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Sunday, February 26, 2006


I can't remember reading a more troubling column than this one.

I think that, uncorrected, Canada is ten years behind Holland and France, which are fifteen years behind Nigeria.

Posted by Ezra Levant on February 26, 2006 | Permalink


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"Progressive" Toronto is already like that.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-02-26 10:56:46 AM

"Multi-culturalism" will be the death of us.

Posted by: Canuck | 2006-02-26 11:35:12 AM

It's not multiculturalism. That policy is at best an acknowledgement of the totally obvious and a waste of money, or at worst the erection of barriers between races, ethnicities and cultures, mainly to give whites a degree of control over non-whites.

Fun Fact: the places with the greatest racism also happen to be the most multicultural, like Toronto.


"Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

There were 405 incidents of antisemitism reported in 2004 in the GTA, including death threats, bomb threats, physical assaults, serious acts of vandalism and acts of desecration. Toronto has consistently been the highest reporting area and this is reflected in the fact that the GTA figure represents 47.3% of the total number of incidents for 2004. These figures represent a 28.6% increase in the number of reported incidents in 2004 as compared with the 2003 figure, on top of the 45.2% increase from 2003 to 2002. The incidents showed a strong shift to more violent and public displays of hatred, as well as a move away from harassment towards increased vandalism. There were also 14 cases of violence compared to the 10 reported in 2003, representing a one-year increase of 40%."

The BB reported 859 anti-Semitic incidents in Canada in 2004 - 405 of which (47.5%) occurred in the "progressive, tolerant" Toronto area. Alberta, yes "racist, redneck Alberta" had 33. In fact, there were 4 months in 2004 where the GTA had more incidents than Alberta had all year.

No wonder Ernst Zundel lived in Ontario. It was a business decision to be close to his market. After all, they say the first rule of business is "location, location, location."

But this doesn't include racism against non-whites, which I am sure the statistics people could not keep track of in Toronto. Take it from me: any place where a black schools councellor, who said the greatest day of his life was the day he met Nelson Mandela, urged the creation of separate white/black schools, is not tolerant.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-02-26 11:49:12 AM

Make that link:


Posted by: Scott | 2006-02-26 11:52:05 AM

Don't be so alarmist, the West won't submit to sharia laws any time soon.

As Steyn points out, soon the islamists will evolve from anti-Israel&USA to anti-gay&women. Then, albeit not immediately, a lot of people will wake up.

Note that there are also good news, such as McGuinty's anti-sharia stance.

Posted by: Johan i Kanada | 2006-02-26 11:57:54 AM

More cartoon brewhaha in Kiwiland. Predictably those evil Satan loving Muslims don't like it !

The country's national Muslim group, the Federation of Islamic Associations of New Zealand, also protested the episode, saying it was deeply offensive.


Posted by: Nbob | 2006-02-26 11:58:12 AM

Benath your usual level of childishly provocative stupidity.

Posted by: David M. McClory | 2006-02-26 12:03:59 PM

Troubling indeed. The more you read about Islam, even with an open mind, the more you will be troubled about it. Islam is on the march, and multiculturalism and liberalism are helping it.

Posted by: TM | 2006-02-26 12:04:48 PM

I agree TM. The multiculturalism policy in Canada isn't doing anything prevent this crap. Typical response from Robert McClland not smart enough for an reasonable answer so takes a cheap shot at the messanger.

Posted by: Rob | 2006-02-26 12:18:15 PM

As a former Montrealer, I’m surprised that Steyn is surprised, actually I doubt he is.

Mordecai Richler nailed it when he referred to France or French Canadians as only interested in the “pur laine”; pure wool, as they say in Quebec, meaning old-line, white Quebecois.

Also, I’m pretty sure that it was Valéry Marie René Giscard d'Estaing (quite the handle eh?) former President of France, that referred to Israel as “that *hitty little country”.

This was pretty mild stuff before the Trojan horse of radical Muslims arrived.

So yeh, I wonder how many Jews will be left in Europe? Or Gays? And will it be safe for them to even come to Toronto?

Hmm , would Montreal be the safest, relatively?
Steyn’s line of “ Jews are the canaries in history’s coal mine” is a good warning to us all. I’ll keep my eye on the birds … always have … ;>)

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-02-26 12:18:53 PM

is this percentage feflective of the total percentage of Jews that live in Canada?

Posted by: mark | 2006-02-26 12:23:24 PM

Mark Steyn is always a worthy read. He is not affected by the sickness that is Liberalism and uses hard data plus common sense to make his points.

