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Monday, March 27, 2006

On Sujiatun (and a few other things)

The following is the address yours truly gave to the rally at Lafayette Park earlier this afternoon to draw attention to the Sujiatun organ-harvesting death camp (lead, seventh, second, seventh, third, fourth, and fifth items).

Why do we gather here today?

We all know why we gather: to condemn the horrifying truth of Sujiatun, the camp created by the Chinese Communist Party to turn humans in organ banks, Falun Gong practitioners into ashes, and desperate patients into unwitting - or in some cases, well aware - accomplices in hideous torture and murder.

We gather to call for an end to a practice - the killing of practitioners and other dissidents for their organs - that is Auschwitzesque. While the number of dead and soon-to-be-dead is at present only 6,000, the combination of evil intent, lack of respect for human life, and assembly-line efficiency that fueled the Nazi concentration camps is, sadly, alive and well where the Chinese Communist Party rules, and is likely to remain so until the Chinese people take their country back from the Communist regime.

But why do we gather here? Why in the capital of what is arguably the most powerful nation on earth? Why in what many consider the epicenter of the democratic world?

For this answer, we must look beyond the United States, beyond Communist-controlled China, to the battle between the democratic world and the tyrannical forces it fights in Iraq, Afghanistan, and throughout the globe. The latter have fallen under the bloody banner of "terrorism;" the main perpetrators are well known: al Qaeda, Saddam Hussein, the mullahcracy in Iran, the Assad family in Syria. What is not as well known is that all of these forces of evil - plus the northern Korean nightmare run by Kim Jong-il - have received aid and support from the Chinese Communist Party for years, including military and, in the case of the Iranian mullahs, even nuclear support.

Why do the Communists support terrorism in Central Asia, Eastern Asia, the Middle East, and anywhere else they can find it? They do so because they fear the freedom of the democratic world; they fear how the democratic world cherishes truth, love, and respect for others. Most of all, they fear the democratic world hearing about the evil that exists in Sujiatun, the violent state-sponsored slaughters of Hanyuan and Shanwei, and the callous, silent murder of those who have fallen ill from AIDS, SARS, and bird flu.

In short, the Communists know that so long as the democratic world exists, their crimes against the Chinese people can never be kept secret. So long as there is an America to show that the people can govern themselves, the Chinese people will demand the same. What Abraham Lincoln once said about an America split between slave state and free state, the Communists know to be true about a world split between free peoples and enslaved peoples: "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

This is why we have gathered here; for these truths mean two realities. One: the Chinese Communist Party and the democratic world cannot co-exist, for one to survive, the other must perish. However, this leads to another, more hopeful one: the Communists not only face Americans, Europeans, Japanese, and others in the democratic world. They also face practitioners, dissidents, appellants, unpaid laborers, and maltreated farmers.

We gather here, because the American and the Chinese peoples have a common cause against the CCP, but only together can they defeat it. Moreover, we will continue to gather here, as we must, until the American people put in place leaders that will take up this fight against the CCP, for America will never be secure until China is free.

We gather here because Sujiatun is not only an act of unspeakable evil, it is a warning to those in the democratic world of what this regime is trying to hide, and why it feels it must survive to hide it - at any cost. Let us heed this warning, and work together to ensure that it is the democratic world that prospers and the CCP that perishes.

Thank you, God Bless you, and may God Bless the American and Chinese peoples.

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Good stuff.

Quite right about the fear of a controller, losing control of a subject people. They are right to fear the freedoms of a democracy, because then the people will control them, and it feels scary.

Posted by: Canadian freedoms fan | 2006-03-27 2:43:56 PM

I called the US embassy in Shenyang and asked them about the concentration camp allegation. They said the story is not true.

Foreign consulates of every nation have the responsiblity to provide services to its citizens, including economic, cultural, and local news and events. I recommend those who livin in America that have questions about Falun Gong's claim call their local embassy in Shenyang. Their phone number is (86-24) 2322-1198. They will give you a satisfactory answer.

