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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

File under: Cryin' Shame!

Oh the horror! --

CALGARY - Local Muslims are disappointed the Crown prosecutor's office has recommended no criminal charges be laid against two publications that printed cartoons they find offensive. [..]

Gordon Wong, Calgary's chief Crown prosecutor, said the Criminal Code requires there be an intent to incite hatred against a specific group, and his office had determined there was no intent in this case.

Chalk up a small victory for the few of us left, who balk at the bitter irony of this -- the proponents of a culture, who's defining activities of late have been the murdering of infidels, filing a complaint with the Human Rights Commission under hate crimes legislation, because a magazine reprinted a cartoon which suggested perhaps Muslims had a propensity for violence...and they rioted!


Cox & Forkum presents Piglet's Revenge!  Toonophobia. heh.  And Burger King must be laughing now...

North American Patriot

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Miss Piggy was always a classy broad. Love those elbow length gloves and pearl necklace! However, like many of the "Ahmeds" and "Mohameds" she's quick tempered and quite vocal. Then again, Miss Piggy will only karate chop your sorry behind, not hand your head (literally) to you!

PS. Nice find, Wondergal!

Posted by: Eskimo | 2006-02-22 8:54:39 AM

Local muslims are nothing but Trojan horses in our society. Anyone that thinks they will assimilate into our culture and way of life is a fool. Hopefully those fools will be the ones to suffer a fools fate.

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2006-02-22 9:20:59 AM

This cartoon maybe hateful: it is depicting us infidels as pigs (not that I mind). I'm going to get my popcorn and beer ready because this blog is going to be a RIOT (pun intended).

Posted by: Danny | 2006-02-22 9:27:21 AM

[email protected] go take a long walk on a short roof. You would do us REAL Canadians who tolerate multiculturism a big favor.

Posted by: Colin | 2006-02-22 9:27:35 AM

I disagree with Colin on (just about) everything he's said here at the Shotgun Blog, but "Western Canadian", dude or dudette, you're subtracting from the debate, not adding to it. There are indeed "moderate Muslims" - I suspect that even you know that - and attitudes such as yours will only make them less likely to speak out than they are now.

Posted by: Karl | 2006-02-22 9:42:53 AM

Truly a fool Gollin, truly a fool. Real Canadian! Real Fool. I happen to like a lot of about Multiculturalism but I also realize that Islam is diametrically opposed to our way of life. If you took the time you would see that in Europe [Holland, Denmark and Germany} moves are afoot to ban Islamic immigration.
May you and the rest of your stupid "real canadians" suffer that fools fate, toe the left line you idiots, don't think, just follow.

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2006-02-22 10:06:10 AM

The system still works ( at least in Alberta)...but I still find it an abomination of civil liberty that such a frivilous charge could even have a hope of legal legitimacy.

Islamic fanaticism was just given notice that insane reactionary shit disturbing is not a way to gain social acceptance in a non Muslim nation.

Posted by: WLMackenzie redux | 2006-02-22 10:08:33 AM

If we didn't have speech that some considered blasphemous, we wouldn't have a multi-cultural society. I agree that many Muslims in Canada are moderate and want to live in a truly free and multiculti society.

Look at what some are striving for though, legalized blasphemy:
(From the Edmonton Journal)

>Soharwardy [president of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada] said the community is still considering a civil lawsuit against those who published the cartoon. As well, it plans to begin lobbying for legislative changes so that offensive remarks or depictions of any religious figure are considered a crime.

Posted by: Angela | 2006-02-22 10:18:38 AM

western canadian: You generalize and oversimplify, I do have Muslim friends, and they are not "all" trojan horses as you state. They are like many 'Christians', who are religious in name only, maybe have a few religious practices etc....

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-02-22 10:40:43 AM

And we if don't let them take over our ports, we'll be called "racist," as Arab leaders are now calling opponents to port takeovers in the USA (which Bush--that "Patriot" phoney who has been very much responsible for the erosion of civil liberties and democratic rights such as due process--is all in favour of).

"Here in the United States, there's a program that only inspects 2 to 4 per cent of cargo as it hits our ports," said Massachusetts Democratic Representative Ed Markey.

"Now, on top of that, the Bush administration is now going to allow a foreign government to play the role in the unloading of all of this cargo as it is now in the American ports.

"And we know that Al Qaeda wants to get nuclear materials onto a flatbed truck and explode a nuclear device in an American city."

That Phoney Bush!

Posted by: TurboTruth | 2006-02-22 10:45:36 AM

Here is a snippet from an article entitled "Liquid Borders:"

THE TROJAN HORSE IS NO MYTH. Two suicide bombers infiltrated a port in a shipping container in March this year. They exploded before they could find their target, taking most of the afternoon shift of port workers with them.

It was the Israeli port of Ashdod, but it could just as easily been here.

Just after the Twin Towers attack, in October 2001, Italian authorities in the port of Gioia Tauro uncovered a man equipped with a satellite phone, a laptop, fraudulent US airport security passes and an airline mechanic's certificate. He was hiding in a US bound shipping container.

