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Monday, February 13, 2006

Interview with the CBC

Here's our publisher's interview with the CBC's Harry Forestall today.

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Warning: the CBC has decapitated the original interview to 3:15 from, I believe, an original length was 8 minutes.

I had already posted some of the juicier bits, in transcript to my blog at StandSure.ca

Teaser: "...but Jews and Christians turn the other cheek, they write letters to the editor, they don't hack off heads of Daniel Pearl on video." - Ezra Levant

Posted by: Chad Anderson | 2006-02-13 2:58:47 PM

Your Courage, as you have, and continue to manifestly demonstrate and articulate, will no doubt, at least in my mind, be a supreme example to us all. Thank you sir for BEING so right. Thank you for speaking for us.

Posted by: Ottawa Core | 2006-02-13 3:15:27 PM

I support your free speech attempts.. I do not believe that everyone has the same right of free speech in Canada, not even equally heard by the news media too from my own personal last 25 years of experiences in Canada's West and in the east.. I support free speech.. it is a clear measure of how perverse the society is, and in the Islamic countries freedom of speech and freedom of religion is denied cause they are clearly perverse.

I have said it before in Canada too when you use your free speech to speak against any of the wicked they likely will also set the law against you to try to obstruct justice.

You have to be a non Christian, a Jew, Gay or even Muslim to get Canada's supreme court's attention still? "Supreme Court refuses to hear Kempling appeal "The enemies of free speech have gained a victory," said Chris Kempling, a Quesnel secondary school counsellor and evangelical Christian, after learning two weeks ago that the Supreme Court of Canada has refused to hear his freedom-of-speech case stemming from disputes with the British Columbia College of Teachers. The Teacher Chris Kempling was suspended because he wrote published letters critical of homosexual behavior was properly punished with a one-month suspension, the British Columbia Supreme Court firstly had ruled. Calling it “a sad day for all Canadians who value the free exchange of ideas in the public square,” he vowed to continue the fight to be free to express his point of view on homosexual behaviour which has led to repeated suspensions from his job and successive court battles with the college.

and what about the Canadian TV Station Attacking Church Yet Again " Toronto-based Vision television aired the first of its big-budget miniseries The Secret Files of the Inquisition. Alberta Nokes, While responsible historians have debunked the so-called “black legends” of the Inquisition, Vision’s website promotion paints a black portrait of the Inquisition’s “reign of terror that would endure for more than 600 years. Vision’s online promotional material for Secret Files of the Inquisition includes some of the classic anti-Catholic slurs including the set-piece of a lurid tale of a beautiful young woman and her priest-lover. The synopsis for last night’s first episode reads: “Among those caught in the terrifying grip of the Inquisition are Beatrice de Planisoles, a beautiful noblewoman, and village priest Pierre Clergue, her secret lover – and betrayer.” Secret Files of the Inquisition is only the latest of Vision’s shots at Catholicism. In October 2005, Vision gave Fr. Karl Clemens, a self-proclaimed “gay” priest, a platform to attack the Church’s teaching on homosexuality. Fr. Clemens was followed by editorial commentary from Vision’s regular program host Marianne Meed Ward in which she gave a vitriolic attack on the Catholic Church saying the Vatican is "hunting people who have publicly admitted being gay." She added, "This would be comical if it weren't so diabolical. TORONTO, January 9, 2006 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Vision TV, the Toronto-based broadcaster that bills itself as “Canada's multi-faith and multicultural broadcaster,” is positioning itself as a leader in anti-Catholic media punditry. The broadcaster’s most recent round comes in the form of a programme on NDP MP Charlie Angus’ very public conflict with Catholic teaching on same sex “marriage.” British Evangelicals celebrated the defeat of segments of the Racial and Religious Hatred Bill that they say could have criminalized Christians for preaching Biblical values. In a budget bill approved by the US Congress funds were given to grassroots groups who provide marriage education and relationship skills for low-income couples in order to avert divorce (unlike as in Canada where divorce is encouraged) .. and what about in Canada? Canadian Legal aid even does not provide money generally to contest a divorce.. and the "Supreme Court out of line with swingers decision too... It does not take any wise person to know that sex swapping, adultery is still immoral.

The Canadian Foreign minister means he is going to expound when calls for better understanding of Islam.. we all put our heads in the sand and deny their unacceptable, negative terrorists emotional violent outbursts and now lie and say Islam is a peaceful religion, killing only a few people so far promoting their own false agendas, unacceptable dictatorial state and values now? Muslims even still do the same thing they do protest against.. kill and make bad cartoons.. and now how really hypocritical it is of them and us all now too? What you cannot remember when the last time any one, especially a federal cabinet minister had said officially, specifically in Canada, Peter Mckay said they were sorry the Christians had been abused? neither can I.. cause he still really does not care about any offending the others or of the Christian votes? he only cares about the people who hate the Jews and the Christians...Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay issued a statement Wednesday noting that the drawings, which appeared in some European publications, have caused offence in Canada and abroad... but not the Islamic poor reactions? Clearly wrongfully Pandering to fear, Pampering to the Mulsims is still wrong too.

