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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

More cartoons

Daryl Cagle has assembled an impressive collection of cartoons about the reaction to the dreaded cartoons. For a sample of how cartoonists from around the world have been responding to this absurd situation, click here.

Posted by Kevin Jaeger on February 14, 2006 in Current Affairs | Permalink


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Ezra Levant of the Western Standard is an idiot, he's up there with lawyers chasing ambulances for new clients. I have never been more embarrassed as a Canadian than to watch him on CTV news defend his reasons to reprint these cartoons. You came off more like a school yard bully than a responsible publisher. Re-printing inflammatory cartoons in the name of free speech, BS you are trying to stir up trouble to increase your ego and subscriptions at the cost to fellow Canadians. Thanks for putting our troops at risk, you want to be a crusader, join the forces, go to Afghanistan and I would like to see you pull those cartoons and your views out and see how long you will be left alone on the streets. Not only do you insult Muslims, but you insult non Muslims like myself with your childish stance. You want to pick a fight do it on your own time, don't use Canada and the media to be your soap box for your own personnel views!

Posted by: A True Canadian | 2006-02-14 8:51:01 PM

well i beleieve you are really racist people because these silly stupid cartoons and you are hiding behind the fake civilization, you are really uncivilized people no difference between you and any dirty animal in the jungle.
you himulated and abused our book and and our profit but we will never do that for the bible neither jesus , because we appreciate and believe christianity is holy message from god, iam so sorry for you, you are really mental sick
and if you are really brave and believe in the free word please tell the world about the israeli occupation to palstinian, syrian, lebanese lands and the war crimes that happened every day over there , you can? of course not
because simply you are hypocrite and racist

Posted by: mohamed | 2006-02-14 8:56:46 PM

If those all those muslim guys weren't slacking off and dancing around for the TV cameras all day they might have a shot at building their own civilization and could leave ours alone if they don't like it.

Posted by: A Real Canadian | 2006-02-14 9:12:21 PM

To: a True Canadian
Thank you for stating my feelings. I am very disturbed by the power that the media wields so carelessly in our world today, and I am concerned that the abuse of power has only just begun. Think about it: If we ever managed to achieve world peace, what would the media write about? It is very much in their personal interests to inflame world affairs, as we have seen recently. I believe this is a wakeup call for Canadians: The press is abusing the right to free speech for its own ends, regardless of who suffers. It is time to reconsider what constructive functions the press can serve in our society. Insulting peaceful Muslim Albertans and other Canadians hardly seems constructive. Insulting terrorists is just stupid...and places our troops in danger, as you have said. Let Ezra go to the front lines in Iraq or Afghanistan and hold up his beloved cartoon, and take the consequences himself!!
The right to free expression also brings responsibilities ... and consequences.

Posted by: C Kidd | 2006-02-14 9:20:29 PM

One word STUPID!

Posted by: XYZ | 2006-02-14 9:24:25 PM

This guy is Mossaad secret agent
He is trying to drive Canada into war.
He is working for Israel secret service
Canada should expel him
He was born in Israel.
He does not care for Canada
My message for stupid Levant
Live Canada alone
Go back to your Israel
Your hands are bloody with Palestinians blood

Posted by: Mike | 2006-02-14 9:29:15 PM

We are subscribers to The Western Standard. We would like to applaud your decision to keep us informed, thereby putting into perspective where the absolute hatred really lays - with the radical muslims who seem to be crawling out of their safe havens even in CANADA to spew more of their venom and attempting to disrupt free speech. Hopefully we will all become more vigilant about whom we invite to live in our country - peacefully! As for the dangers to our military in the Middle East who were already looked upon as infidels - hiding in fear will only make the enemy more arrogant. Thankyou Mr. Levant for your courage.

Posted by: Eliz | 2006-02-14 9:29:24 PM

Some of these are funny and pithy and to the point. And not an image of Mohammed among them.

Posted by: truewest | 2006-02-14 9:31:59 PM

What a foolish and inconsiderate action.

At what point do we, as Christians, realize the fact that Muslims believe in their religion to a much deeper perspective than we do? The fact is, they will die and they will kill in defensive of their beliefs.

What right do we have to say that they are wrong?
We claim we accept others and yet this magazine feels it can publish cartoons that they are well aware are offensive to Muslims.

In turn you have offended many Canadians.

Was this the intention?


Posted by: jevanzella | 2006-02-14 9:34:29 PM

The Western Standard has every right to publish these cartoons under the Freedom of Speech. Just because certain muslims find these satirical cartoons inappropriate doesn't mean they have the right to force the media into selective censorship.

Posted by: Luke | 2006-02-14 9:40:33 PM

"As I have said before, as far as several aggressive European governments are concerned, and as far as the Great Satan [the U.S.] is concerned, it is permissible to harm the honor of the divine prophets, but it is a crime to ask questions about the myth of the Holocaust, and about how the false regime occupying Palestine came into being."


Happy Valentine's Day.

Posted by: Plato's Stepchild | 2006-02-14 9:57:01 PM

It is very sad to see ignorant Islamic opportunists use the "cartoon issue" to provoke hatred and violence. However, speaking as a non-Moslem Canadian, it is much worse to see ignorant and self-serving non-Moslem Canadians who should know better use this issue to offend all Moslems, insult the intelligence of the majority of Canadians and indeed put Canadian peace-keepers at risk. Ezra Levant - do you know the meaning of "responsibility"?

Posted by: David Short | 2006-02-14 9:57:24 PM

I also have the right to stand outside a Catholic Church holding a sign that reads "Priests Rape Kids". But it doesn't make it a good ideal.

Posted by: truewest | 2006-02-14 9:59:09 PM

"I also have the right to stand outside a Catholic Church holding a sign that reads "Priests Rape Kids""

Your chances of being guillotined while committing this act are remarkably low.

Unless you smoke.

Posted by: Plato's Stepchild | 2006-02-14 10:03:17 PM

And the odds of Ezra facing anything more serious than a human rights beef in this country are also remarkably low.
Given the cartoons contained in the link above, its hard not to question motive. They're all funnier and better drawn (and less "blasphemous" at least to Muslims) than the ones he did run. Of course, he might actually have to pay the cartoonists. And he wouldn't get nearly the press.

