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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Liberal leadership race

It's on. But then you knew that already.

Posted by Ezra Levant on January 25, 2006 | Permalink


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There will be blood on the floor. Remember, there are two factions in the party: Martin vs Chretien.

They hated each other with a passion.

We have a party in civil war mode.

Posted by: mynameishuynh | 2006-01-25 4:17:02 PM

The CTV news report says: "Rock resisted a pro-Israel shift in policy by Martin."

I thought Rock wanted to be pro-Israel but Foreign Affairs undercut him. This is based on a news report shortly after he went to the U.N. wherein he declared the policy. A couple of says later a F.A. spokesman said Rock was mistaken.

Anyone know the real story?

Posted by: greenmamba | 2006-01-25 4:33:39 PM

CTV says “Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty, a Liberal, said Harper must take care in filling the position (of Ambassador to US replacing McKenna), noting that 90 per cent of his province's exports go to the United States.”

Ya don’t say Dalton? That’s mighty insightful for a Liberal. Funny, I never heard The Dalton sound alarms when the hypocrite Martin accused the US of not having a conscience about pollution even though the US emissions are only half as bad as Canada’s.

Posted by: nomdenet | 2006-01-25 5:00:26 PM

I thought it was going to be Mr Dryden.
Oh well, Tobin, McKenna, Dryden...

While we're on the topic. Why don't they go after Super Mario Lemiuex!? He's from Montreal after all. He's retired and the Pens are for sale, he needs something to do.

Posted by: John | 2006-01-25 5:27:15 PM

Please please please let Alan Rock win that race! That greasy 'far left wing' goober would be perfect for the Lieberals top job...

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-01-25 5:48:17 PM

I think McKenna will do well against Mulroney (oops) I mean Harper. Sorry it's getting so hard to tell them apart after Harper sold-out (oops) I mean compromised (oops) I mean 'evolved'.

"We have a party in civil war mode."

HAD a party in civil war mode - now with a Conservative victory watch as this common enemy brings the Liberal party together again. Though I will admit, Harper isn't much of an enemy what with a minority government and more than 60% of Canadians voting against him.

Posted by: justin | 2006-01-25 5:52:50 PM

However you want to say it justin...check the scoreboard, that's what counts ! Conservatives 124 Lieberals 103...........

Posted by: MarkAlta | 2006-01-25 6:03:24 PM

Don't forget the fraud too.

We need to fix Election Canada before the next election.

Posted by: mynameishuynh | 2006-01-25 6:06:19 PM

Please consider the trend.
Beginning of December: 26% CPC
Now: 36% CPC
In 6 months: 46% CPC.

Why? influence of fear and smear in Ontario.

Posted by: Rémi Houle | 2006-01-25 6:06:50 PM


Don't worry about justin. I've heard that as part of Harper's transition he is looking for a judge (no left-wing bias, if you please) to head a commission (or royal commission) about looking into the 'spending' habits of the outgoing government.

I suspect that that has something to do with Mr. Mulroney. He hasn't forgotten the witch hunt that the liberals went on after he left office (and before the wingnuts start mouthing off, let us not forget that Mulroney actually sued and won a libel suit against the liberal government for improper accusations -- the damn liberals should have been required to pay for that too since they were the ones with a political agenda).

Boy I wouldn't want to be Mckenna captaining a ship with all of those skeletons falling out of the closet, as well as being in charge of a broke party.

As well, I'm hearing that Harper is ready to address fiscal imbalance. His GST reduction will be available for provinces to pick up tax points and fund any provincial programs they want. Boy a tax cut for PST-free Alberta, as well as making each province pay for the services that its residences want to have provided by their provincial governments. No more Albertans having to pay for a liberal idea in Ontario. Fiscal imbalance fixed. Westerners no longer pissed off paying for services in Toronna.

And even if the liberals somehow manage to get back in one day, they will have a hard time in raising taxes (GST). That sure wouldn't go over well.

Ed the Hun

Posted by: EdtheHun | 2006-01-25 6:15:09 PM

McKenna is apparently the newest one to be annointed. He'll have a hard time keeping Belinda "Canada deserves me" Stronach in check. I can't wait to see the Conservatives drag out McKenna's close relationships with the US while he was Ambassador. I'm pretty sure it won't be too difficult to convince the stupid people in Toronna and Montreal that the ambassador must be a friend of the dark, evil Americans. That one will follow him around, almost as much as having claim to fame of having been an undefeated premier of NB. Who cares?