Containers ebb and flow through the living beast of world trade - shipping ports - night and day. Australian Customs will now check 7 percent of the 3 million imported into Australia each year. But not one empty container transhipped through our ports rates a glance. Australia is a key redistribution port for these steel packages. Whether a container is really empty is pure speculation.

Shipping is the untapped greenfields site for aspiring terrorists.

And Bush is now okay with Arabs owning ports in the USA?

Posted by: TurboTruth | 2006-02-22 10:51:56 AM

To continue to promote fredom of speech at the expense of making fun of a group already under seige by our so called right and just society is so thoughtful and kind. Good for them to try all legal avenues. Wake up! this goes on everyday by profit driven corporations, let alone the occasional badly persecuted group or poor soul that stand up with a voice. there are losers and winners: http://www.tngcanada.org/EN/news/2003/031227_monc_francis_arb.shtml
sometimes the small person loses loses.http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/20051113/ontariomom_libelsuit_051113/20051113?hub=TopStories

Big Corps are the real concern to free speech.

Posted by: Colin | 2006-02-22 10:56:26 AM

Ha! Funny, but in reality I think we should find a better way to deal with these literally loose cannons.

While the cartoons are funny, is akin to poking a caged tiger with a stick.

The Muslim/Islamofascists are liken to a caged tiger, can't see much except the little cage they are in, feel confined and betrayed by those outside looking in.

If we keep poking the tiger, we might have bad scratches.

So what to do? Ah, I don't know, something peaceful and politically correct...

like nuke them.

Did I say that? Dang keyboard types faster then I can think...

Posted by: tomax | 2006-02-22 11:09:07 AM

Colin - I can only assume you are a young, and completely brainwashed student/ex-student (of the humanities/social sciences). You simply repeat the empty phrases of these fields.

Please explain how the cartoons are referring to a group 'already under siege'. Be careful of your definition of 'group'.

Then, please explain how 'Big Corps' are the 'real concern to free speech'.

So far - all you do here is repeat the empty rhetoric you've memorized; you have no definition (in your own words) of your terms, nor of causality, nor of relations. How about doing some thinking on your own?

The Crown Prosecutor is completely right in his conclusion that publishing the cartoons had no intent to incite hatred within/among/to a certain group. Their publication was to incite debate - for the cartoons themselves were questions. They were asking about the GAP between the stated beliefs of Islam and the violent behaviour of many of its adherents, in the name of that religion. That question has to be addressed - and answered.

And who should address and answer this question? The majority of Muslims, the so-called moderate Muslims, who file those lawsuits, who are angry with 'us' for asserting or believing that they are a 'violent people'.

They should not be trying to shut us up, to silence us and our questions - as we watch people die in commuter trains, buses, restaurants, buildings - all blown up by Muslims in the name of their religion. They should be speaking - as a majority - to those Muslim extremists.

The majority of Muslims, the moderate silent majority, should be ranting, raging, filing lawsuits - against those extremeist Muslims who are taking their 'moderate' religion away from them, and turning it into a tool for rabid, vicious, totalitarian fundamentalism.

It shouldn't be we Westerners who should do the complaining (the Danish, Norwegian, UK, French, NY..and Western Standard, and PEI presses)..It shouldn't be up to us, who are (as well as moderate Muslims) being blown up by this group of Islamic fundamentalists...to ask the questions, to fight back, to refuse to be cowed into silence.

It should be up to that majority of silent moderate Muslims..They should hold rallies - not against us for publishing the cartoon questions - but against those extremists who have absconded with their religion and are using it for murder. They should hold rallies, multiple rallies; they should shout it out - loud, loud, again and again - that 'we moderate, peaceful Muslims will not let you abscond with our religion and turn it into a means of murder and hate'.

Instead - what do they do? They are, for the most part, silent.
And then, they repeat to us (as we bury our dead) that they are a peaceful religion, and how much we offend them when we say that they are NOT peaceful and are doing vicious and violent acts. They say nothing about the riots which burn down our embassies, they say nothing about the mobs who burn our flags (conveniently supplied by their gov'ts). They say nothing about the people set on fire, to burn to death, by these mobs.
They say nothing about the violence carried out in the name of their religion.

Instead, they insist that we consider their religion as 'peaceful' and insist that they are offended if we reject the reality of death, and do not agree with them that their religion is 'peaceful'.
They file lawsuits if we do not agree that their religion is peaceful. They say we are involved in a 'hate crime' if we do not agree that their religion is peaceful.

They focus all their attention on insisting that we ..and they..hide from the truth. The truth is that their religion has been abrogated, stolen, from them..and is being used by a fundamentalist group who are murdering and destroying social freedoms..in the name of that religion.

Why are they silent?

Posted by: ET | 2006-02-22 11:19:36 AM

For all you who think Islam is all about killing infidels, how do you reconcile the U.S. and some of their allies killing tens of thousands of Muslims?...and for what?

And how do you think that will help the world situation?

I think most of the people who post on this site are uneducated, closed-minded provincials who are easily led by wannabe intellectuals like Mr. Levant, a man who proves without a shadow of a doubt that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

Posted by: Doug Roberts | 2006-02-22 12:13:58 PM

The Four Freedoms

(1) Freedom of speech and expression -- everywhere in the world.

