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Monday, February 13, 2006

What we believe

Calgary Sun

Early this morning, 40,000 copies of the Western Standard magazine, of which I am publisher, rolled off the presses. The cover story is about government lobbyists and corruption.

But in the middle of the magazine, we have a two-page discussion about the Danish cartoons depicting the Muslim Prophet Muhammad. These are the cartoons that caused riots overseas.

In our magazine's news judgment, you can't properly report that story without showing the cartoons. So we're publishing eight of the cartoons. As far as I am aware, that makes the Western Standard the first large-circulation publication in the country to reprint them.

As our readers will see, most of the cartoons are innocuous; several nothing more than stylized portraits, including quite a handsome one.

It seems absurd that such a banal journalistic act would be taboo. We're not abnormal for printing the cartoons. Canada's other publications and TV stations are the abnormal ones for avoiding the subject at the centre of the largest story of the week.

It's not hard to understand. It's a potential hassle, and publishers aren't in the hassle business -- publishers are in the money-making business.

Anything that could cause subscriptions to be cancelled or advertisers to be scared off is dangerous to the bottom line. And then there is the risk of violence. What publisher needs that? That's fair. Freedom of the press can mean the right to ignore a story, too.

But I believe Canadian publishers and TV producers have not been fully candid about the choice they've all made. Not a single publisher, editor or reporter has admitted they have blocked the cartoons for fear of an economic backlash. Perhaps none of them thought about lost business when they made their decision. But if any did, they probably wouldn't admit it -- that would make them seem like callow, profit-driven commercial journalists, and that's contrary to the careful image the media has cultivated as being somehow more noble or idealistic than other industries.

And none of them have admitted what we all know is true, at least a little bit: That these riots are scary.

They're scarier than any letter-writing campaign or boycott or protest rally that has occurred in recent memory.

Journalists and other artists have been killed by Muslim radicals. Several of the Danish cartoonists are in hiding, for fear of assassination. This is really happening.

In fact, the official excuse has been that TV producers, publishers and editors don't want to offend religious sensibilities. But this isn't credible. Not a day goes by when the mainstream media doesn't offend the religious sensibilities of religious Christians, Jews or others. The media doesn't care about religious sensibilities -- it is militantly secular. But it has made an exception for the sensibilities of one religion that is quick to riot and behead its critics.

The most laughable excuse -- especially from the liberal, secular media like the CBC or CNN -- is that they "respect" Islam too much. Really? They respect a religion opposed to feminism, gay rights and abortion?

The liberal media doesn't respect radical Islam. It is afraid of radical Islam.

I'm afraid, too. A little bit at least. But courage isn't the absence of fear. It's not letting fear trump everything else -- like character or duty or our own beliefs.

The Western Standard has no explaining to do. We're a news magazine, and these cartoons are news. The publishers, editors and TV producers who are behaving as if they live under sharia law, not the Charter of Rights, have explaining to do -- to their readers and viewers.

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Angel Laurence -

You are still spewing fantasies. The "Canada" you keep alluding to of the "Northwest Trading Company" etc etc etc is clearly some kind of Boy's/Girl's Annual Canada you have imported from your late adolescent fantasy world.

The contemporary Canada is represented by guys like S.Harper and General Hillier. We have troops in Afghanistan defending freedom against medieval assholes who want to put women back in cages (sorry if that upsets you). We are a Canada that defends freedom at home and abroad. And madam ... we are a Canada that cherishes the right to free expression ... be it exercised by an Ezra Levant or anyone else.

I think you are stranded in some anachronistic and unreal version of what you presume Canada to be.

One thing Canada will never be - so long as I can help it - is a country that bows to threat and intimidation and defers to a medieval taboo mentality about what can, and cannot, be published.

Posted by: raskolnikov | 2006-02-14 5:02:53 PM

Muslim, Christian, Jew, Left, Right, Straight, Gay, West, East...who cares?

We're all Canadian.

There is too much of 'them' vs. 'us'. The problem here is a sheer ignorance of other cultures since true understanding involves interacting with others who are different than us, but on a personal level.

As a straight Christian, in the past I would have bought into 'those muslims' or 'those gays' had it not been the fact that I began to interact with 'them', socially, through work, through school. Not surprisingly, the stimulus of 'them vs. us' diminishes and you realize that you share many of the same values, that they are like you, at which point it's 'us'. You, believe it or not, begin to see 'their' point of view.