But Truly anyone demanding or threatening Death, for any cartoons is now really an unacceptable approach, agenda! One that is a criminal offense in Canada still too. And all of the Muslims now demanding this is both indicative of the huge vast moral gap between the too often hypocritical religious Islam and the rest of the world, and their Religious extremism, false domination which instead brings us in direct contrast death, violence, and slavery to the false demands of a minority group who often themselves do not practice what they preach to others. Their false threatening of any others, their attempts to also strip them of their human rights in the name of Islamic law that only a small segment of society believes in, is really now also quite unacceptable and very intolerable. The Muslims are advancing now an really totally unacceptable agenda : they want to us all to sacrifice our rights and freedom for their oppressive society, one that lets the Imams, mullahs dictate to us all what is said and when. A perverted agenda that Jesus himself had abandoned us from and had set us free now from even centuries ago. ..

(Rom 8:2 KJV) For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. (Psa 121:7 KJV) The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul. (1 Timothy 4:1)"Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons." (Acts 5:29 KJV) Then Peter and the other apostles answered and said, We ought to obey God rather than men. (1 Corinthians 7:23) "You were bought at a price; do not become slaves of men. ." (Psa 23:6 KJV) Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.

The personal Religious Submission to any others is also now always voluntarily and unenforceable. These bad People who are wrongfully trying to enslave us, to have control over us, even with their false religious, Islamic demands they will rather if we let them cause us to go crazy, mental, even cause they now are also in reality themselves demonically led too. And these bad people they will always be around and try to do so but we should not heed to their false demands now not even for one moment too.

Everyone's Freedom of speech or freedom of religion is righfuly not a right to slander, abuse, insult any others who do not think like us.. the Jews, Christians, Muslims too, and all persons now have the same human rights too but not in practise starting in canada. all of their protests should be conducted peacefully... reject violence as a way to express discontent... governments around the world should protect the lives, human rights and property of all citizens, even the diplomats against any violence.. be respectful, protect property, protect the lives of all of the innocent citizens, diplomats who are serving their countries overseas too. “Huge chasm” between Muslims and the West". Politically correct. Freedom of Religion or freedom of speech is acceptable only if it is an Islamic one... ". Face it the West's fascination with the Islamic Cartoon's as well is they are rightfully really tired of Islam continually shoved down their throats, they do not want anything to do with that oppressive religion. Australian prime minister John Howard also has said he considered the violent reactions to the cartoons “are completely disproportionate to the offence that could possibly have been given”. Rightfully also do tell all of the Muslims Imams in Canada to pray for and to practice now real peace in Canada and rather not be a part of the too many religious hypocrites. Montreal Muslim leaders said today they respect free speech and freedom of the press, but don't want those values to be used to promote Islamophobia. It is not the free speech of the others that causes today's rightfully vast Islamophobia but rather the undeniable, unacceptable violent, murderous negative acts of the Muslims themselves still. What about Muslims demonstrating for freedom of speech, freedom of religion of all faiths in the Muslim world firstly too.. what it would be not allowed? they would likely be killed for it.. how hypocritically of them to demonstrate in Canada against the other's freedom of speech worldwide.

Flemming Rose, the Jyllands-Posten editor who made the original decision to publish the cartoons, spoke about his actions, the reaction and the bigger issues at stake—freedom of speech and false religious sensitivity. " if any religion—it doesn't matter if it's Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, any religion—tries to impose its own taboos on the public domain. When I go to a mosque, I behave by the rules that exist in that holy house. I will not stand up and make a cartoon of the holy prophet in a mosque. But I think if any religion insists that I, as a non-Muslim, should submit to their taboos, then I don't think they're showing me respect. I think they're asking for my submission. This is a key issue in this debate." Others have said that The “caricature war” between the Moslem world and the West in all likelihood has an artificial cause and is likely to develop into a “war of civilisations” Some belive that “the fuss around the caricatures was made artificially” and the caricature uproar provides a “pretext for showing how coherent Moslems are”. The Protest over caricatures of the Prophet has become just another excuse to promote Islam world wide The controversy over Danish caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad has mushroomed and it has predictably escalated rapidly with imams around the world fanning the fire their Friday's mosque sermons.European nations also have a long time ago decided not to give any more grounds to the rapid rise of Islam.. Local politics, too, are a complicating factor. Militant Danish and European Muslims helped push Arabs to join the fray and more confrontation are expected still to come.