Posted by: truewest | 2006-02-14 10:10:34 PM

The Western Standard and other publishers have in effect have become the straw that broke the camels back.

What purpose other than increased sales or exposure did the Western Standard have for publishing the cartoons?

I would be upset if cartoons of Jesus were depicted negatively or depicted at all if my faith prohibited this, it does not.

This of course does not justify innocent death and flag burring.

The Danish people are not guilty of blasphemy, perhaps the press is.

Posted by: Concerned | 2006-02-14 10:26:22 PM

Don't let Ezra see this one....


Posted by: Mark Logan | 2006-02-14 10:26:53 PM

The Western Standard just proved itself clueless.Insults directed toward another person's religion are hateful and disrespectful. They do not promote respect for plurality or freedom of religion that we should covet as Canadians. The arguments that the Western Standard uses around free speech are the same ones used by hate groups. Just surf the net, and I'm sure you'll agree...

There are limits to free speech. I wonder what the reaction would be to an anti-semetic cartoon? One doesn't have to see the cartoons to understand that they have emotionally affected and insulted people. I will not buy Western Standard again.

Posted by: Chris | 2006-02-14 10:31:35 PM

Soooo Mohamed you say these are hate crimes? HAH!!! we're bigots? well I wasn't, but I'm beginning to lean in a direction. The middle east is the cradle of civilization? Hmmm... well, I cried alot had temper tantrums and shit my self a lot when I was in the cradle too. All other cultures are fake and lesser than that, really? well for starters what language are we writing? What is the foundation of the culture that created the machines we are using? By the way you backward thinking savage minded troll mounted son of a cross eyed incontinent goat, you really do not want to unite the western world against your homelands, we'll get inventive and stop buying your oil.

To the silly assed cowardly white hearted individuals who are saying essentially that we should capitulate bowing in weepy eyed terror at the feet of tyrannical islamic fascist bullies lest our soldiers face greater danger than the extremists they are already facing, I say Fine go live with them under their laws. If you want to live in terror having someone else do your thinking for you, GO, GET OUT, heres a boot in the ass to help speed you on your way you chicken shit loose boweled coward! GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY AND STOP VOTING! you don't really want to participate in real self government anyway!

To Jevanzella. At one time in the west's history between 1500 and 400 years ago the countries that now make up western civilization beleived in their religion as the modern radical muslim beleives in his now. Many many wars were fought about it in fact more wars were fought between members of what is now called christianity than what is commonly known as the crusades. The Muslims of the time breathed a sigh of releif and often provoked fights to keep our inter-necine wars going. My point is this, having a medieval level of faith in your religion does not give you the right in the modern world to act medievally by burning people at the stake for being a witch, nor does it give you the right to burn down a Danish embassy for a fucking bland cartoon about Mohammed. BTW Jevanzella if these cartoons offend certain "-canadians" then it is right and good that they are offended because then maybe they will reveal themselves to be planted and cultivated foreign enemies of the state, or they can grow the hell up.


Posted by: Daryl Haaland | 2006-02-14 11:10:00 PM

HEY CHRIS!!! you are being stupid, please realize that the commentary which you just wrote would not be permitted in a totalitarian regime, the likes of which you are cowtowing before. I hope you see the irony here and revise your thoughts about free speech.

or you could move there


Posted by: Daryl Haaland | 2006-02-14 11:15:28 PM

Ezra levant is selfish opportunist, his main goal is to make more money form his paper,offending an appreciable segement of his fellow canadians and the muslim world at large is "collateral damage". Of course Iam innocently ignoring sinister ramifications.

Posted by: farid | 2006-02-14 11:21:21 PM

The muslim reaction to these rediscovered cartoons is very a curious phenomena. I have spent several years in Muslim nations and while this hype looks out of chacter for them from one perspective in that they allow liquor sales to non-Muslims and not to Muslims, for example, in an apparent recognition of, and respect for the differences in belifes.
Muslims in accepting Islam also are agreeing to accept the help of Sharia police to maintain their faith. This help is not, "offered" to non-Muslims, we may go to Hell if we choose to. I am not a Muslim and I may picture Mohammad any way I chose, Muslims may not picture him at all. Naturlly my picture of Mohammad is colored by the only information I can get about the historical figure of this great leader of men. I have the historical data that he was a shrewd bargainer, a great speaker, and a sharp military leader as well as a serious theologian. But, I also have the behavior of Muslims who respect him as a prophet and should know him better then I do, to help me form my impression of him. Based on the acts of Muslims there is good reason to believe that Mohammad was a mad terrorist, but that is based on the Muslim presentation of their Mohammad based belife, I do not share this Muslim representation of the man. My picture of Mohammed is much kinder and the cartoonist could well have been saying look at what the terrrorists say about Mohammad, as I am hearing them. This is, after all a common funtion of political cartooning, to help us see. It seems to me that I as one who respects Mohammad only as a great man and not as a prophet have more respect for Mohammad then the Muslims who hold him as a prophet and must not even speak his name without adding ,"peace be upon him".
These cartoons are truthfull depictions of the picture that Muslims have given us of Islam and Mohammad. Some in the West who have no other basis to form an opinion except what they hear on the News are not interpeting the data honestly for themselves. I can only guess that their bad judgement has caused them to believe that they can appease these people. Wishfull thinking is playing a great roll in forming their conclusions as well as the ready-made defensive conclusion in they minds that anything that may help weaken the West is good. For some of us being Western is just to much to live up to and it seems easier to belive we cannot measure up because we are to good to measure up. This cheap rational feeds both the Islamic misrepsentation of their prophet and the misrepresention of the West's generousity to Muslims and others. Let's not forget that the only Muslims in Denmark are there because they were derelict refugees, the Danes gave them a place to live and worship freely and openly and in Denmark they are given the help they need to grow strong and support themselves. (I have also spent some time in Denmark.) Muslim nations did not offer these people anything and it is the EU which has contributed the most to Palestines rebuilding, no Arab nation has given as much except for bombs and other weapons.
The blame for this erroneous picture of Mohammed rests squarley on the shoulders of Muslims.
Of course not all Muslims are terrorists, some are only accomplises. This is not Islam as I know it. What I see Muslims following today is a cheap but fearsome religious chauvinism like nothing the world has seen before, bar none.
In reality I do not believe that anyone can be so charged up as they are without being deliberatly misinformed. These demonstrations, and attacks are less an honest protest then a show of power and solidarity. That is what makes the peacefull demonstrators accomplises to the Embassy burnings and attempted kidnappings. The Canadian demonstrations are peacefull but they give creedance to the terrorist leadership in the the nations that have violent demonstrations. That is unfortunatley what some Imans and Mullaws want.
Unfortunately this must get worse before it can be seen for what it is. God help us all, I fear that is the reason that we'll begin to see it calm down now.