(Here's US Shenyang embassy's website: http://shenyang.usconsulate.gov/service2.html)

Posted by: bobby fletcher | 2006-03-28 12:39:10 PM

The CCP has a history of always covering up their evil deeds and they have a long arm in the US and Canada. You're better off trusting the eye witnesses in this instance and help stop the genocide by pressuring NGOs and Gov. officials. Just my 2 cents

Posted by: don't be fooled | 2006-03-28 4:24:04 PM

I agree with dont be fooled, yu cant trust those communists and you cant trust anyone who trusts them. They lie, plain and simple, not just little lies but stupid, all the time, mind controlling lies. This is not some little issue that you embassador can tell you goodnight stories about, this is something that has spawned too amny corroborators, that is , possible if your embassador does not know the real situation is because some people that he trusts are somehow benefitting from keeping terrible things hidden. China, 1 fifth of the whole world, has many people all stunned in their headlights. Nobody wants to think a whole country is willing to do terrible things and tell bold face lies, but we have to accept that that is a possibility. Most people don't know about what the CCP does to control peoples minds, it has been all to effective. I think the nine commentaries on the communist party written by the Epoch Times explains it quite well. In short... the CCP has used any messed up means to politically advance itself and keep the peoples minds enslaved. That involves a lot of coercion, threats and lying, one would have to be very very strong to break through this stuff.

Posted by: Aly | 2006-03-28 9:10:38 PM

Hi, here are more news on the authenticity of the concentration camp allegation:


‘’It appears the claims by Falun Gong have been at least substantially exaggerated. Initial investigations by researchers for a US congressional committee have identified the site at Sujiatun as a hospital, where it is suspected organ harvesting occurs but on nowhere near the scale claimed'’

Now, if there is no concentration camp, rather isolated cases of abuse and irregularity contrary to Chinese law, then there exists a very different reality than what’s alleged.

While I agree China’s human rights abuse should be examined, as with all human rights abusers in
the world including my own country USA - lifting data from websites and writing allegory of “Schindler’s List” is not the way.

If we in the West can not be precise with our facts, only resort to nefarious indictment, who will take what we say seriousely?

Posted by: bobby fletcher | 2006-04-08 5:07:42 PM


I hope nobody takes your CCP propaganda seriously...you are in big denial about this. It's time for you to give up you CCP membership and enter the real world!

Posted by: Enough CCP Propaganda | 2006-04-08 8:11:47 PM


I forgot to mention...


Posted by: Enough CCP Propaganda | 2006-04-08 8:22:14 PM

I'm really glad that I read this post and the thread following. I will watch for and read all the postings by China-e-Lobby.

There is no bottom to the depth which I believe Communist evil descends.

China-e-Lobby sounds like someone to support enthusiastically.

Posted by: Conrad-USA | 2006-04-08 8:47:21 PM

The article I cited is from The Australian, and it is very critical of the Chinese government.

How does it constitute "CCP Propaganda"?

I guess you are going after the messenger because you have no answer.

It's publically available information, feel free to contact the newspaper or US Congress. While at it take a look at Epoch Times NY articles - all unverifiable single-sourced informants.

I'm sure it's very emotionaly satisfying, but where's your proof I'm a CCP member? I guess that's your standard retort when facts disagree with you.

I'm an American, ain't never been a PRC citizen a day in my life. As many Taiwanese-American would tell you, we ain't even Chinese.

Email me if you have any questions.

Posted by: bobby fletcher | 2006-04-09 12:35:03 PM

Dear Bobby,

There's a lot out there on this topic. Of course, an investigation is what is required to verify and rectify this genocide. The word is that the UN and the US have made such a request. The concern is that it might be too late by the time they get there as apparently the slaughtering has begun already.

There is a lot of denial as well mainly from the CCP and their affiliates and pro-CCP advocates who have gone on all the blogs to re-enforce this denial. The last thing the CCP wants to do is to admit to their crimes against humanity. The Foreign Affairs Departments will deny this as well as long as an international investigation hasn't been conducted.

So far I’ve seen one investigative report on Sujiatun from (NGO) WOIPFG. It
is worth checking.


