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Friday, March 31, 2006

The Canada file returns!

It was a busy News of the Day north of the border:

From the China Freedom Blog Alliance: Between Heaven and Earth has updates on the Han Guangsheng case (third and last items) and . . .

More from the Canada file: Canada's Green Party calls for an investigation into Sujiatun and, if the worst fears about it are true, a possible Canadian boycott of the 2008 Games (Epoch Times). The new government is hinting about its plans for head tax apology and compensation (sixth, lead, second, second, second, and third items), and the non-Communist activists involved are very happy with what they see so far (Epoch Times). Meanwhile, Ric Dolphin (Western Standard) let loose this whopper on the democratic world and Communist China: "for western countries, it's in our interest to make nice." Where does one begin?

I must confess, I may have buried the lead (the head tax issue), in part because I wanted to wait until the specifics come out in the throne speech.  So far, it appears the Liberal plan of sending one big check to the National Chinese Canadian Congress has been scrapped, for which I and many in the Chinese-Canadian community are very grateful.

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Ok China-e-lobby,

I understand you don't like the communist dictators and murderers in Beijing, but do you really have to post every frigging day?

You've got my vote already, ok?

Chill for a while, please!

Posted by: Johan i Kanada | 2006-03-31 9:07:15 PM

Point made Johan, on the other hand (A) it doesn't waste much electricity, (B) all you have to do is skip over it if you're not interested, and (C) many of us do take great interest in China's shadow on the planet, there should be a major Canadian interest in this considering the strange Liberal affinity for China, the bizarre concept of a pipeline through 1000 km of mountains to the BC coast so oil can be shipped to China when we've got a perfectly good customer immediately to the south, etcetera etcetera. Study up on the concept of "economic warfare".

Posted by: calgarian | 2006-04-01 9:28:18 AM

You should try studying up economics first. Then you would know "economic warfare" line is nonsense.

Posted by: warfare!? | 2006-04-01 10:54:27 PM

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