Posted by: Christian H. | 2006-02-14 11:36:16 PM

It's amazing that such a widespread international "crisis" is going on in the world at this time, and the mainstream media has decided that we don't need to see what is at the root of it all. It's part of a news story now, it's not making fun of anyone or any religion.

It's just as amazing that Chapters Indigo and other retailers are so hypocritical as to take Western Standard off the shelf because of the cartoons. How many books and magazines do they sell every day that would offend numerous religions, cultures, people? I never heard of them pulling the Rolling Stones Magazine off the shelf when it recently had someone posing as Jesus Christ on its cover. Why not? Because no one is going to riot or have violent protests over it.

What kind of message is Chapters and the mainstream media sending? If you're violent and threatening, then we'll respect your religion/viewpoint, otherwise we don't care. They're playing into the terrorists hands - letting them win.

As for putting our soldiers at risk, I doubt it. How many people in Pakistan or Afghanistan are checking the newspaper to see if any media in Canada has published the cartoons? All they care about is we're part of the West, and the cartoons came from the West. Our soldiers are in no more/less danger because of Western Standard.

Posted by: John H | 2006-02-14 11:51:46 PM

Isn't it kind of idolatry to name your kid Mohammed ? I mean really ? As opposed to a cartoon ?

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-02-14 11:52:10 PM

Its remarkable that the "canadian" apologist voices all advocate what the "moderate muslim" voices do. They whisper Islam-(submission), Islam-(surrender). We are supposed to suppress political cartoons to appease a sensitive minority because they are known to be passionate people (they may murder you). We are to be sensitive because the "moderate muslim majority" cant be held responsible for the "extremist muslims" (who pop up like mushrooms when you lest expect it). The message is pretty clear dont you think?
We are told to be "responsible" in the use of our free speech (so as not to rile the hostiles)but the limits had better soon be hammered into law soon so as to end the confusion, I'm sure there are numerous muslim organizations who are already prepared to give the authorities the appropriate verses of the Koran to use as quide lines.

If that day comes it will be "a painful doom " for us unbelievers ( as muhammed /allah were so pleased to say so often)

We need to realize that there are no extremist muslims, there are no moderate muslims, there are just muslims. Find the Koran online and read some for your self...it is most illuminating.


Posted by: Robert Merritt | 2006-02-15 12:35:59 AM

Great cartoons! They're scathing!

But then the humourless Islamic world is pretty much a caricature of itself. So it's an easy mark.

Keep them coming.

Posted by: Mohammed | 2006-02-15 12:48:54 AM

Make no mistake: This story is not going away, and neither is the Islamofascist threat. The freedom of speech we take for granted is under attack, and it will vanish if it is not bravely defended. Today the censors may be coming for some unfunny Mohammed cartoons, but tomorrow it is your words and ideas they will silence. Like it or not, you should all be Danes now.

Posted by: Leif Hansen | 2006-02-15 1:54:58 AM

Muslim outrage?

* Muslims fly commercial airliners into buildings in New York City. No Muslim outrage.

* Muslim officials block the exit where schoolgirls are trying to escape a burning building because their faces were exposed. No Muslim outrage.

* Muslims cut off the heads of three teenaged girls on their way to school in Indonesia. A Christian school. No Muslim outrage.

* Muslims murder teachers trying to teach Muslim children in Iraq. No Muslim outrage.

* Muslims murder over 80 tourists with car bombs outside cafes and hotels in Egypt. No Muslim outrage.

* A Muslim attacks a missionary children's school in India. Kills six. No Muslim outrage.

* Muslims slaughter hundreds of children and teachers in Beslan, Russia. Muslims shoot
children in the back. No Muslim outrage.

* Let's go way back. Muslims kidnap and kill athletes at the Munich Summer Olympics. No Muslim outrage.

* Muslims murder more than 50 commuters in attacks on London subways and busses. Over 700 are injured. No Muslim outrage.

* Muslims massacre dozens of innocents at a Passover Seder. No Muslim outrage.

* Muslims murder innocent vacationers in Bali. No Muslim outrage.

* Muslim newspapers publish anti-Semitic cartoons. No Muslim outrage

* Muslims are involved, on one side or the other, in almost every one of the 125+ shooting wars around the world. No Muslim outrage.

* Muslims beat the charred bodies of Western civilians with their shoes, then hang them from a bridge. No Muslim outrage.

* Dead children. Dead tourists. Dead teachers. Dead doctors and nurses. Death, destruction and mayhem around the world at the hands of Muslims ? No Muslim outrage

...but publish a cartoon depicting Mohammed with a bomb in his turban and all hell breaks loose.

Posted by: Karen West | 2006-02-15 4:05:38 AM

>"By the way Mr. Levant, I suggested that CAIR-CAN send copies of the PBS dvd and book on the prophet to your paper."

Unfortunately a picture is Worth a thousand words, and the poor acts of Muslims are worth millions of words..

so you can send all of the Muslim Cd's about the prophet Mohammad and it would not change the really big pictures of what the rest of the world thinks Muslims are really like themselves now.. their acts of hates, murders, persons who are selfish, self centered, dictatorial and as evudent once more badpersons who like to shove their bad religion down other people's faces.

