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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

An Awesome Battle of all the Countries

Hmm. I was planning to make my blog an Olympics-Free-Zone, since I'm a girly girl and all, and I hate sports. I thought it could be a special place of respite for women everywhere. But then I watched an interview with U.S. gold medal winning snowboarder Hannah Teter, who referred to the Olympics as the following: "An awesome battle of all the countries."
Heck. When you put it like that, I can't really be cynical about it, can I?
What would we do without snowboarders? Quick, someone give Teter a broadcasting job.

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She doesn't want a job in broadcasting, at least not as much as you do. She's a young athlete, doing her best, and trying to combine that with demands for interviews. Or, perhaps she's engaged in shameless self promotion.

Posted by: nazz rune | 2006-02-15 4:47:23 AM

This from the woman who posts such insightful commentary as:

"Maxime Bernier, the Industry Minister, is really tall and handsome. Yay!"

"That guy Gary Lunn (or Frank Lunn? Can't remember) is cute and used to be a paramedic, which is noble, but he is about three feet tall."


Seriously, why do you even post here? Do you ever put up content?

I'm also amused to note that you have actually blogged the cat. Oh mercy.

Posted by: bob | 2006-02-15 8:22:44 AM

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