(2) Freedom of every person to worship God in his own way -- everywhere in the world.

(3) Freedom from want - which means economic understandings which will secure to every nation a healthy peacetime life for its inhabitants --everywhere in the world.

(4) Freedom from fear, which means a world-wide reduction of armaments to such a point and in such a thorough fashion that no nation will be in a position to commit an act of physical aggression against any neighbor --everywhere in the world

This nation has placed its destiny in the hands, heads and hearts of its millions of free men and women, and its faith in freedom under the guidance of God. Freedom means the supremacy of human rights everywhere. Our support goes to those who struggle to gain those rights and keep them. Our strength is our unity of purpose. To that high concept there can be no end save victory.

( - Franklin Delano Roosevelt, January 6, 1941 - Eleven months before Pearl Harbor )

Posted by: James Damianoff | 2006-02-22 12:35:46 PM

what is truly amazing is that in Canada where muslims make up a whopping 1 . 8 % of the population that they get an awfull lot of press .
Why ?

Posted by: Mike | 2006-02-22 12:36:21 PM

FYI ... a moderate Mulsim who is 'Islamic in name only' and doesn't practice the faith, is not a Muslim, but rather is an Infidel.

If those particular people put a tattoo stating that on some visible place on their bodies, we could start to perhaps trust them ... maybe.

"Tigers don't change their stripes" to use an previous analogy.

Regarding multucultural: That is an apt description of Planet Earth, but not of a country.

A casual description of a country is a 'poplulation of like minded indivuduals who share a common language and culture'. We developed countries of a long period of time because of an innate and learned mistrust and intolerance of other 'tribes".

My question: Are we to eliminate the concept of country and just have one big anarchy on a ball in space in order to appease whomever?

And Doug R ... the US and it's allies are not killing enough of them fast enough to protect our way of life. We are not going to win this war if we continue to fight with one hand tied behind our backs because of naive characters like you.

Posted by: Duke | 2006-02-22 12:43:10 PM

The appeasement of Islamic radicals has its parallels at Harvard. The faculty of Arts, which is radically left wing, has managed to kick Larry Summers out for saying politically incorrect things. Now they will be emboldened to carry on with shaping Harvard in their own image. Left unchallenged, they will probably destroy the University. I know I would no longer pay that kind of tuition to send my kid to Harvard just to be brainwashed by the left. I can pay a lot less for brainwashing by leftie Vietnam draft dodgers who’ve left their mark at York University.

So the parallels to the moderate Muslims are interesting. Also hard-core separatists in Quebec probably never exceeded 20%, but we almost lost Quebec in a referendum by moderates doing nothing to stop them. Radicals unchallenged by Moderates can tip the scales under certain circumstances, that’s how Hitler got his start.

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-02-22 12:45:16 PM

Right on, ET!!!!

Posted by: TurboTruth | 2006-02-22 12:51:05 PM

ET - I can only assume you are a washed up writer who loves to stir the pot. With no bookdeals in sight you have to practice your creative writing skills here. I live in section of my city that is 25% percent Muslim, I talk to my neigbour at least once a week, he finds that much has changed since 911, and not for the good, more stops by the police trouble at the airport etc. Where do you live how many muslim nighbours do you have ? Did you know anything about current history? http://www.cbc.ca/news/background/arar/

Go practice your creative writing by writing lots of negative defamatory comments and send them to https://www.irvingoil.com/info/informRequest.asp
then see what happens.

People like you make me sad to be Canadian if indeed you are. You enjoy proposing whipping us all into a frenzy that we are going to be consumed by evil Islam. I am one voice that will not tolerate your very uneducated small minded analytical commentary. @5000 bad people = @1,500,000,000 bad people.

Posted by: Colin | 2006-02-22 12:54:55 PM

Im so sick of this mahar arar guy. Who the hell cares. We have wasted a lot of energy and money on this to come up with what?
If he is so stuck on human rights he needs to pursue them in his own country and yap off at them.
But no, he does it from here, a safe haven and then acts like we are the bad guys.Talk about biting the hand that feeds you!

Posted by: mike | 2006-02-22 1:09:20 PM

Doug - could you explain and provide evidence for your statement of 'the US and some of their allies killing tens of thousands of Muslims'. Could you provide exact figures and evidence? My data base source doesn't support your statement, but points to about 7,356 Iraqi civilians dead at the end of the war in Iraq (May 1, 2004. There are further deaths - which are due to the 'insurgents' trying to prevent Iraqis from taking charge of their country, becoming democratic, voting, etc..but those are not due to the "US and its allies'. So - please explain.

Colin - I'm afraid that my educational and professional expertise is none of your business.

Again - you haven't answered a single one of my questions - ever. Why not?

You say that your Muslim neighbour has been 'more frequently stopped by the police at their airport?' Gosh - do you consider that it has anything to do with 9/11? With public threats by those 'invisible' Islamicists to blow up our cities? With the infamous Muslim caught crossing the BC/US border to blow up Los Angeles. With the 'shoe bomber' trying to light a bomb in his shoe? Do you think that the 'increased stops' at their airport have anything to do with that?