Posted by: Mr Nobody | 2006-02-15 6:02:36 AM

The reaction to the cartoons demonstrates that the old word - Mohameddean - is the correct expression. In fact, if not in theory, they are worshippers of Mohamed. Insofar as the notion of submission is involved, they are submitting to Mohamed's false teachings, not to God. Hence, again, the word "Mohameddean" is appropriate. Therefore, the cartoons are legitimate political and religious expression, exposing the true nature of the Mohameddeans' belief system.

Posted by: A Proud Canadian | 2006-02-15 7:05:30 AM

What dont you morons understand. Ezra has and always prints only 40,000 so stop this *hit about doing it for profits.

Posted by: s | 2006-02-15 7:56:52 AM

salam alykom
peace be upon you

this is what our prophit used to say for his nighbour the jewish one as his neighbour used to take his garbage and 1 day he didnt find the garbage so he went and checked on him (cause he knewd thers something happend to him) so he passed on him and found him sick and the jew guy was shock that MOHAMMAD (SA) knoking his door cheking on his health . .

we are not in matter of fight here if those picture are right or not but the most inporant thing that people trying to say that MOHAMMAD (SA) IS NOT WHAT HE IS
islam doesnt alow to draw picture of our prophit cause our religion camed to forbid the warshpping of materials ,and it teached us that theres only 1 god.
to prevent people from warshiping picture s and statue and draws .......

the wierd thing in what is going on MOHAMMAD (SA) who teached the meaning of freedome and led the people to the light of humanty to be pictured in this ways it remmber me in the days when he was alive and people said on him his a liar and other said his magician and other said his crazy and other said his ...... alot of people can say alot of things but none when he faced him prooved his right and in the same time MOHAMMAD (SA) he only prayed for them to come to his side and when they attacked him and his people he send his people to a safe place and he was the last one that left MECCA and went to MADDINAH to make sure that all are safe .
WHAT s more nice and fantastic that jew they doesnt belive in jessus and the chrsitain they doesnt belive in MOHAMMAD (SA) BUT OUR GREAT PROPHIT BELIVED IN JESSUS MOSSES IBRAHIM AND ALL THE PROPHITS(may god bless them names) BEFORE HIM .
to my dear CANADIAN CETIZEN our PROPHIT told us about a day that islam will become like a firball in hand of muslims .
and the islam will be weak and human nation will return back the same as they were before not including the few people who are holding on islam like the firball, thanks to you people .

Posted by: SALAMMMMM | 2006-02-15 8:12:57 AM

Ok guys this is what really happened.

Me and Hamad were leafing through a Dutch art magazine looking for ... well cute Euro babes actually ... when we spotted one of these cartoons. I said "the infidels are mocking Muhammad, look!", but Hamad had spotted Miss Copenhagen in the center spread and was oblivious to my remarks.

Anyway, rumors of these "Muhammad cartoons" persisted in the Muslim community, but most people didn't care less. Hey, this is Denmark okay - all kinds of kinky stuff goes on here - blasphemy is just business-as-usual.

Anyways, there were some mad Islamist types - you know almost fanatics - who decided everyone couldn't go on ignoring these cartoons. So one of these guys, Nutternazi by name, made a point of gathering all the Muhammad cartoons he could find that had been produced by Danish artists. When he and his fellow psychotics sat down to review them, they were frankly disappointed.

"Holy", said one, "these are a bit tame - except for the bomb in the turban!"

"Yeah", replied Nutternazi, "these won't create the type of mass psychosis we need to whip up. Hey Abdullah can you draw?"

Abdullah was a mad, bug eyed fanatic who went to mosque twenty times a day, but it was known that he was quite good at sketching. He nodded and picked up a pencil.

In a matter of minutes, Abdullah had sketched a rather bad cartoon of Muhammad with a reptile tail and the word "pedophile" written beside him.

"Good work dude!" said Nutternazi. "How about giving him some fangs!"

Abdullah added a set of fangs and also some fish scales.

"Perfecto", said Nutternazi, "okay I'm calling all my contacts in Egypt and Jordan and I'm heading over there to publicize this stuff."

When Nutternazi made it over to Cairo and Amman, he was frankly disappointed. In one meeting at a local cafe, the two imams who were present seemed more interested in discussing the merits of the humus they were eating than expressing outrage about the cartoons.

"Hey man," said one, "they're toons. We all know Europeans are infidel curs ... so? Hey kick back ... enjoy."

Nutternazi was deeply upset by this show of nonchalance, so he decided he would go to visit a notoriously unhinged imam named Al-Loonybinamei, who lived near the local bazaar. When Al-Loonybinamei saw the cartoons, he went ballistic and ran out into the street. Some of his followers were loitering around and they began to form a crowd, pushing and shoving, as Al-Loonybinamei waved the cartoons and held forth ...

"Look what the filthy infidels have done! Look! They have drawn the prophet to look like a snake with fangs and they accuse him of being a pedophile!"

Before long, various disturbed people in the Islamist community began getting worked up. This "madness" began to spread kind of like an infection.

Before long people were burning Danish flags and chanting "death to Denmark". In Amman a journalist pulled aside one young girl who was chanting in protest and asked her a few questions.

"Why are you doing this?"

"Ummm, I'm not sure. Everyone is going nuts so I decided to go nuts too."

As the mass psychosis spread around the world, Nutternazi headed back to Denmark, satisfied that he had scored a home run for the prophet. However once back home, the local press got hold of stories about fake cartoons and he began to feel somewhat exposed. In order to avoid being held responsible for the growing mayhem, Nutternazi assumed a posture of naive incomprehension.

"Gee", he said to one reporter, "I had no idea that this thing would explode like this. I was simply trying to do the right thing".

When he said this, a couple of his friends who were chowing down on McDonalds french fries began to choke.

"I see", said the reporter, "so you had no idea this was going to happen?"

"None, I am deeply shocked", said Nutternazi.

So there you have it. The true version. Stay tuned for episode two.

Posted by: Ayatollah Ripoffartistri | 2006-02-15 8:16:02 AM

I have to admit - I'm disturbed by the uninformed nature of some of the comments on this post. I think it is a 'just and valid' action to publish the cartoons. Why?

