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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

God Forbid You Should Suggest...

...that men and women are different. There will be hell to pay,  especially in academia.
Larry Summers will be stepping down from his post at Harvard. Well gosh, we shouldn't be shocked. After all, remember this?

Last year, Summers suggested that innate gender differences between the sexes might explain the few women in science and math.

The horror...the horror...

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It's hard to figure why some people still send their kids to Harvard.

In Texas liberals have run into some problems with the university structure.

A friend of mine works at a fairly prestigious university in Texas. One of the things that happens is that the business school scarfs up all of the appropriations and funding while the liberal arts schools are busy having die-ins and protesting life on earth and other highly relevant activities.

Additionally, the liberal arts schools were working so hard to alienate their students from participation in capitalism that the kids' parents became alarmed.

A bunch of alumni started hammering the college president, saying that they were paying serious mega-bucks to send their kids to this college, and the liberal arts departments were spending all their time teaching their kids the value of Das Kapital and the value of smoking huaxacan (sp?).

So the upshot is that the liberal arts classes began to shrink more and more, and the professors (some who were tenured) had to realize if they didn't start adjusting what they taught these kids, they were basically going to eliminate their disciplines as fields of study because parents refused to cooperate with funding a kid being turned into an anti-social parasite. (Ha-ha! Occasionally there is justice!)

One can only hope that the same thing happens in Harvard. After all, how many "women's studies" students have you run into that are challenging the glass ceiling?

Posted by: Greg outside Dallas | 2006-02-21 4:08:34 PM

This subject matter was already mentioned two posts down: 'God forbid you should suggest.'

Posted by: William | 2006-02-21 4:31:36 PM

And I`ll repeat myself . Straight , white men like Mr. Summers or Jimmy the Greek havn`t got a shot against the radical homo mafia.

Posted by: daveh | 2006-02-21 5:37:52 PM

Unless of course you are a feminist berating men for their inherent evil and inferiority.

Posted by: PGP | 2006-02-21 8:54:57 PM

DaveH - Just do what I do. I tell them I'm a lesbian trapped in a man's body. While the "RHM" member is busy with a synaptic meltdown tyring to unpack the sentence, smile and carry one your way.

Posted by: Prometheus | 2006-02-21 9:00:23 PM

I know there's a difference between men and women.

I got an 'outie', while the wife has an 'inny'

Posted by: tomax | 2006-02-21 9:39:12 PM

There will always be the obvious difference , but in the new world order of Hillary , Belinda , Irwin or , Bill metrosex , Clinton , saying so would be cause to disable your implanted chip.

Posted by: daveh | 2006-02-21 10:14:03 PM

Friend of mine was a visiting Professor at Harvard. About 12 years ago, I remember her telling me that tenured feminest faculty would
be major force to contend with in the University administration. I could never understand why President Summers made the remarks he did; he must have ben aware of the faculty structure. The
irony is of course, that there are very few women
(feminists or otherwise)tenured faculty at MIT,
the foremost engineering facility in the USA.

Posted by: Jack Macleod | 2006-02-22 5:18:46 AM

That would be because once the fashion statement of studying engineering has worn off , there would have to be actual engineering accomplished , something usually foreign and not suited to a typical feminist gadfly .

Posted by: daveh | 2006-02-22 7:48:57 AM

Remember when the femenists were telling us that the world would be different if women were in charge?

Well, they were wrong. I guess the Soviets weren't enough of a lesson for these feminist jackasses. They're trying for the next Totalitarian State.

Posted by: Warwick | 2006-02-22 8:54:24 AM

Warwick, the world would definitely be different if women were in charge. Unfortunately, the women referred to are the feminists and the caring, sharing Oprah types.

Now, just for fun, imagine if the women in charge were the Margaret Thatchers of the world. I've had people splutter in horror when I've brought that up.

Posted by: Kathryn | 2006-02-22 9:20:53 AM


The sexist Argentine leaders thought that the Iron Lady would act different. They found out the hard way that she wouldn't.

Would I be happy with about 200 Thatcher clones ruling the world? Hell ya! She was England's second greatest PM of the 20th century (need I even name the first?)

Posted by: Warwick | 2006-02-22 9:27:26 AM

Agreed, Mrs. Thatcher was the greatest PM England's ever had.

Obviviously she had the ba...oh never mind.

Posted by: tomax | 2006-02-22 11:11:40 AM


Tell that to all of the women's Libbers too.

The men and women are actually still equal sinners in God's eyes.

Posted by: ALL CANADIAN | 2006-02-22 2:00:14 PM


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Posted by: PIERRE | 2006-02-22 2:52:20 PM

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