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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Dick Cheney: SO Not a Rock Star!

This list of Dick Cheney's "demands," for when he stays in hotels, is so modest it hardly merits being posted triumphantly on a website like the Smoking Gun. I'm happy to learn that the wild American VP likes Diet Caffeine free Sprite, and that his wife, like me, has a fondness for Perrier. Much merriment has been made out of the fact that Cheney asks for the TV in his suite to be tuned to Fox News, but think about it: After a long flight, would you like to walk into a hotel suite and be bombarded with bad news about yourself? I wouldn't. I would want to be greeted by people who like me. Not to mention that I find it hard to believe he doesn't eventually channel surf, after having relaxed a bit. I'm sure a man like Cheney would make it his business to know what is being said about him on every major network or cable station. After all, he also asks for copies of the New York Times and USA Today, hardly Bush-friendly reading, along with the Wall Street Journal.

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You guys are comical, I don't have a problem with a free press, only one that lies. Those papers perpetrate a lie, then pursue it as fact. And you little lap dogs run along yipping in support of them (when you don't stop to lick your balls) because it suits your twisted agenda.

You are the ones who live in denial of the truth, it is the leading trait of the far left dumb-ass. No ideas, only criticism. Any Liberal who can't be on the side of freeing millions from tyrannical dictatorships, providing them with basic freedoms and rights, remove themselves from any serious debate. End of story.

Principle? You wouldn't know the meaning of the word if it snuck up and bit you morons in your sorry ass.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-03-27 7:47:33 PM

>I'm curious, deepblue: if questioning the government a la the NYT qualifies as "sedition" then how would you characterize Alberta separatism? When we start lining up the traitors against the wall, which side of the gun will you be on?

Christ, you're a witless dumbass.<

I might be a dumbass, but I will be the one with the gun moron. I didn't give mine up when the state tried to take it away.

What are you going to use? Your wit, a knife? Either way you are completely unarmed.

You are the typical example of a complete city of witless dumbass's.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-03-27 7:54:48 PM

deepblue has an old-fashioned alberta idea of freedom of the press. Free to print what it's told, when it's told and to shut up and obey the government's orders rest of the time.
This after, all all, is the province that, in 1937, brought you the Alberta Press Act, which would have required the province's newspapers to disclose their sources to the Alberta Social Credit Board and publish the government's rebuttal to any stories critical of it or its policies.
Now, stop arguing with him. Disagreeing with dB not only undermines the moral of the troops (and, no doubts, saps their precious bodily fluids) but it's seditious! If you disagree with dB, the terrorists win! You're either with him or you're with the enemies of freedom! Moonbat! Moonbat! Moonbat!

Posted by: truewest | 2006-03-27 8:08:41 PM

Oh yeah, Jim, one more thing. When dB runs out of arguments, he calls names. And when he runs out of names, he reaches for his gun.
And Jim, he's got a very, very small vocabulary.
You've been warned

Posted by: truewest | 2006-03-27 8:12:24 PM

trueleft - as usual, blah, blah, blah. Just more of the same old tired, leftist bleatings.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-03-27 8:57:46 PM

dB's rhetorical repertoire is running low; you can almost see the words swirling down the drain.
The buckshot should start flyin' any second now. Get ready to duck. (Although, if his aim is anything like his hero Dick's, his friends might have more to worry about.)

Posted by: truewest | 2006-03-27 9:10:08 PM

I have never gone "a huntin" moonbats before, but shucks I'm sure Cheney or I could shoot from the hip and not miss, just have to aim for the mouth, its huge, and always flapping in the breeze.

Heck anyone of us "good old boys" couldn't possibly miss something that big!

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-03-27 9:53:10 PM

deepblue are you for real?

Cause seriously - all politics aside - I think you're totally retarded. I mean, I've blown wind with more intellectual punch.

Also (here's a clue) I've learned that threatening people on a blog makes one a more of a coward than anything (talk to Speller about this) since you don't ever have to back it up in the real world.

Posted by: Justin Fossey | 2006-03-28 8:40:17 PM

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