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Monday, February 06, 2006

Our Dominion

Lileks buys an old map of North America.  For the land north of the 49th parallel it reads "Dominion of Canada".  Sigh.

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David Emerson should be recalled. Or democracy meand nothing. You can help.


Posted by: Dave | 2006-02-06 5:56:40 PM

Wow, two signatures. Pretty big petition you have going on there.

Posted by: Andrew | 2006-02-06 6:13:37 PM

Yay! Another internet petition! Those always remind me of that huge one that was circulating all over the world back around 2000 or so, it was to stop the Taliban from abusing women in Afghanistan...

Posted by: calgarian | 2006-02-07 7:01:52 AM

calgarian: Let me guess. Was there a petition to protest the presence of US and Coalition troops in Afghanistan soon afterwards? I wonder how many people signed both petitions. Crazy world.

Posted by: Scott | 2006-02-07 7:18:37 AM

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