Canada has very much fallen asleep, or should I say was put to sleep by a government that did absolutely nothing but instill their socialist agenda, steal your money, smile and tell you how wonderful we all have it because of them. And a good many Canadians (interestingly enough from the major cities) have fallen for it, hook, line, and sinker.

We toss and turn in our sleep worrying about the burning issues (in the mind of a Canadian, or should I say Torontonian) of the day, SSM, abortion, Canada's sacred cow, health care, but we sleep right through the real problems facing the world.

After all, the nanny state, which we have very much become, (re: national daycare) will save us from all evils. How pathetic.

I have always felt we are at least ten to fifteen years behind the rest of the world, remind me again, how long were the Libranos in power? Absolutely wasted years in which anyone with any pride should be, and are ashamed of.

It is time for this country to wake itself out of this slumber, to shake off the cobwebs and begin the long journey back to respectability in this world. That means looking in the mirror, having a hard look at ourselves and what we believe in. One lesson is to learn by the mistakes of others. It is not to late to save this country, do we have the resolve to do it?

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-02-26 12:32:39 PM

The responsibility lies with the rich, Christian white people of Toronto. Their demands for cheap labor forced the gov't to relax immigration standards. While 99.9% are seeking a better life, extremists can and come through - Air India bombers, the Khadrs, much of Toronto's gangs - just a few examples. Yet Toronto's white people need their cheap labor, which makes them willing to accept extremists as an acceptable risk.

I wonder what they will say when they hijack a plane out of Toronto and aim it towards a US target - or even attack Toronto's subway system.

Alberta cannot take that cavalier attitude. We have people to support, and Ontario's reckless ways are a danger to everyone in North America.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-02-26 12:36:07 PM

Shut up Robert. We won. You lost.

Posted by: Bazoo | 2006-02-26 12:41:14 PM

We need more journalists like Mark Steyn, to tell the truth, call a spade a spade. I'm looking forward to the day when Israel will be back in ALL of the promised land and the "Palestinians" will leave the land they now wrongfully occupy.

Posted by: Herman | 2006-02-26 12:45:19 PM

I suggets countries like France and UK have to change their immigration laws. If one country could take the lead, maybe Denmark or Italy, that would help to wake up other ones. Like a hen brooding a snake egg, France has created itself a complex problem. What is going to happen with 5 millions Koran followers in her bosom? Will the snakes bite their mother?

Posted by: Rémi houle | 2006-02-26 12:46:12 PM

Scott I think our problem is letting in too many blue-eyed, white Scottish socialist ,union leaders;
who have organized CUPE into Custer’s Last Stand.
Sitting Bull can see the whites of your eyes.
Don’t confuse the canaries for buzzards.

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-02-26 12:52:48 PM

Why does France spend more time keeping headscarves off of school girls, than investigating hate crimes against Jews?
I'm suprised Steyn didn't mentioned some recent incidents in Quebec (like at Concordia...or the firebombing of a Jewish school) in is column.

Robert McLellan: Ezra pointed you to a column filled with disturbing facts. Do you have no comment on that? You're attacking Ezra for one line he wrote introducing someone else's column?

Posted by: Charlotte | 2006-02-26 12:58:19 PM

It was the outcry from feminists, in large part, that just barely prevented Sharia from getting into this country. But once things reach critical mass, it won't matter what feminists, gays do or say.

Posted by: Canuck | 2006-02-26 1:07:09 PM


Facts and reality mean nothing to the mind of a Liberal. Always remember these same people just finished voting in over a hundred Liberal seats, knowing the facts.

It is the same mindset that allows people to blindly follow a faith, example, Islam, such as the radical terrorists do.

"Groupthink" is practiced and promoted by the left, just as individualism is denounced. It can be a dangerous thing, whether it is done here at home or by radical groups abroad.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-02-26 1:17:58 PM

I wonder if the Nigerian "solution" will spread? It seems to me that when you let something get out of hand this will indeed be the case. By continually acquiescing and groveling to Islamic demands the world is heading to just such a “solution”. Any bully only bullies until he gets punched in the nose, pretty black and white, pretty simple.
I can already hear all the “intellectual” shrieks of being simplistic but I have found those doing the squealing are usually part of a problem.

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2006-02-26 1:41:48 PM

The Muslims are very organized in their campaigns. Check out the Toronto Chapter,


They have adopted the PR tactics of another vicious cult, $cientologists, who align themselves with seemingly humanistic causes in an effort to garner respect. Just like the $cientologists, behind it all lurks a deadly, vicous, murdering cult that wants to rule the world.

