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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

From the Department of "Do Ya Think?" III

The UN has discovered that tightened security measures are a pain in the backside of humanity.

Israel's tightening of security procedures has exacted a heavy humanitarian toll in the territories since the Palestinian parliamentary elections last month, according to a United Nations report obtained by Haaretz on Monday.

While I'm certain that tightened security measures exact a heavy humanitarian toll, you know what exacts an even greater humanitarian toll? People blowing other people up! So, you know, if I have to choose the manner in which I shall be inconvenienced, I prefer a tightened security measure, as opposed to someone blowing me up.
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Bunch of hypocrites.

Posted by: Rémi houle | 2006-03-01 8:40:18 PM

It's only 'popular' humanity that counts at the United Nations, it's not like they think all peoples are equal.

Palestinian humans are quite popular with the media, the UN likes that! nice pictures, great speechifying!, Sudanese humans - not so much, unpopular with the media, the UN has little use for them because they get no mileage out of'em - no shiny pictures, no great rhetorical speeches, just reality about the usual atrocities.

Posted by: infidel | 2006-03-01 9:28:33 PM

I agree with the UN point of view on this issue, how can continued islotion help these people, Hope has been lost...perhaps if there was some economic help coming perhaps that would help - like it is apparent that security measure have hurt the people since they can no longer work in Israel, this is not helpful. As well since Hamas was democratically elected their plight will only be worsened..The United states loves to promote the glorious freedoms including freedom to vote, but they forget to tell the users of thier fredom perscription that they are oblidged to read the arning label which says vote only who we want or else we will not support your freedoms. great!

Posted by: Colin | 2006-03-01 9:48:11 PM

Hmmm, they work in Israel because they can't or won't build an economy even after many many years and dollars spent by other countries to help them, (possibly because of all their attention going to terrorism)

their government survives continually by funds given by taxpayers in the West,

and they elect a government by their own selves

that has as one of it's cheif aims the obliteration and annhilition of Israel (their cheif employer)

and they wonder why the tax payers of other countries don't want to support their democracy????

Hmmm go figure.

One of my father's comments to me in growing up was not to throw good money after bad.

After a few years if an investment doesn't do well, and continues to consume dollars like a shark in a feeding frenzy

we ask ourselves

If throwing MORE money will make it any better.

My father's pithy and sarcastic comments made it clear that no, it won't make it better.

And really I am not quite sure why we continued to support the corrupt and ugly regime prior to this one either.

Maybe if and when the Islamic world decides to join the rest of the planet and not call for annhilation of ANYBODY-- not Jews, not Israel, not Christians, B'hais, Buddhists, etc and not countries that they disagree with, nor the mulititudes that aren't willing to convert to Islam (all of whom are at peril from the Koran)

THEN maybe I would consider helping them as a Canadian tax payer.

But seeing that money hasn't helped this in the past, I fail to see why it would make it better now.

From their point of view, it would just further legitimize their quest for genocide of the Jews, and Israel in particular.

Posted by: a canadian who is worried about freedom | 2006-03-01 11:23:47 PM

The U.N. long ago lost any worth or value. It has become a stage for despots where the worst offenders of human right sit and chair the U.N. Human Rights Commission and terrorists sit and chair the body dealing with security. It is meaningless and should be put out of its misery by democratic countries refusing to fund it. Let the despots and terrorists fund their own club.

Israel should ignore them until they take a serious stand against the Islamists murdering men, women and children, and that won't happen with the present makeup of the U.N. Colin being typical left-wing places his "compassion" with the agressor. Such misguided compassion would be shown for the murderer with none for the victims.

Posted by: Alain | 2006-03-02 12:38:19 AM

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