1) The Islamic world is in, itself, a state of crisis. This crisis is not, unfortunately, isolated within itself but the Islamic world has diverted the focus on the problem to, rather than deal with these problems, attempt to NOT deal with them by its attacks on the West. The problem remains.

2) The problem of Islam is that its people have been moved in the last generation into a modern industrial economy, but, their political and economic and intellectual mode has remained tribal.

Tribalism is a mode of intellectual, economic and political organization that works only within a small peasant-agricultural population. There is no middle class; there is no capacity for thought, science, analysis, criticism, questions.
There hasn't been a single scientific development from the ME for about 1,500 years. There isn't a single Nobel winner in any field; indeed, the Nobels are dominated by the West.

The ME has remained locked into a mentality that functions outside of reason, outside of science, that rejects the individual, that looks backwards, that is unable to progress; that relies on the West for every single technological advance in medicine, technology, chemistry, physics, biology....everything, everything. There has been no intellectual innovation from the Arabic world for 1500 years. The Far East woke up 100 years ago (China); and Japan, a generation ago; and India..20 years ago. Only the ME has remained locked into a mentality of tribalism. And, its refusal to evolve this mentality has turned it into a fascist ideology. What has assisted its refusal?

3) The switch from the fossil fuels of coal and gas..to oil. Suddenly, these desert lands - and they are deserts - have an economic role in the industrial world. BUT, BUT - they themselves haven't moved their mentality into this industrial mode. They themselves don't develop any science, technology...The oil has simply enabled the tribal elite to establish themselves as military dictatorships over their people.

4) Then, the population began to grow, with this input into the ME nations of food, housing, and the requirement for low-skilled labour in the oil industry (the skilled workers are from the West). BUT - the political system remained TRIBAL. A hereditary elite ran the country; no middle class developed who could take control of their own future. They remained passive peasants.

5)This is an impossible situation to maintain - whether you look at the imbalance socially, or biologically. Huge migrations of people to the West (but only low-skilled; the ME schools don't train skills)..relieved some of the stress. So, the political tribalism remained.

But..it has reached its limits. With the internet global view, people can't be isolated from 'what's going on in the rest of the world'; and..with the creeping democracy of other countries..people want power over their own lives rather than living within the heavy hand of a tribal elder. And..with the increase in population, the repressions have become heavier and more severe.

6) The crisis is that the old tribal powers in the ME want to retain power over their increasing population - a population that has more than doubled, tripled, in the last three decades. But, a tribal infrastructure requires a passive population.

So, fundamentalism Wahhabi Islam developed to ensure this. A terrible Islam, repressive, dictatorial, not merely inhibiting but preventing all thought. BUT - this mentality won't suit an industrial economy. How can you operate an industrial economy with passive slaves who cannot think?

7) The unrest exploded externally...Think of a pot filled to the brim, beyond the capacity of the pot to hold its content..and it boils over. The unrest boiled over to the West.

The West has to protect itself against this attempt of the old ME to retain its old tribalism. The ME is trying to USE the West in this attempt. First, it is setting up a Sraw Man, a fake enemy, to focus its people's attention away from their own lack of freedom, away from the notion of democracy and a genuine part in the modern world...So, it is very important for tribalism..to maintain the West as Evil. That keeps the people in a state of high excitation, rage, emotion...rather than thought and critical analysis. So-Bomb the West; try to get the West to attack; Kill Westerners...Make up fraudulent cartoons..

anything - to prevent dealing with the basic problem of Islam - its refusal to evolve into the 21st century and permit its citizens to think, and develop as a middle class.

8) The moderate Muslims, those who have migrated to the West, are important tools in this crisis. The imams who are part of the ME tribalism, keep them passive and also, unable and afraid to think. So, they try to get the West to enable them to maintain their passivity!!! They are not, in Europe, moving into a middle class, but remaining locked into a dependency on the ME imams and a lower class, unskilled group.

Very dangerous. But, acting as a powerful force in the West, to help the ME maintain its tribal dictatorships.

9) The moderate Muslims in the West must confront this use of them - and refuse to be a part of a fascist agenda. How? By confronting that agenda. By starting to think about the dictums of Islam, by evolving it into a religion capable of functioning, not in a peasant tribalism, but in a modern industrialism.

That means - equality of women.
That means - science, critical thinking, education.
That means - moving into a middle class in the west and not demanding special status to maintain that peasant mentality.
That means - confronting the fascist behaviour of the ME Wahhabi version of Islam.

9) The cartoons were political questions. They were posing important questions - about the difference between the ideology of Islam and the actions of Muslims who say they are carrying out their violent murders 'in the name of Mohammed'.

The people who must confront this - are both the West - who must DEMAND answers; and the Muslims, who are refusing to deal with the problem.

10) For the West to be silent, to give into the fundamentalists, to act just like the immigrant Muslims who have fled to the West and are silent...that's an action which ENABLES this fascist terrorist to continue.

Now- if you think that enabling this terrorism to continue, by our silence and our refusal to confront the problem...'harms our troops in Afghanistan'...I'd like to ask. Why do you think they are there in the first place..except for the reality of fascism? And our silence will only ENABLE fascism to continue.

Posted by: ET | 2006-02-15 8:20:44 AM

Perhaps Ezra should publish cartoons of Abraham, Moses and Jesus to see how the muslims would react. After all those are also prophets in the Coran. The Coran even list more miracles peformed by Jesus than the bible does.

Posted by: Yves | 2006-02-15 8:28:57 AM


You sound like a good and decent man, who wishes to do what you believe God wants you to do.

In Canada, there is freedom of religion. People are free to follow their beliefs, although it is still substantially a Christian country.

I'm not a Jew, but I understand that many Jews believe that a man named Jesus existed, but that He was not the Messiah nor was He God. I believe the Jews are wrong on this point, but I am not to violate their consciences' by trying to impose my beliefs on them, nor do I prevent them from expressing their beliefs. By the same token, they cannot force me to render "God" as "G-d", simply because they disagree with the spelling "God". Christians and Jews agree to disagree peacefully, and in the end God (assuming He exists) will sort things out.

