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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Alberta leadership politics

Ralph Klein's announcement that he won't retire for 19 months is widely seen as a setback to Jim Dinning, the current front-runner in the leadership race to succeed Klein. A year and a half gives Dinning's competitors time to organize and fundraise.

I have always been partial to Ted Morton, who is a thoughful proponent of the Alberta Agenda, a manifesto he helped develop -- basically, a program for Alberta (or any other province) to reclaim its proper rights and jurisdictions under section 92 and 92A of the Constitution.

The news is that it looks like Morton now has some competition for the title of the contest's most pro-Alberta voice.

If only Klein himself could be motivated to give a damn about any policy matters in the last year and a half of his lameduckracy.

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I'll vote for anyone in Alberta that will use separation as a threat.....eventually, my hope and prayers are that we will leave Canada completely but I am patient....

Sounds like this Norris chap or Morton are the answer that Alberta has been looking for a long time as opposed to the Red Tories we have had running this province ad infinitum!!

Posted by: Albertanator | 2006-03-19 3:20:36 PM

Albertanator - I'd vote for anyone who will bring our province back to its BNA Act rights and kick the feds out of the places they are encroaching. This would be such a startling contrast to the rest of confederation that a handful of other provinces would immediately join us in demanding the same things - Quebec being one, surprisingly enough.

All of a sudden we would have a constitutional mini-crisis where the members of the federation would have to declare whether they were in favor of re-affirming their adulthood as provinces equal to Alberta or choosing dependence and second-rate status. Canada would have an actual debate about accountability and the cost of non-constitutional interference and duplication. You would like the country that emerged on the far side of such a debate.

My problem with Alberta independence is that we throw out the baby with the bathwater. The world doesn't need more Canada, as that smug saying goes, Canada needs more Alberta. We'll make an impact if we do it right.

Posted by: Halfwise | 2006-03-19 4:10:26 PM

It's hard to understand why Jim Dinning is the front runner. Maybe he's in front because he represents continuity with Ralph Klein's (non)-vision. Whatever the reason, everything about him screams "politician" in the most unflattering sense of the word.

If you peruse his official site, Dinning's tone is not different than Paul Martin's or Jack Layton's -- "...future generations...quality of life... innovation...new ideas...bold new agenda...build the kind of future we want for...our children and grandchildren."

It's like listening to Henry Gibson's character in Robert Altman's "Nashville". Ted Morton in comparison is a clear-headed straight-shooter. There isn't a single idea or proposal of his that I disagree with or couldn't get behind. Hopefully the Conservatives will sweep the Klein-ites off the table and start a fresh run.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-03-19 4:14:47 PM

This guy would be good for Alberta!


Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-03-19 4:20:09 PM

Klein should go now. He's no longer credible as a leader. The way he treated that page was disgraceful - but his treatment of a Liberal party document was proper as the Alberta Liberal Party is the paid agent of the Eastern aristocracy and will destroy the Alberta economy if they were ever elected.

Paying off Alberta's debt was the right thing to do, and well worth the cost. Klein deserves full credit for that. However, now comes the time for real leadership: put half of the energy revenues into the HTF, and spend the other half on social programs like schools, universities, roads, etc. Simple and very effective.

But Klein isn't doing that, and he should lest the Liebral Party take over and hand us over to the rich people in Ontario. Electing a Liebral gov't would make the NEP look tame and modest by comparison. They do not stand for Albertans.

For the good of Alberta, Mr. Premier, resign now, enjoy your well-deserved reputation as the man who brought Alberta back from the NEP, and let someone else take over.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-03-19 4:31:00 PM


LOL... I like that!

Posted by: Canadian Sentinel | 2006-03-19 4:38:08 PM

Just so you know, Scott, the Alberta Liberals are not affiliated in any way with the federal Liberals. You can still hate them, but they aren't affiliated.

Posted by: Impartial | 2006-03-19 5:59:14 PM

I didn't say they were affiliated with the Federal liebrals. I said that the Alberta Liebrals were the paid agents of the Eastern aristocracy and the rich people of Ontario. It is coincidence that the Federal liebrals work for the same people.

If i ran things, the Liberal party, both federal and state-wide, would be banned as a terrorist organization.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-03-19 6:29:25 PM

Oh, yeah, a conspiracy. Sorry, I forgot about that. I should've known that.

Just a question, though. Considering that the Liberals haven't been in power in Alberta for about 100 years (and like policies 100 years ago were similar to today, anyway) - how do you know that they're liars? Is it just the name itself?

My guess is that the Alberta Tories are probably the real liars... but you'd never know because they're so secretive. Let's see... no lobbyist registry, no public disclosure, no accountability act, fewer sittings in the legislature, no change in government in the last 40 years. Hmmmm...