Oh- and did you know that EVERYONE has more 'problems with the police and the airport'?? Everyone? How many trips have you taken - Haven't you found that in all cases, you, no matter what colour skin you have, must remove your shoes? Don't you ever receive baggage that has been marked that it's been opened and inspected? Haven't you been questioned, no matter what colour your skin, a bit more thoroughly, had your bags checked and asked about things you were carrying??? I wonder why this has happened? Do you think it's specious and just because 'we westerner's don't know how to love others'...or is it because of all those bombs...??? Hmmmm?

Posted by: ET | 2006-02-22 1:12:45 PM


70 percent of ALL Canadians do now believe in the free press and in the right of the free press to publish the Dane cartoons

Only 30 percent of the Canadians support the Muslim cry babies demand not to publish any Muslim cartoons

Those liberal cowards, fear mongers editors even like the Calgary Sun. the Ottawa Citizen . ETC who DO STILL ONLY publish the Muslim news letters and not the rest of the NEWS, the WHOLE TRUTH ABOUT NOW how most Canadians fell about the Muslims and their VIOLENCE, are now NEXT unwisely offending the majority of Canadians of whom many who will stop buying their newspapers, but the Muslims tend not even to buy the newspapers, or read the West's Newspapers, cause they only read their Islamic LITERATURE, and mainly listen to the Arab News versions.

A real dumb ECONOMIC marketing move on the part of these SAME editors too.

NOT TO SMART and let them print this too!

Posted by: Non Muslim | 2006-02-22 1:51:09 PM

ET - (I don't think Colin gets out much, you know leaving Happyland to take a walk in the real world with its harsh realties that there are people that cannot be reasoned with that only seek to inflict harm on others).

Colin- You still haven't answered the question about what evidence, factual or rational (preferably both) that Big Corporations are more of a threat to free speech than errant government policy can be.

Please provide some background, and prove to us you've put some thought into this and have reasons and are not just aping the standard left wing diatribe.

C'mon man - you can do it! Just a little effort...

Posted by: Prometheus | 2006-02-22 1:55:50 PM

As soon as I read Colin's question: "Did you know anything about current history?", followed by the source to this link:
"www.cbc.ca/news/background/arar/" i almost pissed my pants.

Colin, why don't you answer ET's questions instead of speculating on his washed-up writing career. Man, you kids just can't bring it the way you used to. It's a different arena than being preached to by the balding, pony-tailed poli-sci prof thumping his signed copy of manufacturing consent, eh? Actually have to make points here?

Posted by: Stopthetrain | 2006-02-22 1:56:17 PM

ET - I have ansered questions as frankly as possible. Round Ten - You have Body count statics way TA Go Keeping the old Tally, The Americans learned that it was not a good idea to do this a few years back. I think it is wrong to specifically target a person based on ethnic profiling. I do not remember a Threat here in Canada that you elude to. I think upgraded security should be applied but it should not specifically target a group of people. I do not think it is right for a Canadian Engineer to be sent to Syria for Torture. Its hard to answer all your rhetorical questions but I am trying. I think most westerners love most Easterners. I think the Love goes both ways, even with the bombs. Hmmmm? Not sure what you are asking but here I go "I Think I Can.. I Think I Can Too? You can TOO!"

Posted by: Colin | 2006-02-22 1:57:19 PM

Five Alive 99 at Yahoo,
Sorry about making the washed up writer thing to ET I guess I touched some very personal ground, sorry again.
Thanks for clarifying the rules, OH I didn't know I had to make a point here and that I had to follow some sort of WS Tribunal code of ethical posting.
please send me the link so I will know what to do.

Posted by: Colin | 2006-02-22 2:05:13 PM

Colin - You think it's wrong to specifically target a person based on 'ethnic profiling'. Let's see what this means.

If your society is being told, openly and publicly, by Islamic fundamentalists, that your society is a target for their militant activities - do you refuse to investigate Islamic groups in your community, because to do so, is an action of 'ethnic profiling'? (Ethnic profiling - that sounds like Socio 101).

Did you know that Canada has been named as a target by Al Qaeda? Did you know that Canada has been/is used as a venue for movement of Al Qaeda agents? No? Never heard this?

Do you, at the airport, refuse to investigate the baggage of someone who is obviously, by name, clothing and visible physical characteristics, a possible member of this community..because, to you, it 'specifically targets a group of people'. How do you, the police, fulfil your duty to protect ALL citizens, if you refuse to investigate this person?

Are you aware that ALL people are investigated at airports? All - regardless of skin colour, size, weight, clothing and etc?

But again -IF, IF, your society is told by a specific group that the group intends to harm your society - do you think it would be a responsible or irresponsible act, to ignore them? And, refuse to investigate possible members of the specific group - because to do so, would be an act of 'ethnic profiling'?

If, for example, someone in your town has been murdered by a member of the Hell's Angels, do you think it's wrong to investigate all who are known as members of this gang - because that 'specifically targets a group of people'?

If, for example, someone in your town has been robbed by a gang of three, all of whom are black, - do you think it is wrong to investigate only black gangs - because that 'specifically targets a group of people'?