How many here who support the cartoons being published know Muslims on a personal level? I would be surprised if it were many, if at all.

It's obvious here, and not being from Western Canada, that I would be in the minority when I state that I am oppossed to the cartoons being published. They are an expression of freedom of speech, but an expression performed in poor taste. I saw the cartoons - and I agree, they may be insidious to many - but that is exactly why there is no need to publish them. And to publish them knowing that they will offend many people, including many Canadians, to me, are aspects that do not justify publishing in the name of freedom of expression. This fact underlies that the main reason for doing such is not, as many argue, to curtail censorship, but to invoke, publicize, and demand attention.

I, for one, knew little about the Western Standard before this, and now I am aware that it exists. After all, isn't that the real point?

Posted by: Chris F | 2006-02-14 5:17:47 PM

Angel: Apparently your 'Canadian' tolerance doesn't include showing,

"tolerance and respect for the personal belief system of others" unless it is the same as your own, eh ?

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-02-14 5:21:51 PM

Chris F: I have numerous friends and colleagues who are Muslims...however they do not practice the fanatical suicide bombing, embassy attacking type of Islam represented by many in 3rd world nations and, apparently supported by some left wing moonbats in the western world.

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-02-14 5:26:22 PM

Balls of steel, I say. Ezra, Canada is lucky to have you.

Posted by: Howard Roark | 2006-02-14 6:35:14 PM

Someone please tell me: WHY should anyone tolerate the idea that murder is an acceptable response to a cartoon? How can ANY cartoon, however intolerant, justify murder? The cartoon MUST be published, for one thing, to reinforce the fact that NO cartoon, however objectionable, can justify murder. There are things that I might object to being depicted in cartoons, and which might offend my sensibilities greatly, but I certainly wouldn't murder anyone because of them. If I did murder someone because of a cartoon, I would NOT expect to be "tolerated," - I would expect to go to jail for the rest of my life. And I certainly wouldn't expect the entire Canadian media to not publish the offending cartoon because they were afraid someone else might get murdered by some crazy lunatic who held similarily crazy views to mine and believed murder was an acceptable response to a cartoon. Politically correct fanatics don't comprehend one simple fact: we don't have to, and we shouldn't, tolerate murder. Murdering someone because you don't like their cartoon depiction of what you revere does not (yet) fall under the defense of "justifiable homicide." The politically correct fanatics who insist upon "tolerance" for a gang of fanatics who believe that murder is an acceptable, and in fact, a necessary, response to an insulting or "blasphemous" cartoon, unfortunately, will not listen to logic. They are, it seems, irrevocably brainwashed fanatics themselves, and sadly, it appears that nothing short of a lobotomy will cure them of their stubborn adherence to false logic and fascist bullying. No, I am not advocating lobotomies; I am merely stating that some people don't, and won't, think and you cannot convice them that their specious arguments hold no substance, truth or humanity. They might only have self-pity, but no recognition of their culpability, when Orwell's vision of the future comes to pass and they find a boot is stamping on their face--forever.

Posted by: ms smith | 2006-02-14 7:02:32 PM

Hey Patrick Burns, didn't I see you at the Klan rally dressed in your favorite sheets. You seem to be the David Duke of this blog bruddah.

Posted by: Tolerance Guy | 2006-02-14 7:15:25 PM

Chinaview.cn: Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Tuesday expressed his regret over the printing of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad by media outlets in the country.

Great, now all the world's fanatics, whomever they might be, know exactly how to make sure the media doesn't publish something they object to! Three cheers for the murdering bullies and the democracies that now support them!!!

Posted by: ms smith | 2006-02-14 7:26:33 PM

Was that Haroon Siddiqui or Haroon the Loon posting up there with that pseudo-homeboy dis about being dissed about Big Mohammed being dissed? Cuz frankly Haroon, the only bigots I've seen these days are the Muslims like Elmasry who are dissing the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Gays, Women ...