I have never seen the cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad and i likely would not have published any them, or any cartoons for that matter, but if the Muslims are going to protest they should rather really rightfully protest about all of the pornography, explicit sex, as well so readily available even on the net to the adults and children now too, Long-standing concerns over pornography's corrupting influence are being confirmed by recent studies. and protest about the too many drunk drivers, drug abusers. And they should also even protest at all those people who mock the Christians and Jesus Christ now as well. and the people who steal, abuse the tax payers money, commit tax evasions.. and I know many Muslims who admitted to me doing that too now.. they should complain about the too many bad clergy in Canada I have also encountered.. Really! Why begin and stop at only the cartoons? It is also always inappropriate to gossp, even for pastors, to discuss behind their back as well publicly the shortcomings of a spouse.. doing so reveals that the tale bearer themselves is in the wrong, guilty of slander and of rebellion now as well.. rebellion even to God, There is still no room in the church or in society for the liars, abusers, thieves or the alcoholics still as well or the World wide sacred act of the ostriches too often is still to overlook, cover-up the wrong doings of politicians, and even clerics.. and their taboo in not breaking a supposed sacred trust, to hear and to speak no evil of others, but now we do know the price for having turned a blind eye to the politicians abuse and to the clerical abuse, even the paedophile priests. (1 Tim 5:20 KJV) Them that sin rebuke before all, that others also may fear. 21 I charge thee before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, and the elect angels, that thou observe these things without preferring one before another, doing nothing by partiality. I would be more impressed with the imans, the Muslim's protests if for a start they had themselves practiced the peace, rights they themselves preach to others.. Islam, Muslim are not at all a peaceful, peace loving religion by their own follower's acts as we still can see world wide.. and too many Muslims do not protest when any of the others are abused or when they abuse them themselves still too? in reality now we all can too readily know that too many Muslims themslves now do not respect the other person's freedom of religion for a start.. or their freedom of life.. and they Muslims they now do even use their freedom of speech to bash either both Jews and Christians unacceptably. I too would be more impressed with their Muslims protests if for a start they had themselves practiced themselves what they preach to others.. as I rightfully do not accept any others too dictating to me what I can and cannot do.. the fanatical Muslims included now too. A former imam of Finsbury Park Mosque in north London, a radical Islamic cleric Abu Hamza was convicted of inciting his followers to murder non-Muslims and Jews. and what good is really being done about all of this too now. The Muslims even do the same thing they protest against.. and now how hypocritical it is too. and in Canada we wrongfully do still let them preach hate???

It also never ceases to amaze me when the self appointed clearly slave drivers, many do say", you should love everyone and not condemn, Judge anyone" yet, at the very same time, these persons are not practicing what they preach, not even their own professing values, they themslves firstly still are judging the others, slandering them too, and are calling the others personally every name in the book because they don't agree with what they have to say.

My own father is another one of those immoral religious fanatics, terrorists too, and has that way all of his life, he believed in freedom of speech as defined as his only, and no one else had a right to challenge what he had said. He also believed in wife beating, and cutting off any of people's head who did not go his way. He did not believe in women as equals, having rights too. He even believed in children as slaves of the father, who have to obey him and do whatever he says even if it is immoral. My greatest peace was not to be near him. The last time I personally had saw him we had another one of those unacceptable conflicts with him, and I especially said to him that "Canada has freedom of religion, and I live under the Canadian laws in Canada and what laws in Canada does he live under? foreign laws".. his own mainly!!!
But the " government will be vigilant to ensure that freedom of religion is protected in Canada." also still needs to deal with the negative reality of religious intolerance that significantly exist in Canada and even that there are still too many fundamental, evangelicals who practice name calling, and they still do say that anyone who is a Pentecostal or a Charismatic Christian are lunatics, mystics, too emotional, dumb, baby Christians and naive shut-ins. or mentally deficient, or deceived or are demon possessed.. etc., as I have too often heard evangelical pastors in Canada, in the US too, even a Calgary evangelical Christian Missionary Alliance Pastor saying this too.. and one cannot overlook Canada wide the Jews, Muslims, others too also who still wrongfully do promote hatred of the Christians in Canada, and who so readily expose their supposed wrong doings too, the bad Jews like the Alberta Senator R Ghitter for a start.. Also seen any of those too many movies produced by Jewish movie directors all about the bad Christians? Try to show a movie about any of the bad Jews or bad Muslims and you will see loudly what will happen likely next.. "Canadian Evangelical Leaders Concerned About "Extreme" Portrayal During the fderal Election too" CLEARLY IN CANADA AS I HAVE SAID TOO MANY people wrongfully, unacceptably even in the news media do not hesitate to bash the evangelicals, the other Christians, but they certainly would not dare to do that with the Jews and Muslims..

Canada does now also needs to be one fair, honest, uniform Canada wide Canadian code of Justice Standard for not only the sentencing of persons who have done the wrong doings in Canada but also now real accountability for every and all of the Canadian police forces, Justice Ministers now too, who really also should be also personally held accountable for all of their management, charging policy implementation on behalf of not only all Canadian victims, but their actual response to any other police- social issues e.g., shootings, drinking and driving, violence against men and women, children too, the usage of drugs, the distribution of drugs, car thefts, break ins etc... and that includes the honest, fair, just, uniform citizen based Police Complaints review boards Canada wide. In Ontario "The police do not recognize that women are also perpetrators of domestic violence. There is apparently no such thing as "husband assault." Now when men and women are equal sinners, liars, now in the eyes of God too now.. all of the police arrests thus should now even reflect a similar statistics now too in each province even across Canada.. even for the too often mostly revenue generating speeding tickets as well... and we need the " Bill to jail lawyers who lie to the courts. Senator Cools' bill still too.and what about spouses who too often lie to the courts now too in separation, divorce applications and do not get prosecuted by the too often bad court judges too? Yes clearly there always is still still is a need for all, even more adequate, and more honest, competent too, RCMP reviews of the past, present bad acts of civil and public servants, as well as the bad politicians in Ottawa, elsewhere. Very few Terrorists for that matter are successfully caught and prosecuted in Canada still for In spite of it's history, it's public relationship image, in reality the Mickey Mouse RCMP, the too often incompetent, pretentious RCMP, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is still self serving mostly and it really does not serve the good interest of the citizens of Canada, it mostly still serves it's own interest . It really should be totally disbanded and replaced by a police force made up of decent persons to start up with. Not one bad Liberal that abused the taxpayers money in the federal sponsorship scandal now still has spent one day in Jail and all really unacceptable..Now please do use the most effective solution still just simply, economically do fire also all the bad cops, bad civil and public servants, their managers too, all of them and even do put them into jail like the rest of us do in the real world too.. so now do put them all into jail.. all of the abusers, wrong doers. Public exposure and prosecution of all of the guilty always also serves as the best deterrent to all next too.

