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Saturday, February 25, 2006

New Straits Times caves

. . . apologizing unreservedly, here, for this, here.

Upon the Western Standard's publishing the Danish cartoons Ezra Levant made a telling point as to how innocuous were the cartoons published by the godless Danes. Who knew the Danes had a sense of humour? I guess I shouldn't be surprised . . . the Danes are just being true to their Lutheran heritage of humour inaugurated by Luther himself, as I pointed out, here.

But getting back to the Western Standard publisher's point about "innocuousity" . . . and his follow-up point, here: how vehement are the pronouncements of some Muslims and how restrained is the reaction from Western modernist, secular liberals, in stark contrast to their reaction over such as the innocuous cartoons.

So, I wonder . . . How innocuous could a cartoon be and still provoke outrage from Muslims and modernist, secular liberals? How over-the-top, inciting-to-hate-and-violence could a pronouncement from an Islamist be and still bring forth only a blase response from those same modernist, secular liberals?
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I have to say I was impressed with the clarity , the zeal, the personal excitement of his too when I saw Ezar on the CBC news speaking about his right of posting of the Danish cartoons. It was a Real, live, valid Emotions we now even rarely see and hear from even most of our news Editors, elected representaives in Canada. I agreed with all he Ezra had there pointed out too.

Posted by: paul | 2006-02-25 4:01:07 PM

We had this particular item up this morning on Half Wisdom Half Wit

No surprise - the government-run Radio Television Malaysia took on the New Straits Times, and has certain powers over newspapers. Something to keep in mind when living in a country with a CRTC, a CBC and vaguely-worded hate crimes laws.

Posted by: Halfwise Halfwit | 2006-02-25 4:20:03 PM

Odd that Mr. McClelland would make such a comment virtually following on the heels of a post on his blahg that insists he doesn't mock Christianity . . . suggesting that the IRA is Christian.

If he has them, his Ulster Scot forebears must be rolling in their graves . . .

Posted by: Russ Kuykendall | 2006-02-25 5:40:52 PM

A very small group of people riot in Ireland, in a conflict which has been condemned by most of the Western world. And assface thinks this is the equivalent of riots sweeping the world, riots which are endorsed openly by islamic leadership and tacitly by lefty dimwits in every corner of the globe.
By the way, some of you people atually visit that blog? There's actualy something there? I mean, the guy spends most of this time here, balanced precariously on his hind legs, barking for attention.

Posted by: nazz rune | 2006-02-25 6:04:14 PM

Again it proves, whether Ireland or anywhere else in the world the fundamental freedom is not speech but freedom of association. Once groups are free to associate they will establish appropriate speech norms that fit their society. This liberal notion of universal freedom is garbage. Once again, even the high priest of liberty J.S. Mill recognised that liberty can only truely exist in a homogeneous society. It would not matter if prophets were defamed, holocausts denied or if protestants demonstrated if those groups who wish those protections resided in their own society.

Posted by: DJ | 2006-02-25 6:10:21 PM

Is that the best you can do RM? THAT is your 'ace', your comparison to stick it to the "right whingers".

You are a total twat.

Posted by: BD | 2006-02-25 7:31:33 PM

Patronize the Muslims for world peace. Western media, politicians and academia should give Muslim leaders a nice pat on the head to soothe their tender sensibilities. We should all heap praise on Islam and tell them how wonderful they are, that would help their collective 'self esteem' and everything would be right with the world.

Posted by: simpleton | 2006-02-25 7:48:16 PM

I don't think the innocous rating on a cartoon is important to whether it should be published, If their is public outrage which was clearly evident here it should be pulled, and an apology be made. The Differnce betwen these two questions is that the First is condoned by the print media, CRTC and the Canadian Governement, and the second is by some indivual saying it. The two scenarios are not compareable.

Posted by: Colin | 2006-02-25 7:59:02 PM

If the public outrage in Canada which was not clearly evident, altogether not even 1 percent of the Canadians public had so far protested against the cartoons todate, so they should not be be pulled.

How many Non Muslims are outraged about the inadequate Muslims reactions, most of them, and how many non Muslims support the posting of the cartoons, most of them too.

Simply let the Muslims stop all of their killings , the wrongful killings of other Muslims too, and then there will be no need to publish the danish Cartoons.

Muslims were murderous killers before the cartoons began and they are not about to stop unless they are put into jail. Stopping the cartons will not stop these Islamic loonies.

Posted by: The Public | 2006-02-25 11:35:33 PM

Islam is taking advantage of a structural flaw that exists in Western society. It is called "political correctness".

The west has become so obsessed with political correctness that it has become an intellectual sickness. Political correctness really means expedient lying when speaking the truth is not convenient. It has become such a disgusting habit that is so widespread and so common that it is now considered being normal. This Western culture weakness is a Godsend for Mulsims, and they are taking full advantage in order to suffocate the truth about Islam. We see a perfect example of this with the recent flare-up over the cartoons.

