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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

CBC Promo Girl doing Liberal attack ad voice-overs? No, she isn't

According to the rabble crowd, including rabble contributor Scott Piatkowski, the woman providing the voice for the Liberal attack ads is the CBC "promo girl" Shauna McDonald.

Let's assume Piatkowski is right about this.  Frankly, I can't tell one way or the other.

I just finished talking with my CBC friend, and after some research, it turns out that the voice is not Shauna McDonald.  Truth be told, I'm relieved.

Is she volunteering? Is she getting paid by the Liberal Party? Is she getting paid by the CBC? Was she selected by the Liberal Party ad team under Jack Fleischmann, or by one of the crew at Bensimon-Byrnes?

Is it just a coincidence then that CBC resources are being used on Liberal campaign ads?  Or is it just accepted practise?

A corollary question: Where does the Conservative Party go for voice-over talent?

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Its definitely not a "coincidence" that the CBC promo girl does the Liberal ads: she has at least since the 2004 election.

Posted by: Feynman and Coulter's Love Child | 2006-01-11 10:08:18 AM

Sounds like Susan Smith.

Posted by: MGK | 2006-01-11 10:15:49 AM

Ouch, she was so cute on Trailer Park Boys (played a cop).
But according to her bio she's also been on 22 Minutes, and that pretty much explains the connection.

Posted by: nazz rune | 2006-01-11 10:37:07 AM

Who cares? A gig is a gig...as long as it pays!

Posted by: It don't grow on trees | 2006-01-11 10:41:56 AM

Who cares? A gig is a gig...as long as it pays!

Posted by: It don't grow on trees | 2006-01-11 10:42:33 AM

ho care? votez pour les Bloc!

Posted by: Bloc-head | 2006-01-11 10:51:56 AM

People who do voice-overs tend to be freelancers, so it shouldn't cause a kerfuffle as long as she is being paid above board by the Libs.


Posted by: RightGirl | 2006-01-11 11:00:31 AM

Bloc-head...ohhh if I could only vote pour les Bloc...
It would sure save the rest of us from this continual whining and grief. And then it would be up to the rest of us to vote ya back in. Think that would happen...

Posted by: Rabble | 2006-01-11 11:06:13 AM

If I was doing the voiceovers for the Liberals on these ads, I would be fired because I would keep bursting into tears from laughter.

Posted by: Bill | 2006-01-11 11:13:24 AM

Did someone say "Mr. Sage?"

Posted by: escapegoat | 2006-01-11 11:43:30 AM

I've viewed all the ads, and with the exception of the over-reaching military ad, I think they are going to me much, much more effective in swaying Canadian opinion against Harper than Conservative commentators have allowed for here.

Posted by: NewSisyphus | 2006-01-11 11:46:01 AM

I wish that our Conservative politicians and such media as we have would open up a wider public debate, since the Liberals want to have a clash of national visions --

What exactly is the foundation of the Liberal ideology of "Canadian values?"

Martin speaks of ties to right-wing American conservative groups. How about Canada's traditional solidarity with international socialism? Why is that any better? When did the Canadian people ever vote for that openly?

What is really meant by this often-heard phrase, "Canadian values," as repeated ad nauseam by Paul Martin? Does it mean that Canadians have different values than other people in other nations? Then why are we giving less per capita to foreign aid and other causes that presumably form the basis for these "Canadian values" ??

I would submit that these "Canadian values" are really a smokescreen of self-righteous platitudes which Liberal leaders traditionally use to disguise the fact that they are operating a one-party state for the benefit of their various patrons and clients.

When Martin says that this is "a nation of minorities," then does that not speak to a transitory and impermanent state for these so-called "Canadian values" -- because if the balance of the minorities changes over time, then why would a constant theme of Canadian values persist?

The Liberals can never overcome the fact that their political success has been based on a systematic dismantling of the nation that existed before 1970 and a creation of a postmodernist nation state very much in the image of China or other Marxist dictatorships. The attitude of the Liberals towards the voters is the same attitude that prevails there -- fill their empty heads with uplifting propaganda and national pride, then use their unthinking support as the power base for the operations that follow -- operations designed to fill the bank accounts of their patrons and clients.

Posted by: Peter O'Donnell | 2006-01-11 12:05:26 PM

I agree with Barb, who commented on Angry's blog that it sounds like actress Julie Khaner, erstwhile judge and Eric Peterson spouse-thingy on defunct CBC drama Street Legal.

