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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Liberals riding the pine

From TSN:


Phoenix Coyotes captain Shane Doan filed a lawsuit against Liberal MP Denis Coderre on Tuesday, alleging the former sports minister falsely accused him of making a slur against francophones during an NHL game.


Doan also demanded that Coderre make a public retraction in the motion filed in Quebec superior court.   


Coderre had asked Hockey Canada in a letter on Dec. 22 to expel Doan from Canada's Olympic hockey team unless he apologized for reportedly uttering an ethnic slur to referee Stephane Auger at the end of a Dec. 13 game between the Coyotes and the Montreal Canadiens. Copies of the letter were released to the media.


Doan denied making the remark and was given no further discipline after an investigation by the NHL.   


Coderre, the federal MP for the Montreal riding of Bourassa, said during a news conference Tuesday that he would not apologize and vowed to fight the lawsuit ''right up to the end.''

Denis Coderre: A classy individual, right up to his end.

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Liberals new campaign strategy: fight against hockey players. Smart. Very smart. Makes me think Codere wants to lose.

Posted by: NCF TO | 2006-01-18 8:28:17 AM

Blow the whistle and call in Senator Frank Mahovolich and MP Ken Dryden. Mr. Doan sounds like he might have a career move planned. Does the parliamentary hockey team need a s**t disturber? Start recruiting him for the next campaign.

Posted by: Servant | 2006-01-18 11:00:41 AM

Doan, a man of great integrity and respect, is too honourable to demean his stature by contemplating a life in politics.

Posted by: Huck | 2006-01-18 11:18:04 AM

Just another outageously indignant Liberal trying to score some cheap political points. Let`s get the spin out there before the facts rob us of the photo - op..

Posted by: dave | 2006-01-18 1:19:16 PM

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