Do you know all the facts about the Arar case?

You must be kidding - "I think most westerners love most easterners. I think the love goes both ways". My god, that sounds like something from Nursery Room 101. We don't 'love' people we don't know; we may acknowledge their humanity, respect this human reality, appreciate their right to life etc...but, kindly leave the emotions to real relationships.

Oh- have you heard what the imams are saying about the West - about 'death to all infidels'? Do you listen, actually listen to what they are saying, or do you listen only to yourself?

Posted by: ET | 2006-02-22 2:29:49 PM

Colin - It's not about "ethical posting" it's about quality posting.

I doubt you and I would see eye-to-eye on much, but *you're* not helping your positions at all when you assert your ideas as fact, and then fail to provide factual evidence or good rational arguments to support them.

If you provided better arguments, you'd get a lot less flack and better quality responses. The onus is on you to write something intelligent, regardless of your location on the political spectrum.

There are a lot of intelligent people participating here that will call you on these sloppy things....

You also don't help your positions at all when someone asks for clarification on a point, and you don't provide it, particularly when the question is clear and concise. (Still haven't seen a response to my "Big Corp" question).

Stopthetrain is right - this not a forum where one can play if one can't step up.

Posted by: Prometheus | 2006-02-22 2:45:14 PM

I read often ON THE NET the very same press releases before it is next printed in the news paper as a supposed news story.

Here is what so called bad News reporters often, toooften do, they take one of the SO CALLED PRESS RELEASE and merely republish h it as a supposed full investigate news reporting when all they really now have too often done is plagiarized the news press realize.

To: "Bill Kaufmann"
Re:Western Mideast policy panned Calgary Sun

I read your supposed News story about How the Muslims do feel.. their lying spins

You should have posted as real news how the majority of Canadians , the other 70 percent, who do not agree with the Muslim lying spins, AND them using this all as an other false excuse to promise their definitely false, immoral Muslim religion.

Is your head now really so empty of any decent moral values that you are just pasting as News the bad Muslim propaganda and not your own posts.

Or are you now deliberately wrongfully fueling the Hatred, tension fire to get the recent of the decent Canadians upset Get real.

Posted by: ALL CANADIAN | 2006-02-22 2:47:48 PM

To: Bill Kaufmann
[email protected]
Subject: Re: Western Mideast policy panned Calgary Sun



you admit you have not seen any Muslim bullies in Canada.. you come from a very small racist too town to start of with.But in Canada I have seen them .. so too bad for you.

I rightfully lodge a formal complaint that your writing are rather more wrongful hate literature against the US now too

Note this: Just cause any person also does not support gay marriages or even the Unholy wars of the Jews and Palestinians, Muslims is still not justifiable reason now next to bash him by the liberal news reporter, and we often see this now wrongfully too.. "IN-YOUR FACE" BULLYING BY THE NEWS MEDIA MEMBERS NOW TOO. "The best defense is an offense", OR " whoever shouts the loudest wins" are still not the right or always a valid approach.. and if you personally now can’t find a solution to your defined problem, it’s also still quite possible that you personally, wrongfully haven’t been able to understood the problem in full. Bullying is just another false approach, a Power struggle. The immoral, narrow minded short term approach of forcing other persons out of any discussions, driving out dissenters may to the bullying person seem like a good solution, approach but it is still a violation of their human rights, including their right themselves to be heard and to express, freedom of speech, freedom of religion too, now as well.

"Putting words in other people's mouth, " Distorting" what they have supposedly said, "'making unsubstantiated accusations", or stating "Coalition of idiots", " Coalition of the wise" , "Labeling" and "Name calling" such as the " Religious Christian Conservatives", "Fundamental Christian Conservatives", "Evangelical rights", "Evangelical right" ,"Religious Christian right", " Jesus Land", "Bible belt" " Religious Right" or the " God-fearing gay-haters" now is generally STILL just old fashioned unacceptable "Bullying", really often a false put down of the born gain Christians, all part of the immoral divide and conquer management, political approach too. Name calling and bulling may give temporary stress relief to the users, it seldom brings about any lasting, overall positive changes. Furthermore the person doing the bullying tend to go on to engage in more serious antisocial behaviors as Inflammatory, unrestrained verbal abuses normally leads, encourages real, negative physical abuse of others as well because bullies do want BLIND acceptance to their immoral views even. Verbal Hostility and aggression directed toward a victim who is perceived, described as mentally or emotionally weaker than the bully are more unacceptable acts, signs of bullying . BULLING is commonly defined as intentional, repeated hurtful acts, words or other behavior, such as name-calling, threatening and/or shunning committed by one against another. Clearly a childish approach too. And the adults are supposed to be example to the children and wonder why some of the children do next bully others. Verbal bullying often accompanies the physical behavior and can, does include name calling, spreading lies and exaggerations, distortions, persistent teasing and gossip. Public exposure and prosecution of the guilty persons here too serves everyone's best interest,

A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger. (Prov 15:1 KJV) " Either how canst thou say to thy brother, Brother, let me pull out the mote that is in thine eye, when thou thyself beholdest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Thou hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to pull out the mote that is in thy brother's eye." (Luke 6:42 KJV) And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not love, it does not profit me or others. (1 Cor 13:3 KJV)


News media Alert, if you "insert the word Jew everywhere you've put Christian" how would the others like it?