And there is a positive reaction from Congress–

Daily Press Briefing
Adam Ereli, Deputy Spokesman
Washington, DC
March 31, 2006
QUESTION: Okay. I would like to switch the topic a little bit. About the
recent revealed Sujiatun concentration camp where it is said thousands of
Falun Gong practitioners were killed for their organs, what is the State
Department’s comment about that?
MR. ERELI: Well, obviously, any such reports are taken very seriously by us.
We haven’t been able to confirm them. We have contacted the Government of
China about them. The Chinese have publicly denied the allegations. We’ve
made the point that a further investigation would be helpful. We urge that
it be done. So at this point, they are basically unconfirmed reports and
we’ve raised them and we’ve urged a full investigation.
QUESTION: Did you suggest any international investigation or a third party —
MR. ERELI: No. We’ve raised it with the Chinese and urged them to

Here’s a few media reports I came across. It is worth mentioning that
National Review has interviewed Jin Zhong who is the first witness.

US presses China for probe on Falun Gong organ harvesting claim
369 words
31 March 2006
06:35 PM
Agence France Presse
Copyright Agence France-Presse, 2006 All reproduction and presentation
rights reserved.

WASHINGTON, March 31, 2006 (AFP) -

The United States pressed China Friday for a probe into claims by the Falun
Gong spiritual group that thousands of its followers at Chinese
concentration camps have been killed and their organs harvested and sold.

"The Chinese have publicly denied the allegations. We've made the point that
a further investigation would be helpful. We urge that it be done," deputy
State Department spokesman Adam Ereli told reporters.

"Well, obviously, any such reports are taken very seriously by us. We
haven't been able to confirm them. We have contacted the government of China
about them," Ereli said.

Asked whether the United States had suggested any international
investigation, he said: "No, we've raised it with the Chinese and urged them
to investigate."

The Falun Gong spiritual movement had alleged that as many as 75 percent of
its 6,000 followers held in a state-run camp in the Sujiatun district of the
northern Chinese city of Shenyang had been cremated after they were killed
and their organs harvested and sold.

In a statement Friday, the movement, quoting "a veteran medical doctor who
has served in the Shenyang military zone," said there were 36 such camps and
that "the scope of the problem far exceeds that previously imagined."

The largest camp, codenamed "672-S," is said to hold over 120,000 people,
among whom are Falun Gong and other "prisoners of conscience," it said.

There has been no independent confirmation of the Falun Gong reports.

The Chinese communist leadership consider the rise of Falun Gong as a mass
movement and a threat to its power, rights groups have said.

Since the banning of the Falun Gong in 1999, estimates of adherents who died
in custody due to torture, abuse and neglect ranged from several hundred to
a few thousand, according to the State Department annual human rights report
released in early March.

In addition to being sentenced to reeducation-through-labor camps, some
Falun Gong members were sent to detention facilities specifically
established to "rehabilitate" practitioners who refused to recant their
belief voluntarily after release from the camps, it said.

U.N. envoy looks at Falun Gong torture allegations

A place called Sujiatun

Toronto Sun: For sale: $25,000 for a liver

Washington Times: China harvesting inmates’ organs, journalist says

News Max: Report: China Selling Prisoners’ Body Parts

Directorio participates in Falung Gong press conference before the UN

I don't think your Aussie article is accurate at all.

Posted by: JQ | 2006-04-11 3:59:56 PM

JQ, The Australian articl was talking about an investigation by Africa, Global HR & IP Subcommittee.

The US State Department also conducted an investigation and found the "Sujiatun Auschwitz" claim not credible:


The clinic Epoch accused turned out to be a joint venture with a company affaliated with the Malaysian government. Malay officials have visited in previous years:


I've never heard of death camps advertising for foreign investment.

And I would not place so much faith in a pretend NGO FLG group like WOIPFG. In one of their press they claimed 7 year wait for organ in US.

This statement is very misleading. According to 1995-21004 clincal data from USTransplant.org:


- USA with 1/4 of China's population, performs over twice as many liver transplants yearly (10,000 in 2004.)
- 2004 data shows top 10% of wait list average 10 day wait
- 2004 data shows top 25% of wait list average 43 day wait

- Majority of median wait time, for all type of transplantation, do not exceed one year.

Posted by: bobby fletcher | 2006-05-18 9:53:48 AM


Your completely off the mark. Why in the world would you want to protect the most murderous regime on earth unless you're one of them. You go from blog to blog to give Falun Gong grief, who is the victim in all of this. You have the roles reversed. Give your head a shake.

