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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Political Video Hit Parade

The stats are in, and here are your top five videos, ranked by downloads per day:

  1. "Battlescarred Gritica"Windows Media | Quicktime
  2. "A New Hope for Canada"
  3. "Trudeaupia, 'Tis for Thee (aka "For the Love of Big Dither")
  4. "Anarchy in the Grits, Eh!"
  5. "Hurt" by Paul Martin Jr. and the Earnscliffe Boys

Many thanks to all who've downloaded and shared these.  And don't stop there:  remember, you can't vote for what you laugh at!

Bonus:  by user request, the Gustav Holst remix of "A New Hope for Canada"

Election Eve Extra!  "Just a Librano", featuring Paul Martin Jr. & the Scott Feschuk Dek-Tette

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Well, polls open in a few hours.

Conservatives Good Luck!

God Bless Stephan Harper.

Posted by: Jeff Cosford | 2006-01-22 7:18:28 PM

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