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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Wow! That American Occupation is *So* Brutal!

Those awful, inhumane Americans are at it again:

An Iraqi infant with a severe birth defect began her journey Friday to the United States, where she will receive medical care at the urging of U.S. soldiers who discovered her during a raid.
...U.S. troops discovered the baby three weeks ago during a raid on a house in a poverty-stricken neighborhood west of Baghdad. The soldiers noticed paralysis in her legs and what appeared to be a tumor on her back, said Debbie Stone, a Douglasville social worker.
Stone received an e-mail about it from her friend, Lt. Jeff Morgan, who asked her to see if she could arrange for medical assistance.

Baby Noor is set to arrive in the U.S., literally any minute now. Gee -- I'm sure glad Canada wasn't a part of this barbaric invasion! God forbid we should be part of something noble. It's so much better to adopt a posture of moral superiority, rather than actually doing something morally superior.
Read the whole story -- and send positive vibes to Noor and her medical team.

Happy New Year!

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The federal "occupation"{ of New Orleans was far more brutal...and unconstitutional.

Posted by: WLMackenzie redux | 2005-12-31 1:58:26 PM

Keep spreading the news Wonkitties. The Liberation of Iraq- the police action that saved lives even as it was being fought.

Posted by: Terry Gain | 2005-12-31 8:08:00 PM

Actually, had Canada been involved in the invasion, Baby Noor would've come to Canada... then lay in a hotel room for 6 months while the waiting list wound down and it became the baby's turn. Of course, if any government officials, or establishment officials, babies got sick in the mean time, the baby would have to wait that much longer.

Posted by: Debris Trail | 2006-01-01 6:15:43 PM

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