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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Persian Rhapsody

The music of Queen is officially welcome in Iran. (Well, some of it.) The late Freddie Mercury, who was of Iranian descent, and who was so gay, is apparently hugely popular in the country where you can be executed for being gay. Also, according to this article, some of Elton John's songs are officially "acceptable" in Iran. Go figure!
A step in the right direction, I'd say.
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In case you were wondering...Mercury was not of Muslim descent. His family was of the persecuted Zoroastrian community of Iran, and emigrated to England in the early 1960s.

In case you were wondering...Zoroastrianism is the most ancient of monotheistic faiths, and was the primary religion of the Persian empire for centuries, but has been all but wiped out by Islam.

Posted by: NCF TO | 2006-02-21 3:10:57 PM

I can just picture the scene now...some robed, bearded Ayatolla (sp) wandering down a side street in tehran with his flock of followers when all of a sudden they turn the corner and hear "Fat Bottom girls" blasting from a window...
...."Another One bites The Dust"

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-02-21 9:49:41 PM

Mark, as long as we're the ones singing 'We are the Champions' when 'Ol aya is another one to Bite The Dust, I don't acre what the old bastard is singing. Think he's Under Pressure these days?
OMG, so cheesy ... can't ...stop...Have to Break Free ..argggggggggggggggggggg

Posted by: Stopthetrain | 2006-02-21 10:19:41 PM

LOL...as long as he "Don't Try Suicide"...and then decide that "I Want to Break Free"...because I can almost hear him now yelling..."Save Me", I need "Somebody to Love"..............that was fun, but I think I'm ok now.

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-02-21 10:26:18 PM

This whole thread is turning into A Night At the Opera.

Posted by: Prometheus | 2006-02-22 1:23:33 AM

Why is Elton John being included in this? Surely you're not suggesting he's gay. I'm still recovering from finding out about Liberace.

Posted by: dan | 2006-02-23 3:06:53 PM

dan: hello ? Elton John ? Liberace ? dan, are you helen keller or something ? Crazy Little Thing....

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-02-23 3:38:24 PM

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