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Friday, January 27, 2006

The Virtual Museum of Digital Satire

The videos I posted during the campaign are now all accessible here.  My server stats showed nearly ten thousand downloads in one week, so somebody out there loves this stuff.  According to the logs, Scott Feschuk downloaded "Battlescarred Gritica" on the eve of the election.  Sweet!

Many thanks again to Ezra Levant and the Shotgun team for the opportunity to post here.  This blog and the main site are the ne plus ultra of the conservative web in Canada, so the honour is acknowledged gratefully.

And if you enjoy football from England, swing by here .

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I think that Feshcuk won Mr Harper the election: I would vote for him if he runs for the senate.

Posted by: Bushman | 2006-01-27 7:33:07 PM

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