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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Bonds revealed

Four of the many questions that are sure to be asked in the wake of Sports Illustrated's blockbuster March 13 cover story, based on an upcoming book, Game of Shadows, about Barry Bonds' rampant use of illegal steriods:

1. How much longer will Bonds be allowed to play in the Majors?

2. Indeed, will he be banned from baseball?

3. Will his homerun records be erased, as Ben Johnson's sprint records were?

4. Now do you believe Juiced author Jose Canseco?

Posted by Terry O'Neill on March 7, 2006 in Sports | Permalink


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1. I very much doubt we'll see Bonds play another regular season game of baseball.

2. Yes, if he doesn't "retire" first.

3. Yes, they pretty much have to be at this point.

4. I never disbelieved him. There were too many people agreeing with him (e.g. Ken Caminiti), and too much evidence supporting is claims. Just because Canseco is a douche doesn't mean he's always wrong about everything.

Posted by: Jim in Toronto | 2006-03-07 2:17:10 PM

Bonds toast.
McGwire toast.
As long as nobody caught Sammy doing it, I'm happy.

Posted by: rockyt | 2006-03-07 2:49:24 PM

This would be the same Sammy Sosa who snapped a bone in two in the difficult act of sneezing? Oh yeah, no roids there...

Posted by: Feynman and Coulter's Love Child | 2006-03-07 2:59:36 PM

What pissed me off in that article was the reference to Ben Johnson as "Disgraced". Regardless of the publication or the nature of the story where ever you see Ben Johnsons name mentioned it is always preceded by "disgraced Canadian sprinter" as if it were his proper name.

I can think of far more deserving athletes, politicians, and journalists who deserve that adjective more than Ben. (if its a steroid thing why isn't every steriod user labelled the same way?)

Ben was juiced, everybody knew it, but that never stopped anyone from trying to have their own greatness reflected in his aura. Ben was no different than the other great sprinters of his day, in the sense that he used performance enhancing drugs.

The only difference was that they came from countries who had federations who knew how the game was played.

To me Ben Johnson is still the greatest sprinter of all time, who gave perhaps the most exciting moment I have ever experienced in sports. He does not deserve to have the word disgraced put before his name every time it is mentioned.

Posted by: ward | 2006-03-07 5:37:51 PM

Well, the racial politics/San Francisco politics overtones of this cannot be ignored either. Having viewed both up close, I stongly disagree with the other posters here. I think nothing whatsoever will happen. To do otherwise is to open a can of worms that MLB isn't interested in dealing with.

Posted by: NewSisyphus | 2006-03-07 6:18:19 PM

I fail to see why Ben Johnson should be singled out ; aftet all they were all using steroids . And frankly , what is so terribly wrong with using something that allows you to train harder than the next guy, which is what ' steroids ' do ? I think ' disgraced ' should be reserved for Paul Martin and his cronies , although the word would be ' disgrace ' , not ' disgraced ' .

Posted by: Daveh | 2006-03-07 7:20:05 PM

Barry will not be punished by MLB simply because he is black and MLB doesn't have the cojones to be that politically incorrect.

Posted by: JRob | 2006-03-07 7:46:58 PM

It's interesting to note Bond's vile hatred of whitey even though "He had grown up in an affluent white suburb of San Francisco, and his best boyhood friend, his first wife and his present girlfriend all were white."

It also begets the question, if his father Bobby Bonds, and his godfather, the great Willie Mays, had experienced such virulent racism in their playing days and their experience with the white man was so demeaning; Why the hell were they living in a white neighbourhood?

Posted by: DJ | 2006-03-08 12:32:55 AM

They could be called black limousine liberals . I will tell you what you need to know , but since I am an exception to the rule , this advice does not apply to me .
It is oh so fashionable to slam whitey and play the wannabe black panther bit as circumstances dictate. That way you get to be rich and hang with whitey [ and bang his women ] and act cool at the same time. The same driving principle benhind hip hop ' culture ' .

Posted by: Daveh | 2006-03-08 6:22:54 AM

"and bang his women'??!

Can you even say that?

Posted by: cricket | 2006-03-08 12:15:20 PM

Re the Barry Bonds story, I'm sick of SI's hypocrisy. They lament the fall of the sports hero like's its some kind of new phenomenon. I take SI writer Phil Taylor to task in my blog essay, read it at http://mymountain.blogspot.com/2006/03/si-lament-there-are-no-more-heros.html

Posted by: Scott Wild | 2006-03-08 12:45:18 PM

Poetic licence C . It adds spice. You know and I know there is no evil intent here . The hip hop phonies love to throw such phraseology around knowing how whitey can be cowed by it . I like to bring it on when circumstances call for it . Hemingway would be proud.

Posted by: Daveh | 2006-03-08 12:51:28 PM

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