" If reporters who write about Christian fundamentalists taking over his party were to "insert the word Jew everywhere you've put Christian, do you think they would let you print it?" he asked. "I doubt it John Reynolds, Conservative MP

Tell our Justice Ministers to Stop being so hypocritical now.. it is clear that targeting even by member of the news media, or politicans now too hatred towards a specific group such as God fearing persons, Evangelical(s), Christians Republicans, by even anyone even in Canada's news media is still an unacceptable immoral act .. so now do something rightfully now about this as well.. even if the clearly abused persons now are Christians and are not gays or Jews or Muslims.. And are the bad Mulsims, bad jews, and bad gays syupporters going to try to bully, verbally abuse the others still? then all of these same persons should also be prosecuted then. Even All Canadian Muslims clerics who have propagated hatred towards the infidels should be tried as terrorists too.

I too am still really seriously, rightfully expect, demand of even Canada security Minister, Justice Minister, Revenue Minister, Immigration Minister, Heritage Minister that the existing laws be fairly applied to all Canadians, to all personal, individual, organized, religious, ethnic groups in Canada without worrying about the costs too ( not just to mostly the blacks or natives now too) and that now still includes all private and charitable organizations, incorporation's, groups churches, religious groups, Christian, Jewish and Muslim ones as well, without any false partially, and without dual standards, and that includes any of the professional self regulating societies, civil and public services, medical groups as well. Real, exemplary prosecution and public exposure of the persons doing wrong still best serves everyone's best interest in Canada. Prosecute also the and bad Pastors of Langley BC as well that slandered and meddled wrongfully into my family affairs firstly too. Prosecute all of the bullies, abusers, liars, theives, racial discriminators, criminals, drug users and pushers, tax evaders too now. While the governments save money by not prosecuting the bad guys with their slap on the wrist programs they thus won't cure anyone of anything.. The federal and the provincial Governments themselves are the critical force in reducing racial discrimination by their prosecuting in reality not merely by words, of all of the guilty persons practicing racial discrimination now. How many persons were now successfully prosecuted for racial discriminations even in hiring practices, drunk driving, tax evasions, pimping, pornography bad drug usage, telling lies in the Queen's court too, etc. in Canada the last many years? out of the many thousands who still do it still too? An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.. Jail and firings now too are still some of the best prevention programs now too.






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Subject: Re: Western Mideast policy panned Calgary Sun

More laughable redneck drivel from you? "Our" Muslims here have been pretty peaceful, as far as I can see.

Please. Do you seriously think all the rage overseas hasn't been building from incredibly violent US foreign policy? The history of it is long and varied, ranging from invading their countries, toppling their elected leaders in coups, backing illegal occupations like the one in Palestine to supplying their dicatatorships with weaponry. It's all there. They have every reason to be pissed at the West.

The biggest purveyors of violence and weaponry is - as usual - the US.

You'd have to blind not to see it. Unlike you, the Arabs aren't blind.

I haven't seen Arab troops invading the US lately. They'd have every reason to force regime change on that gang of criminals in Washington.

Looks what's happening in Iraq now - civil war following the US invasion which was predicted by the anti-war crowd. Bush and his gang remind me of a bunch of mental retards playing with matches around a gas can.

There is no occupation of Iraq or Palestine or decades of western meddling there due to oil resources... so people there have no reason to be upset. It's all a figment. Gotcha,

and thanks for your contribution.

Lying spins.
Too funny
BTW, your grammar needs work.

>Is your head now really so empty of any decent moral values that you are just pasting as news the bad Muslim propaganda and not your own posts. Or are you now deliberately wrongfully fueling the Hatred, tension fire to get the recent of the decent Canadians upset Get real.

Posted by: ALL CANADIAN | 2006-02-22 3:24:21 PM

Bill Kauffamn As a Calgarian I am ashamed of you.

Bill Kauffamn I guess you do now in fairness also do insult all the of the bad rednecked Muslims who write to you as well with their bad grammer?

You have have also wrongfuly insulted still the many Americans that over 60 perecent of Canadians respect.

Whose the redneck rather? looked in the Mirror lately?

You now do call yourself a liar, an abuser or a news reporter still?

Posted by: Mrs L Louise | 2006-02-22 3:30:37 PM

and you [email protected] do keep on showing to everyone that when you cannot deal with the facts, contents you insult, abuse the person by making personal attacks on them, very unprofessional, and I just continue to rightfully still show to everyone what you are like, and does you paper the bad Calgary Sun keep supporting wrongfully these abusers, bullies like you still too.

and Mr. Perfect [email protected] do you pharisically abuse also now everyone who rightfuly disagrees with you.. Not just me or the US..

and if you [email protected] now have perfect grammar writing abilitybut have not have love for the others it does not profit anything at all still too. sad. realy sad.

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From: "Bill Kaufmann"
[email protected]
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Subject: Re: Western Mideast policy panned Calgary Sun
Wow. You just make my case for me through your scribblings. Take a bow.


