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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion

My latest, at the Star, about missile defence.

Cross-posted at Wonkitties.

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I’m amazed the Red Star would print that. Do you have your own token right wing cell at Number 1 Yonge?

Also I’m surprised the Star would let one of its members even talk to anyone with the neocon Montreal Economic Institute. I also was surprised to learn recently that one of the Desmarais women funds that Institute.

Are all my left wing conspiracy theories wrong?
All I can say is that I’m happy to be wrong about these matters.

I thought it was funny when John Manley (a Liberal no less) once said in the context of Canada’s cheap skate attitude on defence:
“ Canadians are like the guy who goes to the washroom just as the restaurant bill is about to arrive.”

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-02-26 2:28:10 PM

Thanks for writing this important peace. I wouldn't expect this at the red star.

we would also do well with big a push for stopping all Muslim immigration into Canada. That would be the most effective thing we could do to secure our countries freedoms.

The next best thing is stopping all politicians from immigrating to Ottawa .. epecially Peter MacKay, Jihadist sympathizer that he is.

These are scary times for freedom loving people. We must do something soon or the Leftists will win and therefore so will the Muzzies.

I ardently hope to be around long enough to see the looks on the faces of the lefties as they are marched to the local soccer stadiums for their executions. There is no tolerance for Leftist thinking in the Muslim world. They prove that daily.

Or will the Left suddenly find religion and get down on all fours to praise their new deity?

Woman and Gays should be leading the charge against the Jihad as they will the first to feel the true wrath of these maniacs.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-02-26 2:29:05 PM

I get the sense that the MSM are puzzled by Harper. They are used to controlling the political scene by their tactics of defining public opinion. By 'define' I mean that they report what, according to them, is 'majority opinion'. With the Liberals, this majority opinion was extremely important, and the Liberals followed and catered to it. That meant that the MSM, largely leftist, defined the political scenario.

With Harper, they have someone who seems uninterested in their actions and opinions - i.e., their actions as fiction-writers. His gov't is going ahead with quite a number of things - and the press seems to be running AFTER him, rather than pre-writing reality and having the political system..follow their columns.

So- Harper is going ahead with the military in Afghanistan, going ahead with rebuilding Canada's military; going ahead with removing the gun registry, with changing the child care program, changing the provincial-federal relationship; changing accountability and appointments (SCC)..all kinds of things are being done. And that's in barely a month.

Furthermore- These are things that three months ago, would have led to massive hysterical articles in the MSM. Now- we see and hear either nothing, or articles actually accepting our military, accepting a strategic role, accepting change, etc, etc.

Interesting change. Is it because the new political system has an agenda - and its agenda is clear, defined, and under its control..while the old system had no agenda..??

Posted by: ET | 2006-02-26 3:00:38 PM

ET he’s not only got the MSM puzzled, he’s got me puzzled.
He used to be angry, I’m still angry.
Now he’s like Reagan, happy go lucky. What does he know?

Could it be as simple as 1989 Berlin Wall deja vu?
Harper has realized that modern day rapid communication is tearing down the “walls” and barriers. Perestroika and Glasnost?

Perestroika [restructuring] was the term attached to the attempts (1985–91) by Mikhail Gorbachev to transform the stagnant, inefficient command economy of the Soviet Union into a decentralized market-oriented economy. Industrial managers were granted greater autonomy.

Glasnost … An official policy of the former Soviet government emphasizing candor with regard to discussion of social problems and shortcomings.

Is Wonkitties on the bleeding edge with her Red Star article? Methinks Wonkitties knows ... ;>)

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-02-26 3:21:19 PM

I don't think it's so much that there's 'anything in the hidden corridors'; rather, Harper has an agenda. It is coherent, integrated and functional. It has nothing to do with public opinion polls, which are 'Manufactured Opinions', created and developed by the MSM.

