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Sunday, February 26, 2006

You Couldn't Make This Stuff up

According to the BBC:

Extremists have been blamed after a cartoon featuring the prophet Mohammed with a bomb in his turban was put up in a housing office in Oldham.

Yes, because only an extremist would put up something as threatening as a cartoon. If the BBC is anything like the CBC -- and I believe it is -- aren't "extremists" also what they call people who strap dynamite to themselves and walk into pizza parlours in Tel Aviv, and malls in Netanya?

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If you bothered to read the entire article before your brain melted at the suggestion that a non-Muslim could be an extremist, you would have seen this:

"Oldham Council said the cartoon could be part of an attempt by right-wing extremists to increase tension ahead of council elections in May."

So the extremists in question were trying to re-ignite the racial and religious troubles that have plagued the town in the past, in an effort to influence voters in the next election with the same kind of scare tactics that are so common around these parts. Got it? Good.

Posted by: Complex World | 2006-02-26 1:20:26 PM

CPAC on Goldhawk tonight has the childcare issue and people are welcome to call in if your interested... www.cpac.ca

"Fund the Child" Movement

Posted by: Sara | 2006-02-26 1:27:59 PM

It could also have been posted by a liberal defending free speech.

Posted by: Johan i Kanada | 2006-02-26 1:45:56 PM

I think the non-muslims referred to are assumed to be the right wing extremists in this article. I find the suggestion that this is the case is as inflamitory as posting the cartoons are claimed to be.

Posted by: TM | 2006-02-26 3:37:21 PM

I agree with TM. After spending a good number of years in the UK, I can assure you that the mindset there is different than ours. For example, after 9/11, the BBC broadcast numerous "Town Hall" meetings that basically blamed the American foreign policies and attitudes for the attack: "they asked for it!" Needless to say, England has an enormous Muslim community. On this side of the pond, you saw Tony Blair sympatric rhetoric while over there the BBC seemed overjoyed with tragedy.

Posted by: Danny | 2006-02-26 4:09:22 PM

Danny, not much different here. I can remember the CBC “townhall” meeting on Sept 12th , the Avi Lewis “nologo” crowd was loaded for bear and Bush.

The CBC immediately got into the “root causes”. They would say things like:
It was sad but it was our entire fault. Their poverty is our fault. OK maybe we do pay them gazillions of dollars for their oil but it’s our fault that they are incompetent and poor.

You get the picture.

Oh, the CBC did like Blair better than Bush. In fact they were mystified that Blair would support Bush in the face of a terrorist attack on our continent.

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-02-26 4:48:32 PM

"We will respond very firmly, as will all our partners, to issues which cause offence and which seek to damage the community cohesion for which we have worked so hard."

Greater Manchester Police said they were treating the incident "extremely seriously" and were worried the incident could affect "community cohesion".

A spokeswoman said: "Greater Manchester Police treat any incitement of racial hatred extremely seriously and robustly investigate any such incidents that are reported to us.

"We will not tolerate any acts of racial discrimination and are committed to working with local communities to tackle any issues that may arise."

So I guess Islam is a "race" now! That would also make Catholics a race unto themselves, as well as Baptists, Zen Buddists....

Posted by: greg | 2006-02-26 5:10:10 PM

And speaking of making things up. VIA a link from SDA, go here and view this clip of another fine educator, after all first you must control thei minds!

Posted by: greg | 2006-02-26 5:28:30 PM


This makes me feel better about all of those nasty emails that I sent to the CBC for their programming since returning home to Canada.

Posted by: Danny | 2006-02-26 5:29:44 PM


Good link. I liked the part about the mouse (Tom) kicking the cat's (Jerry) ass. I was interesting to note that at the end of this trash lecture that students were seen taking notes (as though the hate speech would be hard to remember). I'll never watch the cartoon in the same way again...go Tom go!

Posted by: Danny | 2006-02-26 5:40:08 PM


Good link. I liked the part about the mouse (Tom) kicking the cat's (Jerry) ass. I was interesting to note that at the end of this trash lecture that students were seen taking notes (as though the hate speech would be hard to remember). I'll never watch the cartoon in the same way again...go Tom go!

Posted by: Danny | 2006-02-26 5:41:05 PM

Good clip on Iranian peace lovers!

They should study history of Israel. Once there was a guy who tried to wipe off all the Jews in the empire. Just the contrary happened. He got hanged and the Jews killed all their ennemies. That is in the book of Esther in the Bible.

And today they might get a taste of Tsahal. Iranians may consider Israelis like mice. But they forget that there is a great One (much more than a polar bear) watching behind them. His name is I am.

Posted by: Rémi houle | 2006-02-26 6:53:36 PM

There are probably enough Iranian secret police resident in the UK to help out the Manchester Police with their work. Iranian police are apparently very efficient at cracking down on the dissent of extremists, except the extremists they favour of course, but nonetheless it would demonstrate that the Manchester Police want to be inclusive and form a cohesive community. It's the right thing to do!

Posted by: simpleton | 2006-02-26 9:04:37 PM

Here are the resulting effects of the Islamic protests against the Danishes

Danish Support for Anti-Immigration Party Rises, Poll Shows Support for Denmark's anti-immigration Danish People's Party has soared in the wake of Muslim protests against cartoons of the prophet Muhammad, an opinion poll shows. Backing for the DPP is up 4.9 points since elections a year ago to The 11-year-old DPP, which in 2002 compared Islam to a ``plague,'' may overtake the Social Democrats as Denmark's second- biggest party, ``We're witnessing a shift in the Danish political landscape,'' . ``This can, without a doubt, be attributed to the whole Muhammad cartoon debate.'' Muslims across the globe are protesting against cartoons of the prophet Muhammad published in the biggest daily, Jyllands- Posten, in September. Demonstrations erupted last month after a Danish Muslim delegation went to the Middle East to rally support against the government for not censuring the paper. Immigration growth has slowed by more than a third since the People's Party-backed government took office in November 2001, according to Statistics Denmark. Denmark's Muslim population numbers about 200,000 or 3.7 percent. Mulims are facing a negative backlassh world wide in the Non Mulsim countries, and are no often being kicked out too.

want another danish?

Posted by: Reactions | 2006-02-27 5:36:39 AM

We can only hope that the Danish Peoples` Partys` rise in popularity because of their anti - Muslim stance ,will act as an example for the rest of Europe . The Netherlands of all places has seen the light and are reacting.
I don`t have high hopes for Canada . I happened upon a rebroadcast of Queens` Park proceedings last week ,where Michael Prue , the NDP attack poodle was ranting for an hour or so on the greatness of obscure Muslim holidays and how wonderful Canada is to recognize such days , when the whole contrived and embarassing photo op , concentrating on such drivel , was I`m sure putting everybody to sleep , especially the Moslem viewers.
This is the new group think of the socialists ; to bore everybody into submision with communist jingoism and the trivial pursuit of minutia.

Posted by: daveh | 2006-02-27 9:19:05 AM

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