Posted by: Impartial | 2006-03-19 6:40:03 PM

No conspiracy was implied, nor does one exist. It is guaranteed that the Alberta Liebral party would not protect Albertans from the federals. They see a higher duty towards Canada instead of to their community.

The Alberta PCs, for all their faults over the past 30 years, are the only party willing to defend Alberta against the rich Ontarians who started the first NEP and received an exemption to the Kyoto Accords (the Second NEP). With Harper in Ottawa, there is at last some breathing space.

However, if the Federal liebrals and their NDP lackies ever return to power, Alberta will be singled out for retaliation, and the energy wealth will be seized to fatten Ontario corporate profit margins. It's happened before - in 1980 when Albertan Joe Clark was defeated by the Trudeauist Regime and Alberta was punished daring to question the status quo.

If there is another attack on the Alberta economy, then secession is our only hope for survival. The Alberta Liebral Party would not only fail to prevent it, but actually allow the federals to act as they saw fit. That is why the ALP should be banned - they do not care for the people of Alberta.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-03-19 7:22:02 PM

Scott's right -- only in an independent Alberta could the province become able to sidestep existing Canadian constitutional rights and democratic principles to out-and-out ban leftish parties like the Alberta Liberals, to ensure there is no hope of them taking over government.

How can we let people who objectively do not care for the people of Alberta to form a political party or freely associate in their conspiring ways?

Posted by: May Strimeedya | 2006-03-19 7:35:28 PM

Approx. a month ago, Mike Duffy asked if there was any truth Preston Manning running for P.C. leadership. He is likely the ONLY way I wouldn't vote AA.

Posted by: Cheri | 2006-03-19 7:40:56 PM

the feds only have the power and prestige we let allow them. like all free democracies, they rely heavily on the cooperation of the various regions.

If you tell them to screw off, what really can they do other to petition the UN that one of the familiy is being naughty. They don't have the balls to send in the tanks.

Ottawa hasn't showm an balls in decades. It's completely run by leftist girly-men and fat manly girls. They are so self-absorbed that governing a country properly is an alien idea.

I don't believe it would be difficult to bring those pigs to their knees if the will were there. Quebec comes close at times.

I also believe it wouldn't take a hell of lot of effort to break up this pretend country either.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-03-19 7:46:25 PM

You know its time for Ralph to leave when Wingnuts like Kevin Taft of the liberals and Brian Mason of the dippers want him to stay.

The longer Klein is premier, the PC party and the province in general, loses its credibility.

Ralph did a fair job (that and a $60 barrel of oil), but its time for a real leader to take over and lead Canada, not be its eternal whipping boy - that man is Ted Morton

The liberals and NDP hope Ralph stays as long as possible, because he will screw up, that part of his allure to the common man, but this province needs a real leader.

Posted by: Captain_Canuck | 2006-03-19 9:34:47 PM

Ted Morton for Premier !

All the rest of those hacks are just Ralph clones and yes-men with no vision or clear idea where we are going.

The only candidate in that leadership race that is not a tax-and-spend liberal (red tory) is Ted Morton.

Ted will turn this province into a global leader instead of Ottawa's whipped little brother.

Ralph, step down now, before all Albertans become the laughing stock of the world, do what's right for the party instead of yourself for a change.

Posted by: Raging in Red Deer | 2006-03-19 9:45:35 PM

There are no real, good leaders in Alberta

It is true that the "Albertan Conservatives are mostly self centered persons, liars who have their own agendas. their false talk about equal representations, citizen appointed senates, democracy, or whathever still next indicates that the Conservatives are the biggest liars and abusers of other's human rights in Canada Today. Simply just try to post disagreeing messages on the Conservative sites such dominated by a minority of self centered, abusive rednecks and you for sure next will be firstly abused, slandered, personally bashed, attacked and next cut off, denied access to it. The self proclaimed Conservatives posters in Alberta also are still some of the biggest liars, human rights abusers even if they next still do lie and claim they are even Christians now too. It has been that way for the last many years . "

Posted by: Get real | 2006-03-19 9:58:55 PM

It's time for the Progressives to go. No more Liberals running under the conservative banner.

Yes the Alberta Liberals are affiliated with the federal Liberals. Jean Chretien said Ralph Klein was his(Chretien's) man, but ran as a PC because, "Dats ow you gets erected ins da Albearta!" udderweise he'da run ass a Liberal.

Alberta first, Alberta last, Alberta all the time.

Let Dinning be PC leader. Let Morton take the just under 50% of the PC caucus who wanted the firewall and got voted down. Start a new party with that 49% seats in the legislature and sweep the next election for real Albertans.

