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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

CTF calls on Toronto to fiscally responsible

From a Canadian Taxpayers Federation press release:

"The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) is calling on the City of Toronto to live within its means by looking for innovative ways to reduce costs, return to basics and freeze property taxes in advance of Toronto’s official budget debates that begin on Wednesday, March 29.

With an annual budget shortfall of over $400-million, Toronto must trim costs and focus on essentials instead of providing frills while relying on annual handouts from Queen’s Park. Contracting out services such as waste collection, and landscaping would begin to reduce the city’s rising labour costs. City Hall should also review city salaries which have increased 19% in four years, while also scrapping its union-only policy which prevents it from getting the best value for taxpayers. "

I presume that CTF also believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

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Mayor Miller spends millions upon millions of tax dollars - for re-election. The city comes second, it's a tactic he learned from his federal Liberal buddies.

Example: Over $200,000,000 is spent ensuring there are homeless on the streets, in fact it's getting close to a quarter of a billion annually. Miller spends the money on his friends who operate social welfare groups that deliver catered meals, deliver clothes and camping equipment, deliver medical services, deliver smokes and booze - right to people on the street - they never have to move or lift a finger. But obviously it doesn't take hundreds of millions of dollars to do this - the rest of the cash goes toward getting the weasel re-elected.

Posted by: Ex-Torontonian | 2006-03-29 4:59:08 PM

Isn't this like asking a white Ontarian not to look down upon other races, or to not blame their problems on others? So long as the federal system drains money out of Alberta to subsidize white Ontario's privileged, luxurious, leisure lifestyle, nothing will change.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-03-29 6:24:18 PM

And we must remember that Jack Layton and Olivia Chow were once (recently actually) members of this wonderful overpaid city council. Aren't you glad to know that they now bring their expertise to matters federally???? :-)


Posted by: RZ | 2006-03-29 6:34:06 PM

Hey Scott - have you ever been to Ontario? Is the lifestyle of the average Ontarian any more lavish than the average Albertan? No, it isn't. In fact, the average Albertan earns and spends more than the average Ontarian. Quit being such an idiot.

Posted by: someone | 2006-03-29 9:30:03 PM

"someone" when a province has 1/2 a million unemployed then on top of that who knows how many on welfare and brings in over 100,000 immigrants a year. Who are less likely to be employed more likely to collect welfare and less likely to file income taxes.

The end result is obvious even if those in it's midst are oblivious.

How can a bunch of people not working raise the standard of living? If all canada was on welfare could the country be rich? Or devastatingly poor.

See one thing they did in alberta long ago was to cut welfare bigtime. I still remember all the other provinces whining "all their welfare bums are coming here and we have to pay them." Idiots.

Remember alberta buying welfare bums one way bus tickets to provinces with flowing tax dollars for layabouts.

Now the provinces who want large amounts of layabouts are not as rich as alberta.


Posted by: someone else | 2006-03-30 8:42:00 AM

Yes I have been to Ontario. The white people there are too comfortably rich to care about others. The racism is more like Apartheid, with whites being prefered for jobs over non-whites. Worse, the arrogance of the white population makes them feel invincible, yet when a non-Ontarian or non-white questions their privilege, they react with extreme violence and hostility. The best thing to do with Ontarians is to ignore them. Thank God Alberta has America as an alternative to Ontario's greed.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-03-30 9:25:21 AM


Ignore Scott, he's a delusional paranoid tin-hat lunatic who thinks all the problems of the world could be solved it Toronto was nuked or some such garbage.

He's like a jukebox with only one tired old record that no one wants to listen to but no one can turn off.

Posted by: Warwick | 2006-03-30 10:32:24 AM

Read this morning's Toronto Sun editorial and tell me you people are still proud of your hellhole:


* Not with two people killed and four wounded in three shootings on Monday night alone -- right after a weekend of optimistic news reports about how things were getting better.


* Not when a 21-year-old man charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder and wanted by police for over a year, was let out on bail Tuesday.

[OUT ON BAIL? WHAT, ARE YOU PEOPLE, INSANE? No, you people just have more money than brains.]

* Not when a teenager implicated in the daylight shooting of a 17-year-old behind a Scarborough high school earlier this month was freed on bail the same day.

[DITTO!!! Is this acceptable in your fantasyland?]

* Not when a fed-up local resident in one of the neighbourhoods where shootings are an almost nightly occurrence described the place this week as a "hellhole" adding "there's nowhere safe to go. The whole city is infested with this crap."

[Well at least there's one honest person in Ontario - probably from outside anyway.]

Toronto should be held as the prime example of how not to run a city. But then, outsiders already knew that.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-03-30 11:42:16 AM

Yes, Scott because no one is being murdered in Winnepeg (the murder capital of Canada.)

Posted by: Warwick | 2006-03-30 11:45:28 AM

How many people have to die on the streets of Toronto for it to convince its inhabitants that something is wrong?

Answer: any number of non-whites can die and white Ontario won't care in the slightest.

However, it remains to be seen how many whites have to die. Even the death of a single white person, preferably young, female, and beautiful (just like Jane Creba) is enough to cause havoc.

My solution to Toronto's gun problem: triple the number of guns, and let the problem solve itself. Either white Ontario will wake the hell up and act, or they'll move to the suburbs and ignore the problem. My money is on the latter.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-03-30 12:53:25 PM

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