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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Image and politics

It's always good to be mindful of 'image' when you're a politician.  Here's US Senator Debbie Stabenow (D) today in the US Senate:


Not exactly the message that she was probably trying to get out.

The anti-photo opp.

h/t: Corner @ NRO

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Image and politics.. Imagine that before i had read this i was thinking of that not to too smart image Stockwell day had tried to sell us , you know the one about skidoos.

When Stockwell Day arrived by skidoo in a wetsuit, Canadians laughed. When George Bush arrived by fighter jet in a combat suit, Americans called him a hero.

The image I can also remember is the realy big loser Paul Martin sipping wine on Sunday in Ontario at a wine brewery, for that was his true church.

Posted by: is that all it is just mostly a public Image? | 2006-03-14 5:42:59 PM

What, no Bible quotes, Paul?

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2006-03-14 8:31:53 PM

Prize find, Steve!

Truth in labeling: if it's good enough for free-range organic food, it's just fine for Democrats.

Posted by: Paul Canniff | 2006-03-14 9:14:37 PM

Bush will be impeached after he loses the mid-term elections for the Republicans, mark my words.

Posted by: ChickenareRoosting | 2006-03-15 2:36:37 AM

>>Bush will be impeached after he loses the mid-term elections for the Republicans, mark my words.

and the same slanderous Liberal Media long time ago had said the same bad things even about Tony Blair and he is still around.

If I got a cent for every wrong Liberal media prediction I would be a Billionaire by now

Posted by: The devil is the accuser of the good guys | 2006-03-15 3:03:06 AM

Here is another person with a serious, bad image problem. Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde, Ralph Klein who still is not generally respected outside of Alberta.

My own experience is that Alberta lacks even adequate basic justice, even good police forces.

It is still a real, fact that the governments, federal, provincial, municipal ones and the related politicians, civil and public servants in Canada do still make too often an unacceptable mere pretense of serving the good welfare of the citizens, and any related justice for the citizens now as well.

Most citizens in Canada still do not respect any politicians, do consider most of them to be liars, the scum of the earth.

In Canada Politicians, Civil and public servants, even many of the so called professionals such as lawyers, judges, pastors too let's face it most of them cannot be trusted.

Posted by: Ralp Klein has a bad image problme too | 2006-03-15 3:07:47 AM

And who can forget these bad images of the Liberals now, for sure it was one of the causes of their federal election loss.

"Prime Minister Paul Martin looks at a red wine while visiting a winery in Beamsville, Ont. Sunday. Mind you this is not what real Professing Christians tend to do especially on Sunday.. and this is not a rare occasion for the PM Paul Martin who has been giving out free beer too it seems.. Paul Martin the PM is still too often associated with alcoholic beer, he and his party members too... Liberal party workers, members have pizza and beer parties too. The New Liberals-more Alcoholics at the taxpayer's expenses too"

"Beamsville, Ont. — One of Paul Martin's top aides apologized to Canadian parents yesterday after saying on national television that they would buy popcorn and beer with the money the Conservatives are offering for child care. The Conservatives rolled out a child-care plan last week that would give parents of preschool children an annual $1,200 per child to spend as they see fit Scott Reid, Mr. Martin's communications director, tried to explain on CBC News: Sunday the difference between that approach -- which he broke down to $25 a week -- and the Liberal plan to establish a national child-care system. "Working families need care," he said. "They need care that is regulated, safe and secure and that's what we're building here. Don't give people $25 a week to blow on beer and popcorn. Give them child-care spaces that work.""

Reid's apology doesn't change the Liberal policy on daycare, which fails to respect parents' choices and trust them to decide what's best for their kids His comment was not just a "slip of the tongue" but a reflection of a long pattern of Liberal attitude that devalues parents' choices, Kate Tennier, founder of Advocates for Childcare Choice, said she was appalled by Reid's comments and said they shows "Paul Martin appears to agree with this rather scary notion of government intrusion into Canadian family life," she said." How really scary!" About 13% of the nation’s children receive daycare from government-sanctioned providers, while the other 87% either receive care from a stay-at-home parent, a relative, or an unlicensed daycare provider who are left out by the Liberals.

How appropriate this would occur while Paul Martin was on a Sunday at a wine factory.. The Liberals aid that the Parent's can't be trusted to handle the tax payer's money and what only the Liberals can? Real Liberal Rubbish. We all do from real experiences too already do know how Liberal cannot be trusted with our taxpayer's money and that they wrongfully even buy beer, wine, Martinis, alcohol with it too. All of this was, is just more Liberal hypocrisy! "

Not only is any cheating, lying, stealing, tax payer's money abuses is unacceptable also for any civil, public servant, elected representatives, not even for one of them, and no matter what political party they may support too, it is also always inappropriate, unethical, immoral to use one cent of the taxpayer's money on booze, alcohol as well at any time and anywhere now too.

and are the Progressive Conservatives really in Alberta any better?