Ed the Hun

Posted by: EdtheHun | 2006-01-25 6:23:39 PM

I haven't heard anyone mentioning this, but will the Liberal Party continue the tradition of alternating between Anglophone and Francophone leaders? I believe it has done so without exception since the 1870s.
If so, are any of the people we speculate about likely candidates to suceed the Anglophone (albeit from Quebec) Paul Martin?

Posted by: Jim Hutchinson | 2006-01-25 7:08:20 PM

McKenna scores a hat trick before the rest of them even enter the arena. In one move he gives the finger to Harper,shows the U.S. that he doesn't regard them very highly,and puts his own agenda above Canada. This is prime liberal leader material.Way to go Frank,you've got the right stuff to lead the libs to NDP numbers.

Posted by: wallyj | 2006-01-25 7:46:09 PM

MarkAlta - seats in Parliment are COMPLETELY different than the HEARTS AND MINDS of Canadians and even though Harper went up against a crook and a liar he STILL couldn't convince the majority of Canadians to support his neo-conservative agenda.

Don't you get it yet? This was the PERFECT result for progressive Canadians.

We're laughing at you.

Posted by: justin | 2006-01-25 7:57:13 PM

Chretien never had support of the majority of voters. How can you be "progressive" when you're ignorant, justin?

Posted by: calgarian | 2006-01-25 8:11:02 PM

Hey justin, did you pseuds, you know, your proverbial "we" that you've appointed yourself to speak for, figure this out while you're laughing?

(from http://anonalogue.blogspot.com/ )

"Let's take a closer look at what happened in Ontario on election night. On the whole the Liberals took 54 seats, the Tories 40, and the NDP 12. The Liberals dropped from nearly 45% of the vote in the 2004 election to 39%, the Tories only climbed marginally to 35%, and the NDP took 19%. One short analysis is that a buncha social conservatives just joined the CPC Ontario caucus. Good. Another is that the Liberals have largely been isolated to the GTA and that Toronto is shut out from power. Voter turnout was 73% in Ottawa and the Tories did very well in Eastern Ontario."

Just asking, because it seems like you're not very bright and maybe you need some help with reality...

Posted by: calgarian | 2006-01-25 8:28:49 PM

Speaking of liberals

I think McGuinty offered his penance for going against the new ceasar. Warren Kinsella, who is running is re-election, stated today on Mike Duffy’s show that Ontario liberal members won’t be able to do any fundraising for the federal liberals till after the 2007 provincial election.

I think he just delayed any serious rebuilding of the liberals and have basically handed the conservatives an additional two-years to this mandate.

Posted by: Gunnar | 2006-01-25 8:30:22 PM

No kidding Justin.

The Liberals have consistently poled around the same level of support (36%).

Try cracking open a history book and teach yourself something, you know, so you don't waste our time.

Posted by: missing link | 2006-01-25 8:31:43 PM

McKenna and Meech Lake - it was a long time ago - but Hatfield didn't try to get it through the NB Legislature; then lost the election to McKenna, and for some reason McKenna held up approving it - eventually Meech Lake dried up.

The Moncton water system woes - Moncton was going to put in one kind of water meters, got overrruled by the province, had to use another company - the meters never worked properly. The water treatment plant - lots of problems.

This stuff happened years ago, but probably will be dug up now that McKenna may run for leader.

Posted by: Dave | 2006-01-25 8:38:38 PM

Stephen Harper being Prime Minister is a perfect result for progressive Canadians? I thought a perfect progressive result would have been a Liberal minority with NDP holding the balance of power. Silly me.

Posted by: Alex | 2006-01-25 8:43:59 PM

Over 60% of Canadians rejected the Conservative party.

I'm not making this up.

Over 60%.

Posted by: justin | 2006-01-25 8:57:49 PM

"Over 60% of Canadians rejected the Conservative party."

Over 60% of Canadians rejected the Liberal party in the 1997 election, too, for that matter.

In fact, historically 40% has been the line between majority and minority government, though the Liberals managed a majority with under 40% in 1997. So, umm, duh, the Tories got a minority.

Posted by: John Thacker | 2006-01-25 9:27:14 PM

Justin,and if the liberals didn't continually lie about the conservatives intentions,scaring simple-minded- folks like yourself,Harper would have the majority needed to fix this country.