Posted by: Christophe McGreal | 2006-02-14 7:27:47 PM

what did we all learn in kindergarten? I learned that We all need to learn to live with eachother despite differences and to work things out in a manner that is comprimising. In this case, some creep like ezra who has no shame or consideration for others is only making himself look like a money hungry hyena feeding off the flesh of others. People are dying because of this cartoon, and like the opportunistic scavenger he is I see him as no better than the extremists beheading people in the name of Islam, except he is using free speech as a platform for his hatred of Islam and the spreading of hate. This is the same series of events that made most of Europe hate jews enough to condone their near apocoliptic demise. No no no,ezra, go to your corner and come back when you have something peaceful to spread. We are all humans, though different in views and ethnic backgrounds and we are all here on this earth together until the final day, unless you plan to exterminate the people of Muslim faith and then you will be a happy fulfilled man. who will you hate then? I also never thoght that people like albertanater and a few other bigots existed in this land. theres places for you in this world; under the rocks that you slithered out from. Get an Education, have some compassion and consideration for your fellow humans unless of course youre above that.

Posted by: FK | 2006-02-14 7:58:51 PM

FK - Are you giving us some excerpts from your updating of Mein Kampf. Clearly bigots like you are crawlling out of your caves giving moral massages to your heroes like Ahmadenijad and Hamas. Thank goodness there are people like Ezra to say "No, we're not going to take it!". Crawl back in your hole FK, Ernst Zundel has left the country.

Posted by: Tolerance Guy | 2006-02-14 8:10:28 PM

FK: Just reverse everything you said about Ezra and replace his name with Muslims demanding apologies or death to cartoonists...drink your kool aid...

People are dying because of these cartoons........doesn't that tell you something about the murderers ??? you people are blaming the victim (the cartoonists, publishers) Whatever happened to personal responsibility.

A kid says that "he made me mad". No, sorry kid, you chose to get mad, no one makes you mad. Apparently, those killing over cartoons are driven to it by 'someone' making them do it.

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-02-14 8:13:39 PM


"People are dying because of this cartoon..."

No, cartoons don't kill people. Islamic extremists looking for an excuse, any excuse, kill people, kill people.

This is still Canada, and we can read (see the DaVinci Code, offensive to Christians by its representation of Christ and Mary Magdalene) and view things (see Piss Christ...) that offend us.

The point is as offensive as it is, we still have the right to say it or show it. It is protected under the Charter, not under Sharia law.

Cartoons are not a hate crime. The actions of people who destroy embassies and kill others are hate crimes.

BTW, Chapters, Coles and McNally all have copies of Mein Kampf for sale. Why haven't they pulled those off the shelves? Or is the standard different for Jews and Christians than it is for Muslims?

The Greek

Posted by: The Greek | 2006-02-14 8:16:13 PM

FK, I'm curious:

1) How do you propose to "compromise" and "work things out" with people who consider murder to be an acceptable, and, in fact, a necessary, solution to anything that offends them?

2) Do you think that they would "compromise" and "work things out" with you? If so, how do you think they would accomplish this?

3) If I'm offended by a certain cartoon depiction of women in the media, which I find offensive because I'm a feminist or whatever, and I go on a murderous rampage because of my beliefs, should this cartoon be forever banned, and should a news story referring to my murderous rampage be self-censored or censored by the government because it might provoke other like-minded women to murder?

4) If I went on a murderous rampage, would you then say it was the cartoonist's fault, or the publisher's fault, or the government's fault... or?

5) If the murderous fanatics tell you your sister, daughter or mother is going to be murdered for whatever stupid reason, are you going to "compromise" and "work things out" - if so, how?

Posted by: ms smith | 2006-02-14 9:14:14 PM

ET & "Rask", please show where I have shown intolerance to the beliefs of others. If that is what you read into my posts, my apologies, I do not mean to offend the belief systems of others in any way, shape or form. I am tolerant of the beliefs of others, but I am definitely INTOLERANT to any form of discrimination.

Thank you Rask, for referring to me as an "adolescent". As a "well-aged" human being, I take that as a compliment, although I'm sure that's not the way it was intended.

Posted by: Angel Laurence | 2006-02-15 10:37:48 AM

Dear Ezra,

A dignified man of such admirable qualities such as yourself surely does not fancy the rest of us as fools? You quite rightly maintain that it is fully within the rights of your esteemed publication to print whatever you deem fit, regardless of the implications it may have for certain minority segments of your readership or the wider public. Certainly, I would defend to the death your right to do just that. However, do not so shamelessly attempt to pass off this primitive attempt at self promotion as the defense of any loftier ideals or values. To do as much is clearly a vacant attempt to veil your debauched attempt to make news. Your vocation is to report and evaluate the news not to make it, if you want a wider readership publish better work. If you wish to defend the principles of free speech I'm sure you yourself, or members of your staff are perfectly capable of crafting intelligent, elegant and informative prose to do just that. Anyone wishing to view the sketches in question can access them in about 10 seconds (as they should be able to) and see for themselves. To insist The Western Standard upholding free speech or standing up to extremist bullies is laughable. Furthermore, to do so is clearly an explicit and shameful attempt of self promotion, not to be applauded, but to be ridiculed.