Also, as this article indicates, Scientology and Islam are two religions gaining favor in Hollywood:


Posted by: Canuck | 2006-02-26 2:10:24 PM

Maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel regarding the Ilan Halimi anti-Semitic murder.
33,000 marchers is significant.

“An estimated thirty-three thousand people, marched in Paris today, including ministers and politicians of all stripes, joined in a show of force against racism and anti-Semitism on Sunday, marching through the French capital after the torture and killing of a Paris Jew, Ilan Halimi

Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin declared, in a long speech delivered at the annual dinner of the CRIF, that this heinous crime was anti-Semitic, and that anti-Semitism is not acceptable in France. He promised that the perpetrators would be captured and punished. Two French policemen were sent to the Ivory Coast with an international warrant to arrest Mr. Fofana who flew there on a one-way ticket on Feb. 15, the day that his photo appeared in Le Figaro. “

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-02-26 3:03:52 PM

The recent problems of the West -- the Islamic encroachment of European values and traditions, the looming demographic disaster, the increasing anti-Semitism -- are really the fallout from years of blithe greasy relativism coming from the Left. Their utter and complete reliance on the suffering of others for political capital means that redress and murder are more or less equivalent now, while mere disrespect, even when royally earned, is considered a gross injustice, a deliberate infliction of suffering requiring the righteous defenders of goodness to intervene.

What that means in practical terms is that if the Left decides that, say, gays and Islamists are both disrespected by the patriarchy/corporations/powers-that-be, they will organize and take action to defend the rights of gays as well as the rights of those who would murder them. They don't discriminate, you see; if women and certain brutally misogynistic tribal cultures are both disrespected, the Left will stand up not only for women's freedom, but also for equal cultural rights for those who would brutalize free women.

The possibilities are mindless. The seemingly strange alliance of the atheistic, sexually and socially liberal Left with the theocratic violent oppressors of women and gays isn't so strange if you look at the freak-show moral flexibility of the Left.

These are sorts of people who will attend rallies against racism to show their support for those who avowedly will not rest until every Jew is dead. And then they'll tell you, straight faced and a bit angry, "it's all about respect. Open your eyes, man."

Posted by: EBD | 2006-02-26 6:22:52 PM

Exactly EBD exactly. I call them the mean people.

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2006-02-26 6:35:45 PM

They all need to read this:


Posted by: Canuck | 2006-02-26 6:43:22 PM

Why I left Islam:


Posted by: Former Islam | 2006-02-26 6:45:12 PM

Robert McClelland,

Their is no excuse for an educated person such as yourself to be so ignorant, gullible, and narrow minded.

Obviously from your renmarks, informed people living in the west wont be relying on you to help defend their freedoms when it counts.

Posted by: Doug | 2006-02-26 8:13:08 PM

Former Islam,

Congratulations for having the courage and intelligence of logic and reasoning to break away from the cult of Islam. You must be a true humanist to have found enlightenment while being trapped in such a dungeon of mindless and brainwashed robots. Welcome to humanity.

Posted by: Doug | 2006-02-26 8:22:12 PM

That is horrifying. Thank you for posting this.

Posted by: Cromwellian Canuck | 2006-02-27 6:22:18 AM

Please leave people like Robert McClelland alone. They are simply advertising their own websites and do not wish to participate in the discussion. I would love to be proven wrong on this though.

John M Reynolds

Posted by: jmrSudbury | 2006-02-27 9:27:05 AM

"a government that did absolutely nothing but instill their socialist agenda, steal your money, smile and tell you how wonderful we all have it "

And you know who is behind much of the progressive socialist beliefs? THE JEWS (well not Ezra - he runs the magazine for Canada's Taliban)!

Jews have HISTORICALLY supported progressive and socialist causes so I find it funny that all you right-wing nuts rage against socialism but fall over yourselves to support the JEWS when they are BEHIND much of it.

Course young Jews like Ezra have turned their back on the traditional Jewish political stance and one could make the case that he's self-loathing (they say it about Chomsky - a VERY lefty JEW!)

Certainly the militarism of Israel confuss the issue but most Jews are 'left' so when you rage against 'socialism' your actually being anti-semitic. Makes sense right?

Posted by: Christianity killed way more | 2006-02-27 8:01:39 PM

Pierre Trudeau was Jewish, and his minions that followed? Man you learn something everyday from intelligent souls such as you.

Take a long walk on a short pier you hate filled moron.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-02-27 9:27:43 PM

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