Posted by: wallyj | 2006-01-25 9:31:31 PM

Justin you are such an idiot, 70% rejected the Libranos and 84% rejected Smirkin Jack's crew. Just take a deep breath and say "We Lost", just as with alcoholics the first step in getting better is admitting you have a problem in the first place.

Posted by: JRob | 2006-01-25 9:38:38 PM

wallyj, you are giving Justin too much credit, he would have to somehow double his IQ to be truly considered simple-minded !

Posted by: JRob | 2006-01-25 9:41:51 PM

justin is just pulling his usual playground antics. In fact this reminds me of Harper's description of Martin of the schoolyard kid with the big mouth. Discussions follow a similar pattern:

Conservatives: "Plurality of Canadians supported our platform."

justin: "Did not. And if you don't stop making fun of me, I'll get my buddy Jack to beat you up!"

What justin doesn't get is that even with a minority in parliament, Doucette and Layton will support Harper as he routes out the corruption and filth left behind by the piggies that just left government. And the liberals are so broke, without access to another government scheme to pay liberal hacks and bagmen, they can't afford to overthrow Harper.

justin. Bet that the liberals support Harper's budget.

Ed the Hun

Posted by: EdtheHun | 2006-01-25 10:20:04 PM

I've been surfing this blog for about an hour, and must have stumbled upon Justin raving that over 60 % of Canadians (more accurately, 80% of Ontarians, and even more accurately, 100% of Torontonians)voted against harper in at least 5 different posts, probably more.
Apparently, it’s the stat that has Justin and his chums at school all high on shits and giggles. But each time, someone with a firmer grasp on history than he has reminded him that Liberals have basically ruled with the same level of voter support for the last decade. And each time, our little agitator flaps his wings and moves off to another post…

Posted by: Stopthetrain | 2006-01-25 10:44:44 PM

Justin has now left the room and is comfortably lying in bed with his photo of Belinda.Please respect his privacy.

Posted by: wallyj | 2006-01-25 10:54:21 PM

The conservatives (including you people here) have been demanding things like a 'free vote' on same-sex marriage because the 'majority of Canadians are against it'!


My point was that Canadians HAVE REJECTED AGAIN the neo-consverative agenda in huge numbers. In 2004 almost 70% said 'NO' to Harper's America-lite policies. A vote for either the Liberals, NDP or the Green party is a progressive vote no matter which of the parties it goes to.

Anyway again, bring on the marriage free vote!

Posted by: Justin | 2006-01-26 8:00:44 AM

“Liberal Leadership Candidates to Watch in Caucus: Stephan Dion, Michael Ignatieff, Scott Brison”

Too Quebec, too elitist, too character-challenged.

“Liberal Leadership Candidates to Watch out of Caucus: John Manley, Frank McKenna. Brian Tobin?”

Too Christian, too friendly with Bush/Carlyle Group (but at this point a strong favourite to win), too spendthrift and insincere.

I think McKenna will take it. Darkhorse candidate to watch:


The best endorsement I can give a Liberal: The worst dirt I could find on this guy was that he voted against an obscure bill on electoral reform. He’s young, urban, and smart.

As for a caretaker why not use the opportunity to appoint an interim leader from B.C.? Any of Owen, Emerson, or Dosanjh might be a good choice.

Live by the anti-Christ sword, die by the anti-Christ sword. Devout Christian John Manley - who by all accounts is a good man and highly capable - is way too Christian for the current Liberal party, which is their loss. I suspect we're just going through an anti-Christ fad here in Canada, many "progressives" seem savagely hostile toward Christianity these days.

If the Liberals do the expected and pick Frank "Carlyle Group" McKenna they become The Bush Party and I for one will have a field day/year/decade pointing this out to "progressives".

A little known fact about McKenna is that he used to be a criminal defence attorney (and a damned good one from what I read); I'm not sure if his record defending criminals can withstand close scrutiny in today's climate where there appears to be a consensus to end the Liberal style "consequence free" legal system.

Posted by: Anonalogue | 2006-01-26 8:06:15 AM

Belinda, Belinda, Belinda

51 ways to leave your lover.

Glad to see the opportunist demoted libs like $$$ and might latch on.

Posted by: ghollingshead | 2006-01-26 11:16:18 AM

hey brave Justin,

Make the buggery of marraige be a national referendum!

Posted by: wharold | 2006-01-27 5:27:34 PM

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