Posted by: Ryan Wallis | 2006-02-15 10:46:35 AM

Angel- You are really not making any sense. You say that you are 'tolerant of the belief systems of others'. Then, you continue on that you are intolerant to 'any form of discrimination'.

How do you deal with a belief system that discriminates? Are you 'tolerant' of it because it is a 'belief system'?

Fundamental Islamism is a belief system; it is highly intolerant of other belief systems. It insists that all who do not follow its rules are 'infidels' are must be killed. Do you support such a belief system? It rejects the rights of people to practice other religions. Isn't that discriminatory?

Do you support that?
Do you support violence, storming embassies, bombing trains, bombing restaurants - all in the name of that belief system? Don't you think that those actions are 'discriminatory'?

Posted by: ET | 2006-02-15 10:46:50 AM

ET: NO, I am not tolerant to terrorism. I am tolerant and respectful of the RELIGIOUS beliefs of others.

You are the one that is showing your ignorance, in the true sense of the word.

Infidels are those who are not "believers of the book" (sic). Believers are those who are Christian, Jewish or Muslim, not 'non-muslim" as many would lead you to believe.

I suggest you spend time learning more theology. You are confusing muslims with terrorists, and they are NOT one and the same.

Posted by: Angel Laurence | 2006-02-15 1:08:20 PM

Angel - I think you are hiding your head in the sand, with your desperate attempt to state that the terrorists are not also Muslims.

The terrorists are Muslim; they are fundamentalists. There are indeed moderate Muslims who are not terrorists, but, they have to confront these fundamentalists - and assert in public, that the terrorist actions, in the name if Islam, are unacceptable. Until they do this - in the majority - the fundamentalism will continue.

No, this fundamentalism is not amenable to other 'believers of the book' (ie, Christians, Jews). If you read its axioms, you will find that there is only ONE religion that is acceptable - and that is Islam. In SA, it is Wahhabi Islam. There is simply no other religion allowed..no such thing as toleration for 'peoples of the book'.

I know a fair bit about theology - both in the applied and theoretical sense. Again, if fundamental Islamism rejects the rights of other peoples - to their religion, to their non-religion, to their thoughts - it's intolerant. And that's exactly the nature of fundamental Islamism.

Posted by: ET | 2006-02-15 1:20:28 PM

This magazine is so very transperent. Ryan W. summarized this beautifully above.

It's obvious this is far less about freedom of expression and much more about a huge PR stunt, open your eyes.

"Many Canadian retailers have declined to stock the Feb. 27 issue of the Western Standard due to the controversy over the Danish editorial cartoons. If you'd like to purchase a copy, please contact the Western Standard at (403) 216-2270 to have one shipped to you directly"

Stop arguing about Muslim Fundamentalists - unless you're one of them, then most will agree that they have done some very bad things indeed. Then again, there is a small percentage of Christians and Jews who do bad things as well. Should we publish material offensive to these groups on account of a few

There are about 1.2 billion Muslims in this world. How many are fundamentalist? How many are violent? I don't know, but I would like to hear some numbers, and I would be willing to bet that it's a very small percentage. As such, I don't see how infuriorating an entire religion and 1.199999999 billion other people is justified. Rationalize it all you want. The only justification for publishing the cartoons is financial.

Posted by: Chris F | 2006-02-15 7:05:46 PM

To raskolnikov:

"I only debate with people who are rational"

So when you told Patrick above to f**k off. That seems pretty rational. Or is that your definition of rational?

Posted by: Charles | 2006-02-15 7:46:04 PM

I'm disgusted by the ignorance of Canadians around the broad issues involved in this debate. I realize that more and more we're living in the same "culture of fear" as our American counterparts. It disappoints me that Islam and Muslims are painted with such broard stereotypes, illustrating how little we know about the world around us. We fear what we do not know, and fear leads to hate. When interviewed by the CBC, Ezra validated his actions by stating that Christians don't "bomb embassies and behead journalists". Neither do Muslims, but religious extremists and terrorists do - Let's take this moment to realize that they are not one in the same. Enlightenment, that's Canadian.
Also, do poeple seriously think the continued rioting is about the cartoons? Can we not see that this is simply another straw on the camels back? Do we in the western world not understand the generations of war, poverty and violence our fellow human beings in middle east have experienced? I completely disagree with the violent riots; however, they are the result of extremists using the anger and frustration of the people to their advantage. We in the West need to shape-up and realize that we're part of a Global Community. If we don't get on board and get educated, the battle will continue.