I, as a Christian, do not believe that Mohamed was God's prophet. Maybe Mohamed was crazy, maybe he was deceptive, or maybe Satan misled him; but he was not God's messenger or prophet. As a Christian, it is my right, and my duty to God, to point out to people the errors of Mohameddean theology, and how people are harmed by the Mohameddean religion. In that respect, you have no right to prevent me from making and publishing cartoons of Mohamed, anymore than Jews can prevent me from using the spelling "God".

God bless you, Salammmm, and I hope you see the truth of Christianity, and in particular Roman Catholicism.

Posted by: A Proud Canadian | 2006-02-15 8:45:31 AM

Good comment ET...I think you are right. I'm horrified at some of the comments on this thread attacking Ezra Levant and free speech generally.

Posted by: BillBC | 2006-02-15 9:03:30 AM

Religion of Peace?

Try selling that in:

Bali, Beslan, Haifa, Jerusalem, Lockerbie, London, Madrid, Moscow, Munich, New York City, etc. etc. etc.

Posted by: Mike | 2006-02-15 10:01:17 AM

I think every paper in Canada should have published the cartoons. We must not let fanatics decide what we can and cannot read. Where are all the moderate Muslims?

Posted by: Brent | 2006-02-15 10:39:20 AM

Personally I don't believe any religion has a monopoly on God, nor a monopoly on the path to God. But I do believe in live and let live, so, if the Prophet is a man that leads people to peace I condone it as much as a Christian is willing to believe Jesus is the path and so on.

Call me religio-gnostic -- to me they are all people who led lives in the hope of bringing meaningfulness to the unanswerable. But they also segregate people into tribes....

Posted by: MDcanada | 2006-02-15 10:55:46 AM

Bravo A True Canadian
Your post 14-Feb-06 8:51:01 PM says it all and more!

I really would like Ezra Levant (said to be "known for his staunch defence of Israel" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ezra_Levant) take another look at his motives.

ON CBC radio he also said that he thought he would be one of the last to publish these. This makes me wonder why he did not write the story that should be told. We know the reaction has been violent in many countries, I for one am more interested in knowing why that is.

By the way Mr. Levant, I suggested that CAIR-CAN send copies of the PBS dvd and book on the prophet to your paper. Maybe you will print something more relevant than three month old cartoons?

Posted by: MDCanada | 2006-02-15 11:32:11 AM

Mike, Mike, Mike,
Please try not to paint all terrorists with broad brush strokes, portraying them all as one. I do beleive that you are in error when you paint in the Lockerbie event(reasonable response to clear western provocation), as a muslim terror attack. Actually, I think that one belongs to the hiding-in-canada, peace-loving organization called CSYF(canadian sikh youth federation). They are NOT muslim terrorists. They are dedicated to the brain-washing of children in their religious schools(tax payer funded), special legal dispensations in their adopted country(they already have a start, see safety head-gear exemptions to law for turbans, or the legal right to carry concealed weapons called kirpans), and, of course, the overthrow of a respected democratic country back home(India), in order to achieve what they cannot get done by peaceful or legalistic means, the overthrow of a western-style state, to be replaced by yet one more theological dictatorship, with laws firmly entrenched between the stone age and the iron age! If people persist in giving the proud victory of SIKH terrorism, to the muslims, we could end up inflaming the sikh terrorists to new heights of fervant hatred, and violence, simply because we fail to recognize their glorious achievements, and 'force' them into escalated acts of terror from sheer lack of respect for their tolerance, and respect for mankind. We sure would not want to be the cause for that, now would we? So, either do as the military must do, which is let the bodies lay where they are, and GOD will sort them out, or follow the canadian model, APPEASE, and CAPITULATE!
Another religion of peace?
Brotherhood of man?
I thought so.

Posted by: RJ | 2006-02-15 11:57:00 AM

The following is a list of fair and impartial contemporary scholars' testimonies about Mohammed :

Fair contemporary celebrities, upon reviewing and reading the biography of Allah's Messenger SAAW fully admitted his honor, nobility and leadership. The following are some of their testimonies

1. Mahatma Gandhi, in an interview with Young India Newspaper, said, 'I wanted to know the characteristics of the man who possesses the hears of millions of people, without any doubt. I became fully convinced that the sword was not the mean by which Islam gain it positions and grounds. It was rather the simplicity of the Prophet, his truthfulness, promptness, dedication, and devotion to his companions and followers, besides his unmatched courage and his unparalleled trust and confidence in His Lord; Allah, the Almighty, in addition to his full belief in his Mission and Message of Islam.
These matters were the qualities and descriptions that paved the way and eased the difficulties, and not the sword. After completing the second volume of the biography of Mohammed, I felt sorry that there wan not enough materials to learn more about his life.'

2. Professor Rama Chrishna Raw, in his book entitled, 'Mohammed, the Prophet', says: 'We can not know the entire personality of Mohammed, but all what I can present of his life is fantastic scenes…

There is Mohammed, the Prophet and messenger, Mohammed the fighter, the businessman, the spokesman, the reformer, the orphans' guardian, the slaves' protector, the women's liberator, the judge, and all these roles were enough to qualify him to be a hero.'

3. The Canadian orientlist Dr. Zuwaimer, in his book entitled, 'The East and its customs', says, 'Undoubtedly, Mohammed was on of the greatest Muslim religious leaders. We can rightly say that he was a super efficient reformer, eloquent, brave, courageous, great thinker whom we should not attribute to him any description that contradicts the above qualities. The Glorious Quran, which he brought forth for humanity, is a great testimony for this claim.

4. The German orientlist Britly Saint Heller, in his book entitled, 'The Orientlists and their creeds', says, ' Mohammed was the head-of-the-state, who looked out for the life of his people and their freedom.
He punished those who committed crimes and felonies during his lifetime. He called for the worship of One God; monotheism.
He was extremely kind in his call to his religion, even with his enemies.
He possessed two characteristics in his personality amongst the highest qualities: justice and mercy.
5. The British writer and critique, Bernard Show, in his book Mohammed, which was ordered to be burnt by the British authorities, says, 'This world is in a bad need for a man with the thinking style and ability of that of Mohammed. This Prophet who always placed his religion in a respectable and honorable position.
This religion is the strongest to digest all civilizations and be an eternal religion.
I notice that many British citizens embraced Islam rightfully. This religion will find great accommodation in Europe.