Posted by: Enough CCP Propaganda | 2006-05-27 7:00:15 PM

The report showing evidence that the Falun Gong have been butchered for their organs is out-they take the corenas, the two kidneys, then the liver, etc... A full copy of the report can be viewed at: http://investigation.redirectme.net/

Media Advisory, July 7, 2006

David Kilgour and David Matas respond to the Chinese government
See more coverage on this topic:

The Government of China released a statement in response to our report titled *Report into Allegations of Organ Harvesting of Falun Gong Practitioners in China* dated July 6, 2006. The statement can be found at http://www.chinaembassycanada.org . We have these reactions to this statement:

1. The statement of the Government of China was released the same day as our Report. The statement of the Government of China dismisses our Report out of hand. We view this reaction is unconsidered. It means that the Government of China has engaged in no investigations to determine whether or not what the report contains is true.

2. The statement of the Government of China begins with the phrase

"In order to extricate itself from an awkward position after its lie about "Sujiatun Concentration Camp" has been laid bare, Falun Gong has shifted..."

This phrase is incorrect in a number of different ways. First, it suggests that our Report is a Falun Gong report. Yet, it is not. We are not Falun Gong practitioners. We did this report as volunteers and were not paid for this report by Falun Gong or anyone. Our report represents our own judgment. We have not acted on the instructions of Falun Gong or anyone else in coming to the conclusions we did.

3. The assertions about Sujiatun Concentration Camp to which the Chinese statement refers originated from the ex-wife of a surgeon at Sujiatun Hospital. This person is not a Falun Gong practitioner. This person has not changed or shifted her story at any time. David Kilgour interviewed her. An excerpt of the interview can be found at Appendix 13 of our report.

4. It is our own opinion, expressed in our report, that this woman was not lying. We concluded that she was credible.

5. In our report we did not rely on this witness alone to come to our conclusions. In our report, this is what we said about the testimony of this witness:

"The testimony of the wife of the surgeon allegedly complicit in Falun Gong organ harvesting seemed credible to us, partly because of its extreme detail. However, that detail also posed a problem for us, because it provided a good deal of information which it was impossible to
corroborate independently. We were reluctant to base our findings on sole source information. So, in the end, we relied on the testimony of this witness only where it was corroborative and consistent with other evidence, rather than as sole source information."

Our report is not a shift from what this witness says, but rather an expansion, with a larger focus than just Sujiatun Hospital.

6. The Chinese statement then says:

"It is obvious that their purpose is to smear China's image." We reply that we have no wish to smear China's image. Our sole concerns are respect for the truth and human rights.

7. The Chinese statement then says: "China has consistently abided by the relevant guiding principles of the World Health Organization endorsed in 1991, prohibiting the sale of human organs and stipulating that donors' written consent must be obtained beforehand and donors are entitled to refuse the donation at last minute."

This statement that China made is denied by the facts. The China International Transplantation Network Assistance Centre Website until April of this year set out a price list for transplants. The price list was removed from the website in April, but is still archived. To see the web site now, go to http://en.zoukiishoku.com . To see the archived site, go to


As well, many individuals can attest to paying for organ transplants in China.

8. The statement that China has consistently abided by the principle stipulating that donors' written consent must be obtained beforehand is also belied by the facts. Human Rights Watch has reported that consent is obtained from executed prisoners in only a minority of cases. The
organization writes that even in this minority of cases "the abusive circumstances of detention and incarceration in China, from the time a person is first accused of a capital offense until
the moment of his or her execution, are such as to render absurd any notion of "free and voluntary consent."

*Organ Procurement and Judicial Execution in China*, August 1994

9. The China statement goes on to say:

"China has issued a regulation on human organ transplants, explicitly banning the sale of organs and introducing a set of medical standards for organ transplants in an effort to guarantee medical safety and the health of patients. The regulation requires medical institution which is qualified for practising human organ transplant to register at provincial level health department. Unregistered medical institutions are forbidden to practice human organ transplant. If the government finds any registered institution violating the regulation, it will cancel the registration and punish the people responsible."

We acknowledge that this is so, and wrote about it in our Report. We also noted that this legislation came into force only a few days ago on July 1st. It is not an answer to our findings about what happened before that date. Moreover, in China, there is a huge gap between enacting legislation and enforcing it.

10. The Government of China then writes:

"It is very clear that Falun Gong's rumour has ulterior political motives."