Canada OUT of Alberta and Ontario GO TO HELL!

Posted by: Speller | 2006-03-19 9:59:17 PM

Another good thing about Ted Morton is that he isn't anti-Canada at all, he just understands that the whole central-planning thing is moribund. His ideas for Alberta would be good for the other provinces -- such as Saskatchewan and Quebec -- as well.

Posted by: EBD | 2006-03-19 10:06:29 PM

Any candidate that gives a damn about Alberta has to put the secession option on the table. There is just no way that we are best served by being a member of Confederation - and the same probably goes for Quebec.

Posted by: Anon | 2006-03-19 10:51:42 PM

Oh fer sure the liberals in Alberta are in name only. Like the liberal government of Campbell are only in name.
You want to see some politics in action? Watch what happens when Campbell meets Harper. Oh, I forgot, we have Emerson in the middle...
You come on over to BC sometime, Duke, your fantasies will come true. Your misogynist talk and your seeming abhorence coupled with your creepy metrosexual talk...
Come on over BrokeBackDuke, see the real deal.

Posted by: E Ingram | 2006-03-19 10:56:00 PM

Klein needs to go. He's been on cruise control for years now.

Ted Morton is the man. The Norris news is heartening, but it feels opportunistic. Maybe we'll get lucky and there will be an actual debate on the issue (like when and how ;) ).

Posted by: C Foss | 2006-03-19 11:21:44 PM

"Any candidate that gives a damn about Alberta has to put the secession option on the table. There is just no way that we are best served by being a member of Confederation - and the same probably goes for Quebec."

This not true

Klein no good man as well
They mostly lie in Alberta
They snobs, racists
It is no honest, fair place
Alberta is not good place for poor, ordinary persons
Alberta is for the thieves, liars, rich
bad people who like to hurt others

Posted by: Wong Fung | 2006-03-20 12:04:31 AM

Yes, many big liars in Alberta
lie and say no taxes
They have high living cost, and big proeprty, business tax.
They also have many bad cops making money on bad tickets.
They also do not look after all good people.
Alberta not a good place.
Conservatives not good government.

Posted by: Me not Liberal | 2006-03-20 12:42:28 AM

When did elementary kids start posting on this website??? Those last two posts were completely asinine. Vote Alberta Alliance, we received 9 percent of the vote in our very first election in 2004 and elected one MLA. The NDP who have been around for ages also received 9 percent. Next election the AA is going to make serious strides in rural areas and have a very respectable showing in urban regions (I am looking at you Calgary).

Posted by: matt | 2006-03-20 1:32:39 AM

Wong Fung=Me not Liberal=Preacher TROLL

Posted by: Speller | 2006-03-20 6:54:03 AM

Hey Matt, you're wondering when elementary kids starting posting on this blog? I think it was when all the redneck riff raff, left crying after the Alberta Report imploded, showed up to ejaculate their asinine cerebral graffiti all over the page.

If you Alberta separatists ever succeed in your quest to separate, then you'll have to start working on separating yourself from Edmonton, and Calgary Mountain View, and Calgary Varsity, and Calgary Currie. Why don't you all just save yourselves some time and build a bunker somewhere?

Posted by: Laughing | 2006-03-20 7:40:15 AM

Ummm... so you're going to start banning political parties now? I think Stalin would love that.

Posted by: Freedom Rules | 2006-03-20 7:53:23 AM

Almost all of the Alberta politicians are failures, and can never still amount to be adequate leaders even because they personally still do have wrong agendas. They are too preoccupied with the goal of getting more wealth, money and not rather serving eually the good welfare of all the people of Alberta.

(Mark 10: ) 44 and whoever wants to be first must be slave of all.. 45 For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many."

(1 Tim 6:10 ) For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs. 11But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness.

Posted by: Politically correct | 2006-03-20 8:53:41 AM

Seperation in Calgary has already occurred

all of these non WASP ethnic persons living in Pumphill, Lake Bonavista who mostly live only in Calgary southwest and none live in Calgary NW, Calgary NE, or Calgary SE

and why is that the walking distance to the local pews?

Alberta Redencks they make me laugh. Adulterers, Hypocrites and liars is what they are still too

Calgary the original home of the bad guys, the western cattle rustlers. Why the RCMP came to Alberta too.

Wife swapping, Adultery is still Alberta's major past time now.

Posted by: Mother's boy | 2006-03-20 9:11:27 AM

....posts were completely asinine.

any one who says anyhting bad especially like the truth about Alberta is an asshole, a fool, an idot, a crazy. Ostrich Get a real life.