The clergy men in the middle ages, as a result of discrimination and ignorance, had painted a dim picture for Mohammed. They considered him an enemy for Christianity!.
However, after researching his personality, I discovered that he was a great man. I concluded that he was never an enemy for Christianity; rather he should be called the savior of the humanity.
In fact, if he is given the leadership in our world today, he will resolve the entire world problems in a manner that secure peace and prosperity for the entire humanity.

6. Senrasten Asoji; Semitic languages professor says in his book, 'The history of Mohammed's life', 'We would not be fair to Mohammed if we denied his great qualities and characteristics.
Mohammed led a real battle against ignorance and barbarism insisting on his principles.
He continued to fight against the oppressors until he reached a clear victory.
His religion is the greatest religion and he is above all great people in history.'

7. Senex, the American orientlist in his book, "The Arabs' Creed', says, ' Mohammed appeared after five-hundred-and-seventy years of Jesus, His mission was to promote and improve the human minds by introducing the best ethics and morals to them and teaching them monotheism, and informing them about the Hereafter, or life-after-death.'

8. Michael Hearts, in his book, 'The 100 most influential people in history', 'Choosing Mohammed to be the first, most important and greatest men in history may surprise the readers, but he is the only man throughout the history who succeeded on the religious and worldly affairs levels.

There are messengers, prophets and wise men who started great missions, but they died before completing them, such as the Messiah in Christianity, Moses in Judaism.

But Mohammed is the only messenger who completed his religious message and all it rulings were complete. Complete nations and peoples followed the religion of Mohammed during his lifetime.

Besides, he established a government and a state, which is considered as a worldly affair as well. Mohammed united all the tribes and clans in one people and established laws-of-life. He set his nation to preach the religion to the rest of the world. Therefore, he is the only man throughout the history who succeeded on the religious and worldly affairs levels.
saudi arabia
9. The Russian writers; Tolstoy, whose literature and writings are considered to be on the best international literature: 'It suffice Mohammed that he salvaged a humiliated bloody nation from the grip of Satanic customs and put them on the road of development and progress. The Shariah laws of Mohammed shall spread all over the world because it agrees with the common sense and wisdom.

10. Dr. Shperk, the Austrian says, 'The entire humanity should be proud that a man like Mohammed belongs to it.
Despite his being unlettered man he was able to bring about a legislation system that we will be the happiest people is if we reached its peak and the maximum of that legal system.'

11. The English philosopher, Thomas Carlyle, the Nobel Prize winner says in his book, 'The Heroes', 'It is extremely shameful to anyone to believe that Islam is nothing but a bunch of lies. And, it is equally shameful to believe that Mohammed is a liar and cheater.'

We must fight such shameful rumors. The mission that Mohammed achieved and fulfilled is still the lit candle for the past twelve centuries for approximately two-hundred-million people.
How would one believe that the principles, which this huge number of people lived and died by were a mere lie and trick!?

12. Ghotte; the German writer also says, 'We, the European people, with all our thoughts and concepts, did not reach yet what Mohammed had achieved. There will be no one to beat Mohammed and his principles that he called for. I have searched the history for the best example, and found it to be in the personality of Mohammed.
Truth must prevail as Mohammed was able to subject the entire world by the pure words of monotheism.

These were some excerpts of the some of the renowned international scholars of the world concerning Prophet Mohammed .
Why then to say, write or publish harmful items that destroy and harm instead of construct and benefit.!!

Posted by: Muslim | 2006-02-15 1:14:21 PM

A brief reality check for "Muslim".

Christ did complete His mission. As God, He completed His mission by dying in the Passion, rising from the dead and establishing his Church on earth. He then charged His followers to spread the faith throughout the world. Conversion by force is meaningless; the truth must be freely accepted. The early apostles and disciples believed and accepted Christ, even to their this-worldly detriment and even death.

On the contrary, Mohamed did not succeed in spreading Mohameddism throughout the world, notwithstanding Mohameddism's approval of forced conversion and the this-worldy rewards Mohamed gave to his followers. In fact, Mohamed even failed to secure a trouble-free succession.

Christ was consistent in his message. Mohamed improvised and changed his tune as circumstances changed.

The content of the Judaism which continued after Christ was altered from pre-Christ Judaism, in response to the coming of Christ and the Christian message. Christianity's perfection of Judaism makes logical sense, in the context of both Christianity and Judaism. By contrast, the rise of Mohameddism did not alter the content of Christian teaching, nor does the existence of a prophet after Christ make any sense.

Finally, Christ led an impeccable life. Mohamed, at age 54, married Aisha (aged 6). The marriage was consummated three years later. Aisha stated that Mohamed lusted after her when she was five.

Finally, look at the fruits of the message of universal love and respect found in Christianity, versus the message of violent jihad found in Mohameddism.

Posted by: A Proud Canadian | 2006-02-15 3:06:12 PM

For more insight into Islam, and a few good laughs, all atheists and peace-loving religious persons should go to http://www.islamcomicbook.com. to open their minds to the amusing truth about our hero, Mohammed.

Another fun site is http://thereligionofpeace.com/, which keeps track of the number of Islamic atrocities committed since 9/11, not including that filthy despicable crime itself. There have been 4,238 such around the world as of the moment I write, including such perversions as decapitating schoolgirls in Indonesia for the sin of being Christian.

Like most people, I was unaware of the psychotic, paranoid nature of Islam before their jihadists went on a rampage in the West. I suppose we were actually lucky they were unable to contain themselves for another few years, until they could bring us defenceless and unawares under the unholy sway of Sharia, one blazing riot at a time. And that is exactly what is happening in Nigeria and the Sudan right now, while we sit around pontificating about silly CARTOONS.