Posted by: MEL | 2006-02-17 11:01:44 PM


That's right, its all our fault. Those people on 911, heck they had it coming didn't they? Us disgusting, repressive westerners. And if only we hadn't have shown those darn cartoons. We can't do anything right can we?

Your right, there are many who need to shape up and get educated, and I suggest it start with you sickening apologists, then perhaps we can begin educating the members of Islam on how to behave in a modern society. Of course none of what has happened in the middle east, the wars, the poverty is of there own doing. That would be our fault as well. Unbelievable.

None of this is likely to happen though is it as long as you think we are the problem and cast none of the blame on them.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-02-17 11:15:24 PM


I think you missed my point, which was: terrorists and muslims are not the same! A muslim has as much in common with a terrorist who kills in the name of Islam as a Christian with an extremist who murders an abortion doctor in the name of the bible.
I'm not condoning violence, I think that those responcible for 911 or any other form of violence should pay for that crime. However, what worries me when I listen to debates about these cartoons, or terrorism, and especially reading this blog, is that western culture is very uneducated about Islam, and the main message being fed through our media and cultue is ISLAM=TERRORIST=MUSLIM, which is just not true.
I am a firm believer that we fear what we don't know, and that we hate what we fear - we're threatened by it. This leads to racism, prejudice and marginalization. Extemists feed on this. It's easy for them to absorb isolated people. We see that in gangs right here in our own cities. We cannot leave anyone behind. I think that if everyone around the world took the time to truely experience other cultures, it would be realized that we truely have more commonalities than differences. Maybe then we could have respect instead of hate from both sides of the table. We all must be responcible in this GLOBAL world.

Posted by: MEL | 2006-02-19 6:42:30 PM


You are correct, ignorance or lack of the truth breeds racism and bigotry. But those that bring forward the truths and facts cannot be accused of bigotry. they are acting out of concern and being rightly protective of humanity itself.

We are not against Muslims. We speak against a ideology that comes from a doctrine of hate. We are aginst hate. I would respect the rights of a Nazi, but I would openly speak against the doctine of Nazism. People should be respected, but beliefs are not people. Humanity has the right to scrutinize beliefs and criticise those beliefs if they are found to disfunctional and dangerous to others.

Posted by: Doug | 2006-02-20 1:38:51 PM

And we if don't let them take over our ports, we'll be called "racist," as Arab leaders are now calling opponents to port takeovers in the USA (which Bush--that "Patriot" phoney who is responsible for the erosion of our civil liberties and democratic rights such as due process--is all in favour of).

"Here in the United States, there's a program that only inspects 2 to 4 per cent of cargo as it hits our ports," said Massachusetts Democratic Representative Ed Markey.

"Now, on top of that, the Bush administration is now going to allow a foreign government to play the role in the unloading of all of this cargo as it is now in the American ports.

"And we know that Al Qaeda wants to get nuclear materials onto a flatbed truck and explode a nuclear device in an American city."

I wonder why Bush has no problem with this scenario, yet he doesn't mind abolishing the most meaningful of democratic rights, such as due process? I just wonder!

Posted by: TurboTruth | 2006-02-22 10:43:19 AM

Ezra Levant, you are a publicity seeking, circulation minded, opportunist and nothing more. To put troops in harms way over an arrogant, short-sighted piece of intellectualizing and obvious circulation grab is unconscionable. This story could have waited or been better handled. To slap the face of a major world religion without honest thought or research as to reasons this belief is held or how deeply it is held is poor journalism. If you understood anything about the evolution of religious belief and practice you would understand that some practices are not simply pulled out of the air or meant to oppress their adherents and increase the power of those in charge. To treat this as some medieval, anachronistic belief that needs some Ezra-style enlightenment is the epitome of arrogance and ignorance. I am not Muslim nor religious in any sense but it does not take an theologian to understand the insult/offense you have perpetrated on these good people.

Posted by: Rob W. | 2006-02-24 10:13:35 AM

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