Real free speech and real democracy in alberta is still pretentious and an another Alberta shame exposed.

Too many Albertan Ostriches are too often in false denial here.

Ummm... so you're going to start banning non conservative political parties now? I know Stalin would love that.

Ignoring and Banning posters who disagree with you already has already started here.

Posted by: Pierre | 2006-03-20 9:20:58 AM

An Edmonton man was sentenced on Friday to three-and-a-half years in prison for playing a key role in a vast Internet child pornography ring.

Posted by: Alberta know how | 2006-03-20 9:32:33 AM

Geez preacher, did Klein and the albertans take away your welfare and make you work for a living!

Nothing like that to drive any lib crazy, or to foster hate, but your right over the edge!

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-03-20 9:51:10 AM

Here is another good example of what too many self serving Albertan politicians are now like.. they lie, serve their own pockets firstly.

www.edmontonsun.com Sun, March 19, 2006 Councillors in the wrong, say experts Ethics experts say a pair of Fort McMurray councillors who voted on a controversial bylaw amendment in which they could potentially profit from should have abstained. Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo councillors Carolyn Slade and Jim Carbery recently voted to allow work camps within city limits, despite being involved with a company that caters to work camps. Two university ethics experts said it was "problematic" that Carbery and Slade participated without declaring a conflict of interest. "It's essential any appearance of conflict of interest must be very publicly stepped away from,"said University of Calgary communications professor Margo Husby Scheelar. University of Alberta business ethics professor Karim Jamal said it doesn't matter that the amendment would still have passed even if the councillors had abstained. It passed 8-2. "It's all about perception, and it needs to be clean. This kind of thing can really damage a government's credibility." Neither Carbery nor Slade returned calls and e-mails from the Sun on Friday and Saturday. Jeff Pardee, head of Northeastern Alberta Aboriginal Business Association, confirmed Carbery manages Fort Mackay Group of Companies, which oversees First North Catering, which in turn services work camps. Slade is the manager at First North Catering, Pardee said . Fort McMurray Mayor Melissa Blake said he hadn't heard any complaints about conflicts of interest. But at least one councillor expressed disappointment. "If it were me, I wouldn't have voted," said Coun. John Vyboh, who was against the amendment. "It's incumbent on councillors to inform the public (of their business dealings), it's better to err on side of caution."

and the real reason Alberta does not have rental control consumer protections is cause many MLA own apartment buildings and they want to maximize their greedy profits..

Oh it is unchristian like in Alberta to call these bad people liars still?

Posted by: Good example | 2006-03-20 3:46:42 PM

Follow the Alberta PC leadership race at


Posted by: a knowledgeable insider | 2006-03-20 4:28:57 PM

To: [email protected] ; Harper, Stephen - M.P. ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected] ; [email protected]
Sent: Monday, March 20, 2006
Subject: http://canadiancoalition.com/forum/ccd-forum.shtml

Here is another undeniable unacceptable and perverse fact

When you access the supposed free speech, democratic site of http://canadiancoalition.com/forum/ccd-forum.shtml the sysop accesses your own personal computer to find all of the personal information about you, an unlawful invasion of privacy without ones prior permission, and this the federal Conservative government and it's Justice Minister, the RCMP should look into.

The same sysop who himself is not impartial, but another one of these self proclaimed Conservative supporter, a basher and abuser, who makes salnderous personal attacks on the posters rather than deal with the facts presented, he even has admitted to spying now on others in one of his post too.

I rightfully would like Alberta's human rights also to review these matters too as well as the Justice department

PS He had deleted my reply to him on this on him being an unlawful voyeur and other messages that were unfavorable to Alberta and it's hypocritical democracy

"Posted by Al Gordon on 17:10:51 2006/03/20
In Reply to: Re: Harper government limits ministerial communication posted by Jean Pierre
Ah yes, the xenophobic racism of central Canada! Why is it acceptable for you to lump all Albertans in the category of "rednecks" and "sluts", but if I were to generalize that all Quebecers are arrogant and demanding, the sky would fall! I see you're posting from Montreal in a province that eagerly demands and accepts hand-outs from Alberta. I guess the shame of that leads you to demonize your benefactor, like all spoiled brats. Al"

Clearly here too the Conservatives are still the big hypocrites who themselves do not keep the laws they preach to the others.

Posted by: Citizen Kane | 2006-03-20 5:13:52 PM

Clearly here too is the Preacher impersonating a human being when it is in fact a blogging Ostrich.

Posted by: Speller | 2006-03-20 5:22:19 PM

Lameduckracy! Too funny.

Posted by: Lemmytowner | 2006-03-20 9:24:43 PM

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