"EDMONTON (CP) - Ralph Klein says he wouldn't be Alberta's premier today and he could be dead by now if he'd kept up his heavy drinking. The premier swore off the bottle in 2001 after a night on the town which ended with him swearing at men at a homeless shelter and throwing money at them. But in year-end media interviews this week he acknowledged he continues to have the odd drink. "I probably would have died of liver disease," Klein said in one such interview with The Canadian Press. "It's not only unhealthy, but it's politically unhealthy. Mentally unhealthy." Klein conceded he has had a few drinks in the last year, but there have been differing accounts of how often and how much. After his encounter at the homeless shelter, Klein admitted that boozing had taken a toll on his ability to carry out his duties as premier. "I do know I have a problem, and I do know I'm going to deal with it," he said at the time as tears rolled down his cheeks. "I am going to go as long as I possibly can and hopefully end this journey without having another drink . . . one day at a time." Klein also said then that he had considered resigning. "When you get up and you are feeling rotten and you wonder, 'Gee, I feel this badly, do I really want to get on and do the work of the day,' you bring yourself around to do it, but it is a lot better to do it with an absolutely clear head."

Klein admitted he drank the equivalent of a bottle of wine every day." and decades of alcohol did not cause any brain damage now ? His still often odd behavior, emotional outburst is not associated with his alcohol problem?

Posted by: who can forget these bad images | 2006-03-15 3:16:28 AM

>>Klein's slow crawl to exit Canada.com - 7 Alberta is now being governed by the Retirement Party, after Premier Ralph Klein confirmed he plans to step down as head of the Conservative dynasty -- but not for 19 long and aimless months.

How is they losers like to hang onto power , such as even Jean Chretien, Paul Martin? and what they have nothing better to live for? Don't want to miss being with their drinking buddies, and certainly don't want to go home to be with the wife?

The sensible person would have retired, started to enjoy life and even use the time to prepare for the next life, unless they realy do know they are going to hell anyway?

I could never really understand how Ralph Klein could have been an alcoholic drinking for long periods of time 3 bottles of wine a day, and yet no one in the Alberta legislature had spoken against it? It must have been too obvious. What they really can't tell when a drunk shows up at work drunk? Unless many have been doing the same thing there? and now they want to take his place?

yes what a loser image they are leaving.

Posted by: Ralph old man, get a life now | 2006-03-15 10:19:53 AM

It's not working Paul, everyone's just ignoring you like you were so much Eugene Plawiuk. Rx: ethanol.

Posted by: Vitruvius | 2006-03-15 12:55:20 PM


By Stephen Gray

There it was in big blazing headlines in the newspaper box: “exonerated.” Not being a buyer of newspapers, I proceeded to the library to see who or what was “exonerated.” The information in the paper was this: the leader of The Land had been “exonerated.” It seems that huge amounts of the peoples’ money had been plundered, pillaged, looted and lost while he was in charge of the finances; it had been an inside job, but he did not know who the culprits were. He had also been a cabinet minister and sat in on cabinet meetings where important issues were discussed; and he was “exonerated” of any blame. And why not? He did not know there was anything amiss or that skullduggery was afoot. He was also a member of the treasury board, but still did not know about the peoples money going missing. He was also an important minister in the province where the depredations took place, but he knew nothing. All of this raises the questions, “If important positions are held by a person and this person does not know what is going on, does this make that person incompetent and unfit to hold positions of authority? Or is incompetence an asset, and a qualification for a person to be, ‘exonerated’


Posted by: “Exonerated” but not by the electorates | 2006-03-15 5:17:04 PM

.Klein orders would-be replacements to leave cabinet Globe and Mail Edmonton — Alberta Premier Ralph Klein has shaken up what amounts to a two-year leadership race to replace him by ordering cabinet ministers seeking his job to resign their portfolios by June.

3 cabinet ministers will have to go likely. Many people seemed to have forgotten how merciless, ruthless Ralph was to-wards those persons who had ran against him the first time for premier, they were next banished forever even political PC veterans such as E McCoy. Yes even in a democracy people can abuse their Powers, Premiers included.

Posted by: Good old Ralph | 2006-03-15 9:20:12 PM

Here is the agenda, and thank God that the majority of persons now are not spelling and crammer checkers, false critics, or bad posters as we all tend to know but they are still are good readers.

I too for one do not appreciate the too often troublesome, useless, ego maniacs flies in the ointment posters we tend have, the truth posted does not always have to be debated, merely just read, agreed and acted upon the appropriate time and place.

So this forum can serve us still fine that way too.

Posted by: Not open for debate anyway | 2006-03-15 9:28:20 PM

Hey I missed my favorite TV show" House" on Global TV this week, for it was not on this week.

I liked the inquisitive intelligent Medical doctor, who with time and effort seemed to find a solution to all the problems, while he and his staff commioted fornication, adultery. It seems other medical doctors do the same thing now on an other CTV medical TV show.

but in a desperation to keep the House show alive the show's producers had started to openly bash all of those adulterous church going Christians.

Did that include all of the same medical doctors for doing the same thing in fairness?

Indicating what? that the atheists, secularists, Hindu's, Buddhists, Jews and Muslims do not rob, cheat, steal,lie or commit adultery?

Now that is news to me but it ain't the truth.

Posted by: Doctor House | 2006-03-15 9:39:15 PM

Here is the problem i still do have with those protesting the seal hunts,

and will they forbid us to kill cows next too?

I like my steaks rare.

Posted by: Here is the problem i have with those protesting the seal hunts, | 2006-03-15 10:02:49 PM

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