you can see also http://groups.msn.com/CanadaToday2/bullying.msnw http://groups.msn.com/CanadaToday3/abusers.msnw

Posted by: His | 2006-02-13 3:21:59 PM

Canadians, new or old, must play by Canadian rules and must accept it's Western domocratic cultural observances.

Well done Ezra.

Posted by: Francis | 2006-02-13 3:24:50 PM

Great interview Ezra and thanks for making it available. Too bad that the whole enchelada was not available.

Pretty much says it like it is.


Posted by: Pat | 2006-02-13 3:31:16 PM

Well Levant, ya got what you wanted, eh? Front page press in the hated MSM... you cyncial, grandstanding fraud.

Posted by: Soviet Canuckastani | 2006-02-13 3:36:48 PM

Above is a URL link to a speech that His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan had made on the caricature depiction. Here is an excerpt from the speech:

"An important goal of quality education is to equip each generation to participate effectively in what has been called ”the great conversation” of our times. This means, on one hand, being unafraid of controversy. But it also means being sensitive to the values and outlooks of others.

This brings me back to the current headlines. For I must believe that it is ignorance which explains the publishing of those caricatures which have brought such pain to Islamic peoples. I note that the Danish journal where the controversy originated acknowledged, in a recent letter of apology, that it had never realized the sensitivities involved.

In this light, perhaps, the controversy can be described less as a clash of civilizations and more as a clash of ignorance. The alternative explanation would be that the offense was intended—in which case we would be confronted with evil of a different sort. But even to attribute the problem to ignorance is in no way to minimize its importance. In a pluralistic world, the consequences of ignorance can be profoundly damaging.

Perhaps, too, it is ignorance which has allowed so many participants in this discussion to confuse liberty with license –implying that the sheer absence of restraint on human impulse can constitute a sufficient moral framework. This is not to say that governments should censor offensive speech. Nor does the answer lie in violent words or violent actions. But I am suggesting that freedom of expression is an incomplete value unless it is used honorably, and that the obligations of citizenship in any society should include a commitment to informed and responsible expression."


Posted by: Kyzer Souza | 2006-02-13 3:50:49 PM

How transparently studid of the CBC - "but Canadians get get the cartoons on the internet". In other words - "why not be cowardly when you have an excuse?"

Well played Ezra.

Posted by: markdsgraham | 2006-02-13 3:52:15 PM

I find it astonishing that there is so little discussion of this story in newpapaers in the United States. Also why am I unable to reach the website of Western Standard? Finally any comments I had about this issue have been succiently summerized by Mr. Levant's explanation of why he printed the cartoons. I am going to e-mail it to the Seattle Times along with some calcium pills. Seem like they have a bone loss problem there, centered in the spine.

Posted by: Alan Neumann | 2006-02-13 4:05:49 PM

Well that is just so sensible, I'm surprised the CBC didn't pre-record Ezra amd then not put him on the air. HOW DARE YOU MAKE SENSE !!!

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-02-13 4:07:56 PM

Apologies if this has already been posted in a previous thread, but this brief CTV clip of Ezra is also worth watching.


Note the hostility of the host (Ravi Baichawal). "So that's your rationale, Mr. Levant..." at the start. But Ezra does such a good job getting the message across, poor Ravi is practically mumbling to himself by the end.

Kudos to Ezra for another fine job branding the cheeks of the liberal media. : )

Posted by: Dishwasher | 2006-02-13 4:16:28 PM

BTW, the money line is "I'm not Oprah Winfrey...".

Sweet. :D

Posted by: Dishwasher | 2006-02-13 4:22:44 PM

Sorry, but I don't agree with you here. All you're doing here is seeking attention for TWS.

You have no comprehension of what this really means to people. I'm a christian who tithes, and contributes more than 10% of my time to the church.

What if, someone desecrated your mother by portraying her as something she isn't? All you do is feed the hate by printing these pictures. You've done nothing positive here. Responsible journalism is delivering the news. You don't help anyone here except those who want to hate.

Finally, your justification of being able to publish this because the protection offered by the charter of rights poisons the essence of what the charter was initially written for. It was to protect the people from oppressive government. Not to give you and the people who want to incite hatred another outlet to hate.

Think hard about this decision, and ask yourself if this is truly worth it. If one Canadian gets hurt because you decided to reprint this cartoon, whether it be on Canadian soil or abroad, ask yourself if you can sleep with yourself at night. If the pain and suffering of a your fellow citizen was worth printing this article.

Posted by: LL | 2006-02-13 4:33:35 PM

I always fancied this message board, and particularly its main posts, as a place for commentary on contemporary global and Canadian issues.