Posted by: Joan Tintor | 2006-01-11 12:29:47 PM

Peter O'Donnell. What an excellent analysis! I fully agree - with every point you've made.

'Canadian values' - what an empty and even insulting phrase. What exactly does it mean? It certainly can't mean, as the Liberals try to define it, as 'toleration, diverity, pluralism', for their attack ads on anyone whom they consider different - i.e., Conservatives' - puts the lie to those statements. Their anti-Americanism is an additional denial of those statements.

I fully agree - what the Liberals have set up is a top-down authoritarian communist-style government, where citizens are viewed as mindless sheep, meant to be governed by propaganda - and ruled for the benefit of the party elite. That's the Liberal Party.

Posted by: ET | 2006-01-11 12:48:15 PM

Yet ANOTHER time that Angry jumps on a story only to find out later that it is entirely wrong.

One of these times someone is going to sue for libel.

How many times is that now? Three? Four?

Posted by: Bob | 2006-01-11 2:04:39 PM

I think the Conservatives should get Bubbles to do the voice overs on their ads from now on. Maybe a guest appearance by Conky too.

Posted by: underemployed buddha | 2006-01-11 2:10:28 PM

Thanks for the correction. I didn't think it was unethical, just annoying to link those commercials with Ms Mcdonald.

Posted by: nazz rune | 2006-01-11 2:39:32 PM

Well hello Blogger World!

Shauna MAC Donald here, aka Promo Girl, come to cyberspace to set the record straight.

Am I voicing the ads of the Liberal Party?

As in one of the Promo Girl Mysteries you might have loved or loathed this summer, I must have a doppleganger (except she has better pronunciation)!

That I am the "voice" of the Liberal Party is absolutely and totally untrue. I have not done any voice-over work for any of the parties during this election campaign.

I am the "voice" of CBC RADIO ONE, your Promo Girl.

Keep on Blogging,

Shauna MAC

Posted by: Shauna MAC Donald | 2006-01-11 4:53:56 PM

hey shauna - looks like you're getting it from both sides of the political spectrum. you may want to defend yourself here too:


Posted by: cruisedirector | 2006-01-11 5:10:31 PM

The Liberal website only has 11 of the attack ads, having pulled one after even they realized how utterly ridiculous it sounded. That 12th attack ad is available from CTV:

I made some popcorn and watched them all!

These are so outrageous that I doubt they could even be parodied, but here goes:

"Stephen Harper has a secret electronic implant in his head.

He can use his implant to emit a magic ray that turns beaver tails into hand guns.

Oh, did we mention that it was an American-made electronic magic ray implant?

Canadian-made magic ray implants not good enough for you?

Huh? Stephen?

That's what we thought.

Choose your Canada."

Posted by: Mike van Lammeren | 2006-01-11 5:11:21 PM

"Yet ANOTHER time that Angry jumps on a story only to find out later that it is entirely wrong." says Bob. Well, it should have tipped people off when it came from the Rabble site, source of some of the most off-the-wall nonsense ever to spew from the neurons of the human race.

Honestly here, Angry hat-tipped the nutbars with more foresight than Bob's giving him credit for: left-wing lunatics think the Liberal ad announcer is the same girl who does the CBC Newsworld TV promos (and apparently CBC Radio as well). Angry likely never listens to NPR-north, and I certainly don't, and I try to tune out CBC ads that get pumped into the TBS feed. Go figure that the one piece of trivia on that face of the planet the rabble.ca crowd could actually know (what does THE VOICE OF OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR THE COMMUNIST BUBBLEGUM COMPANY sound like?) they turn out to be wrong at.

Go bother fark.com Bob, I hear sometimes they link to articles that turn out to be bogus too.

Posted by: Feynman and Coulter's Love Child | 2006-01-11 7:53:43 PM

news re promo girl....it's belinda!

Posted by: ntnrs | 2006-01-12 12:13:09 AM

Good on Peter O'donnell re Canadian Values but while we're at it ... what about that Layton windbag spending endless time in his celebration speech looping through "ordinary candadians" and "working families" ... doesn't that cover almost all of us? Peter is on the right track and I would add that in my view the big missed issue with the Liberal left is their constant suppression of our freedoms, always in the name of motherhood.

Posted by: Ken Park | 2006-01-25 10:07:25 PM

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