you can make disappear: Covering up his eyes and his mouth will cost more than disappearing his shoulders."

Rabble says revenue from the tiny ads will help it fund an "Active Rapid Response Group (ARRG) that will be there every time the Conservatives try to cut funding, cut programs or do anything else to destroy what you care about in this country."

As of this morning, most of Harper's face is still visible, but both eyes, the tip of his nose, and the end of his chin have been plastered with logos for various leftie groups.

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Maybe we could get rid of rabble.ca????


Posted by: RZ | 2006-03-27 10:46:03 AM

Ahh, the capitalist left. Notice how their notion of fair trade is that YOU should hand over your money to them, for an utterly irrelevant and empty return - a photo-op, an act of graffiti. Sort of like the gun registry -it sure has cut crime, hasn't it? Or was it really all about 'jobs in the Maritimes' funded by the taxpayers outside of the Maritimes.

And now, we have rabble.corp. It too wants your money. But - what for?

In return for your handing over money to them - what do you get? Nothing. They 'say' that they will act on 'your behalf'in the future. Sure. Does that mean you can't act on your own behalf? Does that mean you can't email the PM? Does that mean you can't write him? Does that mean that you have hired them? Can they say it better than you?? But, but - Will they consult you? Aren't you paying them? Shouldn't they get your approval?

Oh - so that's what the money is for. It's not that they are taking your money to do something that you can already do for yourself. No. It isn't that they are demoting your own power and abrogating it to themselves. Nothing so smarmy.

It's for a new coffee machine in their office. And, it's to fund their trip to Ottawa and those lunches, those dinners and the cafes..and...

Are all people on the left bureaucrats at heart? They'll dream up empty schemes to take your money and then... well, I guess they too are 'entitled to their entitlements'. As long as someone else is paying for it.

Posted by: ET | 2006-03-27 10:57:36 AM

Here are some of Rabble's "Comrade" Supporters. "The Canadian Labour Congress" it is Funded by compulsory Union dues. "Morgentaler"; trade Unions gave money to his defence fund. "Rosemary Speirs" is this the same Ms Speirs who is "One of Canada's leading political journalists, Rosemary Speirs is also the founder and chair of Equal Voice/ À Voix Égales.?" "The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives" it also receives money from Trade unions.
See the rest at:

"Thank you!
We asked you to invest in the future of independent progressive journalism and you did. You have contributed to the rabble:remix and we thank you.

We are now more than three quarters of the way to our goal.

If you haven't contributed yet, please join the following people: the rabble:remix founders.

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (Ottawa, Ontario)
Victor Lau (Regina, Saskatchewan)

Tides Foundation Canada (Endswell Fund) (, Ontario)
Don Tapscott (Toronto, Ontario)

Lewis Racicot (Gatineau, Quebec)
Yvonne Stanford (Calgary, Alberta)

Canadian Labour Congress (Ottawa, Ontario)
the Council of Canadians
Lauren Blair (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Curtis Jones (London, Ontario)
Henry Morgentaler (Toronto, Ontario)
Norton Parry (Toronto, Ontario)
Judy Rebick (Toronto, Ontario)
Rosemary Speirs (Pickering, Ontario)
Frederick Sweet (Montreal, Quebec)

rabble rouser
Margaret Atwood (Toronto, Ontario)
Penny Charter (Toronto, Ontario)
Kelly Chrichton (Woodlawn, Ontario)
Gary Engler (London, Ontario)
Mia Essop (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Gerald D. Gowlett (Al Ain, United Arab Emirates)
Jack Greenwell (Victoria, British Columbia)
David Hulchanski (Toronto, Ontario)
Paul Hunter (Kaslo, British Columbia)
Mustafa Koc (Toronto, Ontario)
Scott Piatkowski (Kitchener, Ontario)
Merran Proctor (Regina, Saskatchewan)
David Rapaport (Toronto, Ontario)
Glenn Shengtag (Vancouver, Ontario)
Paul Summerville (Victoria, British Columbia)
Tom Vouloumanos (Montreal, Quebec)
Elizabeth Whitmore (Ottawa, Ontario)