Today (hopefully only for today), the Shotgun blog is a self-promotional tool for publisher Ezra Levant and his decision to run the cartoon. The self-aggrandizing streak is rather embarrassing on such a proud day for the still-young magazine.

Getting the story out there? Arguably good. Puffing out one's chest to assert WS as the story in and of itself? Good marketing, lousy branding.

Yes, CBC, CTV et al would have approached him for the interview. But we don't see other media outlets beaming and trumpeting their spotlight moments like this.

Say, isn't there an Alberta premier about to be pushed out? The Vanier Institute saying that in 15 years, Canadian real wages have risen a pathetic dime? A whole rotten world of news out there beyond the Western Standard navel?

Posted by: May Strimeedya | 2006-02-13 4:40:50 PM

The Western Standard should be ashamed of it's actions. This is not an issue of free speech, it is a bunch of redneck bigots who dislike arabs and muslims. The cartoons do not need to be re-published; anyone can find them on the internet. This is about a cheap and dispicable publicity stunt. The sad thing is you are contributing to the spread of intolerance and hate. The question I must ask here is the following ; would you dare publish the same cartoons if they were intolerant of judaism ? OF COURSE NOT; This issue is quite simple to me ; it boils down to one thing RACISM !!!!!

Posted by: RED Neck Hater | 2006-02-13 4:41:00 PM

Not everyone has the internet, should they not have the full story?

Posted by: kevin | 2006-02-13 4:59:47 PM

To Red Neck Hater:

Slow down there before you burn down an embassy or something of that nature.

Listen to me boy, we can't all be intimidated by Islam or forced into respecting Mohammed.

Where is your outrage over the violent protests, the burning embassies, the beheadings, and treatment of women as subhuman.

Sure only 20% of Islam may be extremists, but the other 80 percent either support them or are too afraid to speak out against them.

Posted by: St. John | 2006-02-13 5:04:51 PM

I'd like to subscribe to your news magazine, but your site is down. What should I do?

Posted by: Jim | 2006-02-13 5:14:04 PM

Okay, I think the progressives are right.

I think we should balance out the cartoons of Mohammed by publishing cartoons that are "intolerant of Judaism". (Thanks RED Neck Hater, as I would have never thought of it myself)

I think we should start with the blood libels.

I got it!

We need cartoons of the Joo0oo0oo0s eating infants.

Maybe someone can put something together of Ezra devouring the CBC's Harry Forestell and CTV's Ravi Baichawal et al. Because, well, they are infantile, and Ezra seriously chewed 'em up and spit 'em back out. : )

\\Please understand this for what it is. ; )

Posted by: Dishwasher | 2006-02-13 5:15:18 PM

I do not understand why you are so annoyed with the CBC for not publishing (presumably on TV) the cartoons depicting Mohammad. They are simply proving that they have some standards of politeness rather than the ranting I heard on CBC this morning. Yes, we should have free speech but that should not allow us to deliberately be rude to others in this country or any other country. By now, it is a very well known fact that according to Islamic law, they cannot portray Mohammad in any way. For you to do so in a very derogatory way simply proves how low based you are. Just because the Christians do not have a similar law regarding Jesus does not mean we can and should ignore their laws.

Posted by: Carolyn | 2006-02-13 5:15:38 PM

Ezra, you are refreshing! I totally agree with you. The extremist Muslims believe that they can hold the whole world hostage. I have seen the cartoons and they are nothing to blow up about(pardon the pun). Like alcoholics looking for an excuse to party they look for an excuse to blow infidels up. They have chosen to infiltrate the world so lighten up and stop drinking the kool aid!

Posted by: jen | 2006-02-13 5:24:34 PM

Whether the publication of the cartoons is a principled act or crass opportunism does not matter. The notion that in Canada, media outlets should be intimidated by the Islamofascists into not publishing silly cartoons is ridiculous.

The great thing about Western culture is that a bonehead like Howard Stern can say what he wants on the radio every day - no matter how offensive or politically incorrect, we allow him to do it because we value freedom of speech.

The Islamofascists, on the other hand, do not. So while they can't be please with the publication of the cartoons, they will have to live with it because this isn't Iran or Saudi Arabia, it's Canada.

Posted by: Anon | 2006-02-13 5:40:24 PM

I applaud you for having the fortitude to stand up to the Liberal Biased CBC and it's Siamese Twin CTV. It is about time !!!!!!
Canada is asleep at the wheel and slowly sliding down a slippery slope into the pit of ISLAMOFACISM fear. There certainly is a trend that favours Muslim demands and THAT IS something to fear.

Posted by: JON | 2006-02-13 5:45:31 PM

RED neck hater: "... would you dare publish the same cartoons if they were intolerant of judaism ? OF COURSE NOT; This issue is quite simple to me ; it boils down to one thing RACISM !!!!!

OK REDneckhater... you have your wish!!! Cartoons from the Arab press, here's the link:


Oh.. did I mention, they ARE intolerant of Jews, and Christians for that matter, just read the Quran.It sounds to me,REDneckhater that it is YOU who is the RACIST. Just in case you STILL don't get it, Here's a picture for you, perhaps THAT will help:

Happy reading!