Posted by: AllCANADAIN | 2006-02-22 3:50:37 PM

All Canadian,

Your comment post was so messy and conveluted that it was hard to stay interested in whatever point it was you were trying to make.

Do you know what the word 'too' means. Your use of it was laughable. And I still don't know what your point was. Do you get paid for this stuff or are you on welfare?

Posted by: Duke | 2006-02-22 3:50:42 PM

To the Alberta Human Rights Commission

You Bill Kaufmann" [email protected] have now abused me, the others and that makes your day.. you now do rightfully need real professional pastor help, counseling even still to be prosecuted, fired, dismissed.

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From: "Bill Kaufmann"
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 6:08 PM
Why do you think I'd care about the Western Standard? Exposure? I didn't know I've exposed myself. Maybe the police will arrest me for public indecency. It would at least be news. This has all been highly-amusing. It brightens an otherwise dready day. Thanks.

On Wednesday, February 22, 2006 wrote:
>I might "be from another country" you truly unacceptably judgmental racist Bill Kaufmann" .

I am a Canadian from Canada.. and I do speak four languages for a start, French included one for the official languages of Canada . Did you wrongfully even bash Jean Chreten for his English now too? Unbelievable and Unacceptable. Still even justifying now, defending yourself Bill Kaufmann" . Your Bill Kaufmann" . still diversionary personal attacks of me now a person you do not know, meet was. is the unacceptable truth we all can see. I do expect a full apology from your Calgary Sun editor for your Bill Kaufmann" . wrongful personal abuse of me firstly still too, and also for your wrongful abuse of the US now too. I do rightfully wait for it. Your insincere partial, apology was rightfully not accepted

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From: "Bill Kaufmann"
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 5:58 PM
Subject: Re: Western Mideast policy panned Calgary Sun

The truth can bullying, can't it? And you complain about Muslims whining? You still haven't addressed the issues - you just call me names, like "unprofessional" and "bully" when you can't refute me. Again, I've seen it often and it's quite tiresome. I'll let you in on a little secret, Paul: columnists write opinion and tend to be one-sided with their opinions. It's the nature of the beast. It's why they call those pages the opinion-editorial pages. Some would call it bullying if they don't like what they read. As for your "facts" - I've yet to see one, other than Muslims are bad. The best you've done is call me empty-headed and morally-bankrupt in your very first message that started this. I guess that means you're bullying me.

But I apologize for the comment on your grammar. You might be from another country and not have complete command of English, which is understandable.

On Wednesday, February 22, 2006 , wrote:

> My [email protected] you are now defensive when you [email protected] got the public exposures by me and all this you now next do write back in your personal defense is still a diversion from the fact you showed to all are a bully, an abuser wrongfully ,

You even abused me, and very LIKELY THIS IS HOW YOU TREATED ME IS HOW YOU TREAT THE OTHERS but still making personal attacks on me a person you do not EVEN know or have met Sad.

Who made you this judge of putting "the other people in their place" now of all the others? when you cannot take out this clearly immoral beams in your own eyes that need to be dealt with firstly.

(Mat 7:3 KJV) And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? 4 Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Let me pull out the mote out of thine eye; and, behold, a beam is in thine own eye? 5Thou hypocrite, first cast out the beam out of thine own eye; and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother's eye.


and you [email protected] do keep on showing to everyone that when you cannot deal with the facts, contents you insult, abuse the person, THE WRITE TO YOU by making MOREW personal attacks on them, ALL very unprofessional, and I just continue to rightfully still show to everyone what now you are like, and does you paper the bad Calgary Sun keep supporting wrongfully abusers, bullies like you still too..

and Mr. Perfect [email protected] do you pharisically abuse also now everyone who rightfuly disagrees with you.. Not just me or the US..

and if you [email protected] now have perfect grammar writing ability but have not any love for the others it does not profit anything at all still too.

You have really here by your own behavior now even been a disgrace to these Muslim terrorist you clearly do support , if they likley are like you not wonder the editors now had people produced the cartoons.

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From: "Bill Kaufmann"
Sent: Wednesday, February 22, 2006 5:38 PM
Subject: Re: Western Mideast policy panned Calgary Sun
Personal? Hardly. You just don't enjoy being put in your place by reality and by the many obvious facts you should know by now. People who can't argue the issues always resort to accusing the other of "hate." I've seen it many times and it's very pathetic. Labelling uncomfortable truths as "hate" sounds like an attempt at censorship. Try something else. Most Americans no longer back Bush and disagree with almost all of his policies. Do they hate America, too? Or does Bush? I don't do Muslim press releases. I interview people speaking their minds and put them in news stories. And in columns, I cut through the distortions to the truths that aren't reported by the media here. And there are many. Some of the "distortions" I've reported are the well-documented missing WDMs and connections to Osama in Iraq and Israel's oppression of Palestinians. I've been to Palestine and seen it. I'm sure you've read lots about Iraq. Bush launched a war of aggression that would be deemed illegal if anyone else had pursued it. That's the truth. Is stating it "hate?" Where are the distortions? BTW - you sound like you hate Muslims. Tsk, Tsk. Thanks,

On Wednesday, February 22, 2006 3:00 PM, wrote:


Posted by: CANADAIN still | 2006-02-22 4:37:40 PM

I agree with a poster...1.8% is Muslim in Canada. We are transfixed with "visible minorities", like the Quebecois, gays, Native, single dark skinned mothers and so on.