None of our findings are based on rumour. Every finding we make is sourced and independently verifiable.

11. The China statement then says:

"Therefore, the so called "independent investigation report" made by a few Canadians based on rumours and false allegations is groundless and biased. We do believe that lies are always lame, and will never become the truth even if being repeated 1000 times. We hope that the Canadian people will not be deceived by the disguise of the Falun Gong, and more people will be aware of the nature of "Falun Gong" as an evil cult."

This conclusion is an attack both on us and Falun Gong. The Report has to be judged on its merits. Attacking its authors is not an appropriate response.

Secondly calling the Falun Gong an evil cult exemplifies the vilification heaped on the Falun Gong. It is this sort of slander which, in China, depersonalizes and dehumanizes the Falun Gong and makes possible the violation of their basic human rights.

Calling a group of innocent civilians an "evil cult" is a form of incitement to hatred, unacceptable in Canada. It is an abuse of their diplomatic presence in China for China to engage in this form of incitement.

For more information, please contact:
David Kilgour: (613) 747-7854 David Matas: (204) 944-1831

Posted by: Makina | 2006-07-08 2:33:56 PM

I read Kilgour's Falun Gong report and I am very dissatisfied with his lack of impartiality evident in this one-sided investigation:

1) Kilgour can not divorce himself from the fact his investigation is sponsored by a Falun Gong group in Washington DC that is evidently POLITICAL, as the vilification they heaped on the Chinese government, unrelated to this allegation, demonstrates - such as "The Nine Commentaries" and "10 million peple quit the CCP" political propaganda ahead of the Chinese leader's stateside visit.

2) The report failed to account for many contrarian facts that have brought question to Falun Gong's claims, that are freely available outside China. Not going to China does not absolve him of his duty to critically examine ALL evidence:

* Two US government investigations started as early as 2nd week of March, independently found the allegation not credible;

* Other media investigations, including Hong Kong newspaper Takunpao with circulation in Canada also found the allegation not credible. FYI Takunpao lost their government subsidies after they reported critically on Tiananmen Square Massacre.

* Other experts have doubted Falun Gong's claim, including Harry Wu of Laogai Research Foundation;

* Malaysian government's prior year visit to the alleged camp, which is a joint-venture and has been open to the public for years;

* Epoch Times' rehashing of old, unrelated stories and mis-representing autopsy photo that do not prove torture or vivisection. The fact the photo show autopsy being performed and murder investigation held by the Chinese government proves the opposite.

Clear Wisdom's original report on Wang Bin(2000) and Liu Yufeng(2005) had no mention of organ harvesting, yet years later these stories are rehashed in Epoch Times' 2006 organ harvesting accusation.

(Citations in my blog)

While China's human rights records should be examined, writing allegory of "Schindler's List" is not the way. If we in the west can not be precise with our accusation, why should anyone take what we say seriousely?

Posted by: bobby fletcher | 2006-07-10 1:39:56 AM

Harry Wu of Laogai Research Foundation released an open letter on his investigation of Sujiatun that started 2nd week of March; he found the allegation not credible:


Wu also covered the political stuff, like when his conclusion didn't agree with Falun Gong, they turned on him.

Posted by: bobby fletcher | 2006-08-13 11:15:33 PM

This is what Kilgour says about SJT.

The US State Department carried out their own investigation, has that report been released?

David Kilgour: Well thank you for raising that, that's called the Sujiatun issue, and yes, you're right, and members of the US Consulate went to the Sujiatun hospital in north-east China, about three weeks after the thing had broke. We point out that an operating room after an operation is over looks exactly as if nothing has happened. To go three weeks after this thing blew open, if you like, we have not given a lot of credence to that matter.

I met with Mr. Wu, Harry Wu, in Washington for a long time, and we discussed this very carefully, and I, as I've said last night on ABC, that I have great respect for Mr. Wu, but he is talking about what happened in Sujiatun hospital, after the 9th of March.

99 per cent of this report, if you like, of this report is talking about other hospitals, and what happened before March 9th, so I know there's been people that have tried to mix Sujiatun with another 99 per cent of the report, but I'm trying to stress to you and everyone else about a much much larger situation than the Sujiatun hospital since post-March 9th.


Posted by: Makina | 2006-08-23 8:27:30 PM


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