Posted by: Snookie | 2006-02-13 6:01:41 PM

Well done Ezra. The CBC et al should be ashamed of their double standard.

Posted by: Stan | 2006-02-13 6:10:11 PM

Do you really think Ezra would risk his life (and possibly his family's) to sell a few more copies of his magazine? I seriously doubt it.

IMO, he's taking an important stand to remind us as Canadians that we're not living in a totalitarian or theocractic nation, and we should stop acting like it by cowering in fear to radical Islam.

Posted by: Joel K. | 2006-02-13 6:10:42 PM

Dear Mr. Ezra Levant, first let me congratulate you on a job well done, I had no idea who you were nor had ever heard of the Western Standard before your little attention grabbing gimmick. Apparently you worked at Chipeur Advocates as of all things a Constitutional lawyer, haha. Your feeble minded understanding of an unlimited right of free speech indicates to me a blatant misunderstanding of our countries constutition. I think it is obvious to any but the most willfuly ignorant person that your sole purpose of publishing these cartoons is not to exert your freedom of speech, but to get attention for your poorly selling publication. Given the comments you have been making about Islam, the only secondary motivation I can think of is to be hurtfull to this countries Muslim population. ``TV producers who are behaving as if they live under Shariah law, not the Charter of Rights``---did you seriously say that, what a joke. The Charter was created to protect people from the tyranny of the majority, that majority being rich, stuffy men like yourself, who would never understand what it feels like to be a minority, nor to have a fundamental tenant of your religion (not depicting the prophet) stomped on, so an obscure magazine can make a quick buck. I gotto tell you your actions were dispicable and extremly hurtfull to say the least. Section 2 of the Charter does not protect hate speech my friend, and the xenophobic rhetoric I am hearing spewed out of your mouth is borderline hate speech. I was born and raised in Alberta, I am proudly Canadian, proudly Albertan and proudly Muslim, if anyone starts ridiculing any aspect of my upbringing it obviously hurts me. However, I console myself with the knowledge that you are a nobody, and within a week you will go back to being a nobody, and soon after that your useless publication will go belly up just like the Alberta Report did. Hey, didnt Link get charged under the Alberta Human Rights Act for offending the Jewish community. Do I detect a pattern here. Let me tell you something, there are only so many old grannies you can cold call to keep your publication in circulation, and this offensive move on your part may give you a short boost in sales but overall your backward thinking is going to lose you any credibilty. Especially since it`s so obvious your just pouncing on an opportuniy with no regards to the fall out. Your what in law school we call a ``rat``, someone who will take any opportunity to get ahead, even if it harms others. I know your response, you will now call me an extremist and say that I support stoning women and whatever worst elements you can highlight of Islam a world religion with 1.7 billion people, most of whom don`t cut off reporters heads, suprise surprise. Give me a break man, not everyone fits into your little, clash of civilizations, west versus the orient dichotomy, many of us have various backgounds and various beliefs and interpreations of Islam, in fact not many of us but MOST of us. You probably dont even have the rudimentry knowledge that only around 10-11 percent of Muslims are Arab. Yes as mentioned there are approximately 1.7 billion Muslims around the globe all of whom you dont mind hurting to excercise your right to `hate speech`. Maybe you should try leaving your bubble of Calgary for a little while. Anyways Ive wasted enough time here I have to go study.

Posted by: Tyler | 2006-02-13 6:20:10 PM

Some thoughts...

Posted by: Ali | 2006-02-13 6:25:49 PM

What I've seen about the WS so far makes them look like grandstanders and slightly racist. I think if the really wanted to make this a free speech issue they could have done something more informed and less hate inducing. There exist different sects within Islam, some of whom produced portraits of the prohpet for worship in the 14c and which there is debate about within Islam (I think the portraits are located in Iran but, of course, are not shown publicly). The taboo these portraits violate is certainly something for discussion, but the way in which it is violated speaks to reverence rather than hateful criticism of the danish ones. Thus, as portraits not done to harm, they would be the ideal basis for a more reasoned debate over free speech. I think this is the approach the WS and Danish paper should have taken. As it stands, in my opinion the way they've initiated the debate seems either a sign of either deliberate hate speech or gross incompetance.

advocating, but one idea would be to post reprints of 14 century portraits of the prophet that were done by

Posted by: Jon Thompson | 2006-02-13 6:26:32 PM

Sorry to burst everyone's bubble, but Ezra is a businessman and wants to sell magazines. He is hiding behind the freedom of the press and free speech to defend his actions. He says that CBC should own up to being afraid. I think Ezra should own up to being a capitalist instead of a journalist.
He's forgotten that being a Canadian means being respectful and tolerant of other religions.

Posted by: CV | 2006-02-13 6:30:09 PM

Good job Mr. Levant and shame on CBC, The Globe and the rest for not publishing the cartoons!

You can't worry about offending one group or another - In summer 2001 there were riots in India because it was revealed that George Bush had a cat named "India". After such "insult", the U.S. Ambassador to India had to clarify that the real name of the cat is "india ink" and no insult to India was intended. (You can chack BBC archives for this story, spring/summer 2000 or 2001).