Anonymous (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Mything Inc (Toronto, Ontario)
Pulp, Paper and Woodworkers of Canada (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Gregory Albo (Toronto, Ontario)
Gregory Baum (Montreal, Quebec)
Rebecca Coulter (London, Ontario)
Wayne B. Fletcher (Thunder Bay, Ontario)
Rosalind Franklin (Montreal, Quebec)
Avvy Go (Toronto, Ontario)
Jane Helleiner (St. Catherines, Ontario)
Wendy E Iler (Ottawa, Ontario)
Jan Johnstone (Kincardine, Ontario)
Brian Knight (Edmonton, Alberta)
Dan Leeman (Ottawa, Ontario)
Andree Levesque (Montreal, Quebec)
A.M. MacDonald (Toronto, Ontario)
Rod Manchee (Ottawa, Ontario)
Tim McCaskell (Toronto, Ontario)
Kerri Moloney & Ross Storey (Toronto, Ontario)
Kim Pate (Ottawa, Ontario)
Kamala Rao (Toronto, Ontario)
Terra Rebick (Toronto, Ontario)
Svend Robinson (Burnaby, British Columbia)
Herman Rosenfeld (Toronto, Ontario)
William Saunders (Vancouver, British Columbia)
Jim Stanford (Toronto, Ontario)
Richard Walsh-Bowers (Wallenstein, Ontario)...

Posted by: Stephen | 2006-03-27 11:04:24 AM

There are only two Albertans on that list. How dare they collaborate with our enemies in Ontario!

Posted by: Scott | 2006-03-27 11:52:47 AM

That's a perfect example of Leftist tactics -- ad hominems, demands for confiscation, and mob rule all rolled into one.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-03-27 11:56:04 AM

I personally have been kicked out of Rabbles discussion area "Babble" numerous times. They never fail to boot out those they deem a "troll" who is anyone who dares present a point of view that is contrary to their own leftist ideologies.

They are truly irrelevant as you can see by the list of supporters. Maybe in order to fund raise they could adapt a Leisure Suit Larry type of game for Svend Robinson and have him charge about town zipping in and out of nightclubs and jewelry stores. I bet it would sell well to their supporters.

Posted by: BDT | 2006-03-27 12:30:34 PM


One of them is a link to Wikipedia's entry for the Soviet Union. Could it be a good right-winger paid the $10 to get that link on there?

Posted by: Hmm | 2006-03-27 12:40:18 PM

Whenever the left can't get what it wants it retreats to a fanatasy of what they want such as this pretendint to be getting rid of Harper.

Sometimes they put on a play or radio show or make a movie. However, it's still only make believe and that is appropriate for people who live in a make believe world.

They are indeed irrelevant and become more so with each passing day.

Their Socialist welfare ideals have been proven time and again to be a failed ideology.

They are all about and only about getting their greasy fingers into our wallets.

Politial correctness and multi culturalism is destroying us ... they are the advocates for that suicide.

Screw them.

Posted by: Duke McGoo | 2006-03-27 1:09:00 PM

When you try to imagine exactly what "ARRG", will do with the money, does anyone else see a dozen people in Che t-shirts with hand-made signs picketing Parliament Hill?

Posted by: MustControlFistOfDeath | 2006-03-27 2:04:00 PM

Hahahahaha... this is the most useless 'protest' I've ever seen... Can someone please pay me to complain to the left leaning newspapers? I promise I'll... umm... do something... like, um.. maybe have a big picture of.. oh, wait, they have no leader...

Posted by: Heather Cook | 2006-03-27 2:23:05 PM

The bottom right corner was purchased by C.B.C's very own Rick Mercer. No surprise really, but who pays his wages?

Posted by: Bruce | 2006-03-27 7:08:40 PM

I love the leisure suit Larry idea. Perhaps we should just steal the idea and in addition to (gay) nightclubs and jewelry stores we could have him running around Northern B.C. annoying the hell out of Aboriginals tying himself to trees and laying in front of tractors. I don't know how you could possibly win at that game...

Posted by: Matthew Stonhouse | 2006-03-27 7:42:12 PM

So, if you're in one of those unions, even if you voted for Harper, you have to fund attempts to bring him down??
That's democratic. Didn't Canadians just elect Harper two months ago?
Didn't Svend Robinson and Paul Summerville have their democratic chance to bring down Harper? Didn't their constituents democratically decide they weren't the best choice to send to Ottawa?
Is it the same Paul Hunter who's on the CBC?

Oh well, at least it won't work and I'm not in a union...

Posted by: Angela | 2006-03-28 1:14:14 PM

Harper is doing enough to lose power ALL on his own! I don't think the left really needs to do much other than ask the hard questions of the right wing that we are prone to do. No, Mr. Prime Minister Harper is well on his way to screwing everyting up so badly that the Tories can go back into oblivion for another decade.

Posted by: leftdog | 2006-03-28 1:32:02 PM

"There are only two Albertans on that list. How dare they collaborate with our enemies in Ontario!"

Did you miss the post where Conrad Black had a party for Ezra and the Western Standard in Toronto recently? That would make you an idiot Scott.

Posted by: Justin Fossey | 2006-03-28 8:34:24 PM

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