Muslims insult all other religions everyday. Their so-called "Holy" Quran is an insult to all Christians, to all Jews and everyone else. Read it for yourself if you don't believe it! It calls the Jews rats, pigs and apes. It teaches that all non-believers are "najis" (filthy, impure) and Hell-bound. The Quran literally instructs Muslims to fight the unbelievers, "chop their fingertips", "behead them", "crucify them" and "deal with them harshly". See Surahs 5:33, 9:14, and 9:73. And so Muslims went berserk when a Danish Newspaper published a few cartoons of Muhammad.

Muslims do not like their Prophet ridiculed, but the cartoons themselves did not drive them to such insanity until their own politicians decided to stir them into violence. Muslims can be truly brainless and volatile people. They can easily be manipulated. In fact, just a few days after Jyllands Posten published those very cartoons the Egyptian newspaper al-Fagr reprinted them as well, during Ramadan of all things, and there was no violent reaction in Egypt or elsewhere, and no apologies were demanded of al-Fagr. The potential for violence always exist in Muslims but they usually need someone to stir them, like a bee hive, so they can become hysteric.

When Muslim leaders met at their OIC summit, (Organization of Islamic Conferences) they decided this is an opportunity for them to take advantage of the "Political Correctness", the weakness of western people, and thus score some political points.

Of course the vast majority of naive political correctness westerners do not realize that this is an Islamic ploy, a forward step in the on-going Jihad to subdue all of the non-Muslims. And so several western countries issued apologies to appease the Muslims. That was a victory for Islam.

Political correctness has developed into a major defect of the western ethos. How many people are aware that some Western countries have passed blasphemy laws, that would put you in legal hot water if you say anything negative about Islam? Author Oriana Fallaci is now being sued in her own country of Italy for writing "The Force of Reason". Her book talks about the treatment of non-Muslims in Islam, The truth behind Jihad, etc... This now means that the truth about Islam cannot be spoken, however Muslims are given complete freedom to spread their religion with "taqiyya", lies and deception.

Were truth is suppressed Islam thrives. Which is the main reason that westerners convert to Islam. No sane westerner would convert if they had the facts about this cult of hate and destruction. They are simply lied to, in the way a used car salesman who tells you only the finer qualities of the car you look at. How can we expect our society to survive when truth is banned and lies are allowed? Political correctnes has become a insanity in our culture. If not corrected itself this major structural flaw will eventually make our Western civilization crumble.

How soon before ALL newspaper cartoons disappear?

Posted by: Doug | 2006-02-26 2:24:04 AM

Doug - Kudos to you for kicking over the rock.
It's been an education - a crash course.

It has been obvious for years that the PC Brigade
has been trying to push North American culture towards some form of nihilism.

Trudeau actually said that what he wanted to see for Canada was a system like they have in Red China or Cuba and the Liberals have imposed it (socialism) to any extent possible ever since.

Take heart in the fact that we finally pushed them off the throne in the last election. I have to laugh at the way the political leftys and their lapdogs in the media are acting like their intellectual hair is on fire.

One very important book that should be required reading in every high school was first printed in 1983 and widely available still.

It's called "The Ominous Parallels: The End of Freedom In America" by Dr. Leonard Peikoff.

He wrote it to prevent that from happening. A great read.

Posted by: Javahead | 2006-02-26 4:21:53 AM

>>as to the Cartoons being published by the godless danes, Godly or ungodly still, any person had a right to express theur rage against the Muslims own past uancceptable acts and to post the cartoon. So shut up about it and do just have another danish with your cofeee.

And just cause cause a few rotten apples give the rest of the country a godless reputaion, that does make it also a godless nation. Denmark or Ireland included.

85 percent of he Danish population are members of the evangelical Lutheran Church, Denmark has lie Canada too now both good practising Christians and yes the hypocritcal, bad ones too.

Danes are the same people who in world war II also tried to protect many Jews from the Nazis. Unlike the Muslims who do try to kill them instead.

You really do got it backwards again the Muslims are the killers, murderous, mostly just another Hitlers, Muslims are the the ungodly persons.


Posted by: Reality Check | 2006-02-26 10:19:10 AM

Islam never has figured out how to separate of church and state.

Render onto Ceasar what is Ceasar, render onto God what is God's was not written by some middle ages reformer ... it was the words of Jesus written nealy 2,000 years ago.

Islam says it's OK to hack somebody's head off if you disagree with them. They give each individual a god-like responsibility, placing them in a position of judge, jury and executioner.

No wonder it's the fastest growing religion among the U.S. prison population.

If somebody disagrees with you ... off with their heads – or at least, it's OK to shoot them.

After all, they're so much superior to anybody else ... in their own minds.

As Jed Clampett used to say: Piiiitteeeful

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-02-26 3:44:57 PM

Is there such a thing as a moderate Muslim?

I truly believe Osama bin Laden is the logical ultimate Muslim ... he's following the example of Muhammad to the letter.

Check it our yourself. The No. 1 priority is to obey Allah. The No. 2 priority is to be a warrior, to carry the Sword of God.

Kill, Kill, Kill. Goood Muslim.

Posted by: Set you free | 2006-02-26 3:49:01 PM

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