Moreover, by not publishing the cartoons but "describing" them the Canadian media behaves exactly like the imams in the Middle East. They call people to action (or inaction) without letting people see what the fuss is about for themslves. I bet not a single person calling "Death to Denmark" has actually seen the cartoons.

The official media also chose not to report that fact that the cartoons have been published in an Egyptian newspaper Al-Fager in October http://freedomforegyptians.blogspot.com/2006/02/egyptian-newspaper-pictures-that.html - the ban on portraying Mohammed did not stop them - and no riots followed.

Posted by: Eugene | 2006-02-13 6:32:47 PM

Tyler.... people who move here from other countries should know the laws of the majority. They must have accepted the laws of Canada and other free countries to move there. Why don't you ask the Danish cleric that took the cartoons AND several amature drawings that were NOT published to Egypt to show the Muslim leaders WHY he did that. Do you really think he DIDN'T know the firestorm he was starting?? Why include the drawings that weren't published, the ones he got from emails? This rioting and subsequent oppression of western press has been orchestrated, or can't you see that. I can see under your guidance, we would be one step closer to becoming the muted states that comprise the middle east! Further, it seems it is only the "Arab" states where the damage is being done. The rest of the Muslim population seems to be civilized. Best look in the mirror!

Posted by: Snookie | 2006-02-13 6:36:16 PM

Congrats Western Standard

I am now wondering when I can read about...




Look at pictures of Jesus laughing over dead bodies, like you lot will ever use your freedom of speech to print that...

Holocaust denial pictures like the ones they are going to print in Iran

more Niggers

more Chinks

Ignorant honkies would be a good one too

Posted by: Xenomorph | 2006-02-13 7:01:30 PM

Eugene you miss my point. WHat I'm saying is that Canada is the greatest country in the world because we have our fundamental constitutional rights,but we have the wisdom to balance these rights with a respect and tolerance of minorities. This is why we have hate speech legislation. I think what people need to understand is that not publishing something that is offensive to large amounts of the worlds population is not, "giving into fear" as Ezra would like to have you believe. There are Imams who are touting this incident as proof that the West hates Islam, to me they are no different then the Ezra's of the world whom are touting this as proof that Islam hates free speech and western ideals. Both sides are extremists using these cartoons to push their agenda. Also, critisizing Arab states is innapropriate, the issue we are dealing with here is in Canada, it may make you feel better to critisize their governments but I don't think any of has that right given our own genocidal policies against the Aboriginal populations of Canada. Our constitution works becasue it doesnt see things in black and white, doing and saying offenisve things, even though you can, doesnt mean you should, and is simply foolish. What people dont understand is that printing these cartoons is as offensive to Muslims as printing obscene pictures of nude women on the cover of the newspaper would be to the general population. I find it just as offensive when I see depictions of Jesus or Moses made in such a perverse manner, as they are prophets of Islam. The difference is that sadly, in a secular state, such images become common place where very few people hold religion integral to their life. In the Islamic world religion is the fabric of your life, hence such images are powerfully upsetting to everyone--this is why everyone is outraged, its not because they have some malicous agenda to repress your freedom of speech. It is simply hurtfull.

Posted by: TylerDurden | 2006-02-13 7:09:59 PM

If Ezra was only doing this to make money, there are a million other ways/times he could have done that, without risk to his life and the life of his family. The cartoons have to be published, because otherwise we are taking someone's word for what they are. The cartoons perhaps AREN'T being published, because if they were published, it would show how absolutely outrageous the reaction to them it (e.g., burning down embassies).

Posted by: ms smith | 2006-02-13 7:21:01 PM

I love these Ezra bashers who put out the hypothetical "what if these cartoons" portrayed Jews, would you show them then? Well, you bashers, who would have been toadying up to Hitler 60 years ago too, the hoary, disgusting anti-semitic cartoon are available in the mainstream newspapers in Moslem countries every day. In fact, if you watch prime time TV in Arab lands like Al-Manar TV, you can get the best of the anti-semitic, anti-Christian programming you want everyday -- with fewer commercials. Thanks to Ezra for showing us that these depictions are quite innouous and the one about the suicide bombers and running out of virgins is quite humorous. I'm surprised Hamas booster and terrorism fan Mohammed "Every Israeli over 18 is a legitimate target and keep the Jews out of government" Elmasry was probably chuckling at that one too.

Posted by: Tolerance Guy | 2006-02-13 7:38:46 PM

That should be innocuous, not innouous. By the way,if there's any hate crimes being committed, it will be on the U of T campus with the nazi sympathizers carrying on their Israeli apartheid week.

Posted by: Tolerance Guy | 2006-02-13 7:40:09 PM

So the head of Calgary's Muslim community is considering a civil lawsuit against Western Standard publishers for printing the Danish cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Well…you got my vote…I just wanna know where I can send a contribution to your defense fund.

Posted by: Dave | 2006-02-13 7:52:04 PM

It's funny - how many of you who support the WS's move don't support same sex marriage?

Posted by: Mike Kerthiestis | 2006-02-13 7:56:18 PM

To Tyler...like a good little muslim ,you love too lie and make up stories...one of the is the laughably 1.7 billion figure you pull out of your ass....the reality is that the muslim pop. is around 1.2 billion......and those figures do not include the amounts of Muslims happily leaving this murderous cult as in Persia and Sub Sahara Africa!!

