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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

"They don't vote, these people"

What does it say about an MP and his party when asked about the criticisms being leveled against him by his constituents, fellow aboriginals no less, the campaign manager (and this MP's twin brother) dismisses the lot of them with this angry rant: "They don't vote, these people"?

We can ask Liberal MP David Smith, member for Pontiac.  That was the response provided by campaign manager Dan Smith to a question posed by CBC Radio reporter Evan Dyer, following up on the investigation at Angry in the Great White North on the Abotech affair. 

Doesn't have quite the same ring as "beer and popcorn", but it still reeks of cynicism.

The CBC, often accused of soft-pedalling stories critical of the Liberal Party, is running back-to-back in-depth reports broadcast from the Ottawa station of CBC Radio One, across the capital region and far into the adjoining riding of Pontiac, in the critical 7am morning slot.

Angry provides a summary of today's broadcast, including the "they don't vote, these people" Liberal Party school of thought when it comes to dealing with constituents.

Come back tomorrow for a follow-up.

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So I’m minding my own business, pointing out some simple facts to a none to bright Liberal on the history of unity and economics and Stephan Harper, of course. When suddenly I and many others discover that the commentator for the blog has suddenly decided that he doesn’t like the direction his subject has taken. So what does he do… tells us he’s censoring everything that is not specific to his subject.

Tell me, how do you speak to Unity in this country without speaking to the leaders, the economics, the incumbents… it’s not possible to do. I guess they were looking for a couple of answers and then move on.

Well the comment section didn’t work that simply, and many people had a great deal to say.

This, of course, caused me to lose my temper and proceed to every blog I could find and post the following:

Censorship most foul!!!! Attention all good honest people who believe in the right to speak their opinion and who believe in the right to even have an opinion... regardless of what it is. CTV's Bill Doskoch, who posted a blog subject on the CTV Election Blog site, has shown the CTV's true colors by claiming that people submitting comment have strayed to far from his original article, so he is going to censor them unless they respond his way.

The link http://bdoskoch.electionblog.ctv.ca/default.asp?item=120481

Read the conversation, judge for yourselves, and then hammer the living hell out of the CTV news staff for having the gall to choose to be selective in the comments they will allow.
Pass this to your blog friends, post it wherever you can, because the CTV has gone to far, and if enough people hit back, they will know that censorship is a liberal evil.

CTV has a responsibility to post fair and objective comment, whether it has anything specific to do with the headline or not. Screw you Doskoch, and may the flea’s of a thousand camels infest your nether regions.

Posted by: William Macdonell | 2005-12-20 1:06:47 PM

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