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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ignatieff can't wait

Who cares about this election -- Michael Ignatieff is already campaigning for Paul Martin's job. It's interesting that he hasn't waited until the election is over to start using the kind of leadership language in this invitation. Just as interesting is the list of his endorsers -- including Sen. David Smith, formerly Jean Chretien's campaign chair (and a member of the Martin campaign team).

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Remember, Ignatieff has been in favour of the Iraqi War. How does that correlate with the current Liberal ads accusing Harper of being in favour of that same war?

And, Ignatieff is reasoned and friendly with the US - stating that it HAS a duty to act as a 'lite empire' in the world. Again - how does that resonate with the current Liberal ads which reek of anti-Americanism?

Oh - and how does Ignatieff's friendliness with the US and his acknowledgement of its global role, resonate with the Liberal ideology, since Chretien's era, of To Be Canadian is to Be Anti-American?

It must be fascinating, for Martin, watching them crown his successor while he is still, nominally, King. And I bet Chretien, the Deposed, is chortling with glee.

Posted by: ET | 2006-01-10 1:27:21 PM

Pfft! I didn't realize David Peterson still uses his Queen's Counsel designation, awarded in 1980.

In 1985 his new government announced that they would (1) stop awarding QCs and (2) bar lawyers who received QCs from the federal government or other provinces from using them in Ontario.

They did stop awarding them, but failed to pass the bill implementing the latter provision, even though they introduced it three times.

Posted by: Joan Tintor | 2006-01-10 2:31:26 PM

"Tonight They Bury Martin"

Date Posted: 09:36:38 01/10/06 Tue

Wait for Duceppe to confront Martin on
Making Quebec a Nation

On Option Canada file where gov't broke the law
Name the names of the candidates who got the dirty money

Be prepared to see Martin collapse on stage -it is going to be a hoot. >

Posted by: maz2 | 2006-01-10 2:59:41 PM

Great, finish the old fart off tonight...In Quebec.

It's Torytime finally!!!

Posted by: anthony | 2006-01-10 3:19:38 PM

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