Muslims are hilariously deeply insecure about their Arab Ideology and they think by posting larger numbers that really exist, that that somehow justifies Muhammed's deranged teachings in the Quran and Sunnah!!

The cartoons are not only important too publish but they are accurate in what they are saying....Muhammed was a violent murdering bastard who had innocent people murdered on a whim...

Muhammed and Islam openly need too be ridiculed like their cousins , Nazism and Marxism....these are great days for the Non Dhimmis of the world

And Tyler, do yourself a favor...start talking to some Ex Muslims out there like my 2 dearest friends who come from a Sunni background....they will tell you the truth about the murderer from mecca!!

Your welcome!!!

Posted by: Albertanator | 2006-02-13 8:22:59 PM

It's funny Mike......that your such an idiot!!
Great point there.....Not!!

Posted by: Albertanator | 2006-02-13 8:24:14 PM

Thank you for your courage, I'm from the middle east (non-muslim) and I know how hypocritical the Islamic culture is. In Islamic countries, they DO NOT respect other religions and God knows what they would do if you're an atheist. For example, in Saudi Arabia they ban other religious books and the Bible.
There are many horrible things going on there that will not all fit in this post.
I think we should educate ourselves and know what the Koran commands Muslims do to non-Muslims (infidels).
Having said that, I did have Muslim friends and I think they are good people, but that's because they are not that religious and don't practice Islam.

Posted by: HY | 2006-02-13 8:24:42 PM

HY, exactly........the best muslims are the liberal non practicing ones.......I also have a friend from a Non Muslim background from Cairo......He say's the exact same thing you do about the depravities of vile Islam and how it treats non Muslims!!

Hey Tyler...do yourself a favor and go live in Darul Islam and see how REAL Islam is and how much you'll love sitting under the teachings of the looter otherwise known as Muhammed!!

Posted by: Albertanator | 2006-02-13 8:27:35 PM

Mike baby -- It's funny how some WS readers don't support same sex marriage. Its even funnier how the Radical Islamists would put to death those who want to be married to the same sex. In fact, its pretty much most of those protesting these relatively harmless cartoons who would be at the forefront of the stoning of homosexuals -- Just ask Hamas.

Posted by: Tolerance Guy | 2006-02-13 8:36:05 PM

While they're charging this moron for distributing hateful material maybe they could also charge him in advance in connection with the attacks that our troops in Afghanistan will undoubtedly face as a direct result of his ignorance. Better yet! - Why don't we drop all charges, and just send him to Kandahar- see how long he lasts there. Mr. Levant – your ignorance is outstanding! While watching your behaviour, I thought I was watching a small child - who had just stolen the keys to his parents’ car, turned the ignition, and crashed the car into the garage door - sitting there, just smirking, stupidly smirking. “Ooops.” Hey Ezzy – Time out! You clearly don’t know anything about the world or about Canada for that matter! It’s a sad day to be a Canadian. Thanks Levant. Sincerely, the majority of Canadians.

Posted by: Yaseen | 2006-02-13 8:45:57 PM

Yaseen: These murderous pricks in Kandahar who threaten to attack our troops must be stopped. If "people" are motivated to kill by cartoons we have to stop this ideology that promotes such hate. Let's go Yaseen, let's get rid of this hateful screed that considers publishing cartoons to be a reasons to kill and let's turn these people towards a more peaceful, loving faith be it Buddhism, Sikhism, Shinto, Christianity, Rastafarianism, Bahai'i, Judaism, Zorastarian or even Wiccan -- something anything that doesn't promote the killing of innocents or those who choose to exercise freedom of speech. It's not Ezra that's the problem, its the belief system that encourages people to love death more than its enemies love life.

Posted by: Tolerance Guy | 2006-02-13 8:53:08 PM

I have said this before on other blogs but it bears repeating.

Islam will collapse under the weight of it's own uselessness. Just as communism collapsed so will Islam. Why? Because it doesn't work. It has no benefits whatsoever. Zero. It has a negative effect on society and it's slaves. Check out Muslim nations. What good have they produced? No freedom, no democracy, no individuality. No women's rights. No religious freedom. No peace. Just chaos, dictators, terrorists and fear. Name 10 good things produced, invented, or exported by Muslim nations that they themselves can claim credit for. And oil is not one of them.

Posted by: St. John | 2006-02-13 9:19:37 PM

All you guys do with your stupid comments is prove my point more. This whole thing has NOTHING to do with free speech and EVERYTHING to do with xenophobia and racism. Albertron, Im not even going to respond to your elementry school racist comments, I thought I was done with that a long time ago.
ps. Having two Muslim friends doesnt equate to you knowing the first thing about Islam, retard.

Posted by: Tyler | 2006-02-13 9:35:23 PM

Doth you protest too harshly but your jig is up baby. As soon as I see you and your cohorts condemning the evil bile emanating from the Islamic Republic of Iran, I may pay a bit of attention to the pain that you feel. But until then, whether its celebrating Islam or Festivus for the rest of us -- I don't give a hoot.

Posted by: Tolerance Guy | 2006-02-13 9:40:49 PM

By the way Tyler I was talking to you.

Posted by: Tolerance Guy | 2006-02-13 9:43:39 PM

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