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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Putrid Campaign Ad Watch II: Brown People are the New Black Edition

Just saw another Liberal campaign ad full of brown people -- I guess they're the new black. The ad also has a couple of token hosers (i.e., overweight white guys who look like you would probably see them at Tim Horton's and like they know about hockey), an older guy, a sensitive-looking (gay? poet? a gay poet?) guy, and an Asian girl. They're all talking about the United States, George Bush (referred to, tersely, as "Mr. Bush") and softwood lumber. Because, of course, an export that represents a tiny fraction of our exports with our largest trading partner is worth an entire campaign commercial. Well, it is if you're looking for votes in anti-American parts of the country (i.e., everywhere but Alberta, a province whose votes you could do without anyway). The point of the ad seems to be that yes, the U.S. is our neighbour, but that doesn't mean we should let "Mr. Bush" trod all over us and Paul Martin knows how to look out for our interests "in America" and "stand up" to the U.S. since they're always threatening us and all, since we are so on their radar.

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The softwood lumber controversy has been on our (BC loggers) minds for a long time now. Funny how now that an election has been called, it is now front and center.

Posted by: Mallard | 2005-12-21 9:38:54 PM

I am a Canadian who has been living down in the US for the last couple of months and I have not seen or heard a single article or news story about softwood or even the Canadian election. Canadians should wake the hell up and step out of there self-inflicted delusion that America gives a rats-ass about Canada or anything our illustrious Prime Minister says.
But I am sure the whimsical fruit-cakes living in Ontario/Toronto will fall for the BS adds.

Martini's ramblings only serve to allow the Luddites of Canada to puff up there chests, reveal there extrordinary ignorance and temporarily stave off there feelings of impotence.

Posted by: Missing Link | 2005-12-21 10:31:51 PM

Why would the left not use it's appeasement policy in dealing with the United States? Is there not something wrong with appeasing our enemies and using harsh rhetoric with our friends?

Posted by: rebarbarian | 2005-12-22 5:02:30 AM

Warren & Sheila openly campaigning to unseat/defeat SSMartin & the hug-a-thug Liberals. >>>>>

"Are you going to kill her, Mike? Because, after this farce is finished tonight, you're going to be wishing you did. You're going to wish you killed me, too. Because, Mike, you aren't going to be able to shut us up. The media are going to call us up, and invite us to write columns, and ask us to go on TV. And we will do what you did: we will go after you, over and over and over. Relentlessly. And you won't be able to complain, Mike, because we will merely be doing what you did to Jean Chrétien."

He stammered.

I said: "The only way to shut us up now, Mike, is to kill us."

And so it went. Sheila was done in by Paul Martin's thugs, that night, and the Liberal Party of Canada was the only murder victim. I, like Sheila, am providing advice to people I like - in whatever party they belong to. Liberals, Tories, New Democrats, Green candidates. I, like Sheila, know the best thing that could happen to the Liberal Party of Canada is a loss - and, as soon as possible thereafter, the departure of Paul Martin and his coterie of well-paid thugs.

Some houses can be renovated, some houses you need to tear down and start over. This one is a tear-down.


Sheila Copps working to topple nemesis Valeri in Hamilton East Stoney Creek
Source: The Canadian Press
Dec 21, 2005 20:07

HAMILTON (CP) _ Sheila Copps is working against the Liberal party and political nemesis Tony Valeri in Hamilton East-Stoney Creek.
... >>>> more

Posted by: maz2 | 2005-12-22 5:10:13 AM

Sheila Copps if a fat wasteful socialist that no on wants back. This continual recycling of the old garbabe is wearing thin.

How about either someone entirely new and different or that the very lest some fresher garbage.

This country has too small a political gene pool and we are in many ways the retard that Tucker C. calls us.

Copps indeed .. she was Cretien's Fat Annie .. nothing more .. just another screeching political bitch blowing our dough on nothing.



for a laugh ...

Posted by: Duke | 2005-12-22 9:38:46 AM

Back to the topic at hand ... Southern Ontario is jam packed with brown poeople courtesay of Liberal immigration policies.

They are simply campaiging to the average Canadian in that part of the country .. which happens to be where the election is won.

Just as the would sell our our relationship with the Americans to win votes the have been for many years selling out white English christian Canadians to third world hoardes .. who will own this country by the end of this century.

Doesn't matter to them ... they will be long gone by then and their children will be pissing on their graves. Psychopaths don't care about their children .. they are merely resume props.

Posted by: Duke | 2005-12-22 9:45:45 AM

I am not sure what is meant by "brown is the new black" unless you mean "trendy", and if that is the case, I'm not sure I agree.

I do sense in these ads a deliberate attempt by the Liberals to play the race card, but only in the Sesame Street sense, "let us show the rainbow of humanity!" In some ways it's just the old game of political tokenism. To be fair, the Conservatives have played this game, too, by repeatedly pointing out the racial diversity of their caucus.

The anti-American ad is not as bad in this regard as the Liberal one where everyone speaks of "rights." Here they've just used the same kind of rainbow cast. (In the rights ad the Liberals pretend they are responsible for all human rights in this country--stemming from their new-found support of gay marriage--with the inference that the Conservatives would take all rights away. They are relying on Canadians being ignorant of their own history.)

Keep in mind that tokenism will appeal to Canadians suffering from white-flight guilt, those who count token acquaintances or colleagues of various races as fast friends, pat themselves on the back for dining in ethnic restaurants and listening to world beat or angry African American rap music while driving home to their middle-class white neighbourhoods.

Posted by: Kevin Steel | 2005-12-22 11:02:50 AM

As a so-called brown person, I must say I'm very glad to see the right-wingers calling us token members of society, mere props to buy voters feeling guilty. I am a proud Canadian, a tax-paying, contributing Canadian, and this is the exact reason that conservatives cannot find votes in Ontario. For ever good policy or idea Harper puts forth, there's a horde of frothing, ignorant, prejudiced right-wingers to distract the public. I'm voting conservative because Harper is an excellent leader and the party has solid ideas, and particularly because people like you will have limited say in a minority government. Too bad Canadia includes all sorts of minorities eh? It'd be easier to elect a right-wing autocracy with no diversity.

Posted by: sandeep | 2005-12-22 3:05:08 PM

"It'd be easier to elect a right-wing autocracy with no diversity."

So a right-wing autocracy WITH diversity is a better choice? All the parties have ethnic and racial diversity. The rich white people of Ontario prefer the Liebrals because they won't ask questions about why and how Ontario is so rich. However, those are questions that must be asked. If the rich don't like it, too bad! Ontario will pay dearly for being rich, idle, and privileged.

Posted by: Scott | 2005-12-22 3:34:00 PM

I label nobody as a token member of society. I object to people being treated as tokens, which is what political parties--and people in their own private lives sometimes--do when they deliberately emphasize race over other characteristics and qualifications.

Posted by: Kevin Steel | 2005-12-22 3:42:55 PM

The Liberal Party treats all non-Ontarians as tokens. After all, there are so very few of them in the party, like Annie. So much for the Charter of Rights and its equality!

Posted by: Scott | 2005-12-22 4:24:09 PM

ARE YOU STUPID? BROWN IS THE NEW BLACK? you must be a right wing conservative christian who also owns a gun to protect himself from the crazed immigrants who've taken over! you fucking racist.

Posted by: jay | 2006-01-13 10:21:33 AM

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