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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Set your VCRs – Joe Clark on CTV February 4th

The other day someone on the Shotgun was inquiring, perhaps only rhetorically, as to the whereabouts of the Right Hon. Charles Joseph Clark, last seen endorsing the Martin Liberals in the lead-up to the 2004 federal election.

I believe the comments thread on the Shotgun were inconclusive, but according to Shinan Govani in the National Post today [subscription required], Joe is scheduled to appear with fellow Right Honourables Brian Mulroney, John Turner and Kim Campbell on something called “The Next Great Prime Minister” on February 4th. Turns out that, when you scratch the surface, the contest is yet another thinly-disguised attempt by the Magnauts to insinuate themselves into Canadian politics. Sorry, “make a difference,” I should say.

Govani helpfully notes that Kim Campbell may be in for a bit of an on-air egging, based on her December prognostication that Harper didn’t have a hope of becoming PM:

As it turned out, she was just asking for it when, back in December, she openly opined that Harper had no chance of getting elected. Speaking at a seminar at the London School of Economics, the Right Honourable-ness told students: "Their [the Conservative party's] positions are too socially conservative, I think, to form a government in Canada ... People may like their fiscal policies but they're frightened by their social conservatism ..."

I hope someone sticks it to Joe too, based on this nugget from William Johnson’s biography of Harper, which reminds us of Joe’s unique talent for combining bravado with obtuseness:

Just before Harper won the [Canadian Alliance] leadership, Clark had said “As for Stephen Harper, if you want to form a debating club, go with Stephen. They will be exciting, wonderful debates, but they won’t elect anyone.”

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It's a JOKE!

Posted by: PGP | 2006-01-26 2:54:18 PM

Paul who?

Posted by: maz2 | 2006-01-26 3:29:21 PM

Why unearth corpses?

Posted by: Rémi houle | 2006-01-26 5:28:31 PM

How exciting!! Four past pmpms who were treated to resounding defeat. How Canadian (un - Canadian Conservative) Must be a CBC tearjerker.

Posted by: jema54j | 2006-01-26 8:28:23 PM

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