If mere drawings, and misplaced Muslim delusions of grandeur can foment the current ruckus, imagine what real power in the hands of the mujaheddin will bring. One fine example of the earlier benefits of Muslim piety is the slaughter of 85,000,000 Hindus and Buddhists in the name of Allah on the India sub-continent in only 100 years, in the 13th and 14th centuries, before the invention of really effective weapons of mass destruction.

So what if cartoons are mean to Mohammed, a mythic villain at best - Mohammedans are murder to real men, women and children now, and the sooner it is realized publicly the better. Thanks Denmark, hope you win the World Cup.

Posted by: Peter in a place I hope they can't find me | 2006-02-15 3:56:49 PM

To a proud Canadian:
It is quite clear to me that since you use the term “mohameddism” it means that your resources are bias and misleading. It is never called mohameddism. It is called Isalm. Mohamed was a man, a prophet from God. And indeed islam spread as we are more than billion muslim now and increasing.
You also have been mislead by bias and false resources. Come on you people, use your mind and sense to judge what you read.
I will not argue with you about who is Jesus. you have your religion and I have mine. As for Mohamed marring Aisha at an early age (9 not 6) that was common in the age of Mohamed. Prophet Soliman had more women than you can count. Plus Mohamed never lusted, cheated, or betrayed anyone. This is a complete lie.
Let me tell you an interesting story to you that you might be really interested in:
The people of Mecca continued to practice torture against whoever is found to be a Muslim specially those who belong to low social classes. Prophet Mohamed (SAW) requested to his companions to flee to Ethiopia and seek asylum to King Nagashi who was expected to provide them with security.
This suggestion came as a result to the deteriorating circumstances prevailing in Mecca, due to which, most of the Muslim group became seriously concerned about themselves and their families. This took place on the fifth year of the Prophecy. Around seventy Muslims with their families immigrated,
People of Mecca plotted a plan against the immigrants so they sent precious gifts to King Nagashi asking him to hand in the runaway group. They sent him a message including that Muslims are evil and corrupted
King Nagashi (being a true wise Christian) inquired about this point from the Muslims.
One of the Muslim refuges said addressing the king: “ we were people living in complete darkness, worship idols, commit sins, cut kinship ties, treat our neighbors badly, the strong eats the weak we were like that till God sent us Mohamed peace be upon him whom we know for his honesty, and truthfulness. He asked us to worship God, the one God, and to stop worshiping the idols, he asked us to speak only the truth, be trustworthy, join the ties of kinship, be good to your neighbors. Do not battle among each other, do not steal the orphan’s money, be good to the women and do not spread lies about them. He asked us to worship God the one and only God. He asked us to pray, fast and give charity. We believed in him and followed him. That is why we were tortured by the people of Mecca so we fled with our families to your country to protect us”
They clearly explained what Islam is. Therefore, King Nagashi granted them security and refused to hand them back to people of mecca.
In the quran there is a whole chapter about Mary. If you have time you can read it. http://www.submission.org/efarsi/arabic/sura19.html

Posted by: Muslim | 2006-02-15 10:36:48 PM

All you monotheists are Full of baloney, at least in so far as you deny the existance and validity of each others beleifs. Quit gazing at your own navels or, more accurately, inner transverse colons, sit up straight and look around. The world is a huge and diverse place with many cultures and ways of life why then should we not also have many Dieties and ways of beleiving in those Dieties, the answer is so obvious even dogmatically blinkered buffoons such as your selves can recognize it if you choose to stop fighting.


Posted by: Daryl Haaland | 2006-02-15 11:41:13 PM


If you go back and look at my posts, you'll see my main points were that (1) no religion should use force to suppress the peaceable exercise of another, and (2) that the publication of the cartoons also contains an element of religious expression (from a non-Mohameddean perspective) in addition to political expression.

However, it is interesting that I elicited the admission from "Muslim" the Mohameddean that Mohamed like 'em young. He tries to say "it was common then". Well, when Khomeini took over in Iran (1979), one of the first things he did was make marriage legal for girls as young as 9, because if it was good for Mohamed, it's good for any man, even today. An inkling of what perversions are in store if they take over.

Anyway, how can you compare Christianity - the source of our society and freedoms (see for example yesterday's Italian supreme court decision) - to the depraved, degenerate and violent cult that is Mohameddism.

Posted by: A Proud Canadian | 2006-02-16 2:35:26 AM

for a proud a canadian
you said that christianity is relligion of peace and islam is a religion of violenec!!!

1-well islam treated consider all people are equals it does not matter if you are black, yellow , white...
3- christian brought blacks from africa and consider and treat them as slaves in theire colonies right?

christianity really peaceful!

4- christian send many of waves to invade muslim country in the name of cross ( crussade wars) and made alot of genocides to my people and these wars lasted for 200 years.

christianity really peaceful

5- christians went to americas ( the new world ) and killed the native indians and treaated them as animals in the name of christianity.

christianity really peaceful!!

6-christians descriminated jewish and burnt them in world war 2 , you remember?

7- christians occupied all the world and used the native people and the resources of these countries actually stole them you remember that?

christianity really peaceful!!

8- world war 1 and world war 2 ten of millions are killed right?
christianity really peaceful!

9-using nuclear weapons against japanese and killing hundred thousands and as i know that is done by christians.

10-in bosnia serbian and croations had very strong history in making genocydes for muslim although all are the same race but the difference was being muslims

christianity really peaceful!!

united states boombed seventy country after world war 2 and as you know people in usa are christians right?
christianity really peaceful!!
11- what we see now in iraq inavding and destroying country because may be that they have projects of nuclear weapons ( nothing found) although israel and norh korea they have and no body said any thing!!!!

so now i beleive christianity is very peaceful religion!

wake up and read by your 2 eyes

Posted by: dr.mohamed | 2006-02-16 8:10:21 AM

>In the quran there is a whole chapter about Mary. If you have time you can read it. http://www.submission.org/efarsi/arabic/sura19.html<

I respectfully disagree with you sir. I prefer to read the Qu'ran and Hadith, and get my quotes (they are direct quotes, not twisted by some religious cause) from this site, and suggest you and other people do as well.


Posted by: deepblue | 2006-02-16 8:48:14 AM

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