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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

From the News of the Day . . .

One of the ChiComs' better public relations ploys was the introduction of "village elections," which supposedly gave residents a say in local affairs and made the Communists look like democrats.  Well, there was a lot less than met the eye, as the residents of Zhangliangbao found out:

Sujiatun couple - elected village leaders - arrested for protesting corruption: In Zhangliangbao village (a part of Sujiatun), Liu Hua and Yue Yongjin "have been exposing corruption among village officials for several years" (Boxun), including land seizures. They were even elected village leaders by grateful residents, but the Communists refused to let them take their posts. Last month, the cadres arrested them "in apparent retaliation for their efforts."

Lest anyone think this is an isolated incident, I have one word - Taishi.

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