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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sound familiar?

Borders and Waldenbooks stores in the U.S. will not stock the April-May issue of Free Inquiry magazine because it contains cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that provoked deadly protests among Muslims in several countries. Read full story here.

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Posted by Terry O'Neill on March 30, 2006 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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Books that promote a woman's right to choose are irresponsibly sold in these stores too, and a woman's right to choose has resulted in violence from anti-abortion activists and protesters. These stores should immediately ban any book that promotes the rights of women. The safety of store customers and employees depends on these stores acting responsibly.

Posted by: smartypants | 2006-03-30 7:22:33 PM

Borders got an exposé on Jihad Watch this morning too. Apparently they didn't put on the shelf, or lied about them having, Robert Spencer's "Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)", and they put the Qur'an on the top shelf because too many Muslims complained about it being on the bottom, and the fact that Islamic law says that the Q. can't be underneath anything.

Posted by: Ibn Rushd | 2006-03-30 10:21:50 PM

What other response would there be from a free trading multi - national , faceless , impersonal and Godless , stereotypical NWO loving company ? And of course they are going to sell out their non - existent principles for one more day or week of profit. Multiply this response by a thousand times and you have a culture shaking in fear from a bunch of heathens . Thank you Maurice Strong , Edward Bernais , Koffee Cup Anon and the rest of the two faced new age castrati.

Posted by: daveh | 2006-03-31 5:37:30 AM

"...and they put the Qur'an on the top shelf...can't be underneath anything..."

Hold the phone! Where did this "fact" come from?

My bet is that it's from the same place as the "fact" that there is an Islamic law that prohibits depictions of Muhammed -- somebody's fertile imagination and the laziness of the rest of the population in verifying its truth (or not, as in these cases).

Posted by: Chimera | 2006-03-31 3:09:00 PM

Violence and protests have occurred from many of the topics covered by books in an average bookstore. The stores should protect themselves and their customers by refusing to sell anything, that would be very responsible.

Posted by: infidel | 2006-03-31 3:13:31 PM

I have complained to Borders about their refusal to stock the Free Inquiry issue with the cartoons. Their actions seem very strange in since there was never any actual threats o persons or property in the US or Canada aby any Islamic group against anyone who published the cartoons. This seems to be a case of self censorship or running scared before the first shots are fired. I wonder what Borders would do if faced with an actual protest or picket line on this or any other issue. Is Border's unionized?

Posted by: ejhickey | 2006-04-01 3:57:45 PM

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