Does one stop to reason why maybe they are a minority? Oooh that sounds like a bigot.

Well whatever. Everyone is the same in my eyes, just I don't like squeaky wheels.

China espionage in Canada is a big thing. Glad the WS has the guy posting about it.

Martin/Cretien sold out our futures to China. Hopefully Harper will get it back.

IF, and a BIG IF, the RCMP can do their job and catch and sentence Goodale, Martin and so on, that would be justice.

If not, Canada's a goner.

Posted by: tomax | 2006-02-22 4:45:43 PM

Duke you should be the last person to speak foryou now are not so perfect now yourself and are you another western Bum yourself now too? You cannot follow this discussion also by an abusive redneck reporter from Calgary Sun or are you one of his bad friends? What you Like Klein do hate even do people on social aid or just those who have the free time. You get insulting, person with somoen you do not know as well? Grow up.

Posted by: Marry | 2006-02-22 4:46:07 PM

>>All Canadian, Your comment post was so messy and conveluted that it was hard to stay interested in whatever point it was you were trying to make. Do you know what the word 'too' means. Your use of it was laughable. And I still don't know what your point was. Do you get paid for this stuff or are you on welfare? Duke the relative of the redneck bullies?

I am a Canadian from Canada.. and I do speak four languages for a start, French included one of the official languages of Canada .

Did you wrongfully even bash Jean Chreten for his English now too?

I am retired, but do you hypocritcaly judge people by where they work and what you do still too?

What you want to be the only one to be seen writing here still too?

Posted by: Canadian | 2006-02-22 4:48:04 PM

Did this Gollin/colin idiot replace Justin?

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2006-02-22 5:50:06 PM

If these local muslims had the balls or tits to stand up to the radicals maybe they would be accepted. Don't count on it, this is a black and white issue and those that would make it gray are once again the appeasement fools. Look who paid for and supports the mosques in both Calgary and Vancouver. Wake the hell up, it would seem some of you are starting to believe your own BS.

Posted by: Western Canadian | 2006-02-22 6:05:39 PM

I repeat,

This site is for small minded, self serving provincial idiots who are nothing more than intellectual wannabes. (Most of you hide behind a fake name). But it shore is fun to read!!

Posted by: Doug Roberts | 2006-02-22 6:50:45 PM

All, any idea how many posts a person has to make before he joins the small minded, self serving,
provincial idiot, intellectual wannabe club.

Our new friend, Doug Roberts, has made two posts on this thread alone. I think he has enough posts to make him a member of the club. What say you?

Posted by: Kathryn | 2006-02-22 6:58:26 PM

Touche Kathryn. I'll just stand back and let the experts continue.

Posted by: Doug Roberts | 2006-02-22 7:07:14 PM

I vote Dougie in! Three cheers for Doug!

Doug - If you're really interested showing your moral superiority, start by going after the content of the posts you don't like, rather than the posters.

Posted by: Prometheus | 2006-02-22 7:09:19 PM

I won't be going after the posts because I don't have the time to do the research required to satisfy the burden of proof some of you seem to require (ET for example). And I won't be going after the posters because its like shooting ducks in a barrel (ET for example).

Have at it.

Posted by: Doug Roberts | 2006-02-22 7:23:05 PM

Doug -That doesn't leave you a lot of ground other than sniping from the sidelines.

And, saying this in a completely neutral fashion, that approach is also going to prevent you expanding your own knowledge base by researching counter-arguments. Truly, not all posts are as full of emiprical reference as ET's, and should be easier to unpack and research. Your choice, obviously, but it's not going to help validate anything you say.

Posted by: Prometheus | 2006-02-22 7:30:59 PM

I have read many of your blogs on different articles, and I have to congratulate you on your ethical manner in presenting your point of you. I appreciate your passion about getting to the "truth" of the matter, by using intellectual reason and objectivity rather than resorting to immature and snide ramblings.
If we all could follow your example, what a wonderful world this would be.
Thank you for showing me the "true" art of rhetoric.

Posted by: ceebee | 2006-02-22 8:17:19 PM

Doug Roberts, it is obvious from reading your remarks here that you lack the intellectual capability to articulate any point of view worthy of respect. You offer no opinion of value. All I see is insults and name calling. Insults are the weapon of someone that has no argument. You are out of your league here. In fact, why are you here?

Posted by: Doug | 2006-02-22 8:26:26 PM

Five Alive 99 at Yahoo,
"Thanks for clarifying the rules, OH I didn't know I had to make a point here and that I had to follow some sort of WS Tribunal code of ethical posting.
please send me the link so I will know what to do."

Ummm, nice comeback? I guess? Man, what are they putting in the vending machines in grade school these days? Come on, son, "please send me the link so I will know what to do." ?? That's what you got??

Posted by: Stopthetrain | 2006-02-22 10:46:15 PM

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