His agenda is - as he stated. And, it's the right direction for Canada. Alignment with the USA in economic and military goals; strengthening Canada's military and its military operations in the world as part of the defense of the industrial world against tribalism; more power to the provinces;

changing the dysfunctional and mythic 'free health care' to a public/private functional health care; getting rid of MSM old hags - such as the gun registry which was a creation of the MSM/feminist lobby and has zilch to do with the safety of anyone; changing child-care, changing appointments...the rapidity and range of changes is enormous.

And barely a whisper from the MSM. They began their focus on Harper with trivia, trying to control him by their focus on 'his emotions and whether he hugs his children or shakes their hand' (what a disgusting focus; it's none of their business)...and then, moved into the screeches of Emerson/etc...and now..they are floating. They don't normally get involved in infrastructural issues. The MSM are focused usually around emotional hysteria...and they've tried to turn the SCC appointment into one such..breathlessly suggesting it's an 'incredible change'. And of course, there's that idiot H. Mallick...an incredibly ignorant and biased woman (a Diana-freak)...

But- Harper is ignoring them; he's going ahead..and the fact is - the timing is right. Canada has been in an absolute sinking morass for a generation...and..it's ready to change.

Harper is rather like Reagan and Bush. He simply goes ahead with his agenda...and doesn't bow to mob histrionics.

Posted by: ET | 2006-02-26 3:45:52 PM

OK. Maybe I have to remember that as a baby boomer there has been, as you say “a sinking morass for a generation”, only one big top of mind issue for Canada which was Quebec separation. While other countries, like China have been going through massive change we were appeasing Quebec with Liberalism (the Liberals threw in a few other “victimized” clients as well)

Now that’s over. Even Bouchard says it’s over. Now we can start to mature politically, stop being myopic and get involved with the geopolitical issues of the day. Hence Harper goes to Afghanistan.

But the Liberals and the MSM have been still caught-up in their decades old tag team to release the latest emotive bafflegab to keep the propaganda machine humming.

Maybe emotive bafflegab is over and Mike Duffy and Jane Tabor don’t know what to do.

Enter “Wonkitties” … hehehehe … conservatism is so much fun.

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-02-26 4:07:27 PM

Rondi, what do you have on who at The Star? BLASPHEMER!!!! You are poluting vulnerable young left-by-default minds.

Nice work.

Posted by: NCF TO | 2006-02-26 9:36:05 PM

"Woman and Gays should be leading the charge against the Jihad as they will the first to feel the true wrath of these maniacs."

We would but we're too busy dealing with you people.

I know, I know - they wanna kill us while you just want us to be happy with secondary status well no one told Rosa Parks, "sitting in the back of the bus is WAY better than being threatened with beheading."


Oh and a scientist proved years ago that for 100,000 a dirty bomb can be flown over the Atlantic Ocean in a radio-operated mini-plane and fly UNDERNEATH any bullshit 'Missile Defense' shield.

Oh and ET, get your facts straight a VAST MAJORITY OF CANADIANS DID NOT VOTE FOR THE HARPER AGENDA. Sorry to bring up 'democracy,' I know you have a big problem with it.

Posted by: Christianity killed way more | 2006-02-27 7:45:41 PM

>Oh and ET, get your facts straight a VAST MAJORITY OF CANADIANS DID NOT VOTE FOR THE HARPER AGENDA. Sorry to bring up 'democracy,' I know you have a big problem with it.<

Moron, or should I just call you "justin"? Something you need to understand... you lost the election, live with it. That is democracy, and obviously it is you that has a problem with it. Something else you need to understand, a vast majority of Canadians have never voted for the pathetic Liberals and their agenda either, and never will.

And these same people will never, ever bow down to the kind of sickness that had affected you. So get used to that as well.

Posted by: deepblue | 2006-02-27 9:45:28 PM

"you lost the election, live with it."

A majority of Canadians voted for PROGRESSIVE values - a common sentiment in all the other NON-Conservative parties - so therefore I did win. Now Harper realizes that he can't be perceived as having ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU PEOPLE if he wants to get a majority so watch him repeatedly betray all your 'right-wing nut' ideals. Good times!

Posted by: Christianity killed way more | 2006-02-28 6:56:26 AM

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